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It's not like I have enough fics to write already, after all. :D

As always!
-You take a fic or ficlet or multipart I've written, and choose whether you want a prequel or a sequel, and/or which character you want to concentrate on (not necessary but always appreciated) and/or a timeframe (i might tell you nothing interesting happens at that point, alas) and/or some aspect of the plot you were curious about idk etc.
-They shall be snippets or ficlets or otherwise roughly comment-sized, which means there's an even chance I'll come out of this post with yet another sprawling, all-devouring 'verse on my hands.
-I make no promise to actually write your prompt. I'll give it a fair try, is all I can offer.
-You can post up to five prompts. I might write one, I might write all five, I might write none.

Not as always!
This time on top of prequels and sequels you're also free to choose a scene and ask for a different POV on it in the same timeframe, or ask what Other Character was doing at the time. (I reserve the right to reject the prompt if the answer is "nothing that interesting.")

Eligible fics:
Just about any of them, teamworkverse, restoreverse, my ofics, even Garou. Random drabbles, fics that already have a sequel, weird crossovers, blahblahblah.

Yes, that means Crossed Wires too.

My ffnet page
My homepage
The archive for all those ficlet that already have a sequel or three. (note, if the ficlet isn't in there that doesn't mean it's not eligible. I'll add it later, no prob.)

-Locker Room Therapy (got a few in progress already!)
-Tripletsverse (Naruto/Naruko/Kyuubi) in general (you can ask about a specific fic in the series but you can't just say "tripletsverse! Dude, it spans months and I haven't yet decided some things, I don't think it'll ever officially have an end.)
-Detective Conan/Magic Kaito fics, sorry Jo. .__.
-Duo in Firefly. I have no clue on earth what to do with that one, sorry.
You can try for Heero in SGA but the prompt will have to be awesome, because the inspiration for this one doesn't fly high. Sorry.

Fics so far! :D
NaruSasu... IN SPACE!!, Sasuke meets some more clone-y in-laws (three comments! This is off to a good start. >__>)
Psychic wolves: Heero & Mary prequel
Jet/Zuko sequel from that Jet/Zuko/Katara thing
Byakuya POV from Ichigo Has Two Girlfriends : Brother In Law Edition
Amateur Palemates Smuttin It Up!! now featuring kinky!auspistice!Karkat. Gamzee POV.

Waterbender!Heero, training. (GW/AtLA fusionthing)
Sasuke/Juugo sequel to the Team Hebi Does Sasuke fic

Teamwork: Itachi stabbing Sasuke from Sakura POV
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aaaaaaaaaasobored oh god. and i can't wriiiite attention span is shot aaaaaaaaaa.


Pick one of my stories and I will tell you the first lines of its prequel OR sequel (choose one!). Even if I was never actually planning to write a prequel/sequel. Even if it already has a prequel/sequel -- I'll give you the first line of another version of its prequel/sequel!

And this time I'll really try to keep it short, not like the last time I tried those. >__> HAHAHA I jest.

For reference purposes, here's the list of my longfic masterlists and the ficlets who already do have sequels/prequels of their own. If there's a ficlet that's not on there you can request something for it anyway! You don't even have to link me first, I'll find it (if I truly was the one who wrote it, cause i've gotten confused about that stuff before. XD) Or there's my ffnet page. Any fandoms, go go go.


Swingersverse - Saguru centric sequel
NaruSasu... IN SPACE sequel
Comrades, Coming Out and Cows sequel
Sanctuarium sequel
Dragons and their Boys, "how would destroying the gundams go?" sequel
Teamwork: snippet sequel to the ficlet I've got them oldest in
Newtype PREquel (whoo 1xR.)
Mermaids in Space -- Blue backstory prequel
Naruto Adopts Sasuke Into His Clan sequel

GW/FF7 crossover, Wufei on Gaia sequel
The Proposal (iroh/toph) silly sequelthing
Two Knights - 1x2xR sequel

Awake! Starting to write again. Muahaha. argh, brothers inviting themselves over and taking up all evening. Will poke more tomorrow as well, meme's still open for requests! u.u-b

edit edit: okay, tomorrow turned out to mean three days later. Um.

Another one for Sanctuarium!
Ichigo Has Two Girlfriends: Brother In Law Edition!
Ichigo Has Two Girlfriends: The Really Depressing Orihime Prequel ;__;

PLEASE if you're prompting for a series of fics, specify which fic you want a sequel to? D:

Also crossed wires is disqualified for sequels. Prequels, maybe. And Locker Room Therapy is nothing but sequels, so disqualified from both.

MEME CLOSED FOR PROMPTS for now. I've got to get through the backlog first, then maybe we'll see about a second round.
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1. Pick your 5 favorite OTPs.
2. Find pictures and post them.
3. Give the name of the OTP and what fandom they're from.
4. List your favorite moment between them.

... DO YOU GUYS HAVE ANY IDEA HOW HARD IT IS TO FIGURE OUT MY FAVE *PAIRINGS*. I only have polyamorous ships anymore.

also item 5. was to tag five people but pffff too lazy. Do it if you want to, it's fun and an amusing way to waste time.

fangirly rambleglee )

... aaaaaaa DAMN IT i'm doing my five fave OT+s too. SO THERE. >O And instead of a favorite moment I'm going with "why they're awesome" instead, because most fandoms suck about giving one moment for ot3/4/5s.

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You guys should not let me meme. I never finish all the prompts. I always end up with another brand new 'verse or three added to my load. I am bad with memes. baaaaaaad.

I'm blaming [ profile] hiza_chan somehow. I was reading her genderswitch meme and then I was like OMG WANT. But I don't feel imaginative enough to write genderswitch ANYTHING, needs some limits...

Then I started wondering what would be different in teamwork if Sasuke was born a girl.

Give me one of my fics (anything I've posted in english, be it Teamwork, Restore, the Swingersverse, ofic... or one of those drabbles I wrote months ago *), give me a character to genderswitch (two max), give me a writing prompt (a word? a moment in time? a sentence? an action? note, I don't do well with poetic prompts. Hell, the prompt is optional. I might whine if inspiration doesn't come, though.)
* (apart from the stuff I posted nowhere but in that "what's in your files?" meme. That stuff's disqualified.)

Basically I'll write a ficlet inside a genderbent!AU of my stories. (I'd prefer a born the other gender AU than a temporary genderbending, actually .__.) I don't have the brains to manage brand-new verses or fun and different explanations for genderflipping right now.

Hopefully I'll manage to write you something. I'll do my best. I just. ngh. genderbending. I can't stop myself. I'm a memeholic.

TEAMWORK: Sasuke is a girl
Sasuke is knocked up.
Sexy no Jutsu

TEAMWORK: Naruto is a girl, Sakura is a boy
pregnant!Naruto, people's reactions
boy!Sakura introspection (some preg!girl!naruto)
Baby's First Ultrasound.

TRIPLETSVERSE: girlSasuke - transformation, not always-was-a-girl
Let's blame Kyuubi.

TRIPLETSVERSE: Naruto is a girl (Naru is a boy, Kyuubi is a woman), Hinata is a boy, Neji is a girl.
girl!Naruto introspection (girl!kyuubi, boy!naru)
Bathhouse: boy!Hinata, girl!Naruto, boy!Naru, girl!Kyuubi.
GirlKyuubi/GirlNeji, Dat Ass Comparing Curves. ...♥
GirlNaruto, Naruhiko & girlKyuubi try to comfort each other post-Sasuke giving them the slip again.

FF7: RESTORE: Sephiroth & Cloud are women, Tifa and Aeris are men
girl!Sephiroth in Wutai.
girl!Sephiroth & boy!Aeris (+ some background girlCloud&boyTifa)

FF7: RESTORE: random
Girl!Zack/Aeris/Sephiroth, flirting.

FF7: STEAL: random
FF7 Steal: Girl!Sephiroth & the babies.
FF7: Steal: Girl!Kegarr & Zack discussion.

FF7 Enemy Skill: GirlCloud, Sephiroth POV.

Newtype: Wufei POV on GirlHeero.

Bleach: The Closet: Boy!Rukia.

THIS MEME IS CURRENTLY NOT TAKING NEW PROMPTS. No guarantees but all prompts already posted will be given a good try.

art dump!

Mon, Jan. 3rd, 2011 09:46
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Inside: One Kaitou Kid, one Sakura being silly with Karin's glasses, one SasuSaku sketchthing (what's up with all the sasusaku srsly), and three hugeass WIP-dump files.

Read more... )
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For [ profile] polyship's Advent thinger again. :3

Ichigo/Orihime/Rukia, UTTER CRACK, ~1 900 words.
Sequel to The Closet, though it might also be readable on its own.

First Christmas With

Ichigo was dating a pair of *madwomen*. )
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in the form of an AIM convo because i'm too lazy to do a real page-by-page post. )

ANYWAY! in other news, they've started producing the Nurarihyon no Mago anime (two episodes!), and while I'm not sure how well the first episode foreshadows or explains stuff (the manga is very slow to start), it's still a lovely story about a boy who is one quarter youkai and very determined not to become the next neighborhood youkai leader because damn it he wants to be normal, NOR-MAL... while routinely getting all buddy-buddy with snow women, kappa, dark monks, ghosts without a neck, and funny japanese monsters like possessed umbrellas and the like. (also more and more routinely transforming into his Night (youkai) shape, which is mmmyes hotness.) Woohoo folklore! ... woohoo hot guys! Also the characters tend to be really likeable. u.u (yukionnaaaaaa.)

Anyway! Nurarihyon no Mago manga - Grandchild of Nurarihyon anime
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-A random Teamwork behind-the-scenes thing:
Kakashi and Anko, being both very fucked up, broken people with NEEDS thank you, are friends with benefits. Except they're not even really close friends, so their relationship is mostly benefits. Good! That's the best part anyway.

Alas, Gai thinks it is, or should be, an epic!!romance.

Cue Anko developing a... crush-like thing? on *Gai*. Mostly to the tune of WHAT THE FUCK AM I THINKING D: but he can match and follow her manic bursts! And he doesn't judge her. And oh god that BODY. Just. I dunno. Stuff his head in a paper bag or something. STAMINA FREAK. TAIJUTSU MASTER = AMAZING COORDINATION. the curiosity is eating her alive.

But they both can already guess that if he was told, he'd go all "while you are very charming and womanly and likely a great person very deep down, I would never betray my best friend like this sob sob how tragic."

Cue Anko suggesting a threesome.
(but sex only because relationships = hahahahaNO)

Cue Kakashi mentioning that he likes how his one remaining eye out of the original set isn't blind yet and he'd like to keep it that way. D:

Then Anko blames Kakashi's kids for the wave of threesome attempts going on in the village right now*, and then Kakashi mentions he might feel obligated to cut her off from benefits, now, hint hint. Then again, she can still go and actually, oh, ask Gai out. After a year of "I APOLOGIZE MOST SINCERELY FOR STEALING YOUR HAPPINESS, KAKASHI" he might even propose!

Anko: ... okay, fine, shut up, put down your porn and come right here.
Kakashi: u.\\ yes, yes. *winz!*
*cue benefits*

Anko: Oh yeah -- harder -- harder -- oh GAI.
Anko: >:D~~~~~

*(the only other threesome attempt so far is temari/shikamaru/ino and it doesn't end up well, so Anko might be exaggerating a bit here. XD)

Read Naruto and Bleach here! (and even One Piece if that's your cup of tea.) (ahaha naruto isn't up yeeeet aaaaa.)

Bleach spoilers, in the form of a delightful AIM convo full or raaaahs and gnrghn! )
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I didn't write today but thanks to Saro and Fi I've unblocked Restore! ... i haven't been able to write any teamwork, or any AU drabbles that I've got on my to-do list, or... anything else, really. Man but february sucked HARDCORE re: writing. I feel totally wilted. I hope March goes better.

So that means I need a writing meme of sorts.

Ganked from [ profile] suzukiblu
Pick one of my stories and I will tell you the first line lineS okay i'm long-winded shut up of its sequel. Even if I was never actually planning to write a sequel. Even if it already has a sequel -- I'll give you the first line of another version of its sequel!

Crossed Wires and Main Teamwork Story May Not Apply. You can ask about teamwork sidefics if for some strange reason you really want to. Actually I'm not going to say you can't ask for a sequel to a WIP but in general I'd rather not. ^^; (also, please don't ask more of something that's all of three lines long or less. I have a tendency to verbal diarrhea, so if something manages to come out that short, likely there's a reason.)

Team Taka pron - Locker Room Therapy - Locker Room Therapy 2 - Ten NaruSasu AUs: Vampirefic - Naru adds Sasu to his clan register - Sharing is Caring - Ten NaruSasu AUs: Post-apocalypse - Saki-chan - NaruSasu kitsune/knight haremness - Ten NaruSasu AUs : Pirates - Ten NaruSasu AUs : in SPACE!! - The Bird - - -

Gundam Wing
Garou: Catnip and Cheetahs - Newtype - that old, wtf merboy Duo oneshot - Garou -

Final Fantasy 7
Cloudette and the Yellow Orb - Restore -

Bleach: The Closet - GW/Firefly crossover: Duo/Mal: The Stowaway - Original: Cercle -
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Forgot to do last week's. evil NaNo. Even this week i don't have time for page to page babble.

quick comments )


AM I...


Why, so I am. Not a TON, but, you know -- it's BLEACH. I haven't cared in at least five centuries and three quarters.

Funny how things can change when 1) the hero is actually around, 2) the hero is actually behaving in a way that shows his actual CHARACTER, you know, the one I fell in love with and followed a whole series FOR, 3) people I actually already have an emotional attachment to are onscreen (I EVEN CHEERED FOR CAPTAINMOM DO YOU KNOW HOW WEIRD THAT IS espeially since her role was mostly as yet another "ichigo=savior!" mouthpiece... I still loved it.) and 4) there's more than 5% of the chapter dedicated to things that aren't page-wide atomic mushroom clouds of better-than-you-ness.

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-Current Naruto arc: Well, it was coming! The "Naruto is Yondaime Bis + Toad Sage." It's only been foreshadowed since the start. Now there's only the Kyuubi godmode to add to the list. I find myself reading more by habit and curiosity to see how it ends than because it delights me like it used to; Naruto and his yearmates were more loveable when they were kids struggling to make sense of this cruel word than now that they're used to it and kishi spends less time on the characters and more on the events. At the same time it's still somewhat nice as long as I don't think too hard about Tsunade and Sakura both getting to do one token thing before being saved by big macho-man hero Naruto. i knew it was a boy manga but damn, but auuuugh team seven reunionnnnnnnn. Also, Hyuuga thinnnngs. I want. Damn you kishi.

Pain bores the hell out of me. But then again Madara isn't much better despite his crueler mindset (better than bland "oh, I'm a god, that's why."); the fact that he's STILL butthurt about how Konoha didn't loev and respect him some dozen centuries ago is countering the funny Tobiness and the devious cruelty. The only villain i still appreciate the villainy of, atm, is Danzou... but then again so far he's been mostly bastardly from the shadows; maybe he'll be lame when he takes center stage. T__T

-Well. Crunchyroll doesn't allow me to view naruto episodes online either. I'm kinda fucked. Anyone know another Naruto sub group that will continue distributing it?

-Icon meme! )

Oh hell, since I'm at it... ART DUMP~ Messy Sakura sketches, Vegeta-Bulma, and Rukia-Orihime. )
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Meme ganked from just about everyone on my f-list...

Tell me a fandom and I'll tell you my...

One True Pairing Ship:
Canon Ship:
"If this happens I'll stab my eyes out with a spork" Ship:
"You are one sick bastard" Ship:
"I dabble a little" Ship:
"It's like a car crash" Ship:
"Tickles my fancy but not sold just yet" Ship:
"Makes no canon sense but why the Hell not" Ship:
"Everyone else loves it but I just don't feel it" Ship:

My fandoms, umm. Naruto, Gundam Wing, Final Fantasy 7-8, Gundam Seed, Bleach, Dragonball Z, Harry Potter I guess, Firefly, Rurouni Kenshin... Oh, and Avatar! and Fullmetal Alchemist, and um. And stuff. Ask away.

and the same meme with my mermaids in space characters )


I really need to write some Teamworkiness, but Naruto and Sasuke aren't talking to each other, the stupid bastards. *kicks them* Come on, just one little heart to heart, is it so hard -- wait, nevermind, I forgot who I was dealing with. Nrrrgh.
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psst, is awesome.

Latest Naruto )

Latest Bleach arc )

Latest One Piece chapter )

Latest Katekyo Hitman Reborn arc )

Latest d.gray-man arc )

Other mangas i'm following at the moment:

Alive - the final evolution )

Berserk: It was taken off onemanga and I don't know where to start reading again. But it's fucking epic. Epic. I love it like burning. It's full of angst and gore and epicness. I'd say it's heroic fantasy, but it's so much more epic than that. The scope of this story, wow. *o*

Gokusen: hah, total change from Berserk. It's about the antics of a young, enthusiastic Yakuza-raised woman who becomes a school teacher in a school full of delinquents. It's hilarious and so cute. The drawings are so amateurish and yet I still love it. XD Also, I ship her with one of her students so hard. Nnnngh Shin/Yumiko ♥

The Hour of the Mice: Tense psychological/mystery thing. The hero and his friends live a comfortable, regular little life in a boarding school. They don't even remember seeing their parents, who they are told are important or busy or whatever else. The truth that slowly comes out is more sinister. Dun dun dunnnn.

I'm dropping anything Clamp from my reading list. I tried catching up for Fai and Kurogan's sake, but I just can't stomach the illogic and wangst anymore, especially when I've been told there's more coming my way. Also, I kinda hate Clamp's graphic style anyway. >_>;
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Of my own invention, because I liek kissies and I'm sick and tired of that stupid writing block. Rarr.


Here's the list of characters I'm willing to write about :
Sasuke, Naruto, Kyuunaru, Sakura, Sai, Itachi, Neji, Hinata, Hanabi, Ino, Heero, Duo(Duo's all spent, sorry!), Wufei, Dark Schneider, Kall Su, Rukia, Orihime, Cloud, Sephiroth, Zack, Aeris, Tifa, Red XIII, Cid, Vegeta, Bulma, and Roxas. (... I might have forgotten some; if so, I'll add them later if I'm reminded. It's a good start anyway. ;p)
(and I guess if you want to, you can ask for any of my OCs, fanfic and ofic both. *eyes Saro and Jo with suspicion* >.>)

1) Choose two characters in the list. Yes, only two.
2) Then choose a mood. (content, melancholy, giggly and the like).
3) Then I write you kissies. NO MOOD, NO KISSIES.

I'll be trying for at least ten sentences of it, but it can be one line, it can be ten pages (I seriously hope it won't, but.) Yes, there are different fandoms in there. Yes, I'm totally willing to write crossover kissies. Yes, I'm even willing to write pairings I usually wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole. Go wild, peoples.

I'm going to do them in batches of 5 because I have no idea when my energy will run out, but until I close it, feel free to ask anyway, just be aware that I might not get to your request. If I start a batch, it will be finished. if not, um, tough luck? XD

First batch: [ profile] joisbishmyoga (ReiAske, Happys) - [ profile] tephralynn DuoSakura, (Silly) - [ profile] sarolynne (Naruto/Team Kunoichi -playful) - [ profile] sister_dear (Wufei/Zack, teasing) - [ profile] book_people (NaruSasu, catharsis) *DONE!*

Second batch: [ profile] blackheisei (KyunaruSakura, possessive) - [ profile] meritjubet (ItachiSai, buzzed) - [ profile] luel_exana (Heero/Sasuke, resigned) - [ profile] bemysty (DuoOrihime, hungry) - [ profile] nekovixen (Orihime/Red XIII (NEED MOOD!))

Third batch: [ profile] twitty_twit (Sasuke/Sephiroth, super) - [ profile] hiza_chan (Duo/Zack, curious part two ) - [ profile] mikkeneko (NaruHina, distressed) - [ profile] fujiko1601 (NejiHina, optimistic) - [ profile] sarolynne (GeirLiadan, comforting (in french))

Fourth batch: [ profile] nightambre (Duo/Ino, bratty) - [ profile] runespoor7 (Roxas/Ino, impatient) - [ profile] hitori_toshiro (Roxas/Red XIII, romantic) - [ profile] schuldlos85 (ZackTifa, jealousy) - [ profile] jammaster_goat (SasuSai, Jealous)

Fifth batch: [ profile] vicky_v (InoSaku, comforting) - [ profile] therhoda (SaiNeji, bored) - [ profile] chronolith (InoSephiroth or HinataRukia) - [ profile] leilia (Vegeta/Neji, cold)

Sixth batch: [ profile] shadowedsolace (Wufei/Neji, surprise) - [ profile] jameva (Cid/Itachi, irritated) - [ profile] lady_zip (Naruto/Sai, desperation) - [ profile] nobody_famous (KyuunaruSakura, intrigued) - [ profile] tricia1224 (NarutoOrihime or RukiaKyuunaru)

Seventh batch: [ profile] animeprincess (TifaAeris, teasing) - [ profile] sabriel_sylfaen (NaruSai, drunk) - [ profile] okamikaze (KyuunaruItachi, high) - Anon (Orihime/Cloud or OrihimeAeris) - [ profile] aikonamika (Zack/Cloud, broken)

Eightth batch: [ profile] m_a_foxfire (NejiSasuke, restless) - [ profile] illegal_goddess (SasukeRukia, mischievous) - [ profile] phoenix_melody (RukiaDuo, surprised) - [ profile] shinigami81383 (RoxasWufei, frustrated) - [ profile] bakkhos (ItaSasu, nostalgic)

Ninth batch: [ profile] joisbishmyoga (Hinata/Zack, excited) - [ profile] charcoalcat (Cloud/Sasuke, kindness) - [ profile] tekku_karii (KyuunaruRukia, snarky) - [ profile] cepheid_nebulae (CloudSasuke, nervous) - [ profile] chibirisuchan (Sephiroth/Vegeta, competition)

Tenth batch: [ profile] questofdreams (Sasuke/Naruto, consolation)- [ profile] valles_uf (HinataOrihime, triumph)- [ profile] bootoye (KyuunaruCloud, cautious)- [ profile] tephralynn (TifaSakura, competitive)- [ profile] icelightning (ZackNaruto, silly)

i will never manage to write them all anyway. omg you guys. x____x

Plz don't request impossible things too much, like Sephiroth and Itachi being happy or something. XD I'm trying to keep the crack on the "strange but still sorta IC" side of things, I have this pathological need to explain what the fuck is going on and when I can't I get all sad. ;__;


Mon, Oct. 22nd, 2007 00:22
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ganked from [ profile] lady_zip

Comment with the name of a character from one of my fandoms. I will tell you three things that character received on his or her birthday and from who.

Eh, why not. I hope my inspiration holds on. XD

May Apply~ : Naruto, Gundam Wing, DBZ, Yuyu Hakusho, Final Fantasy 7, and okay, Bleach and G-seed, I guess. >.>

Suigetsu - Sasuke - Kakashi - Sakura - Kiba - Itachi - Naruto - Tayuya - Jiraiya - Kyuubi - Gai - Kabuto

Gundam Seed:
Kira - Athrun - Miriallia - Lacus

Final Fantasy 7:
Sephiroth - Zack - Cloud - Aeris - Tifa

Gundam Wing:
Heero Yuy - Duo Maxwell - Wufei Chang

Yuyu Hakusho:
Yuusuke - Hiei - Kurama - Kuwabara

Orihime - Kenpachi

Dragon Ball Z
Vegeta - Bulma
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Who is a one-trick pony? Me! Me!

The Closet
Asuka Kureru (askerian (at) hotmail (dot) com)
Fandom: Bleach
Pairing: OriRukiIchi (Yes, threesome. Yes, they top. They so top.)
Genre: romance, fluff, humor, yuri and het. PG-13? Maybe a bit higher, but nothing graphic happens.

-Present tense because I like it.
-Totally guessing at the end of the Hueco Mundo arc here, plz don't complain if I guessed wrong, I'm not Kubo Tite.
-How come there isn't tons of this threesome around? Ichigo has strong ties with both girls, they're good friends, and they're all unconventional enough for it to happen easily. D:
-unbetaed so far. Plz halp? .__. Also would accept help on how to make the voices come out better -- I think I got them in some places, but some other places not so much.

The Closet -- Bleach oneshot )
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Having switched providers over a WHOLE day ago, I now feel fully qualified to claim that wireless = shit and Orange de France Telecom = more shit. Installing it all was a very tedious, repetitive and nonsensical level of hell, it still pulls random errors out of its ass and then fixes them just as much at random after hours of trying the exact same thing, it makes my taskbar freeze and my AIM error strangely, the connection cuts every hour on average and sometimes several times in a matter of minutes, and when it cuts I have to restart it manually. There's no auto-reconnect. Haaaet.

I am not a happy Asuka.

There's a much more stable cable option, but there's only one plug and my brothers got it. Assholes. >.> And now I have to install it on my father's computer. I'm going to have fun, I can see it from here.

edit: yeah uh so. I had fun. So much fun I decided not to end it too soon by actually getting internet on my father's computer! So I can try again tomorrow!! :D :D :D :D :D

putain de bordel de merde de foutue saloperie de mes deux.

Also, have a [ profile] pornandkittens Bleach drabble Yumichika/Ikkaku )
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-What's with all the bad news on my friendslist yesterday. *stares at date >_>* Damn it, people. *worry worry* ;____;

Naruto 362 )

Bleach 283 )


Fri, Apr. 27th, 2007 10:38
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-I'd decided a while ago I'd never get firefox. I don't like the way they present the list of favorite sites, IE works fine most of the time, and the tabs are WAYYY too complicated. I'd close the whole window by accident and lose everything, you can bet on it.

And then [ profile] campfuckudie's HUGEASSS POSTS OF DOOM posts stopped loading. This is not acceptable. I need my fix. Rabi/Mika/Axel/Shigure/Seimei interaction. Roy/Mal/Robert. Gaara/Himawari. *flails* So it was with a heavy heart that I decided to give firefox a try. u.u

... it loads.

It loads all the way, and then it tells me, "oh hay btw there's that script-thing, it doesn't wanna play nice, you wanna stop it?" and I say "sure :DDD" and it stops the script, and THE PAGE WORKS FINE ANYWAY. I'm not even sure what that script was supposed to even do. Maybe it's a subtle trap set up by disgruntled, overworked LJ servers. D:

(Compare, if you will, to Internet Explorer: "Oh hay btw I loaded almost the whole page! Eventually. Somewhat. But now I'm going to freeze without letting you see and I'll never tell you why."
"... Well, damn. I guess I'll close the window and try again, then?"


I still don't like the way the favorites are set up, but maybe there's a way to rig it I haven't found yet, and the quick links bar thing is pure awewome either way.

a-and omg, tabs.

- Naruto Shippuuden 11 )

Bleach )


Tue, Apr. 3rd, 2007 23:32
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Re: Latest Bleach chapter and the state of Rukia and Orihime's love lives:

Why do they need Ichigo again?

*ships* ♥

Yeah, you can use them as bases. XD


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