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Because I'm sick and tired of it being all lazy and floppy in its corner of my brain.

Plz give me teamworkverse prompts. By which I mean
-"what was X thinking/doing during scene Y?"
-X's POV on ... whatever
-a timestamp -- Ten years later, two days ago, ten minutes after the end of this scene
where X can be naruto, sasuke, sakura... or kakashi... or kiba or whoever else... or even one of the OCs.
-... yes it can be X-rated. #>____>#

I will not write about the T7 kids except in generic terms (apart from Aoru, the third one. She's not spoiler anymore. XD) I will not write about Itachi past Teamwork 4 because he is also spoiler. (is he dead? is he uncle itachi? did he take madara's eyes for himself and conquer konoha? NO ONE KNOWS.) I will not write spoilerific things in general. I'll tell you if a prompt lands in there so you can ask something else.

Anyway. Two prompts each maximum (please do not make seventeen and then ask me to pick two of them. DX ), and I make no promise they'll actually inspire me. I'll try my best to write at least one for everyone, but. Well. You guys know me by now. ~___~;

plz loev me. T^T

Sakura FINALLY gets married to Naruto. Sort of. (futurefic. WAY futurefic.)
Itachi Finds Out
Cooking Arrangements
Yakitaro of Team Fodder at 18
Gaara on early TemaShikaIno tangle

okay, going to bed, but i'll keep going tomorrow, feel free to post requests.
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I... want to write. But not Naruto things. Maybe FF7 things, but not one of the two multiparts I already have. Maybe Katekyo Hitman Reborn things, maybe Dragonball Z, maybe Ofic things, maybe maybe maybe. I don't know. I can't make up my mind.

I've got this list of 100 prompts, conveniently numbered from 1 to 100.

Give me a number, give me two or three characters, and let's see what happens. It's alright if two of you accidentally land on the same number. I make no promises about actually managing to write anything, because I suck like that, but even if out of 30 prompts I only manage to write three I'll consider it a success.

Eligible fandoms:
my o-fics (mermaids in space, cercle, brea&james, the Tyr nano story), FF7, Dragonball Z (huh, I need to come up with saiyajin OCs for that fandom, now that I'm thinking about it), Gundam Wing, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Avatar the Last Airbender, Seirei no Moribito, Bleach no more bleach, Yuyu Hakusho. Maaaaybe the teamwork OCs or any other fanfic OCs of mine if someone's interested, but then again I don't know.

Please no crossovers today.

Breanna & James, 27. Foreign - Tyr Anderson & Neve Serrano, 37. Eyes - Tyr story, Xiang Lin, 6. Break Away -

Sephiroth/Cloud (kinda restoreverse), 13. Misfortune -

Zuko&Toph, 30. Under The Rain - Azula&Zuko, 42. Standing still - -

ChichiGoku, 42. Standing Still - BulmaVegeta, 76. Broken Pieces -

Wufei, Duo, heero, Preventers, 77. Test - -

Teamwork, Sakura prequel, Yumeko&Hiroshi, 99. Solitude - -

- - - - -

Please no more asking for numbers I've already written a ficlet for (it's cheating now that you guys know what it stands for!)

also look at little Breanna SOCUTE. )
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It's kind of mean of me to throw them at Kyuubi and not even give them a name or a face. u.u

Ladies and Gentlemen, Team Fodder! )

*pimp pimp*

Sun, Apr. 19th, 2009 10:59
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1) [ profile] wakfu is a community for a television series and MMORPG developed by Ankama studio. Discussion of both the game and show are welcome. It also includes Dofus!

En plus elle est bilingue! [ profile] wakfu est à la fois un dessin animé et un MMORPG développé par Ankama. Vous êtes libre de discuter des deux. Inclus aussi Dofus!

Je sais que j'ai des copines qui y jouent, alors faites passer le mot si ça vous intéresse ^^

2) I dunno if I ever mentioned it here, but some time ago I was bored so I made a page for my Teamwork OCs, complete with character sheets and head shots. *hangs head* Oh well, I guess it might be helpful to some. XD Comments/questions/"you forgot this OC!" welcome!

I'm kinda tempted to make a mention of EVERY character who gets more than two lines of interaction with Team Seven, even the really random ones like the police captain who took their explanation about why Sasuke's house was burning and stuff. But... that would be obsessive, right? Right. *starts making list*

(ahaha all the characters seem to be straight until you get to team summons, and then you get a bisexual and an asexual in one go. XD I guess for a 1:10 ratio it's good enough, considering Kigane of team Kunoichi is alcohol-relatedly bicurious. Just strange how they clustered. I guess it's because team Kunoichi is funnier if everyone is straight, especially Jin.)

3) Nyaaaaaaaa [ profile] suzukiblu wrote me a porny NaruSasu with voyeur/domme!Sakura ficlet and it is very PRRT. Also she wrote me a hot Jet/Zuko and a funny Toph/Zuko, and she wrote tons of crackalicious Avatar hotness in the rest of that post, and you should go and read them. Yes. ♥
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Okay so it's total fanservice, and extremely not canon for teamwork. even a bit ooc, perhaps?

But of course as I was reading through the kissy meme and typing a "sorry, I don't feel inspired by this prompt" I was hit by this thing. So. Here it is. Sasuke + male prettyboy OC. Roar.

Damn you, [ profile] coffeecrisis. *shakes fist at* ♥

...You. The kunoichi. )
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This is one of the kids that come before thirdkid, but whether it's firstkid or secondkid, WHO KNOWS.

But really that's what I really wanted to write for the Aoru ficlet -- "so first you cheat on us with Gaara, and now with Kakashi? D: " but i didn't know how to mention that one of the previous kids is a redhead without spoilers. *sniffles* (hair's gonna turn a lot darker as the kid grows up

Poses heavily referenced from The Daily Coyote and "sitting baby" google search. Also Sasuke is secretly Kenshin. >_> *is a cheating cheater* I really just wanted to color. x___x
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OMG IT'S DOOOOONE my fingers boohoo. drew so much. x__x

meme of doom. huge pic! D: )
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Oh hell, why not. XD

So when Aoru was born, Kakashi was there -- right there, in the room, having his hand broken with savage glee, seeing as how Sakura's water had broken while she was practicing a grappling hold on him. (Also with savage glee. The first baby had made her mood-swingy and the second one somewhat murderous, but the third one combined the heights of her good cheer with a tendency to go straight for the throat.) Incidentally, he was now shirtless under the hospital garb they forced on him, because his vest was drenched with mommy fluids.

Read more... )
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By the way, I'm still stuck on the actual fic. Stuck stuck stuck. ~__~

But well.

random plotbunny for thirdkid )

meme tiem

Sat, Sep. 13th, 2008 07:18
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From [ profile] sarolynne

1. Comment on this post (and tell me you want a letter)

2. I will give you a letter

3. Think of 5 fictional characters and post their names and your comments on these characters in your LJ.

K! )

And stolen from [ profile] trowacko and modified for my purposes...
Pick an original character of mine --either from a fanfic or from original fiction-- then 5 numbers between 1 and 100. Comment with the character name and the five numbers, and I'll answer the five corresponding questions from this list.
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I wrote it for [ profile] sarolynne for the kissing meme but it was probably lost in the shuffle. XD Rewritten a bit to be clearer...

R-rated -- Playful )
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Team Kunoichi sketch! )

And an awesome screencap that went through ew_younerd and starfreckled )

And the icons. Do whatever you want to do with the base, no need for credit. I'd like credit for the "mine" one though. :p (even though aaahhh I really must learn how to make icons that don't look so fuzzy and don't lose all their details. Nrgh. *frustrated with icon skills*)

edit -- WOOHOO 36-37 IS UP YES YES YES YES YES *flings self at*

*stares at torrenting torrent* *é.è*

edit², spoilerish babble )
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boooooooooored. Anyone's got surveys to fill? There's one floating around, but I think either I filled it already or it's so alike the previous one it's not worth it. ;__;

On the Naming of Potential Children of Team Seven )

I've been having a lot of fun creating Naruto OCs recently. Team Summons, NaruSasuSaku's future children in Teamwork... And I'm realizing that I kinda like it. *gasp* Not as main characters, but as secondary, hell yeah. XD

Team Summons character sheets, still being fleshed out )

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[ profile] sarolynne just updated foxhunt~ (Naruto is in ANBU and SOMETHING is afoot. DUNDUNDUNNNNN. Yay mission and tensions and things that go wrong in pretty "ohfuck" ways. What really makes this fic, though, is the mood. Which is awesome. Like everything Saro writes. ...Perhaps if I played with her less, she would write more. HMMMM.)

new chapter: (unbeta'd~)

[ profile] edenfalling is looking for a beta for her Harry/Draco/Ginny threesome universe (♥)


And here's the first half of my chuunin-people-who-spy-on-naruto thinger.

Man, is Chihei a boring sort of gal. XD I like Tebanashi, though. The point of the exercise was to figure out four people who are as different to each other as possible in personality and motives, while still being the kind of chuunin who is ready at anytime for short surveillance missions. (seeing as the Council and Tsunade are still playing tug'o'war with the Naruto surveillance thing, they can't take people for long-term missions, and that probably doesn't pay as well.)

They're running in reverse chronological order. I'm still not sure where I'm going to stick the third, but the last one is going to be the one who was on watch during The Night. huhuhuhuhu. >D

Ikko Chihei (one house; household) (peace and tranquility) )

Fusoroi Tebanashi (unevenness; irregularity; lack of uniformity) (without holding on; without using the hands; letting go one's hold; lack of reserve or restraint; openly) )
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For [ profile] finnigan_geist and [ profile] valles_uf -- started for one and finished for the second. Pure wish-fulfillment, and not entirely IC either. This does not actually happen in the Teamwork chronology in any canon way, though it's based on Sakura's "first time" prequel, which is where all the OCs are from, and takes place post-Teamwork 2 and before Teamwork 3.

But this ficlet doesn't count as Teamwork canon, really. It's like... an alternate Teamwork universe or something. XD;

Read more... )
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Ficlet about Haruno Yukihiro and Hana, Sakura's parents in Teamwork. ^^ Yukihiro insisted. XD

Man, he sure changed a lot from teenagerhood to where he is now. XD

They tell him he'll never run again. )


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