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Holy wow. So uh. Kissy meme, this is for [personal profile] book_people, who asked for "Team 7 (because there is no good team 7 recently! ;_; ), mood... hm. Anticipatory. Or just tense, either/or."

So uh yeah this is 2800 words long. IT IS NOT WHAT I MEANT BY FICLETS. DDDX I blame you, Adi. Blaaaaame you.

Pairing: NaruSasuSaku, some NaruKarin and other pairing mentions. Fairly cracktastic, up until it turns into HOLY WOW SEXYTIEMS???. No porn, but. Kissing. Yeah.

The drunker he was, the harder it got to make the bottle end its spin onto appropriate people without anyone catching on. )
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So, um. I was supposed to wait until Teamwork 3 was complete (only about four chapters or so! I just jinxed myself.) before I started posting this one, only of course I am clinically unable to sit on a completed chapter that long. Apart from the result of the chuunin exams there aren't really any spoilers for the end of TW3. You may ignore it if you wish, it'll still be there by the time I finish TW3. >_>;;

This fic is full of sap and cute and some angst and some more sap. Also, the secret language of fishes.

Many thanks to Joisbishmyoga for all the help with kimonos and marriage stuff because srsly pitfalls everywhere.

So yeah, as Sasuke's best man yadda yadda you are hereby invited to his and Sakura-chan's wedding. Oh, and you can bring a guest, but tell Sakura's mom first so she can count them in or she'll implode. )
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1. Pick your 5 favorite OTPs.
2. Find pictures and post them.
3. Give the name of the OTP and what fandom they're from.
4. List your favorite moment between them.

... DO YOU GUYS HAVE ANY IDEA HOW HARD IT IS TO FIGURE OUT MY FAVE *PAIRINGS*. I only have polyamorous ships anymore.

also item 5. was to tag five people but pffff too lazy. Do it if you want to, it's fun and an amusing way to waste time.

fangirly rambleglee )

... aaaaaaa DAMN IT i'm doing my five fave OT+s too. SO THERE. >O And instead of a favorite moment I'm going with "why they're awesome" instead, because most fandoms suck about giving one moment for ot3/4/5s.

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This is the one where Naruto is a girl and Sakura is a boy (renamed Haru). Sasuke is still a dick guy.

Dynamics repercussions there are that Sasuke was somewhat protective of girlsakura even when he kinda dismissed her for being weak, but a weak *guy* means the sasuke/sakura side of the triangle is even weaker than the canon universe. There are other repercussions but hopefully they'll be obvious in this fic and the uhh porny sequel I'll post tomorrow don't judge me.

This scene happens right after this.

She loves her teammates, but like fuck she is going to ask them to please stay, now that she's entrapped them with her slutty womb (fuck you, Kanemoto.) She's strong. She can manage alone. )
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You guys should not let me meme. I never finish all the prompts. I always end up with another brand new 'verse or three added to my load. I am bad with memes. baaaaaaad.

I'm blaming [ profile] hiza_chan somehow. I was reading her genderswitch meme and then I was like OMG WANT. But I don't feel imaginative enough to write genderswitch ANYTHING, needs some limits...

Then I started wondering what would be different in teamwork if Sasuke was born a girl.

Give me one of my fics (anything I've posted in english, be it Teamwork, Restore, the Swingersverse, ofic... or one of those drabbles I wrote months ago *), give me a character to genderswitch (two max), give me a writing prompt (a word? a moment in time? a sentence? an action? note, I don't do well with poetic prompts. Hell, the prompt is optional. I might whine if inspiration doesn't come, though.)
* (apart from the stuff I posted nowhere but in that "what's in your files?" meme. That stuff's disqualified.)

Basically I'll write a ficlet inside a genderbent!AU of my stories. (I'd prefer a born the other gender AU than a temporary genderbending, actually .__.) I don't have the brains to manage brand-new verses or fun and different explanations for genderflipping right now.

Hopefully I'll manage to write you something. I'll do my best. I just. ngh. genderbending. I can't stop myself. I'm a memeholic.

TEAMWORK: Sasuke is a girl
Sasuke is knocked up.
Sexy no Jutsu

TEAMWORK: Naruto is a girl, Sakura is a boy
pregnant!Naruto, people's reactions
boy!Sakura introspection (some preg!girl!naruto)
Baby's First Ultrasound.

TRIPLETSVERSE: girlSasuke - transformation, not always-was-a-girl
Let's blame Kyuubi.

TRIPLETSVERSE: Naruto is a girl (Naru is a boy, Kyuubi is a woman), Hinata is a boy, Neji is a girl.
girl!Naruto introspection (girl!kyuubi, boy!naru)
Bathhouse: boy!Hinata, girl!Naruto, boy!Naru, girl!Kyuubi.
GirlKyuubi/GirlNeji, Dat Ass Comparing Curves. ...♥
GirlNaruto, Naruhiko & girlKyuubi try to comfort each other post-Sasuke giving them the slip again.

FF7: RESTORE: Sephiroth & Cloud are women, Tifa and Aeris are men
girl!Sephiroth in Wutai.
girl!Sephiroth & boy!Aeris (+ some background girlCloud&boyTifa)

FF7: RESTORE: random
Girl!Zack/Aeris/Sephiroth, flirting.

FF7: STEAL: random
FF7 Steal: Girl!Sephiroth & the babies.
FF7: Steal: Girl!Kegarr & Zack discussion.

FF7 Enemy Skill: GirlCloud, Sephiroth POV.

Newtype: Wufei POV on GirlHeero.

Bleach: The Closet: Boy!Rukia.

THIS MEME IS CURRENTLY NOT TAKING NEW PROMPTS. No guarantees but all prompts already posted will be given a good try.
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... okay this is crazy but i was SURE someone asked for this on the teamwork prompt post and I can NOT find the request. I am baffled.

Anyway! the request I had noted down in my file was "foxplay narusasu morning after." I already wrote one sequel before so that kinda limited what I could do with it, so this is more threesomely-with-more-focus-on-Sasuke than narusasu per se. But hey. threesome 'verse.

1 100 words. Warning for Naruto thinking about sex and topping and bottoming and sado-masochism -- this DOES follow Foxplay. Not really worksafe, but no explicit sex in here either.

It's something they still don't agree on, he and Kyuubi, no matter how close they grow. Naruto likes to top because blowing his partner's mind blows his own mind, because being able to give that to someone, knowing he's the one taking care of them, making them feel so good, is sheer awesome. He can't help but feel incredibly grateful for getting a chance at it. Kyuubi likes to dominate because it's his rightful place. )

Writing meme!

Sat, May. 9th, 2009 22:40
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yesterday i had the day from hell, gnnh half-dozen of under 10 year old cousins who love poking teh asuka. Tomorrow will be more of the same. Therefore i'll spam you to share the pain. (... oh about Pain. DIE ALREADY YOU WHINER. *ahem* this is all i'll bother saying about this week's chapter, apart from GOD KISHI STOP REHASHING STUFF WE ALREADY KNOW.)

Stolen from [ profile] questofdreams: Write 10 different categories of fic, in as few words as possible.
(I fail at the "as short as possible" part btw.)

Naruto/Sasuke too. )

Heero/Duo. D: )

SasuSaku. )

NaruSaku. )

and since it's fun ... Anyone wanna suggest other pairings for me to mutilate? XD Yes, GW and FF7 and whatnot. (just plz no ozzies or turks. i'm not good at them. .__.) (note -- pairing, not threesomes plz. [ profile] na_no_nai already did team seven. ^^)
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For the dialogue meme, I'm reposting the ficlets I have written so far. Warning, quality differs widely. :p You're still welcome to go back there and give me prompts, I'll see what happens. ^^

Will be trying to write more, trying being the operative word. But it says something that so far it's one of the most successful writing memes I've ever done, and there's only about seven and a half ficlets to show for it. XD;;; (seventh not reposted on account of the boring and the suck and the fact it probably only interests the person who asked for it. ♥jo)

Naruto/Sasuke/Sakura - on adding Sai to the OT3. )

Mermaids IN SPACE!-- Alind teasing Vartan about Oriana )

Firefly/Gundam Wing crossover - Mal Reynolds, Duo Maxwell, stowing away )

Teamwork - T7 & kids & spoons (warning for lame.) )

Teamwork - Ino & Temari about Shikamaru )

Half a ficlet! Teamwork, Jin and Sai )

Hinata, Sakura, boobs. mm fanservice. )


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