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i was just thinking i should finally share the baby deets XD

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I'm not going to talk about the wedding fic because I might still want to write it, and it should be short and NOT FULL OF FIGHT SCENES AAAAA and provide a nice conclusion to the 'verse, but as for TW3, I'm now pretty sure it's dead.


Plot summary under the cut.

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Tue, Oct. 30th, 2012 20:30
Subject: Oh God WHY

WHY U NO WRITE TEAMWORK ANYMORE?! It's been so long that I've come up
with my own million of drabbles just to satisfy my craving. So write
something maybe?


Teamwork is officially abandoned.

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Wed, Sep. 12th, 2012 00:16
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so uh yeah the teamwork mood didn't last long enough to really produce anything re: prompts -___-;; (keeping 'em on file anyway because i liked a lot of them and hopefully at some point...!)

on the other hand it did prompt me to reread my own damn fic, from start to finish, because wow there were parts i barely remembered anymore.

... why is it so LONG. D:
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*reads weekly naruto chapter*

=> ... ... ... .............

*reads awesome gritty/darkfunny weak-but-HARDCORE sakura-centric T7 fic to bring mood back up*

=> ♥♥♥

*...wants to write teamwork*

=> .__.;;;;;

*okay fine let's get back into it sloooowly.*


So yes please if anyone's still interested... I'm looking mostly to get back into the characters' mindset and voices, so I'm not looking for brand new scene. But if there was a scene where you ever wondered, "hey, i wonder what X other character is seeing it like/thinking at the time" or "what happened in the gap between moment 1 and moment 2?" or maybe "I wonder what Y is doing at the time" (if the character isn't. like. pakkun or shino or someone who'd have no reason to have been doing anything remotely relevant) then plz ask away. I make no promises because my inspiration is a wavery thing and it's likely I'll only have snippets to offer, but damn it, it's been a whole YEAR since the last time I updated teamwork 3, it's really starting to bother me! Stupid fight scenes.

(also i am really not interested in discussing the latest manga twist. like... negatively interested.)
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Okay, I was asked twice about stuff that happens in this fic, so here it is. I think I've posted bits and pieces of this before in comments, idk, most people probably didn't see them.

It's not complete, I wanted to put in the Anko scene as well and some things drag on a bit and need to be trimmed. It's from a random Chuunin OC who was on surveillance detail the night Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura hook up and before Teamwork 1 starts.

I kinda love the old broad. She's... really bitter. XD

(also i probably should edit the part where she thinks naruto looks like a clone of minato and not like his mom at all, since canon said it was the other way around and i find it adorable that naruto is basically boy-kushina. Proof that this fic is WAY TOO OLD!)

teamwork sidefic, WIP )
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Someone sent me Teamwork-related questions, and I babbled a bit, and now i'm in a teamworky moodso hey. Here they are if you're interested, and if you guys have any questions of your own that won't spoil the next fic then I'll answer them.

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Look at me spamming people with random babble. You guys know why? NO ONE IS ONLINE TO SIT ON ME AND MAKE ME WRITE IS WHY.

° One week before the end of the month and I still haven't written any teamwork. One of these days (NOT TODAY) I'mma just gonna make a LJ post and... idk, every time someone comments I have to post them what I wrote since the last comment, or something. Maybe that'll motivate me (or maybe i'll be too busy answering comments to actually write XD)

° On the other hand today I wrote a bit of Lone Wolf and Pilot, the GW thing with bonded telepathic wolves, which is boring as fuck and mostly setup for the INCOMING CLUSTERFUCK bwahaha go killer go, but still, I have two complete scenes before that and maybe I could post them here or something. I remember when I used to spam you guys with all my scenes fresh from my bleeding and battered fingers. Maybe I should get back to that. >__>

° I also worked a lot on an illustration for the fic! I... pretty much traced an official pic of heero and duo and then added wolves in it. *cackles* I'm really not taking it as ~art~, it's more like an edit, but wow my fingers. Also I wish I knew how to make fake screencaps because it'd look really fun if I could copy the anime style, but every time I've tried to learn I was just... yawn lasso tool oh hey a butterfly, and the skill stayed unlearned.

I also started a pic with Heero and Duo and their merlin and crow daemons for that OTHER alternate universe with GW people having speshul soul pets. Self, what are you trying to tell me here... oh right! i should totes be illustrating the Gundams as Dragons verse. Yup, that must be it. Augh, illustration ADD. I think I just want Gboys and ANIMALS. >_>;

° In Homestuck news I'm a bit scared of the popularity of that Big Robots AU to be honest. XD; I was only planning to do their meeting at first, a sort of This One Gundam Episode Where Two Enemies Are Stuck On An Island At Night trope, and then the bunnies wanted to know what next and now, crap, I have to figure out more badass stuff to shove in that plot (AN ACTUAL STRUCTURED PLOT WOULD ALSO BE NICE), but so far I mostly have random telepathic shenanigans and Gamzee being terrifying and also John and Karkay using contrived nanomachines-related excuses to suck face. Which is always fun, I admit, but hmm. And now a ton of people like it, and they're all "i can't wait to see where you're going!!!" and uh okay, self, it's cool, most of your fics are done with that seat of the pants approach to storytelling ANYWAY! *makes self breathe*

° Re: Back to the Garden, so far I have two scenes. One of them is ten FIFTEEN pages of Karkat Is Nosy And A Mother Hen And Pale For Everyone Ever, and the other one is about eight of Gamzee Is So In Pity With Tav And Karkat Awwsocute And Also A Really Creepy Motherfucker. No trace of action or politics or adventures, apart from some silly forest wanderings.

So i'm like "That's a lot of pages! I should post them as a preview!" and then I'm like "that's a lot of pages where NOTHING HAPPENS BUT LOTS OF TALK" and the next scenes are going to be actionny and reveal more plot stuff so I'm thinking if I want the chapter to feel balanced I should just wait to have the complete thing or else chapter 2A will feel REALLY slowboring...?????

but aaaaaaaaaaawannapostsomething. ;^;

° wanna post somethiing

° but nothing is complete why

° because i haven't completed anything is why aaaaa

° aaaAAaAAAAAAAaaaaa

° and in conclusion, aaaaaaaa.
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So, um. I was supposed to wait until Teamwork 3 was complete (only about four chapters or so! I just jinxed myself.) before I started posting this one, only of course I am clinically unable to sit on a completed chapter that long. Apart from the result of the chuunin exams there aren't really any spoilers for the end of TW3. You may ignore it if you wish, it'll still be there by the time I finish TW3. >_>;;

This fic is full of sap and cute and some angst and some more sap. Also, the secret language of fishes.

Many thanks to Joisbishmyoga for all the help with kimonos and marriage stuff because srsly pitfalls everywhere.

So yeah, as Sasuke's best man yadda yadda you are hereby invited to his and Sakura-chan's wedding. Oh, and you can bring a guest, but tell Sakura's mom first so she can count them in or she'll implode. )
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Askerian: it always baffle me in GW fic when duo or some other narrating character describes heero's eyes to himself as prussian blue.
Askerian: not dark blue, not navy blue, not anything -- they fall on Prussian straight away
Askerian: how do they even identify the precise shade every time, did they eat the really expensive crayons at school??!
Saro Lynne: XDDDD
Saro Lynne: It is definitely a weird fandom convention.
Saro Lynne: Though. Navy blue seems like a weird color to call eyes to me.
Askerian: yeah but it's a more well known shade of dark blue, and heero's eyes aren't very light, even though they're blue. >_>
Saro Lynne: Yeah... I think people think of Navy blue as being more drab--it's not VIVID enough for flowery fanfic!
Saro Lynne: ....I always wonder if they like the radiation poisoning association that Prussian blue has.

Askerian: oh my god XD i was expecting shameless campiness
Askerian: this is a 1x2 à la anita blake, heero's a vamp duo's a hunter
Saro Lynne: Hmm?
Saro Lynne: Pfff. XD
Askerian: complete with clubs and leather outfits
Askerian: but heero... as french and suave...
Askerian: ...
Askerian: XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD i can't breathe
Askerian: how am i supposed to enjoy the cheese!! XD
Askerian: m-mon petit... XD couldn't even find an original nickname for duo, but at least the grammar's good?
Askerian: then again ma petite wasn't an original nickname back when it was anita's.

... So basically Heero is Jean-Claude and Duo is Anita. Pffff. I can sorta see the second one -- they're both ballsy smartasses -- but the first... XD XD XD I'm gonna keep reading it anyway, because I really, really love vampires and shameless sexiness, but seriously... this is so wrooooooooooooong. XD SO WRONG.

In unrelated news, I've written the first chapter of the teamwork wedding fic. (it's named Teamwork: Wedding. I am Original.) It doesn't spoil much for the ending of the tournament arc, but still. Should I post them on LJ as I write them, or wait until I'm done with TW3? (Either way ffnet will wait. HAH.)
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So the last child of Team Seven I have in mind is Uchiha Yukito -- a boy, then, born when Sakura is about 45 or possibly even later... yes, she's menopausal by then, advanced medical jutsu FTW! The kid is born via artificial insemination, because even though Sakura carries him, genetically, apart from her mitochondrial DNA he really is a pure Sasuke/Naruto baby. (basically they found a way to empty one of her ovums from her own DNA and replace it with Naruto's. Or maybe Sasuke's. I haven't decided yet who wins the battle for "No, YOU get to be Yukito's biological mom!")

This is what I know about him:
For someone who is made in equal parts of Uchiha Sasuke and Uzumaki Naruto's genes, Yukito's mild, laid-back disposition is nothing short of confounding. Sometimes Sakura entertains herself with the thought that her last child is so easy-going out of sheer perverseness. No doubt he would have inherited it straight from her, somehow.

Yukito has grayish brown hair, and also the sharingan, but he'll never develop it farther than the second tomoe. He's content with being average. Everyone in his family is extreme in some way and it's all very tiring, really. D:

But anyway.

I was toying with the thought of a real threesome baby, though truly since a kid gets half and half from their parents it's a bit hard to have three parents, unless you pick and choose who gives which genes, and that would take CENTURIES. But maybe you could merge two sperm cells and get that one to fertilize the egg, and then the baby would be half Sakura and one fourth each Naruto and Sasuke. (no sharingan for that one.) But at her age, Sakura can't really afford to have more than one, very closely supervised pregnancy. Even that one wouldn't be great fpor her health, so two of them back to back would be too much.

.. Twins are hardly an easy pregnancy, but she figures they'd still tire her out less than two separate ones, especially ones as medically watched over. I'm just not sure which medical discovery would come first (the two father, no mother thing, or the two-fathers-merged-as-one, one mother.) Because the offer Sakura made was basically to let Sasuke and Naruto experience the one single bond they yet hadn't, which is all very selfless, but if they can make threesome babies... um.

Then again it might be easier to merge two sperm cells with medical jutsu and then use those than to do the ovum thing, so Sakura might mention it as a stepping stone on the way to the two-dads thing, and later they might suggest to use it as well, half as her "reward" for being so selfless, a kid who is more her than either of them, but also either of them, and half because omg threesome baby. Also, maximizing uchiha clan genetic diversity is always good.

But, I don't know. If they can do one, would they really do the other one. Both solutions make the other one a bit redundant.

Then again is there really a ceiling on happiness and empty nest syndrome. XD

But just in case, the threesome baby would be a girl called Kahen, which means petal, because Sakura's mom is Hana (flower) and Sakura is a specific type of flower, so she might as well go with part-of-flower for the third generation. (dunno what Kahen'd call her own kid, though. Chlorophyll cell? XD)

I have NO IDEA what her personality would be like, though. >___> I planned the other three around subverted Mary-Sue types to give myself a starting point (team seven children would veer close to Sue just by virtue of having the parents they have anyway), but I already have the FemmeFataleSue type and the PrettierAndBitchierThanYou!Uchiha type and the... well, first kid is still spoiler. What could I twist -- oh my god, a GothSue. XD ("Kahen? KAHEN??? MY NAME IS OOKAMI MOONRAVEN!!" pffff) okay um maybe not... Maybe not even a sue-type either.


edit: ... okay so Goth sounds like too much fun to say not to, right now. XDDD )
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Just one thing first -- I'd read my notes wrong, so Sakura gets *two* matches before she has to go against Sasuke. Um. I'm sad because it makes the ending of her scene less dramatic, but I can't shuffle the matches around anymore, so I had to edit it a bit. As far as I can recall it's the only thing I edited though.

Also, man, I wonder how much it shows how long it had been since I wrote teamwork!Sasuke in that part. >_>;;;

Chapter 11 scene 1

He was so *done* with this country. )
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aaaaaaaaaasobored oh god. and i can't wriiiite attention span is shot aaaaaaaaaa.


Pick one of my stories and I will tell you the first lines of its prequel OR sequel (choose one!). Even if I was never actually planning to write a prequel/sequel. Even if it already has a prequel/sequel -- I'll give you the first line of another version of its prequel/sequel!

And this time I'll really try to keep it short, not like the last time I tried those. >__> HAHAHA I jest.

For reference purposes, here's the list of my longfic masterlists and the ficlets who already do have sequels/prequels of their own. If there's a ficlet that's not on there you can request something for it anyway! You don't even have to link me first, I'll find it (if I truly was the one who wrote it, cause i've gotten confused about that stuff before. XD) Or there's my ffnet page. Any fandoms, go go go.


Swingersverse - Saguru centric sequel
NaruSasu... IN SPACE sequel
Comrades, Coming Out and Cows sequel
Sanctuarium sequel
Dragons and their Boys, "how would destroying the gundams go?" sequel
Teamwork: snippet sequel to the ficlet I've got them oldest in
Newtype PREquel (whoo 1xR.)
Mermaids in Space -- Blue backstory prequel
Naruto Adopts Sasuke Into His Clan sequel

GW/FF7 crossover, Wufei on Gaia sequel
The Proposal (iroh/toph) silly sequelthing
Two Knights - 1x2xR sequel

Awake! Starting to write again. Muahaha. argh, brothers inviting themselves over and taking up all evening. Will poke more tomorrow as well, meme's still open for requests! u.u-b

edit edit: okay, tomorrow turned out to mean three days later. Um.

Another one for Sanctuarium!
Ichigo Has Two Girlfriends: Brother In Law Edition!
Ichigo Has Two Girlfriends: The Really Depressing Orihime Prequel ;__;

PLEASE if you're prompting for a series of fics, specify which fic you want a sequel to? D:

Also crossed wires is disqualified for sequels. Prequels, maybe. And Locker Room Therapy is nothing but sequels, so disqualified from both.

MEME CLOSED FOR PROMPTS for now. I've got to get through the backlog first, then maybe we'll see about a second round.


Sat, Jun. 25th, 2011 02:39
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I'm in the process of posting the Teamworkverse on AO3...

... I really don't like the first chapter of Teamwork 2. The scene with Ino works well enough, but the clash between Sakura and her mother is full of bad writing and OOC. Read more... )
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I'd decided earlier today would be Teamwork Ploitting day, even if I didn't actually write anything. Save for sudden and random curveballs I have almost all of the plot for the tournament, but I still need to fine-tune the actual scenes.

So of course instead I got marriage bunnies.

And then they went and turned into bunnies for that AU 'verse where Sasuke is a girl and she and Sakura are both preggers. So now I'm writing the pipeline seal scene/ficlet. The bunny is making "this could totally turn into hothot sasusaku yuri sexx0rs" eyes at me. D:

Oh, and in the Haru and GirlNaruto Teamwork AU, Kyuubi is making disgruntled noises about how annoying Naruto's bitches are getting and next time he'll make sure to have her plumbing tweaked enough that she can have a litter with several different sires if she feels like it, and it's not his fault he didn't think to do it before, he's a man-fox okay. And naruto is all D: WAIT I DON'T WANT GUARANTEED MULTIPLE BIRTHS IT'S OKAY REALLY but oops, too late, but what are you complaining about, it saves time! also next time maybe you can go looking for other potential fathers and none of them will bitch/leave/try to eat the cubs because far as they know one of the kids could be theirs. XD
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180 words, bit angsty. I was trying to figure out more house rules to write about, make a little collection of ficlets, but so far no luck. Oh well, they'll come.

5. There is to be No Brooding outside of the Brooding Room. )
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This is the one where Naruto is a girl and Sakura is a boy (renamed Haru). Sasuke is still a dick guy.

Dynamics repercussions there are that Sasuke was somewhat protective of girlsakura even when he kinda dismissed her for being weak, but a weak *guy* means the sasuke/sakura side of the triangle is even weaker than the canon universe. There are other repercussions but hopefully they'll be obvious in this fic and the uhh porny sequel I'll post tomorrow don't judge me.

This scene happens right after this.

She loves her teammates, but like fuck she is going to ask them to please stay, now that she's entrapped them with her slutty womb (fuck you, Kanemoto.) She's strong. She can manage alone. )


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