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I blame [personal profile] edenfalling. Blaaaame. BLAAAAME.

edit: NOW WITH RAREPAIR FIC PIMPING. y'all can find the johnkats and davekats yourselves. XD

Okay first What I look for in Homestuck fanfic )

Second My favorite characters & why )

Third the actual pairings )
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So recently I've been v. depressed sob sob over how much my f-list activity has dwindled. Used to be I'd have to go back two pages if I missed one day, and now there's maybe four more posts a day and I am a sad and emo Asuka.

But then I thought, hey, I haven't been posting much either.

Mostly I keep feeling like I can only post, and therefore spam people, if I have either fic or manga observations to share.

I don't post my random thoughts/plotbunnies/crack scenarios because right now most of them are about Homestuck and I'm pretty sure most of you guys aren't into that and i've been enough of a virus vector already, and I haven't seen a good fandom meme that I haven't done already in ages (kinda want to do a "opinions on pairings" meme for homestuck because I have ~feelings~ but aaaaa), and my real life is boring as fuck and not something interesting enough to share. (okay no yes I've gone from 180 pounds to 144 in the last six months and i'm not done yet! >:O i'm exactly five feet tall so yes, still quite visibly overweight. shut up i'll be proud if i want to be. told you it'd be boring!)

But as a result I'm complaining of something I'm doing too. Hrrm.

It doesn't help that I'm guilting over not writing much teamwork recently. (but hey! the other day I started chapter two of the wedding fic. It has Sasuke and Naruto and Sai at a bathhouse. Sai keeps being Sai at the two of them, which is hilarious but hard to balance lest I fall into total moronisation of the guy. :/ Still, it's not teamwork proper. hrrrrn.) I think part of that is the canon hasn't been really grabbing me as much as it used to recently. Insane!sasuke is so frustrating and Naruto the lone hero who makes token "efforts" at team fighting while gloriously bathing everything in his radiance as Sakura is sidelined... meh.

(the rest of that is that I have to write a Sakura-POV fight scene while naruto and sasuke are off having relationship angst in the background. I like writing fight scenes, but only if there's emotion in it, and I REALLY like to write character interaction, which cannot be focused on right now because dramatic tension blahblah. If I keep stalling on it, it means I'm doing something wrong with my plotting, but I haven't figured out what that is yet.)

I need to rekindle my love for Naruto. Maybe a reread/rewatch. Idk.

I need to friend more communities with interesting stuff on it? but like what. No clue. aaa.

I need to start posting on LJ more! D: but about whaaaaat. DX

Argh. Stupid f-list. Update more, damn you!
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Askerian: it always baffle me in GW fic when duo or some other narrating character describes heero's eyes to himself as prussian blue.
Askerian: not dark blue, not navy blue, not anything -- they fall on Prussian straight away
Askerian: how do they even identify the precise shade every time, did they eat the really expensive crayons at school??!
Saro Lynne: XDDDD
Saro Lynne: It is definitely a weird fandom convention.
Saro Lynne: Though. Navy blue seems like a weird color to call eyes to me.
Askerian: yeah but it's a more well known shade of dark blue, and heero's eyes aren't very light, even though they're blue. >_>
Saro Lynne: Yeah... I think people think of Navy blue as being more drab--it's not VIVID enough for flowery fanfic!
Saro Lynne: ....I always wonder if they like the radiation poisoning association that Prussian blue has.

Askerian: oh my god XD i was expecting shameless campiness
Askerian: this is a 1x2 à la anita blake, heero's a vamp duo's a hunter
Saro Lynne: Hmm?
Saro Lynne: Pfff. XD
Askerian: complete with clubs and leather outfits
Askerian: but heero... as french and suave...
Askerian: ...
Askerian: XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD i can't breathe
Askerian: how am i supposed to enjoy the cheese!! XD
Askerian: m-mon petit... XD couldn't even find an original nickname for duo, but at least the grammar's good?
Askerian: then again ma petite wasn't an original nickname back when it was anita's.

... So basically Heero is Jean-Claude and Duo is Anita. Pffff. I can sorta see the second one -- they're both ballsy smartasses -- but the first... XD XD XD I'm gonna keep reading it anyway, because I really, really love vampires and shameless sexiness, but seriously... this is so wrooooooooooooong. XD SO WRONG.

In unrelated news, I've written the first chapter of the teamwork wedding fic. (it's named Teamwork: Wedding. I am Original.) It doesn't spoil much for the ending of the tournament arc, but still. Should I post them on LJ as I write them, or wait until I'm done with TW3? (Either way ffnet will wait. HAH.)
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... Um, yeah. Wait, no, not really. Do I? I'm confused.

It's all this picture's fault.

And yes, it's official art, I think for a recentish DVD cover. I'd never seen it before, discovered it yesterday, and man, it's gorgeous and pings me in my special places.

therein lies an explanatory ramble of all the buttons it's mashing. )
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... hnnnrgh! *kicks fic*

"would you like a dystopian futuristic AU with shiny social order shenanigans? oh, and it's Heero/Duo. :D "
"Yay! I sure would!"
"It's well written too!"
"also relena is, while in a position of major power and responsibility, a brainless twit and totally obsessed with her nonexistent love story with heero yuy."
"........................... =_= sorry, tonight i've got to wash my hair."

some ranting over delusional Relena )

... But then suddenly omg omg fiiiiiii Newtype was talking to me again!! and a ton of plotting happened. I HAS A HAPPY. :D I mean, by now maybe five people still care about that fic at all, but I'm one of them, and I say WHEE.
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[personal profile] book_people: Because Sasuke sort of has this thing about blood family, don't know if anyone noticed...
[personal profile] askerian: yyyyeah. >__>
[personal profile] askerian: and okay, people non-related to him whom he likes AND loves is great, BUT!
[personal profile] book_people: Indeed
[personal profile] book_people: I've been thinking about that recently. Like, what is it about blood family that makes it more important than family-you-choose? Is it the "you have to love me because you're related to me" thing?
[personal profile] book_people: more important for some people, I mean
[personal profile] book_people: and Sasuke in particular
[personal profile] book_people: Okay, aside from the part where they all up and died on him...
[personal profile] askerian: childhood imprinting. :-P
and some more random babble, and not really earth-shattering original analysis either but hey, might interest some people )
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1. Pick your 5 favorite OTPs.
2. Find pictures and post them.
3. Give the name of the OTP and what fandom they're from.
4. List your favorite moment between them.

... DO YOU GUYS HAVE ANY IDEA HOW HARD IT IS TO FIGURE OUT MY FAVE *PAIRINGS*. I only have polyamorous ships anymore.

also item 5. was to tag five people but pffff too lazy. Do it if you want to, it's fun and an amusing way to waste time.

fangirly rambleglee )

... aaaaaaa DAMN IT i'm doing my five fave OT+s too. SO THERE. >O And instead of a favorite moment I'm going with "why they're awesome" instead, because most fandoms suck about giving one moment for ot3/4/5s.

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I don't like pity threesomes.

It's funny because I used to be all over anything that was supposed to be a threesome. Alpha males Wufei and Heero are competing for Duo's sweet uke ass? Well, they ought to just share, Duo is worth it. Sakura isn't such a bad person? Sasuke and Naruto can let her join in.

I don't like it anymore. )

... and I tried to explain this post to a friend and managed to summarize the whole thing in two lines WHY DID I TYPE SO MANY WORDS FOR THIS. DX

[ profile] askerian: you know, the stories where A and B have awesome interaction and C mostly seems to be there because they like him/her okay and cutting them out would seem sexist/mean
[ profile] askerian: like being second best or taken for granted and as a second class citizen in your relationship is better than being broken up with
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... so yeah. I wrote a post for [ profile] polyship about narusasusaku. Linking back here to pimp the community some more. joiiiin uuuuuuus~

edit/ and while i'm at it, someone linked this sasusaku anon kink meme and, well. i'm kinda vaguely sortamaybe wanting to keep an eye on the eventual results. So. >_>; *cough*
askerian: Serious Karkat in a red long-sleeved shirt (T7_PIMP!!) => very interesting post from a polyamorous person on polyamory in real life and its inclusion in fanfic.

This makes me want to rant up a storm about the NaruSasuSaku ot3 for some unfathomable reason. XD But I don't know where to start. Anyone got specific topics to throw at me?
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... it buuuuugs me. I haven't said anything about this directly to anyone, though, because hey, who am I to crush the hopes of innocent young fangirls, but when it's more mature, supposedly smarter people who should damn well know better...!

I am so fucking tired of "sasunaru CAN become canon damn it, if you don't agree you're just a homophobe!!!!"

No, I'm not, and no, it cannot. )
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I'm not gonna link to it, but apparently a part of fandom is all aflutter because someone tried to pass down the laws of Commenting On Fic according to Themselves? Or something.

Anyway, since passing fandom-wide laws is obnoxious as fuck, here's my personal laws of commenting on fic... (because it's totally not obnoxious when it's area-limited. Yeah. Or something. u.u-b )

Do you feel like commenting ?
- Yes. => Alright! Go ahead and comment. ^.^
- No. => Alright! Go ahead and don't comment. ^.^

Do you feel like being a douche?
=> Stop it.


wherein I ramble on and on, as I am wont to do )
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I don't know who nominated Crossed Wires, but thank you, I'm super mega flattered. ♥

With that in mind, I declined the nomination anyway.

reason one: The fic has been on hiatus for almost two years and I STILL get "wahh wahh how dare you not update that story, I want more now" emails about it. Getting a fresh wave of "this story is good! WHY ARE YOU NOT WRITING MORE" really wouldn't motivate me to do anything but drag in my heels and grit my teeth at this point.

reason two: it was nominated to a section that was not helpfully marked as "narusasu allowed".

my RAAAA buttons, let me show you them )

Actually the second reason was mostly me going TWITCH TWITCH but in the end when I paused to consider things rationally, it wasn't what prompted me to decline. The first one was more than enough on its own. I'm so tired of *gentle nudges* and "aw, I'm disappointed" about that fic. I know you guys like it. I like it too! Sort of. But I wrote myself into a corner, and the only way out I can find makes me queasy. I'm not even sure it'll work, I might have to delete all the new stuff because turns out it doesn't, but I can force myself to write it anyway! The thing is, writing is a *hobby* that I do for *fun*, and unless I'm in a very specific state of mind when I write the next several chapters, I'm not going to have much of that. So yeah, you can bet I'm dragging my heels about it.
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So I was thinking, and bad things tend to happen when I do. >__>;;

Sakura must be the most lopsidedly emotionally stunted girl ever. Nnnnot so much with the NaruSaku, sorry guys. )
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I'm prodding at Teamwork, but since it's mostly Sasuke hanging out with Team Summons it fails to give me my dose of NaruSasuSaku love.

I'd love fic recs, or links to new artsies, or long-ass posts of why exactly you -- yes, YOU PERSONALLY, give me your own reasons!!! -- love/like/lust the OT3. Or even tiny silly things! Any of you guys in a RP where it's happening/happened? Tell me about it! COME FANGIRL WITH ME.

Also accepted within are raves on Team Seven + Sai, Kakashi, and Yamato. ... And Hinata. Ino? I wonder how Ino would mesh with the three or them. Gaara? Itachi?

I love the OT3~ )

fandom rage

Sun, Aug. 9th, 2009 20:20
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... which actually is more of a grumpy ramble, because I had to go water my brother's plants seeing as he's out of town and then it rained on me and that made me happy, yay summer storms.

But it's still a concept I've been seeing A LOT in the latest weeks and it never fails to utterly piss me off.

Sakura is a bitch for not jumping ship to Naruto. )

And in other news I'm leaving tomorrow for a week of vacation in Menton, that last little town on the Mediterranean before France turns into Italy. It's such a beautiful place. *__* (but man, a week with no internet and no books. I'll die. DX)
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... So I'm trying to write that "first time Naruto and Sakura had sex by their lonesome, without Sasuke" thing. (I also have the first sasunaru and the first sasusaku planned. ... The sasusaku needs a LOT MORE planning, though. All the notes I have are "wearing Kimono, on the gallery facing the garden" except I actually added words here so the sentence would be understandable to people who cannot read my mind.)


and as an apology for my whining, the beginning of said narusaku fic. )

edit: OMG FIC IS DOOOOONE. posted with the adult content thinger, Will have it on affnet in a couple of days, and on my personal site, uh, I dunno, when I finally get off my ass, I guess. >_>;;

oh man i hope it lasts. :O but uh i should have been in bed two hours ago. oops. XD;


Fri, May. 29th, 2009 12:01
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Oh hell, why not. Stolen from Saropyon.

Give me a character/pairing from any fandom I participate in and I'll give you one fanon that I don't agree with.
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It's all because of [ profile] mildmay and [ profile] sarolynne. See!

[ profile] sarolynne: I'm trying to do this meme now. Sorry, flist.
[ profile] askerian: eeeeeeeeeee
[ profile] askerian: i'm not sure what mine are
[ profile] askerian: ... apart from psychic bonding and rivalslash of course
[ profile] askerian: ... and demons inside people.
[ profile] askerian: ... and werewolves.
[ profile] askerian: with wings.
[ profile] sarolynne: XDDD
[ profile] askerian: ... *PLOTS OFIC*

My 5 bulletproof kinks in storytelling. )


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