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I want to do something o-ficcy. IDK, write my old characters, worldbuild for some new fic. I want packbonding and weird alien things. I can't decide. It's horrible.

I just... Mermaids in Space? Not enough alienness. Black Ops Werewolves? Not enough scifiness. That new weirdass survival/horror thingie I've been toying with in the last couple months? I don't even know the characters all that well!

I need weird and dangerous as fuck ecosystems and people engineered into not quite human creatures and possibly also visibly unsettling and psychic powers and PACK BONDING AAAA.

I also want to write Tyr learning how to be pack alpha. Not enough aliens in that fic but. Oh man the first time he loses his temper = glorious.


I'll probably regret this, but. Anyone feel like prompting me? Asking worldbuilding questions? Anything? .__.

Quick summaries cause it's been a while:

-Mermaids in Space follows adorably serious, young telepathic tribal mermaid Liadan, goofy and idealist, psychic-null, intellectual/marine biologist Arun, and antisocial empath, mechanic, space pirate Blue in their mad escape from Evil Corporation that wants to mine Liadan's nice abandoned waterworld without consulting with the locals. Other characters to be found here (main trio and bad guys) and here (blue's pirate crew), illustrated.

-Territoriality: The war against pseudoelves has come to a draw, so some of the soldiers who were part of an attempt to induce lycanthropy without allowing it to conclude in transformation are cut loose. Now on top of the convenient strength and healing abilities they have to deal with powerful instincts and health issues. Also with the local werebeast society, which isn't really happy to see them. Characters are asexual, wry, introverted alpha-wolf-to-be Tyr Andersen, snarky asshole Dian Keller, one-eyed silently snarky badass she-wolf Neve Serrano, charming liar Gabe Wright the werebear, bitchy tiny tiger Xiang and her best friend Athena the Secretary, etc.

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aaaaaaaaaasobored oh god. and i can't wriiiite attention span is shot aaaaaaaaaa.


Pick one of my stories and I will tell you the first lines of its prequel OR sequel (choose one!). Even if I was never actually planning to write a prequel/sequel. Even if it already has a prequel/sequel -- I'll give you the first line of another version of its prequel/sequel!

And this time I'll really try to keep it short, not like the last time I tried those. >__> HAHAHA I jest.

For reference purposes, here's the list of my longfic masterlists and the ficlets who already do have sequels/prequels of their own. If there's a ficlet that's not on there you can request something for it anyway! You don't even have to link me first, I'll find it (if I truly was the one who wrote it, cause i've gotten confused about that stuff before. XD) Or there's my ffnet page. Any fandoms, go go go.


Swingersverse - Saguru centric sequel
NaruSasu... IN SPACE sequel
Comrades, Coming Out and Cows sequel
Sanctuarium sequel
Dragons and their Boys, "how would destroying the gundams go?" sequel
Teamwork: snippet sequel to the ficlet I've got them oldest in
Newtype PREquel (whoo 1xR.)
Mermaids in Space -- Blue backstory prequel
Naruto Adopts Sasuke Into His Clan sequel

GW/FF7 crossover, Wufei on Gaia sequel
The Proposal (iroh/toph) silly sequelthing
Two Knights - 1x2xR sequel

Awake! Starting to write again. Muahaha. argh, brothers inviting themselves over and taking up all evening. Will poke more tomorrow as well, meme's still open for requests! u.u-b

edit edit: okay, tomorrow turned out to mean three days later. Um.

Another one for Sanctuarium!
Ichigo Has Two Girlfriends: Brother In Law Edition!
Ichigo Has Two Girlfriends: The Really Depressing Orihime Prequel ;__;

PLEASE if you're prompting for a series of fics, specify which fic you want a sequel to? D:

Also crossed wires is disqualified for sequels. Prequels, maybe. And Locker Room Therapy is nothing but sequels, so disqualified from both.

MEME CLOSED FOR PROMPTS for now. I've got to get through the backlog first, then maybe we'll see about a second round.
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Post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous.
Upon request, I will post a random line or two from any of these you choose. Assuming that the file adds up to a full line, that is.

Except I'm a ho so it's likely you might get a lot more than two lines, if there's that much to repost in the file. >___>

I cheated because I have about twice the number of files there, but half of them are long abandoned, and often also nothing but notes and no prose, anyway.

Some of the ones I listed here might be all notes and no prose, too, but they're still ideas I'd like to work on at some point.

The ones with * probably have enough unpublished material to be requested several times. XD

naruto )

other fandoms )

ofics )

ALRIGHT. still open but i'm going to bed, so i'll go back to this tomorrow.

art dump!

Mon, Jan. 3rd, 2011 09:46
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Inside: One Kaitou Kid, one Sakura being silly with Karin's glasses, one SasuSaku sketchthing (what's up with all the sasusaku srsly), and three hugeass WIP-dump files.

Read more... )
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NaNoWriMo starts on Monday and I still don't know what story I want to poke at, or even if I really want to do it this year.

Anyway I don't have a new Ofic to prod, so it would either be more Mermaids in Space (... sorry, Mermaids... IN SPACE!!) or more Black Ops Werewolves.

Or maybe Teamwork. I dunno, it's all asleepy right now. *prods it with a stick*

I'm not feeling it. T__T The werewolves are love but I don't have a real plot. The mermaids have a plot but I don't have the love. Well, yes, i love them but. The werewolves don't have any interesting characters on other teams and local werepeople to interact with! The mermaids don't have any shiny mermaid and two-tail people to interact with! There's plot hooks enough, but for me who loves nothing more than character interaction, that makes things FLAAAT. It's like, okay, yay, my car has a motor, now it can roll forward without needing a slope and gravity to gang up on it. Neat. Now could I have some seats and a radio please? Also a wheel, a wheel would be nice. Cause otherwise I'm taking the bus.

*ponders Tyr/Liadan crossover interaction*

Also there's Real Life things coming up this month and I'm not sure how much I'll feel like writing. (it's nothing bad, job search stuff. I suppose everyone must go through that at some point. I'm just horrible at dealing with that kind of stress.) Or perhaps having something I must write would be a great distraction! No friggin clue.

As for Teamwork, I seriously doubt that it'll take me 50,000 words to get to the end of TW3. Though I suppose it would help if I could decide if the marriage is part of TW3 or its separate sequelthing! though at this point the sequels are all such an interconnected mess I suspect it's all mostly academic. Okay, no, TW 3 was the tournament, tournament'll be over by then, therefore since TW 4 is something else! that means Teamwork:Marriage is an interlude instead! A hugeass interlude. In several parts. Plus outsider POV sidefics. ahaha o self wat. Okay, not an interlude. TW3.5? I mean, i've got the Suna trip down as TW2.5 already. ...Someone put me out of my misery. DX
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[ profile] lurker_lost commissioned me the CUTEST Liadan/Arun/Blue scene ever. LOOK LOOK. )

(and on top of sneakily drawing the previous pic!!!) [ profile] suzukiblu wrote a superawesome girlsuke/hinata yuripr0nz oneshot for my kimono picture! nnnnghhot.

*ish happy*
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Give me a character or pairing and I will write snippets of ten different alternate universe for it. One line, ten lines, a ficlet if you're lucky.

1. wild west:
2. cyberpunk:
3. furries:
4. pirates:
5. SPACE!!:
6. born another gender:
7. schoolfic:
8. army/police/firefighters/EMT:
9. urban fantasy:
10. harem:

First three requests for now! Plz not to ask me about any akatsuki (okay maybe itachi) or ozzies or stuff you don't think I would write in normal times but you just really want to ~~challenge~~ me. I'd only get writer's block, guaranteed. D:

[ profile] animeprincess: narusasu -- all done!those are not what i'd call snippets. damn it, self.
[ profile] nemi_chan: Blue Also done! omg. In general shorter, but still... quite a few of them are a bit more than ten lines. DX
[ profile] gold_panner: itasasu

edit: g-guys. this is a LITTLE more than three requests. DX *ded nao thx* I'll see what i can do for those already posted (don't hold your breath) but srsly NO MORE.
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Swimsuit line-up ~ XD )

And I kinda want to write stuff about my mermaids and I need to kick the story awake, so if anyone wants to select two or three names in the list and a mood and/or topic of conversation, i'll be all bwee. (no guarantee i'll be inspired, though. the bunnies are fickle.)

SpaceMermaid characters )
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For the dialogue meme, I'm reposting the ficlets I have written so far. Warning, quality differs widely. :p You're still welcome to go back there and give me prompts, I'll see what happens. ^^

Will be trying to write more, trying being the operative word. But it says something that so far it's one of the most successful writing memes I've ever done, and there's only about seven and a half ficlets to show for it. XD;;; (seventh not reposted on account of the boring and the suck and the fact it probably only interests the person who asked for it. ♥jo)

Naruto/Sasuke/Sakura - on adding Sai to the OT3. )

Mermaids IN SPACE!-- Alind teasing Vartan about Oriana )

Firefly/Gundam Wing crossover - Mal Reynolds, Duo Maxwell, stowing away )

Teamwork - T7 & kids & spoons (warning for lame.) )

Teamwork - Ino & Temari about Shikamaru )

Half a ficlet! Teamwork, Jin and Sai )

Hinata, Sakura, boobs. mm fanservice. )
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I'd say it's a writing meme, but "meme" implies I'll actually manage to write something in response, and we all know my track record by now, hm?

So. I hate writing action. Therefore I hate Teamwork and Newtypes very much at the moment. I also hate pr0nz. So, all that's left is dialogue.

Please give me two-three characters -- any fandom you know I know (feel free to ask if you're not sure, crossovers accepted on a trial basis) + either a topic of discussion or a quote to include. Then hopefully I'll write some dialogue -- two lines, ten, a whole multipart, who knows. I reserve the right to reformulate it, or to write something totally off-topic because my inspiration will have gone off in a different direction. Or to get writer's block on you. Again. *hangs head*

how come the kissy meme didn't inspire me more, it's not fair damn it. T____T

The dialoguethings!
Naruto/Sasuke/Sakura - on adding Sai to the OT3. (it's more like a ficlet. XD)
Mermaids in SPACE: Alind teasing Vartan about Oriana.
Mal Reynolds, Duo Maxwell, stowaway.
Teamworkverse, Temari/Ino on Shikamaru. => This is now canon. I Haz Decided.
Teamworkverse, "where are the wooden spoons?" futurefic, dialogue only.
Hinata and Sakura on the topic of boobs. ... why does this want to spawn a series of fanservice ficlets. Oh self.
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Found this site, and since it's geared toward fantasy obviously not everything is relevant, but it's still helping me define some interesting world-building background stuff.

mermaids... in space! blahblah worldbuilding blah. )
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Most of it is just rewritten/edited stuff I posted ages ago. But hey, I need to have the beginning before I can write the middle. XD; I need to get back into the habit of working on it. (that, and all my fanfics are stalled. Damn it.) It's great, I get to feel productive without even having to write for realz. XD

If you see anything unclear or awkward or that doesn't work for any reason, please point it out. I'll love you forever. ♥


Chapter 1 )
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I swear my inspiration is bipolar -- either I have so many ideas I don't have the time to write it all, or I rake my brain for hours and nothing happens. Gnnh. And the periods where I'm stuck are always so much longer than my fits of writing-machine-ness.

Teamwork and Cyborgs wahh - potential spoilers )

Mermaids in space wahh )

Anyone interested in the beginning of a Dragon Ball Z fic I'm not even sure I'll complete? It's a Saiyajin on Earth AU, which has been done a bazilion times before but I love it so much .__. They drop by only a few months after Goku and Chichi get married, though, and i'm not sure I've seen it before. At first I wanted to do a series of loosely connected moments/scenes in the same AU, but I'm not sure it will work right with the new bunnies trying to make themselves a place in it. *beats Bardock over the head with a shovel*
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... I just spent about four hours running all over Wikipedia and bugging [ profile] joisbishmyoga for the pleasure of doing that. And it's still too simplistic to give me a working calendar re: eclipses.

It's the last time I decide on a planetary system with THREE moons. Last time.

dorky moon chart thing )
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Liaran and Arun being cute )

My god I'm so sleepy. I should have gone to bed over eight hours ago, but my brother and his girlfriend dropped by and wanted to socialize. And now I can't fall asleep anymore.
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Pics -- working on perspective a bit... )

Mermaids... IN SPACE! bunny )

And ahhhh I am so sick and tired of my computer. Whenever I play a video, whetherI'm using Windows Media, Real Player, DivX or some of the half-dozen other players I downloaded in a fit of despair... The sound ALWAYS lags. Always. And now the image has started freezing and skipping too, as if i'm low on memory even though nothing else is running. Maybe it's a missing codec, but if so, I have no clue where to go to find the right ones. Maybe it's a hardware issue... but when I watch a video on Youtube, the synchronization is fine!

When I watched a video on Veoh it used to be fine too, but today I went to watch the shippuuden episode (Asuma's death!) and I got a trojan. Had to jump through a bazilion loops to get it out. Blinded by my desire to watch that friggin episode, I think, "maybe it was a coincidence!" and go back to Veoh... Yeah well I'm not returning a third time. I'm computer-stupid but not computer-retarded. DX

But now how the fuck do I fix my video players. Damn it. DX

meme tiem

Sat, Sep. 13th, 2008 07:18
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From [ profile] sarolynne

1. Comment on this post (and tell me you want a letter)

2. I will give you a letter

3. Think of 5 fictional characters and post their names and your comments on these characters in your LJ.

K! )

And stolen from [ profile] trowacko and modified for my purposes...
Pick an original character of mine --either from a fanfic or from original fiction-- then 5 numbers between 1 and 100. Comment with the character name and the five numbers, and I'll answer the five corresponding questions from this list.
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[ profile] askerian: --oh right, I remember what I wanted to do. I wanted to flesh out my psychic bodyguard-hitmen.
[ profile] askerian: I want to make them badass and cool, but not 100% evil. Just professionals, but also likeable.
[ profile] proanon: Hee. Villains by circumstance? Those are fun.
[ profile] askerian: First -- names! >:o
Read more... )
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Okay, so I tried to make things understandable enough without explaining everything in the littlest detail... But I know the universe, and a new reader wouldn't. So if there's anything where I really ought to slip in more description or explanation, please tell me and I'll try to find a way. I don't want to make everything crystal clear just yet either, but it's not supposed to utterly confuse everyone.

Subject to rewriting at a later date if I figure I have more stuff to fix / edit / remove / foreshadow or whatever else. Or I might scrap it all if I find a better idea, but eh, I'm not looking so the idea will have to come looking for me.

Genre: worldbuilding, action, scifi, psi powers.

Summary: The civilization that genetically engineered mermaid-shaped humans as underwater workers fell; deprived of any kind of industry, the merpeople regressed to primitive nomadism. A few hundred years later, Lìadan, a young mermaid, is ready to go on her adulthood journey.

It was almost noon when Lìadan saw the Great Dragon cross the Sea-above. )


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