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Anonymous asked you:
Feferi and Jane, speculating if (... cut for spoilers :3)

-- cuttlefishCuller [CC] started trolling gutsyGumshoe [GG] ! --

CC: )(ey t)(ere, lifesister! 38D
GG: Hello. Feferi, right? With the color of your text it has to be a Peixes, but I doubt the Condesce would be so happy to see me.
GG: I deduce with my highly trained detective's mind that you need something from me.

CC: )(--EY! T)(at's reely mean, I could just want to carp a bit.
CC: I know we )(aven't glubbed muc)( so far but t)(ere's no reason not to start now, rig)(t?

GG: You could, but you aren't, are you? :B
CC: 38X Wow, )(ars)(. You're so mean.
CC: T)(e meena)(est.

GG: Oh, that one was bad. Also, not a fish pun!
CC: Water else could be more nautically t)(emed t)(an a fis)( troll w)(o's been s)(arking around for t)(ousands of sweeps, I will ask you.
GG: Pretty much nothing. Very well, pun accepted.
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thingsareswinging replied to your post:
Dave & Signless, discussing karkat

Daikonpan asked you:
SOMEONE NEEDS TO EXPLAIN CONDOMS TO THE FORMER TROLLS. Possibly Jade. I would trust Jade to give sex ed.

-- turntechGodhead [TG] started trolling cardinalGallivant [CG] ! --

TG: so hey dude
TG: i figure youre just about the coolest adult extroll so far and also the most likely to not go all tightnooked with offense and also by now youd have found a solution to keep from oopsing again and also itll piss off karkat hardcore ifwhen he figures out i asked you
TG: not that this is in any way related to him or anyone either of us know
CG: I TAKE IT you have a Question of a ... somewhat Delicate nature?
TG: yeah lets call it that why the hell not

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stheere asked you:
Um um DIRK AND NEPETA talking about Equius. =3
(this follow the kiss meme's dirk/equ date.)

-- arsenicCatnip [AC] started trolling timaeusTestified [TT] ! --

AC: :33 < *the cave lioness pounces from the bushes and tackles her prey to the ground!!*
AC: :33 < *today she doesn't care about godmodding one bit! she plants her claws in her prey's hide, and leans furry close, and growls all low and scary*
AC: >:00 < what are your intentions toward my meowrail??? >:00

TT: Huh.
TT: The stallion is brought to the ground by the lioness' startling and not godmoddey at all pounce, and whinnies sadly because his mouth is not formed ideally for speech.
TT: Thankfully he also has access to kicking rad shades to type messages with, because his hooves would make a mess of a keyboard.

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Summary: Post-game. All the players have been revived and the Alpha and Beta counterparts merged; the Kids, Trolls and a lone girl Cherub wake together as gods on their reward planet.

This is my feelgood fluff-verse. :3 It might contain angst and violence anyway because some of the characters involved make it hard not to, and because the salt of tears makes other things taste sweeter by comparison bwahaha.

Contains: Human/Troll hybrid species, random instances of polyamory and other out-quadrant behavior, the crew being *gods*...

Pairings: Established: Signless/Disciple/Psiioniic pale-flushed tangle, flushed Sollux/Feferi, pale Sollux/Aradia, pale Equius/Nepeta, pale Karkat/Gamzee,
WIP: ashen/red/black Dave/Jade/Karkat clusterfuck, pale/flushed Darkleer/Dad Egbert/Handmaid, caliginous Sollux/Roxy, flushed John/Vriska...

Notes: I started planning out and writing that fic just before Hussie started giving us the pre-scratch Ancestors, so I had to make my own and sort out the mess of titles. Some of them I hadn't yet worked on much, so I'll probably take the canon ones, but some were already written, so I'm keeping those as they are. Kheper for example is different from Kankri in that he was a polyamorous mess instead of doing the vow of chastity thing, though I've decided that in his first life he WAS a sanctimonious SJ twerp. Disciple is the Knight of Heart and Redglare is the Bard Rogue of Mind instead of Redglare being the Knight, which means Hesper Pyrope will probably be quite different from Latula Pyrope. I love Latula, but it would be too confusing if I mixed up canon and fanon casts that much. Aranea and Meenah were already around by then so they're used in the fic.

The thing is that the main personality is still, for example, the Condesce's instead of Meenah's, and Condie was the Empress for millenaries while Meenah is 9 sweeps old, so the prescratch past of those people might not actually have a lot of influence on how the character is now.

Characters: Karkat, Signless, Dave, Jade.
Summary: Kink meme prompt: kid/troll, walking in the sun
Once the game is over, and the kids and trolls (revivified and whatnot) are deposited onto the new planet they made, the trolls discover that here, on this new planet, the sunlight doesn't kill them. They can walk it in completely fine, just like Kanaya can, and they individually learn to leave soaking in the sun's warmth in different ways. Doesn't have to be shippy, but I do love kids/patron trolls interactions if you do.

Bonus points: Because sunlight = death for most of the troll's civilization, they're at first extremely weirded out by how much humans enjoy being in it

No pairings yet but Dave blackflirts like he's trying to give Karkat the most embarrassing hateboner there ever was.

Remember the Spring
Characters: Signless/Disciple, background Karkat & Jade
Summary: This fic contains: whining i mean existential angst, horrendous amounts of schmoop, gratuitious headcanons, Signless being a goddamn quadrant hippie, Jade failing for a second time to emerge from the background >:(, Signless/Disciple adorableness.

Characters: Nepeta, Disciple, Signless, Karkat.
Summary: Pesterlog. Nepeta discovers a new screenname in her color on her chumproll. Bad roleplaying ensues.

Characters: Expatriate Darkleer, Dad Crocker-Egbert, the Handmaid.
Summary: It's the first evening of his brand new life on this brand new planet. Darkleer wishes old age would kill him already.

Characters: John, OCs (Kaleo, Eridi)
Summary: John finds a grubbaby.

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Anonymous asked you:
BT: Nepeta and Equius and their kinky pale cockpit romp please?

Weird enough while this prompt seems made for either humor or horribly adorable fluff instead angst came out. What, self, I don’t understand you. Also it’s more of the scene BEFORE the mindmeld porn, because the mindmeld porn would have been spoilertastic. That makes me sad, I love mindmeld scenes. ;;

A note: I am dancing around something possibly spoilerific, if I ever manage to mention it in-fic. I know what I’m not mentioning, and kinda hint at it, but I’m too close and can’t tell if that makes the fic too confusing. If it does, my bad, sorry.

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