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Thu, Dec. 6th, 2012 23:26
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... and last post.

By the way if you guys want to participate, ask away! Any of my fics, any characters in them, any fandoms. Just make sure it hasn't been asked already.

under the cut: Sunlightverse, Garden, 30th Century Night, Joyride, and Palemates Smuttin it Up 'verse.

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This is something that won't happen for possibly years in story-time.

Rose and Eridan's kismesis have a friendly little chat.

(btw Viscount Lawspear is a neighboring seadwelling lord near where the kids and trolls have settled and he's a huge speciesist asshole who's eyeing their colony sideways and prodding at their defenses atm. >__>)

Pairings are pale Rose/Eridan and caliginous Eridan/OC.


-- tentacleTherapist [TT] began pestering slitheringSailor [SS] --

TT: Greetings, Kal.
TT: And as I assume you shall promptly ask, I procured your screenname and truncated name from our mutual acquaintance, the delightful Eridan Ampora's chumproll. He has taken to addressing me as Roz; this will do for this conversation.
SS: ~~> who the fuck are you
TT: I will assume you and I were merely typing at the same time, and you have received your answer already.
SS: ~~> and !delightful! what now on which planet
TT: That one I'll willingly admit was a joke. Eridan can be quite trying to be around.
TT: Nevertheless his coming back from a little outing *silent* and refusing to even *vent* you might understand was quite a cause for concern, as it is rather unexpected behavior coming from him. He is not given to the discreet subtype of brooding.
SS: ~~> did he §§ic you on me!! what do you §§ink you're doing
SS: ~~> !!au§§pi§§ti§§izing?!!
SS: ~~> I don't even know you yet for fuck§§ §§ake have §§ome §§hame
TT: But you seem such a charming young man. I could not help myself. The silvery longing rising in my breast cannot be contained. Read more... )
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I was getting so tired of sitting on this. Of course as always it's a HUGE chapter already, and not even half of what I wanted to happen in it has happened yet, so that makes things unbalanced and the pacing awkward. It's mostly socializing and character dynamics; the next scene ought to be Plotty Planning and the last Kicking Ass & Taking Names, so it would kinda climb up and up re: tension, but they're proving hard to write. Jade isn't talking to me. ;___;

My paleTP is showing. Karkat♦Gamzee Forever! Also contains some Gamzee♥Tavros and Rose???Eridan. :3

Hit the tag for chapter one, I'm too lazy to link. And this is the WIP version so if you find anything that needs editing I'll be glad to hear it!

Wherein twelve trolls and four humans, having bonded in uncommon fashions and gained a significant amount of martial prowess through great hardships, decide to build their hives and live together in hard-won peace, henceforth proceeding to accidentally become the de facto Lord Protectors of the area and eventually changing the fabric of Society as we know it. Contains several instances of interspecies relationships, quadrant flipping, and scandalously out-quadrant concupiscent and conciliatory affairs, as well as several battle scenes containing numerous instances of minor-character culling and incredible badassitude.

It's not like you can turn around and tell the cluster of humans to control the constant flow of word-bile that spews forth from their ever-flapping facegashes, either, not when others are talking as well. You tried to enforce silence for maybe ten minutes at the very start of the walk; it was of course doomed to failure, you don't know what possessed you to hope it wouldn't be. )
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Look at me spamming people with random babble. You guys know why? NO ONE IS ONLINE TO SIT ON ME AND MAKE ME WRITE IS WHY.

° One week before the end of the month and I still haven't written any teamwork. One of these days (NOT TODAY) I'mma just gonna make a LJ post and... idk, every time someone comments I have to post them what I wrote since the last comment, or something. Maybe that'll motivate me (or maybe i'll be too busy answering comments to actually write XD)

° On the other hand today I wrote a bit of Lone Wolf and Pilot, the GW thing with bonded telepathic wolves, which is boring as fuck and mostly setup for the INCOMING CLUSTERFUCK bwahaha go killer go, but still, I have two complete scenes before that and maybe I could post them here or something. I remember when I used to spam you guys with all my scenes fresh from my bleeding and battered fingers. Maybe I should get back to that. >__>

° I also worked a lot on an illustration for the fic! I... pretty much traced an official pic of heero and duo and then added wolves in it. *cackles* I'm really not taking it as ~art~, it's more like an edit, but wow my fingers. Also I wish I knew how to make fake screencaps because it'd look really fun if I could copy the anime style, but every time I've tried to learn I was just... yawn lasso tool oh hey a butterfly, and the skill stayed unlearned.

I also started a pic with Heero and Duo and their merlin and crow daemons for that OTHER alternate universe with GW people having speshul soul pets. Self, what are you trying to tell me here... oh right! i should totes be illustrating the Gundams as Dragons verse. Yup, that must be it. Augh, illustration ADD. I think I just want Gboys and ANIMALS. >_>;

° In Homestuck news I'm a bit scared of the popularity of that Big Robots AU to be honest. XD; I was only planning to do their meeting at first, a sort of This One Gundam Episode Where Two Enemies Are Stuck On An Island At Night trope, and then the bunnies wanted to know what next and now, crap, I have to figure out more badass stuff to shove in that plot (AN ACTUAL STRUCTURED PLOT WOULD ALSO BE NICE), but so far I mostly have random telepathic shenanigans and Gamzee being terrifying and also John and Karkay using contrived nanomachines-related excuses to suck face. Which is always fun, I admit, but hmm. And now a ton of people like it, and they're all "i can't wait to see where you're going!!!" and uh okay, self, it's cool, most of your fics are done with that seat of the pants approach to storytelling ANYWAY! *makes self breathe*

° Re: Back to the Garden, so far I have two scenes. One of them is ten FIFTEEN pages of Karkat Is Nosy And A Mother Hen And Pale For Everyone Ever, and the other one is about eight of Gamzee Is So In Pity With Tav And Karkat Awwsocute And Also A Really Creepy Motherfucker. No trace of action or politics or adventures, apart from some silly forest wanderings.

So i'm like "That's a lot of pages! I should post them as a preview!" and then I'm like "that's a lot of pages where NOTHING HAPPENS BUT LOTS OF TALK" and the next scenes are going to be actionny and reveal more plot stuff so I'm thinking if I want the chapter to feel balanced I should just wait to have the complete thing or else chapter 2A will feel REALLY slowboring...?????

but aaaaaaaaaaawannapostsomething. ;^;

° wanna post somethiing

° but nothing is complete why

° because i haven't completed anything is why aaaaa

° aaaAAaAAAAAAAaaaaa

° and in conclusion, aaaaaaaa.
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When I say the Karkat ships aren't fixed in this story, what I mean is "why do you keep throwing me bunnies for casual threesomes with just about everyone ever."

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... for chapter 2, which isn't even a third complete yet. Um yes. XD

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Okay, this messy style is rather fun to play with, and doesn't stress me out. >__>; I ought to plan better what dimensions it'll have, though, because resizing really doesn't make it look good.

three pics and a silly doodle therein )
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Askerian: You speed up a little, to go check on... urgh, who is there to check on that you actually want to talk to, not Eridan or Vriska, that's for sure. Tavros maybe? Bet he'd just grin and bounce on his fleshy toes and take ten minutes to say how, uh, how very happy he, um, is, that, er, they're home and, um, not besieged by imperial drones and a couple battleships.
Askerian: XD
book_people: hahahaha
book_people: oh, Tavros
book_people: poor baby
Askerian: also, karkat is mean.
book_people: yes. Yes he is
book_people: it is part of his charm
Askerian: *and, um, not besieged by imperial drones and a couple battleships and maybe a nest of Crumple-Horned Snorkacks.
book_people: oh my god, Karkat, you are such a jackass! XDDDDD
book_people: Clearly they are actually a thing on Alternia
Askerian: (karkat likes harry potter, apart from that kinky double-moirail thing harry has going on with ron and hermione. also why the fuck he and malfoy never get to kiss onscreen he never did get.)
Askerian: (also snape was obviously james' jilted kismesis. and then he and sirius had a go at it but sirius came on way too strong.)
book_people: XDDD I started typing that, just so you know
Askerian: great minds~ ^.~
Askerian: ... this goes on LJ
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It's for the Hippie Commune fic (ie back to the garden.) Aradia is going to have a pretty big part next chapter and I have realized that I have no idea how she sounds, the rhythm of her speech and her vocabulary and her usual moods. (she is not stuck in a robot and dead anymore, so I gather she ought to have SOME.)

I'll be looking through logs I can find via the HS wiki, but if anyone has advice or knows of good fic out there with good Aradia voices for inspiration I'll also be very grateful.

I'll have to see how well I manage Sollux and Feferi for that same scene, but they shouldn't be half as hard. D: Still I haven't really paid as much attention to canon and read much fic where those characters took center stage so I haven't internalized them as much, I really hope the POVs will work. @_@;

(btw I love the Aradia/Sol/Fef tangle. No outsider knows who's matesprits/moirails with who, it's hilarious. XD)
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Daemoninwhite made me the most hilarious thing for Back to the Garden. XD

by ~daemoninwhite on deviantART

... I cried tears of blood I was laughing so hard.

This in no way whatsoever misrepresents what the fic is about, by the way.
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Part one here.

This one's less actionny.

Karkat wasn't kidding about the sun and how it can kill you. There's a metric fuckton layers of leaves between you and the sky, and apparently the only thing it does is make things like a well-lit sauna. Standing in direct sunlight would probably microwave you alive in under fifteen minutes.

5 800 words )
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So that's the post-game multipart where the 12 trolls and 4 humans live together in a big hippie commune that also happens to come across as the equivalent of a medieval castle and they accidentally become the de facto Lord Protectors of the area or some shit.

-(I have my favorites, but) Ensemble cast.

-Except I'm pretending Roxy and Dirk and Jane and Jack don't exist. Sorry guys I love you but I don't know you well enough to write you.

-Some violence but nothing horribly graphic. And atm everyone's too busy to be anything but chaste.

-The pairings oh god. I'm vaguely tempted to go all the way down the hippie commune route and just throw everyone in a pile... It'll depend on character interaction. The only established couples so far are the canon moirallegiances and Rose♥Kanaya, because who doesn't like snarky classy lesbians, seriously. Also Dave=>Terezi. Some other couples are hinted at because I'm a ho, but they might or might not work out in the end.


You have no clue how old you really are. It's all tick tock tick tock in your head nonstop and you can feel the eons left to this universe (a truly righteous shitload of 'em, we're talking mucking truck carrying three bazillion farms' worth of horse manure here) and the eons past (all the weight of history, ages upon moldy, dusty ages that didn't exist during your yesterday.)

You are technically older than this universe. You don't know if that makes you any older than sixteen.


Oh right, zombies.

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