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This is something I wrote ages ago, for the FF7 with daemons verse (actually for a planned sephzackcloudaeris divergent AU that I ended up never writing) and I never posted it because it does spoil the deal with Zack and Seph's daemons. But it's been so long since I touched this AU, I figured it didn't matter too much anymore.

Zack's daemon (smaller, golden variety).


Day 3

In some places Zack knows that it's seen as kind of rude and invasive to talk to someone else's daemon, especially in public and with people you don't know well. In Wutai, for example, or in the richer circles of Midgar society, it's pretty much shocking. (Which is funny because both societies get hives when you find a point of comparison between them.)

In the army it's not that way, especially not in SOLDIER, but that's because you don't become SOLDIER in the first place if your daemon's going to be dead weight, and being able to take orders and relay them is just the very start of usefulness. (Along with using Materia independently of your human, and fighting a variety of differently-sized, differently-shaped daemons. Predators are the overwhelming majority.)

Zack knows of nowhere it's looked down upon to chat with your own daemon.

He never sees Sephiroth speak to his. Or look at him, either.Read more... )
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cygnahime asked: Aeris/Tifa, happy in the woods, 360 words.

"I will climb the tree!" Aeris had decided, complete with determined frown.

A half-hour, a dozen scratches, two broken branches and a torn dress later she was sitting safely sandwiched between Tifa and the trunk a dozen meters up.

"There's a gorgeous view from up here," Tifa commented, hands between her knees, and pinched her lips so she wouldn't laugh and tease about Aeris' less than acrobatic performance. She supposed it helped, growing in the mountains and not in the city, even if the trees around Nibelheim were stunted and twisted by the wind.

"Indeed," Aeris replied too seriously, and when Tifa turned she found Aeris looking at her.

She might perhaps have blushed a little, but she laughed as well. "You're so shameless."

Aeris dimpled innocently at her. Still laughing, Tifa leaned in to steal a kiss, before Aeris could steal it first.

She stole it back anyways and then they spent a long pleasant moment going back and forth, sweet and almost innocent if one ignored the teasing nips, the tongue tips.

When they tried deepening it the first time Tifa almost lost her balance and brought them both down, and they had to slow down, steady their grips on the tree, and try again.

Slow and deep and patient -- but no, not innocent. Tifa had never -- with another girl, never wanted to, but Aeris was... There were no words for it.

They were so absorbed with kissing they almost missed the signal flare. "--Whoops," Tifa said, breaking away, and of course her face chose to turn red now, when she'd been fine a moment ago. But Aeris snickered at her and Tifa chuckled along, rueful and flustered. "We should go, before we forget where the flare was coming from."

"I suppose we should," Aeris replied with a sigh, and eyed the void under her feet dubiously. "It'd be faster to just--"

"No jumping off, are you Cloud?"

"If I wasn't here you'd jump."

"If you weren't here you'd be down there instead, and I wouldn't jump, because you'd probably look up my skirt." Tifa stole a last kiss through Aeris' laughing splutters and turned to offer her her back to climb on.
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FF7 Daemon ficlets archive.

Tifa is 13. 800 words long.

Breon doesn't settle especially early -- two of Tifa's agemates have settled already, a butterfly and a prairie dog -- or especially late -- three more are waiting their turn, Johnny and Lily and Cloud. Nothing important is happening -- it's not the anniversary of their mother's death, they haven't gotten into a fight, no one has dropped any actual wisdom on them, nothing.

They just go up to the pastures with the draft chocobos, Breon plodding along as a fourth chocobo himself, and they sit there in the sun and the brisk breeze coming from the shadowed Mount Nibel.

Breon flips eagle, as well, dips and sways in the wind, until he gets bored and lands on her knee. Tifa watches the chocobos patiently scratch roots out of the earth, watches the sheep come down from the higher slopes a bit. They feel safer surrounded by the bigger, protective birds.

The thing is, people don't chat about what they want their own daemon to be -- might jinx it -- but they do about what they think it'll reasonably be, even if they try not to be too hopeful, too unrealistic. They talk a ton about what they believe other people's will be.

Tifa apparently would be just perfect with a sweet, soft-furred, lop-eared bunny like her mother's. Or a small dog, or some kind of songbird -- this one she thinks is a bit weird, she's not really artistic or whimsical at all.Read more... )
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Oh god I completed something today. It'd be more awesome if this hadn't been missing literally the LAST TWO PARAGRAPHS for the last four months. auuugh.

This is part of the Cloud/Tifa/Aeris divergence that started with "Interrupted By Fireworks". It's also where the plot really starts to swerve from the game.


Tifa's daemon = Breon, Nibelheim stag.
Aeris' daemon = Simon, orange tabby housecat.
Cloud's daemon = Skally, a cuahl/coeurl (cheetah with dragon whiskers)
She watched Cloud and Skally leap from pillar to pillar, reach the stairs' landing, climb up to the platform, the strange altar where Aeris and Simon waited, and she almost stayed behind.

Read more... )

FF7 silliness

Sat, Jan. 21st, 2012 07:19
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So I have this habit of naming my ff7 fics after materias, if i can get away with. This prompted a friend to wonder what each story would be like if I wrote them all.

Have some summaries of stories I will never write. XD

oh god so many why )
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So you know, I said the daemon AU was as gen as the game, as in Tifa and Aeris would flirt but Cloud would mostly be like "uh huh -- sorry, you said something?"

I also couldn't decide whether the presence of daemons would change anything big in the plot or whether the game would still happen pretty much the same to the end. So um. I now have a branching-off timeline where both romance and plot-changes happen, though so far the only big difference is how the Gold Saucer date goes.

It'll snowball real fast, though. >:3

~3 600 words.

Daemon AU fics archive (on dreamwidth but it all links back to LJ fics. Uh. don't try to make sense of my organization. it doesn't make any.)

Cloud=> Skally the Cuahl/Coeurl (think cheetah without spots and long eastern-dragon tendrils/moustachethings.)
Tifa=> Breon the stag.
Aeris=> Simon the housecat.

Tifa was already stepping forward to push Cloud along when the door opened behind her and Aeris's cheerful voice rang. 'Heya, Cloud! You want to go on a date?' )
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Reposting two ficlets I wrote for the prompts post, edited a little bit, and a brand new third ficlet about the crossdressing quest thing. XD (I might write more about this moment, I haven't figured out yet what else happens differently enough.)

Sephiroth, age five )

Elena & the Turks in Wutai, vacation )

Quest to Crossdress~ )
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1. Pick your 5 favorite OTPs.
2. Find pictures and post them.
3. Give the name of the OTP and what fandom they're from.
4. List your favorite moment between them.

... DO YOU GUYS HAVE ANY IDEA HOW HARD IT IS TO FIGURE OUT MY FAVE *PAIRINGS*. I only have polyamorous ships anymore.

also item 5. was to tag five people but pffff too lazy. Do it if you want to, it's fun and an amusing way to waste time.

fangirly rambleglee )

... aaaaaaa DAMN IT i'm doing my five fave OT+s too. SO THERE. >O And instead of a favorite moment I'm going with "why they're awesome" instead, because most fandoms suck about giving one moment for ot3/4/5s.

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So. Who wants to help me out with the Gundam Wing/Temeraire AU thing by giving me prompts? Because I really want to write more of it, but I don't want to just redo the whole series episode by episode and never deviate from that. It's boring. D:

... oh and um, while you're at it, I'm also open to prompts for the FF7/Daemon AU thing. >_>;; So long as they roughly fit in the ff7 'verse & timeline, that is.

-The two 'verses are gen, but I'll take pairing prompts for this.
-I won't do spoilers on Sephiroth's daemon's adult shape, though I'm good with kiddyroth.

- my inspiration is flighty, so supermegathanks if you leave me prompts, but it's very possible it'll just go and decide not to kick into gear. It always makes me feel guilty as hell but when it doesn't work, it REALLY doesn't work. ~__~;
-I often do way better with concrete prompts than philosophical/poetic prompts.

Otherwise, no limits on how many you give me. Prettyplease prompt away. ♥
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Summary: the His Dark Materials story rests onto the idea that in some universes human beings have an "external" soul, which takes the shape of an animal. The animal is usually the opposite gender of its person, and it can shift between species at will until puberty, where it settles into its definitive form, which depends on the human's personality but can be just about any animal, insects included. There's a huge taboo against a human touching a daemon, unless you're... well, soulmates, because it feels icky and wrongwrongwrong.

This is the game, with added soul!pets, so I'll only do scenes where the daemons change the way things go, but there won't be big, endgame-changing stuff.

pairings: this is following the game plot (sometimes even the actual game script) and thus as gen as the game, meaning Aeris and Tifa flirt with Cloud in their own ways but nothing actually happen.



Characters: Gast&Shelag, Sephiroth&???, Hojo&???
Summary: Drabble. Gast worries about babyRoth.

Characters: Ifalna&Jalen, Aeris&Simon
Summary: 800 words. "All Cetra daemons are birds. Her mother's was a fierce thunderbird. Her father's -- she is told, she doesn't remember -- a storm-petrel, always flying high, never landing. One of her grandparents had a phoenix.

Ifalna's Jalen is a sparrow, flitting here and there on her head, her shoulders. Anything but impressive, a drab little thing that cannot fight, that relies on looking like too much effort for too little of a meal. He suits her well."

Characters: Tifa&Breon
Summary: 800 words. Breon settles.

Characters: Zack&Callie, Sephiroth&???
Summary: in Wutai.


Not at First Sight

Characters: Tifa&Breon, Cloud&Skally
Summary: Tifa meets Cloud at the train station.

Church Encounter
Characters: Aeris&Simon, Cloud&Skally, some Tifa&Breon, Barret&Akela, Reno&Tahoe.
Summary: "Skally's front claws were hooked deep into his wrists, a double pawful of them, needle-sharp, almost strong enough to nick bone. For a second he almost thought she was going to manage to keep him from falling."

Quest to Crossdress
Characters: Cloud&Skally, Aeris&Simon
Summary: "You're aware that I'm about four times your size, right?"

Characters: Vincent&Janet, Cloud&Skally
Summary: Drabble. "When Vincent changes shapes his daemon tears into pieces beside him and for a moment she's like mist on the verge of death."

Characters: Elena&Marco, Reno&Tahoe, Rude&Ben
Summary: That thing in Wutai with Don Corneo.

Dragon Taxonomy
Characters: Cloud&Skally, Yuffie&Xiaolu, Cid&Lisbet, Barret.
Summary: ~380 words. A random discussion between party members.

Divergent Timeline n°1: CloTiRis
One thing does change. One silly, inconsequential thing. It snowballs pretty fast.
This timeline contains a Cloud/Tifa/Aeris threesome, amongst other things.

Interrupted By Fireworks
Characters: Breon&Tifa, Cloud&Skally, Aeris&Simon
Summary: "Tifa was already stepping forward to push Cloud along when the door opened behind her and Aeris's cheerful voice rang. 'Heya, Cloud! You want to go on a date?'" 3 600 words, crack and angst.

City of the Ancients
Characters: Breon&Tifa, Aeris&Simon, Nanaki, Cloud&Skally
Summary: "She watched Cloud and Skally leap from pillar to pillar, reach the stairs' landing, climb up to the platform, the strange altar where Aeris and Simon waited, and she almost stayed behind." 3 400 words, angst and action, weird mindfuckery.

Daemon list & pics )
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Story: Started for my baby meme, quickly took a life of its own. Pre-Nibelheim, a scientist under Hojo decides that what they truly need isn't another Sephiroth (that spot's already taken!), but a bunch of Sephiroth/1st Class SOLDIER crossbreeds. Zack takes exception. Cue one clueless SOLDIER having to raise five weird kids with super-strength while on the run from a mega-corporation.

Pairings/relationships: Mostly gen, about Zack and the kids. Background Zack/Seph, Zack+Aeris. Might evolve, I don't know.

Characters: Zack, Sephiroth
Summary: "They all had silver hair, somehow."

Forgiveness and Permission
Characters: Zack & Kegarr (OC, Gabe's dad)
Summary: So uh yeah, wanna go on the run with me?

Waking up/Early morning
Characters: Zack & Gabe
Summary: "The sun was rising pale and bright over the red stone of the Cosmo Mountains when the first of them woke."

Characters: Zack & Nadine
Summary: Where's mah rubber duckie, bitch. >__>

Characters: Zack, all the kids
Summary: "He's strangely happy the first time Jake reaches for a closed door and figures out how to open it by hanging his weight from the handle.
It's the beginning of the end."

Howdy, Neighbor -- NEW
Characters: Zack, the kids, Grig Poulson (OC)
Summary: Zack takes his brood down to visit Cosmo Canyon.

Characters: Zack & Sephiroth, the kids. (Zack/Seph.)
Summary: Yo! Babydaddy droppin' by for a surprise visit.

Welcome to Nibelheim
(still being written.)

Child Support
Characters: Zack, kids, surprise other!OC.
Summary: "Today was bad luck all around." Or, "knock knock, it's Shinra. :D"

Characters: Zack & Cloud, kids.
Summary: Yohoho glorious clusterfucks. >:D

Steal genderbent AUs

Sephiroth As A Woman (Hair AU)

Kegarr As A Woman (Forgiveness and Permission AU)
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I WOULD SAY I WAS SORRY BUT I WOULD BE LYING. :D (also i might have to go back and trim off some of the whining but I'll check that later. Can't see the forest for the trees right now.)

Archive - Previous

The bathroom was small, a little cramped. His legs barely fit in the tub. )
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Same 'verse as Meet Again (Tifa) and Church Encounter (Aeris). Short, Cloud POV on Vincent. It hit me over the head and as a result it's likely confusing as fuck. Some of it is deliberate, because I'm an evil tease, but some of it might just be writy fail. I can't tell. x__x;

Skally: Cloud's daemon, a cuahl (big hunting cat); Breon: Tifa's daemon, a king stag.

When Vincent changes shapes his daemon tears into pieces beside him and for a moment she's like mist on the verge of death. )


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