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cygnahime asked: Aeris/Tifa, happy in the woods, 360 words.

"I will climb the tree!" Aeris had decided, complete with determined frown.

A half-hour, a dozen scratches, two broken branches and a torn dress later she was sitting safely sandwiched between Tifa and the trunk a dozen meters up.

"There's a gorgeous view from up here," Tifa commented, hands between her knees, and pinched her lips so she wouldn't laugh and tease about Aeris' less than acrobatic performance. She supposed it helped, growing in the mountains and not in the city, even if the trees around Nibelheim were stunted and twisted by the wind.

"Indeed," Aeris replied too seriously, and when Tifa turned she found Aeris looking at her.

She might perhaps have blushed a little, but she laughed as well. "You're so shameless."

Aeris dimpled innocently at her. Still laughing, Tifa leaned in to steal a kiss, before Aeris could steal it first.

She stole it back anyways and then they spent a long pleasant moment going back and forth, sweet and almost innocent if one ignored the teasing nips, the tongue tips.

When they tried deepening it the first time Tifa almost lost her balance and brought them both down, and they had to slow down, steady their grips on the tree, and try again.

Slow and deep and patient -- but no, not innocent. Tifa had never -- with another girl, never wanted to, but Aeris was... There were no words for it.

They were so absorbed with kissing they almost missed the signal flare. "--Whoops," Tifa said, breaking away, and of course her face chose to turn red now, when she'd been fine a moment ago. But Aeris snickered at her and Tifa chuckled along, rueful and flustered. "We should go, before we forget where the flare was coming from."

"I suppose we should," Aeris replied with a sigh, and eyed the void under her feet dubiously. "It'd be faster to just--"

"No jumping off, are you Cloud?"

"If I wasn't here you'd jump."

"If you weren't here you'd be down there instead, and I wouldn't jump, because you'd probably look up my skirt." Tifa stole a last kiss through Aeris' laughing splutters and turned to offer her her back to climb on.
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Oh god I completed something today. It'd be more awesome if this hadn't been missing literally the LAST TWO PARAGRAPHS for the last four months. auuugh.

This is part of the Cloud/Tifa/Aeris divergence that started with "Interrupted By Fireworks". It's also where the plot really starts to swerve from the game.


Tifa's daemon = Breon, Nibelheim stag.
Aeris' daemon = Simon, orange tabby housecat.
Cloud's daemon = Skally, a cuahl/coeurl (cheetah with dragon whiskers)
She watched Cloud and Skally leap from pillar to pillar, reach the stairs' landing, climb up to the platform, the strange altar where Aeris and Simon waited, and she almost stayed behind.

Read more... )
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So you know, I said the daemon AU was as gen as the game, as in Tifa and Aeris would flirt but Cloud would mostly be like "uh huh -- sorry, you said something?"

I also couldn't decide whether the presence of daemons would change anything big in the plot or whether the game would still happen pretty much the same to the end. So um. I now have a branching-off timeline where both romance and plot-changes happen, though so far the only big difference is how the Gold Saucer date goes.

It'll snowball real fast, though. >:3

~3 600 words.

Daemon AU fics archive (on dreamwidth but it all links back to LJ fics. Uh. don't try to make sense of my organization. it doesn't make any.)

Cloud=> Skally the Cuahl/Coeurl (think cheetah without spots and long eastern-dragon tendrils/moustachethings.)
Tifa=> Breon the stag.
Aeris=> Simon the housecat.

Tifa was already stepping forward to push Cloud along when the door opened behind her and Aeris's cheerful voice rang. 'Heya, Cloud! You want to go on a date?' )
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Reposting two ficlets I wrote for the prompts post, edited a little bit, and a brand new third ficlet about the crossdressing quest thing. XD (I might write more about this moment, I haven't figured out yet what else happens differently enough.)

Sephiroth, age five )

Elena & the Turks in Wutai, vacation )

Quest to Crossdress~ )
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I WOULD SAY I WAS SORRY BUT I WOULD BE LYING. :D (also i might have to go back and trim off some of the whining but I'll check that later. Can't see the forest for the trees right now.)

Archive - Previous

The bathroom was small, a little cramped. His legs barely fit in the tub. )
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You guys should not let me meme. I never finish all the prompts. I always end up with another brand new 'verse or three added to my load. I am bad with memes. baaaaaaad.

I'm blaming [ profile] hiza_chan somehow. I was reading her genderswitch meme and then I was like OMG WANT. But I don't feel imaginative enough to write genderswitch ANYTHING, needs some limits...

Then I started wondering what would be different in teamwork if Sasuke was born a girl.

Give me one of my fics (anything I've posted in english, be it Teamwork, Restore, the Swingersverse, ofic... or one of those drabbles I wrote months ago *), give me a character to genderswitch (two max), give me a writing prompt (a word? a moment in time? a sentence? an action? note, I don't do well with poetic prompts. Hell, the prompt is optional. I might whine if inspiration doesn't come, though.)
* (apart from the stuff I posted nowhere but in that "what's in your files?" meme. That stuff's disqualified.)

Basically I'll write a ficlet inside a genderbent!AU of my stories. (I'd prefer a born the other gender AU than a temporary genderbending, actually .__.) I don't have the brains to manage brand-new verses or fun and different explanations for genderflipping right now.

Hopefully I'll manage to write you something. I'll do my best. I just. ngh. genderbending. I can't stop myself. I'm a memeholic.

TEAMWORK: Sasuke is a girl
Sasuke is knocked up.
Sexy no Jutsu

TEAMWORK: Naruto is a girl, Sakura is a boy
pregnant!Naruto, people's reactions
boy!Sakura introspection (some preg!girl!naruto)
Baby's First Ultrasound.

TRIPLETSVERSE: girlSasuke - transformation, not always-was-a-girl
Let's blame Kyuubi.

TRIPLETSVERSE: Naruto is a girl (Naru is a boy, Kyuubi is a woman), Hinata is a boy, Neji is a girl.
girl!Naruto introspection (girl!kyuubi, boy!naru)
Bathhouse: boy!Hinata, girl!Naruto, boy!Naru, girl!Kyuubi.
GirlKyuubi/GirlNeji, Dat Ass Comparing Curves. ...♥
GirlNaruto, Naruhiko & girlKyuubi try to comfort each other post-Sasuke giving them the slip again.

FF7: RESTORE: Sephiroth & Cloud are women, Tifa and Aeris are men
girl!Sephiroth in Wutai.
girl!Sephiroth & boy!Aeris (+ some background girlCloud&boyTifa)

FF7: RESTORE: random
Girl!Zack/Aeris/Sephiroth, flirting.

FF7: STEAL: random
FF7 Steal: Girl!Sephiroth & the babies.
FF7: Steal: Girl!Kegarr & Zack discussion.

FF7 Enemy Skill: GirlCloud, Sephiroth POV.

Newtype: Wufei POV on GirlHeero.

Bleach: The Closet: Boy!Rukia.

THIS MEME IS CURRENTLY NOT TAKING NEW PROMPTS. No guarantees but all prompts already posted will be given a good try.
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For the [ profile] polyship Advent prompts: prompt 8, Ice and Snow.

Sephiroth POV, divergent timeline. SephZackCloudAeris polyamorous tangle.

Is it a mission disguised as a vacation? Or a vacation disguised as a mission? When Rufus is involved, who knows. At Icicle Inn, Sephiroth gets in some bonding time with his Significant Other, and his Significant Other's own Significant Others. (now say that three times fast.)
Fic's a little messy IMHO because of course I started with "i'll just write a quick 500 words ficlet at Icicle Inn" and ended up with tons of background and scenebits and god knows what that I had to somehow stuff in one scene or else I wouldn't be done before december next year, BUT. I still like it.

Once Removed )
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[ profile] phoenix_melody wrote more of the Naruto Zombie AU based on my ficlet-thing. *__* (actually i might have forgotten to pimp the previous part... can't remember. Anyway.) It keeps being shinyshinyyay.

[ profile] pochybubblytea created a community for Itachi/Shisui fans! [ profile] bitter_nakano~ w00t Uchiha hotness. I don't write for them but I do like the idea, and I figure at least a small portion of you guys will be interested... XD


And the fic!

Character introspection, 492 words. Not what I was trying to write, but it's what came, so.

Warning for mention of sexual assault.

pre-game, Aeris & her staff )
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I have no clue whether I'll remember to use it, but [ profile] ciceqi uses lists like those to keep track of her written-out-of-order one-shot collections, so I figured I'd try it too. u.u *copycat*

Characters : Wufei Chang, Heero Yuy, Duo Maxwell, Zack Fair, Sephiroth, Cloud Strife, Aeris Gainsborough.
Time Period : Gundam Boys are 20; 1 year before the events of FF7. Not Crisis Core or Before Crisis compliant.

List subject to being reordered / added to as I figure out how many stories need to be in there and in which order they should be told.

Hey, Stranger.
Wufei in Mideel.

Last Piece of Home
Magic does not make up for a lost life.

Fuck that noise.

Shinra, Inc.
Mercenary feels like a bad word.

Dirty Laundry
He's not lonely. He's not.

Kindred Spirits
Wherein Sephiroth earns "Sir."

And A Kiss For Luck
Oh my. That's a very sexy bike you've got.

Cid does not like conducting job interviews much.

Good day for Hojo.

The Attic
Heero wakes.


Meme reply, might become canon (will then be expanded), might not.

(no subject)

Sat, Apr. 21st, 2007 06:49
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[ profile] pornandkittens is truly a magical community. *_*

690 words of Tifa/Aeris(/Cloud?) fluffy fixit thing )

edit: ARGH FFNET WTF BITCH. I posted an edited version of the narusasusaku porn-ness there two days ago and not only does it have yet to send me the alert for it, it also hasn't sent me the alert for the couple of reviews it and other fics got, either. >:O RARR.

I wonder if it's FFnet, or hotmail being retarded again. I'm getting a little tired of my emails coming back with "hay we couldn't connect to that perfectly alright server so uh try again later k? we won't do it again and again rly. :DDD" messages attached. (Kin, t'as pas recu ma réponse à Viny? Enfin y avait rien de spécial, je suis d'accord pour la pause. Mommyrogers, ♥♥♥ ;_;)


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