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Look at me spamming people with random babble. You guys know why? NO ONE IS ONLINE TO SIT ON ME AND MAKE ME WRITE IS WHY.

° One week before the end of the month and I still haven't written any teamwork. One of these days (NOT TODAY) I'mma just gonna make a LJ post and... idk, every time someone comments I have to post them what I wrote since the last comment, or something. Maybe that'll motivate me (or maybe i'll be too busy answering comments to actually write XD)

° On the other hand today I wrote a bit of Lone Wolf and Pilot, the GW thing with bonded telepathic wolves, which is boring as fuck and mostly setup for the INCOMING CLUSTERFUCK bwahaha go killer go, but still, I have two complete scenes before that and maybe I could post them here or something. I remember when I used to spam you guys with all my scenes fresh from my bleeding and battered fingers. Maybe I should get back to that. >__>

° I also worked a lot on an illustration for the fic! I... pretty much traced an official pic of heero and duo and then added wolves in it. *cackles* I'm really not taking it as ~art~, it's more like an edit, but wow my fingers. Also I wish I knew how to make fake screencaps because it'd look really fun if I could copy the anime style, but every time I've tried to learn I was just... yawn lasso tool oh hey a butterfly, and the skill stayed unlearned.

I also started a pic with Heero and Duo and their merlin and crow daemons for that OTHER alternate universe with GW people having speshul soul pets. Self, what are you trying to tell me here... oh right! i should totes be illustrating the Gundams as Dragons verse. Yup, that must be it. Augh, illustration ADD. I think I just want Gboys and ANIMALS. >_>;

° In Homestuck news I'm a bit scared of the popularity of that Big Robots AU to be honest. XD; I was only planning to do their meeting at first, a sort of This One Gundam Episode Where Two Enemies Are Stuck On An Island At Night trope, and then the bunnies wanted to know what next and now, crap, I have to figure out more badass stuff to shove in that plot (AN ACTUAL STRUCTURED PLOT WOULD ALSO BE NICE), but so far I mostly have random telepathic shenanigans and Gamzee being terrifying and also John and Karkay using contrived nanomachines-related excuses to suck face. Which is always fun, I admit, but hmm. And now a ton of people like it, and they're all "i can't wait to see where you're going!!!" and uh okay, self, it's cool, most of your fics are done with that seat of the pants approach to storytelling ANYWAY! *makes self breathe*

° Re: Back to the Garden, so far I have two scenes. One of them is ten FIFTEEN pages of Karkat Is Nosy And A Mother Hen And Pale For Everyone Ever, and the other one is about eight of Gamzee Is So In Pity With Tav And Karkat Awwsocute And Also A Really Creepy Motherfucker. No trace of action or politics or adventures, apart from some silly forest wanderings.

So i'm like "That's a lot of pages! I should post them as a preview!" and then I'm like "that's a lot of pages where NOTHING HAPPENS BUT LOTS OF TALK" and the next scenes are going to be actionny and reveal more plot stuff so I'm thinking if I want the chapter to feel balanced I should just wait to have the complete thing or else chapter 2A will feel REALLY slowboring...?????

but aaaaaaaaaaawannapostsomething. ;^;

° wanna post somethiing

° but nothing is complete why

° because i haven't completed anything is why aaaaa

° aaaAAaAAAAAAAaaaaa

° and in conclusion, aaaaaaaa.


Sun, Nov. 13th, 2011 03:17
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Neve Serrano is fucking badass. The end.

Oh god I love my characters. actually they're all fucking badasses, maybe I should tone it down a b-- HAHAHA NO. I dun care I'm having fun! GO ON BEING BALLSY AND DANGEROUS, PEOPLE.

Kinda very late for NaNo, though -- didn't write all week aaaa -- but today I sat down and BAM 3500 words. Of course when I was planning I was kinda planning for the first 10k words to be covering, oh, TWICE AS MUCH GROUND AS I ACTUALLY DID and so I'm gonna have to trim a lot of the boringness, but write first edit later and for now word count is good. woohoo word count.

Also, no, I am not adding a hyena girl to my main cast. Not. NOT. I'm serious, Soraya. Go back to the background character box. D:

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I don't like pity threesomes.

It's funny because I used to be all over anything that was supposed to be a threesome. Alpha males Wufei and Heero are competing for Duo's sweet uke ass? Well, they ought to just share, Duo is worth it. Sakura isn't such a bad person? Sasuke and Naruto can let her join in.

I don't like it anymore. )

... and I tried to explain this post to a friend and managed to summarize the whole thing in two lines WHY DID I TYPE SO MANY WORDS FOR THIS. DX

[ profile] askerian: you know, the stories where A and B have awesome interaction and C mostly seems to be there because they like him/her okay and cutting them out would seem sexist/mean
[ profile] askerian: like being second best or taken for granted and as a second class citizen in your relationship is better than being broken up with
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Oh god you crazy math guys. XD So many answers. (I READ EVERYTHING OH GOD MY NONMATH HEAD.) Thank you so much. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥~

... now I have to prod Kakashi to speak to me. >___> Hrrrm.


The genderbend AU fic meme is going awesomegood, by which I mean I WROTE 14 THINGS GUYS. which for me is astronomical. Sometimes I only manage three drabbles before I peter out. And I'm still going! ^o^ So far the only things I really fail at are the DCMK prompts. I don't know why, I have a really hard time figuring them out as genderbent. Maybe because I don't know them well enough, or maybe because they're all such stereotypical girls/boys, I don't know.

Filled prompts:
Teamwork: The one where Sasuke is a girl:
Sasuke is knocked up. - Sexy no Jutsu
Teamwork: The one where Naruto is a girl and Sakura is a boy: boy!Sakura introspection (some preg!girl!naruto) (AAA I WANT TO DO MORE WITH THIS ONE)
Tripletsverse: The one where Naruto, Kyuubi and Neji are girls, Naru and Hinata are boys: Tripletsverse: girl!Naruto introspection - boy!Hinata, girl!Naruto, public bath meeting. - GirlKyuubi/GirlNeji, Dat Ass Comparing Curves. (THIS ONE TOO)
Tripletsverse: The one where Kyuubi turns Sasuke into a chick oh my god I want this one to be tripletsverse canon: Let's blame Kyuubi.
Restore: The one where Sephiroth and Cloud are girls, Aerith and Tifa are boys: girl!Sephiroth in Wutai. - girl!Sephiroth & boy!Aeris ♥♥
Restore: random: Girl!Zack/Aeris/Sephiroth, flirting.
Steal: Random: Girl!Sephiroth & the babies. - Girl!Kegarr & Zack discussion.

Newtype: Wufei POV on GirlHeero.
Bleach: The Closet: Boy!Rukia.

I'm probably going to regret it... but if you already got a ficlet in answer to your prompt, you can go back and ask a second one. Let's go wild~


In real life news, urgh blood test. *curls arms defensively* I have to admit this time there's zero bruising, so she did it pretty well, but nrgh. It wasn't even that it hurt a lot, it's... I don't know, not the blood itself but maybe the expectation of pain, that you're going to have to sit here and not move and take it, I always get really dizzy and pale and nauseated. It's frustrating. I feel weak. I have well-hidden veins that roll under the needle so it's always a moment of "how am I going to get maimed this time around". It doesn't help that I'm probably going to have to do it bimonthly for a little while. ;__;

And now I have to pee in a bottle for the next 24 hours. this is VERY UNPRACTICAL, guys. D: Stupid hormone levels issues.

naruto manga

Thu, Jul. 8th, 2010 22:53
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i suck for not doing real commenting blatherings, i know. tomorrow, i'll do both this chapter and last week's! but right now, just dropping an idea before i need to crash and sleep and I lose it.

spoilers for 501 - about sasuke )
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I'm not gonna link to it, but apparently a part of fandom is all aflutter because someone tried to pass down the laws of Commenting On Fic according to Themselves? Or something.

Anyway, since passing fandom-wide laws is obnoxious as fuck, here's my personal laws of commenting on fic... (because it's totally not obnoxious when it's area-limited. Yeah. Or something. u.u-b )

Do you feel like commenting ?
- Yes. => Alright! Go ahead and comment. ^.^
- No. => Alright! Go ahead and don't comment. ^.^

Do you feel like being a douche?
=> Stop it.


wherein I ramble on and on, as I am wont to do )


Wed, Dec. 23rd, 2009 18:20
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re: 10 AUs meme.

I have decided that I must have been crazy for using the "wild west" as a type of AU, because frankly I don't like cowboys and indians and sheriffs things, I don't know enough about the time period to write it comfortably, and I can't fake the language/accent.

It keeps freezing me out every time I attempt another set, and since it's the first prompt it's really hard to keep my momentum.

Therefore: Anyone got a more interesting type of alternate universe to throw at me? Reminder, the other nine are:

2. cyberpunk 3. furries 4. pirates 5. SPACE!! 6. born another gender 7. schoolfic 8. army/police/firefighters/EMT 9. urban fantasy 10. harem.

also i'm kind of tempted to write more AUs for narusasu anyway. >_>;;;

When I was wondering how to post it on ffnet (with the other naruto ficlets or in an "assortment of 10 AU ficlets" thinger), I thought "hey, I've got this one that's from the Locker Room Therapy universe, shouldn't it go with the other Lockerverse ficlets instead?" (I still don't know how to post THOSE either, make a new file for them or tack them on after the first oneshot? I don't like the idea because of how jarringly different the mood is between the oneshot and the silly ficlets. Hrrrn.) Anyway, if I take the Lockerverse ficlet out of the set of ten then it's a set of nine and that just ain't right! Because. Um. Just because. So it totally makes sense that I write more AUs to compensate for taking one. I'm thinking... set of fifteen? >__>;;;;

I am not OCD at all, really. >__>;;;

edit: Alright! New set is: 1. Post-apocalyptic 2. cyberpunk 3. furries 4. pirates 5. SPACE!! 6. born another gender 7. schoolfic 8. army/police/firefighters/EMT 9. urban fantasy 10. harem.
And bonus five for those character/pairings I REALLY like: 11. Reversed plot role 12. toddler/kindergarten 13. Feudal Japan 14. high fantasy 15. ????? I STILL DON'T KNOW ABOUT THE LAST ONE. AHAHAHA I GOT IT. ARRANGED MARRIAGE.

Feel free to steal, mix'n'match and otherwise adapt to your own needs.
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So, the transformation. Body parts change shape, yeah? So my werebeasts are all five-toed. The tail -- well, it's just the end of the spine anyway, so it's not created out of nowhere. But the fur... okay, hyperactive hair follicles! I can buy that.

But they lose all their fur when they change back, yeah? And their head (and body) hair grows back.

How does their body know what length it was before the transformation? Hair is all dead cells.

So one logical way to go with that would be that every transformation = instant crew cut.

Or alternately it grows super fast and then they all end up with ass-long hair. But then I thiiink someone would notice a whole group of people growing a meter-long ponytail every month and then hacking it off, only to do it again, and again.

[ profile] joisbishmyoga: I dunno, considering the mass problem and the reforming your entire skeletal and muscular structure in about five minutes flat without dying or deforming your brain to complete mush, haircuts seem a bit...

... or I might be thinking too much. Yeah. That's another possibility.
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So I was thinking, and bad things tend to happen when I do. >__>;;

Sakura must be the most lopsidedly emotionally stunted girl ever. Nnnnot so much with the NaruSaku, sorry guys. )
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I'm prodding at Teamwork, but since it's mostly Sasuke hanging out with Team Summons it fails to give me my dose of NaruSasuSaku love.

I'd love fic recs, or links to new artsies, or long-ass posts of why exactly you -- yes, YOU PERSONALLY, give me your own reasons!!! -- love/like/lust the OT3. Or even tiny silly things! Any of you guys in a RP where it's happening/happened? Tell me about it! COME FANGIRL WITH ME.

Also accepted within are raves on Team Seven + Sai, Kakashi, and Yamato. ... And Hinata. Ino? I wonder how Ino would mesh with the three or them. Gaara? Itachi?

I love the OT3~ )
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... So I'm trying to write that "first time Naruto and Sakura had sex by their lonesome, without Sasuke" thing. (I also have the first sasunaru and the first sasusaku planned. ... The sasusaku needs a LOT MORE planning, though. All the notes I have are "wearing Kimono, on the gallery facing the garden" except I actually added words here so the sentence would be understandable to people who cannot read my mind.)


and as an apology for my whining, the beginning of said narusaku fic. )

edit: OMG FIC IS DOOOOONE. posted with the adult content thinger, Will have it on affnet in a couple of days, and on my personal site, uh, I dunno, when I finally get off my ass, I guess. >_>;;

oh man i hope it lasts. :O but uh i should have been in bed two hours ago. oops. XD;
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It's too warm in my room aaaaaargh. *flops* I can't write, i can't draw, auuuugh.

Anyone got a fandom meme for me? With questions and stuff, so I can babble. I kinda wanted to do a dialogue ficlet meme but with the way I can't concentrate that's not happening. T^T Also, those old old memes are a go:

-Name any story I've written, and any character in it, canon or OC. I'll tell you three things about that character which I didn't put in the story. (and that i didn't already mention in a previous meme. Well, i'll try. XD)

-Give me a character from any fandom you know I am into and I will tell you:
a. My favorite thing about that character.
b. My least favorite thing about that character.
c. One person I would ship them with in their own 'verse.
d. One crossover ship for them I think would be neat.
e. One fanon that I don't agree with.

-ask me about a WIP's status and I'll tell you where it's at and give you the last couple of sentences I wrote for it. (yes, any WIP. >.>;;) or if you have other fic-specific questions, go for it.

and... anything else, whatever, just loev me plz. ;__; woooooe.

... nerd.

Fri, May. 1st, 2009 10:06
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I'm a complete nerd.

I just spent the last two hours trying to figure out culture clashes and histories of conquest in the Final Fantasy 7 world. Because they have Wutai as their China/Japan analogue, but you see kanji and japanese names used almost everywhere and people tend to have asian-shaped eyes even with the most weirdass hair colors, but then there are names like Midgar and Nibelheim, but then there's the random black man, and... Okay. What happened there.

I'm a nerd. )
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Just trying to make the themes make sense for myself... Funny how Team Seven gathers all those facets from the other teams. Makes sense though with the way Kishimoto constructs his characters. Everyone must be a foil for Naruto in some way. Warning, it doesn't really get anywhere.

Random musings over the pattern of frog-snake-slug teams in Naruto. )

... *dead*

Thu, Mar. 19th, 2009 01:40
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I just spent the last... *counts* ... seven hours? making preview pics, copypasting stuff, editing webpages, and uploading them. In batches of ten, because otherwise the FTP connection breaks.

I think it's a law that every single time you think you're done, you realize you didn't actually link preview and image of a huge section, or totally forgot to actually crop and upload some smaller page.

But anyway.

Deviantart is loads more practical, but just in case you feel the strange need to eat some bandwidth and laugh at the ridiculously high number of pictures tagged NEW (no i really don't draw THAT fast), here is my personal site's gallery page thing.

never agaiiiiiiiin.


Gah, I'm too lazy to figure out how to mark the old and ugly stuff. Should have posted dates with my pics from the start. or at least the year. fjlasdkfNEVERMIND. Oh, and if you find dead links or broken images please tell me? I'll fix it. Hopefully. Unless I die of NNNOOOOOOO first.

In other news Teamwork hates me, but that's mutual. haha. I kid. nnnnnrgh.
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I added a lot of people to my friendslist with that whole "lock up your porn!" business. That's alright. Gives me something to read. :p (or skim through very rapidly most days but. You know. I SKIM THROUGH IT SO FAST I DON'T EVEN NOTICE THOSE PEOPLE GOING "HAY IT'S MY 15TH BIRTHDAY TODAY" WHEN THEY SPECIFICALLY SWORE TO ME THEY WERE OVER EIGHTEEN. NOPE.) I don't personally know you all, reader-people, but in a way I feel like I know you a little bit anyway~ ♥ ... yeah. Or something. .__.;

Most of the time, I won't comment, though sometimes when a post jumps at me I butt in like a butting-in thing. (and if my nosiness bothers you and you want to keep our relationship on a strict fic reader=>fic writer basis, it's fine too, just tell me once and you won't have to tell me again. No offense taken.)

But anyway.

I still would appreciate it, if for some reason you unfriend me, if you would pretty please tell me if I'm supposed to keep you or not. Because my friendslist is way too big and unless I read you for some other reason, I wouldn't mind trimming it a bit.

So if you take me off because your family found your LJ and you don't want them to know what you read, or you just want to check for fic from time to time instead of having me spamming your face with silly things, it's fine! I'mma keep you, no problem. But if you take me off because you're leaving the fandom forever/jumping ship/I ate your little brother's dog and now you hate my guts, and you aren't interested in my posts anymore, please tell me so I can unfriend you, too.

... In fact, seeing how often I use the porn filter (I think I used it once in all of ten months? Maybe twice?) I'm kinda wondering if I shouldn't just drop it and use LJ's oh-so-nicely provided Adult Content Warning. Though of course it makes me wary of the day where they will decide it's not good enough to protect little children from pedophiles, and they should kick everyone who uses it to the curb. HMM. *ponderyponder* The porn filter isn't requested often, but the process of adding people to it is somewhat annoying for someone of my level of laziness...

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So, like I told [ profile] sarolynne, I want a Team 7 AMV. A good one, preferably. But. I want a song that's about threesomes; sadly I only know of two songs like that and neither is appropriate for T7. This is where The Master Plan comes into play.

1) write lyrics.
2) record song.
3) make AMV.

I do not know how to sing, how to play an instrument and even less how to make an AMV, but i'll obliterate these obstacles when they get in my way. Hell yeah! *raises fists* Right now, I need to go with phase 1 of my plan.

Ooooh they came from Konoha! yeah!
They were Naruto, Sas'ke 'n Sakura!
And they all wanted to shag
But Sas'ke thought Sakr'a a hag
And Naruto was a perveeeert
Who had Sak'ra runnin' for cover!

... I am apparently not a lyric writer either. XD

This is where YOU come into play. CONTINUE THAT SONG. And make me laugh participate in my great effort to ensnare people's hearts! TEAM 7 OT3 FOREVARRR!!!1!11!

I know, it shows that I really should be in bed. I'm going, i'm going. Sheesh.


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