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Naruto and Jiraiya, pre-Teamwork; Naruto is about 15. (this should belong in Teamwork:Possession; i'm just trying to decide where to stuff it.)

Betaed by [ profile] cindelius. Thank you. ^^

People were curious about the extend of Naruto's sexual knowledge before The Night... :D )
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Last two in the series of drabbles that goes from the battle at the Valley of the End to the beginning of Teamwork. The previous ones are almost all posted at ffnet (i'm taking my sweet time posting them. XD), so go look for them there, I'm too lazy to search my LJ for the links. :P

Thanks to [ profile] jamjar (who just wrote an awesome collection of snippets on Naruto and jiraiya's travels during the timeskip. It's gen, and eeee.) and [ profile] windshades for all the help. ^___^ Any mistakes left are mine, and if you can point them out, i'll be grateful ^__^

Naruto and Sakura, follows the Evil drabble with genjutsu user-chomping )

Kyuubi Dream )
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This one happens between the first kyuubi-on-male-fox dream and the one where he lists the Konoha guys' attributes. It's a lot more evil, though. Also, it insisted on being told in "you" POV. i'm not questioning it.

As always, not betaed, and some sentences could do with some tweaking to be more effective. Will appreciate any help you can give.

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HAHA. I have decided to assume my spamwhoreness. I WILL NOT EDIT THE PREVIOUS POST TO ADD THIS. Muahahahahahahahaha.

So this is, by far, the longest of the drabbles. I've released a few bits of it yesterday in the comments.

It's about Naruto trying to figure out if Kyuubi's messing with him or if he could really do blokes.

... now I seriously need a drabble where he drools over Sakura in detail, because the non-yaoi fans are going to howl. XD

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"so I might like guys too. hm. So... Would I do Kiba?" :watches Kiba: "Uh, maybe not. Chouji -- no, okay... Would I -- oh yeah, I'd do Neji. If he wasn't even more touchy than Sasuke, that is. Gaara..."

/... yes. Yes, you would. We would. Do it. Him. I WANT SEX./

"... uh. Okay. How about melty giant badgers don't really do it for me and keep your thoughts to yourself and how did you come up again?"

/... think of the red-headed takuni brat. He looks so frail, doesn't he. Such a contrast. Bet you he's a moaner. Bet you no one's ever touched him like that before. No one. Bet you.../

"... dude, shut the fuck up. His sister would castrate us."

/ how about the white-eyed one?/
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Still writing, so I'll add more to this post if I finish another scene later. they're out of order, but whatEVAR.

forgiveness )
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previous drabbles are in a previous entry. I added some there in the middle to flesh it out a bit, so if you didn't see my updates, check them out.

Hinata~ aww )

More fox dreams )

Same as everything else, not betaread, if anything sounds awkward or if there are typos please tell me and i'll love on you long and hard. unf.
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wahh writer's block wahh. )


ANYWAY. Two things I MIGHT still be able to write are the fic about Sakura's first time, and a series of connected ficlets about the developing connection between Kyuubi and Naruto, both from the Teamwork universe. I might write for them... if I had, you know. IDEAS.

This is where you come in, people.

All of Sakura's First Time (working title, need suggestions) is going up on [ profile] reiyel as soon as this is posted, if you need to be reminded what happens -- but basically it's about Sakura on vacation for a month during the summer, with her mom's family, surrounded by utterly normal people. It's about a ninja trying to fit in with civilians who only know rumors and legends about what being a ninja really means. If there are things you want to see, or think I should deal with at some point -- issues or actual scenes, please tell me. (the town isn't big but not a tiny backwater village either, and sometimes she does manage to get along and fit in -- the tone isn't uber angsty or dramatic or anything, mostly day to day life stuff)

As for the ficlets, they're a series of scenes that start just after Naruto brings Sasuke back to Konoha after the Orochimaru thing, and hopefully stop around "The Night". Kyuubi and Naruto didn't start having heart-to-heart chats from one day to the next. I'm also using the ficlets to show the way Naruto's relationships with outside people evolved, and mentioning some events I added to the Teamwork universe's past. Some might need to be developed a little, I can't really tell.

I have a few spots saved, but they're only quick notes for now.

-Naruto dreaming one of Kyuubi's memories -- don't know which, probably one with blood. ideas?
-Naruto gets flaming pissed about something and him and Kyuubi kind of melt together -- need an enemy that would get him mad enough, not Orochimaru (already dead) and not Itachi or Kisame. Kabuto?
--this reminds me, I might need to add a ficlet about Naruto learning about Orochimaru's death. hmmm. that requires me to actually think about how it happens.
-Sort of waking up during sleepwalking, but letting it go on to see what happens? I forget what I wanted to do with this one.
-Another dream, with him having sex with females and then with a male (with biting and dominance issues and stuff, so that he can end up on top of sasuke during training and be all flustered XD)

Same as the previous one: Issues I should adress? Scenes that would be neat to see? Questions you're wondering about that gap between the series and Teamwork proper? Gimme ideas, people. ;_;

Progression )

new scene )

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another new one -- Kyuubi as a cub )

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((lacking a few scenes here in the middle so that it's not all about sex all the time))
and the latest scene, yay bestiality? )

of course it's when I actually break down and admit that i'm stuck that I start having ideas. rrrgh.

Okay it's been 33 hours with 3 hours of sleep, I go bed bed now. whee.
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not quite sure what this is, but it's sorta done. Quick stream-of-consciousness one-shot thingie, not even sure it really fits into the timeline, but what the hell. that's the way it came out.

Sum )

In other news, is WORTH SHIT. Been trying to upload stupid kyuusasu lemon for days and it keeps giving me a f**ing blank page. RARGH. I'll try another day.


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