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Thu, Oct. 24th, 2013 20:52
Dreamwidth's post importer hiccuped the other day and duplicated everything, so to fix it I had to delete and import again, yeah? (that's what DW advised people to do. worked too.)

Then of course all the tags I had added on those imported posts were gone (so now i have empty tags, dafuk and how do i find the related posts again aaaa.) So I went on to retag shit (slowly cause i did it once and it took me six hours and i'm still mad amounts of butthurt that i have to do it again so i'm not even halfway done), and then [personal profile] artimusdin tells me that hey btw they've received like thirty alerts for posts dating back from 2007 and the like. And they didn't even have anything like DW"s "alert if X posts something tagged Y" either. (idk if lj does it as well nowadays but who cares)

I did not add any new post. D: I just edited some old ones, but apparently for LJ that counts. So, if you were spammed as well, i'm sorry, I didn't know it was happening, but I can't promise it won't happen again. because i have all those fandoms and pairings to retag aaaaahhhhh ahh hah T^T

Not tonight though. fuck that. tonight I write.
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A white wolf, a pink heart, and the text: Psychic Wolves for Lupercalia - A Multi-Fandom Mini-Fest, February Thirteenth through Fifteenth
Come write Psychic Wolves for Lupercalia - A Multi-Fandom Mini-Fest, February Thirteenth through Fifteenth!

Bluh. Why do none of my fandoms fit with telepathic wolves. I tried to come up with something for Stargate Atlantis but the only thing I managed to visualize was episode one with added wolfsister who is actually not quite John Sheppard's but used to be the sister of that guy he tried to rescue who died on him instead. And she changes NOTHING, which means this is not a good fic idea, and I don't want any longer, more divergent fic because, uh, because maybe it's a sign that I should update the Gundam Wing one I started last year faster instead. .__.;

But if someone wanted to write SGA/SG1 with wolves I would be so happy. SO. HAPPY. The happiest.


Wed, Sep. 12th, 2012 00:16
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so uh yeah the teamwork mood didn't last long enough to really produce anything re: prompts -___-;; (keeping 'em on file anyway because i liked a lot of them and hopefully at some point...!)

on the other hand it did prompt me to reread my own damn fic, from start to finish, because wow there were parts i barely remembered anymore.

... why is it so LONG. D:


Fri, May. 11th, 2012 00:00
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Last month I was writing SO MUCH!!

We're 11 days into a new months and I've written, let me check... oh huh okay 5 000 words, that's not too bad, man it's crazy how my self-perception tends to only base itself on the last two days. If I haven't written in two days then I haven't written in AGES and I am FAILING HOMG but no pressure, self.

But still, hn.

One of them is the beginning of Jade's scene in Garden, yay, the other one is a brand new, silly sequel to the john/jade(/karkat) chatlog fic. It's another chatlog! :O This time Karkat really is in it.

Neither of them, you'll be surprised to learn, is Teamwork. :O

I have the file open right now. I'm staring at it. Sakura refuses to do anything interesting. When I try to make her go smart she goes "this is so dry and emotionless" and when I try to make her emotion-thinking she goes "why am I regressing to my Teamwork 1 self here" and, I don't know, mostly I keep going "aaaaa will i manage to write the naruto/sasuke interaction right i should have written it back when I ahd the scene in mind and it was still ALIVE aaaaaaaaaaa" and it's distracting me a lot from Sakura's scene, where the only hook is whether she'll win her match or not.

I'm hesitant to give myself an ultimatum à la "write 500 words of teamwork a day!!!!!" because sometimes that works and sometimes that backfires horribly, but at this point it seems obvious I'm not going to be brushed by the magnificent plumage of Divine Inspiration anytime soon and maybe I should just slog through it and just be DONE WITH IT and be able to get to the NEXT PARTS AAAA.

I've also been flopping around a lot wanting to write GW bondwolves, only I've been wanting to write HEERO and Mary, not Duo and Killer. Only the way the fic keeps lengthening on me there's still a whole two chapters at least before Heero pops up. Goddamn it. But at least I still feel like I'm progressing some on that fic, because even if I'm not writing I'm still watching the episodes while biking away, and nowaways what I do when I get off is write down how the plot diverged where and why, and where the wolves were at the time. XD

For example when Trowa was lost in space with amnesia he comes down to Earth with Quatre and Heero and Mary, and when Heero and Mary peel off he stays with Quatre (no space for two wolves in the compartment underneath the pilot's chair, no matter that one of them is a teenage bitch-puppy that's still half grown up.) Meanwhile amnesiac!Trowa is wondering what is missing so horribly, even though the obvious answer should be YOUR MEMORIES DICKFACE it never seems like that's quite it. I think when he sees Duo in the audience with Killer (there is no making a bondwolf lie down between the rows of seats so he'd be highly visible) he'd probably fall right off whatever he was balancing on at the time with the headache of the century, and then Catherine would *really* kill Duo. XD

Seriously with all the many times the boys were taken prisoners and their wolves taken hostage to ensure coperation and all the accidental separations (read: selfdestructs XD) it's a real game of musical chairs. I don't think any of the wolves has NOT been separated from his human for unreasonable lengths of time and a lot of incertitude re: how the fuck do we find each other again, which is not really how these things should go but then again gundam pilots don't really do things by the book, like, ever, anyway. Wait, Glen hasn't been separated from his master yet, but I don't think it helps seeing that Treize is going to kick the bucket on him at some point and is already loudly and repeatedly thinking about it and asking random pilots to please kill him. XD;

re: battlefield terra, I have a collection of ideas of what happens in this chapter and am now trying to tie them in a way that does not scream HOMG FILLER EPISODE. Actually it really shouldn't be fillery at ALL, I'm just not seeing it clearly enough to write. Hrrn. Must brainstorm more.


Tue, Jan. 24th, 2012 22:55
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Someone grabbed "askerian" on tumblr.


And they don't even use it, it's an empty account!


Here I was, finally giving in. (mostly so i can follow blogs, that reblogging thing gets a bit on my nerves in principle and i still don't friggin' get how to hold a CONVERSATION in that place but aaaaa so many shiny things to keep track of T__T) and i can't give in because my name is taken. aaaaaaa.

Oh well whatever. It's probably providence. XD

edit: okay, fine, i give. . THAT OTHER ASKERIAN IS A FAAAAAKE. XD

I am going to post absolutely NOTHING there I am not posting on LJ too, and possibly a great deal less since I think i'm mostly gonna use it for Homestuck fanworks. Also I hate reblogs so... yeah.

*feels weak anyway T^T*

(no subject)

Thu, Sep. 22nd, 2011 15:15
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I just managed to hit "delete all" instead of "delete selected" on my lj inbox, and have lost a ton of old messages and stuff I was keeping, plus a couple of new messages I hadn't answered yet. I'm so annoyed. I think for the most recent ones I still have the email alerts for them -- will get off my butt and go look for them and answer -- but argh anyway. ~__~


Sat, Jul. 30th, 2011 17:14
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just so you guys know I can't post new entries or comment to other people's at all. Fuck you, russian hackers. fuck you in the NOSE.

anyway [personal profile] rayemars, i read your KH fic and your friend's and tried to comment THREE TIMES and the site ate them. i am very sad. (i am not sad that i had an excuse to read 'em three times each. muahahaha.) also congrats to the people who got jobs! and um what else. i forget.

... gonna try crossposting from dreamwidth now, since posting from lj keeps timing out. >__>;

if you feel like it (or lj is being an ass to you too) you can comment anon there or with an open ID! no prob. (if you comment on LJ i'll see them but I can't reply. ;__; aaaaaa.)

edit: omg crosspost worked! now let's see if remote editing works as well. *crosses fingers*
edit edit: oops forgot to close the (big) tags.
son of edit: okay why is this part still too big
bride of the son of edit: ... oh right, i, uh, put 'em in the wrong place. um. yeah. *cough*

I hope there won't be too many people emigrating from LJ. Because frankly they might suck often but this one's not their fault, and people leaving in droves is actually exactly what the hackers are after. IF YOU LEAVE LJ THE TERRORISTS WILL HAVE WON! >:E nanana you can't take lj from me~
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What's on my Asuka Why Are You Not Writing This list at the moment: )

¤ These last two months I've gotten out of the habit of keeping track of what I write and when. I still have the files where I copypaste everything for word count purposes but I didn't keep track of the dates. Mergh.

To Do: Put up those two posts anyway. >__> And this year, keep doing it srsly! And if I don't, I would be happy to be prodded.

¤ I've also gotten lazy about weekly Naruto chapter reviews. I'm enjoying the story alright at tyhe moment, so I think it's the "Have to say something about each single page!" format that gets me ehhn, it takes about a hour at least to write.

To Do: make weekly posts anyway, even if they're three summarizing lines long! >:(
-Askerian: i had a meeting today, yeah?
Askerian: so i was about to go to bed so i'd be reasonably unsleepy for it
Askerian: then i checked my notebook and the meeting wasn't today, it was YESTERDAY
Askerian: i've been up for the past ... i don't know how many hours, stewing in my "oh god SO STUPID" juices and trying to find something to read that would make me stop feeling so stupid and making myself sleepier and sleepier
Askerian: it's almost seven am so i'll wait until it opens and phone them to apologize and reschedule. but fuck.
Saro Lynne: .. :(
Askerian: i b stupid asuka

for the record now it's noon and i haven't slept yet, but after FOUR CALLS aaaa pick up the damn phone I DID manage to reschedule to sometime next week. I still suck, but whatever. I'm gonna eat and then crash like a crashy thing. but god i fucking hate how i keep unconsciously sabotaging myself like that. This shit is just not on, brain.

-have a looong list of prompts i should be writing (still planning to, guys! :3), but this month has sucked balls hardcore for writing. I don't think I even broke 1K. Considering my average per month and how much free time I have this is all kinds of pitiful.

-So there's this OC fic-thing I've got in the planning stage (might never get out of there and onto the next so that's why I haven't mentioned it, but yeah.) It's about a magical apocalypse in slow-mo progress (spreads over a ten year period? or something. kinda like a hell portal slowly ripping open and swallowing bits and pieces of this world while progressively warping reality) Main characters are a vampire/demon/monster hunter type, and two half-human half-demon twins. The boy twin looks and acts a LOT more demony and creeptastic than his sweet and cheerful and helpful and civic-minded and completely human sister, haha funny. (quick, guess the super original top-secret plot twist. XD)

Anyway, the thing was, I couldn't really find much character interaction-based plot, because I couldn't manage to figure out chemistry between evangeline (the girltwin) and the hunter (gabriel the boytwin has chemistry with EVERYONE, (yes even his sweet innocent sister) but that's on account of being kind of an evil incubus type. It's nonconsensual chemistry. D: )


Turns out the real problem was that I stupidly assumed the hunter to be a guy.

I was wrong.

Enter cold-blooded badass bitch who dun talk much. Hello, chemistry, hello, boobsquishes. Suddenly Ev' was ALL OVER hunty-chan. ("aw, but we're both girls, we can share the bed~")

Man, I don't write much femmeslash, but here. well. It works. (oh god does it work. Ev' was even starting to talk strap-ons. my brain, my brain. XD)

Now I just have to figure out, oh, the rest of the story. Like how the fuck it's gonna end. That would be nice to know, too.

Askerian: ... i mean.
Saro Lynne: ...Well, that got my attention.

pimp + whine

Mon, May. 17th, 2010 17:55
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-Ride on 'til morning by Guile: oneshot (so far?) in the Zombieverse, centered on Kiba and Team Eight. I really like how he managed to make them normal-verse (Kiba is an assistant vet who wears steel-toed boots and drives a moped, and Shino, well, that would spoil something to say XD) and yet keep them very much IC. Also, nice snark/humor one-liners to lighten the OHFUCKZOMBIES thinger. ^.^-b

-wahh i can't make myself write wahh. Tifa is ANNOYING MEEEE WITH HER GUILTYANGST AAAA and it's dragging on and on, get to the POINT damn it! (also I seriously miss Sephiroth. SERIOUSLY.) As for Teamwork, to complete the next chapter I only have one scene to edit a bit so it'll look more IC (i mean, i understand exactly what happened but it's Sasuke having an epiphany so considering how stuck in his way he's been in canon recently keeping it *feeling* IC is kinda iffy, even if it makes sense in teamworkverse... at least in my head...), and one scene to write the last 3/4ths of, and of course it's the scene I saw so PERFECTLY when I was coming up with it... two years ago. DX And now I only remember the big points of the conversation with no idea how to go from A to B to C. Frrgh. that'll learn me to write faster.

-I'm trying to complete this ficlet meme though I doubt it will happen, some of the prompts just aren't talking to me... but it's still open/reopened -- whatever, if you want to make another request over there, please do.

Some of the prompts might get filled in quick sketch format instead of in writing, I hope no one minds. XD (and by that I mean i've got three sketches already. just gotta scan them!) Some pics give me good mental pictures, but... they won't evolve into anything but still pictures, and I can't make stories out of them. Mergh. Better than nothing?

-Since I'm in the mood to waste my time and pretend to be productive instead of actually being productive... Anyone feel the need for an archive post to track down all those prequel/sequel/ficbit-things that happen in the same 'verse? I produced a ton of those in the last prequel and sequel and 10-AU memes.
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Recently I've been having some troubles with LJ. figured, ehh, they were making updates, there was annoyance at stuff they'd recently put in their code that was full of malware and they had to take it out or something like that, the problems would pass.

Today I realized apparently the problems are just in internet explorer 7, not firefox, so... what?

Asked the friends I had in arm's reach today and as far as I know, it's only me. I have NO idea what happened, how widespread, and what to do to fix it. (don't say "switch to firefox! :D" or some other browser, that's not acceptable.)

Problems: it won't show me my icons when I'm making a post, just a drop down menu; it won't auto-complete my tags, I have to type them all in by hand; it won't unfold comment threads; when I want to make a comment visible instead of clicking one thing I have to go to a different page asking me if I'm sure and then a second page telling me it's done and then back to the original post -- etcetera.

So if they're known problems, where are they discussed? It's not in Known Issues and I don't know where else to look. Anyone got links? And if they're not, um, shit. What now. ~___~

(also, [ profile] chibirisuchan, I owe you an OC pic for last time. I remember! U.U)

in other news I've been watching Durarara, and it's... kinda weird, a little all over the place at first (starts out more like a collection of stories about an ensemble cast than one plot) and slow to get moving, but the characters are really fun (kinda over the top but in a hilarious and quite shiny way) and OOOOOO episode ten, prrt prrt. I like it. ^^
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Nine days since february 1st and I have written exactly 306 words total. I have plotted out almost nothing, save for a few vague teasing bunnies grazing in the back of my brain where I can't get at them, about a fic I haven't even started writing anyway.

Yet when I sit down to write I can't even choose a fic, and when I do choose one, invariably nothing happens and I get sidetracked.


I am Frustrated. *feels utterly unproductive* *also, bored*

I keep wanting AUs with pack-bonding team seven in Space. with clawy bits and weird alien abilities and and and hinata and neji and sai and ino and maybe kiba and who else AND TELEPATHIC PACK BONDS

what on earth, self. Too much Vathara fics. D;
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I don't know who nominated Crossed Wires, but thank you, I'm super mega flattered. ♥

With that in mind, I declined the nomination anyway.

reason one: The fic has been on hiatus for almost two years and I STILL get "wahh wahh how dare you not update that story, I want more now" emails about it. Getting a fresh wave of "this story is good! WHY ARE YOU NOT WRITING MORE" really wouldn't motivate me to do anything but drag in my heels and grit my teeth at this point.

reason two: it was nominated to a section that was not helpfully marked as "narusasu allowed".

my RAAAA buttons, let me show you them )

Actually the second reason was mostly me going TWITCH TWITCH but in the end when I paused to consider things rationally, it wasn't what prompted me to decline. The first one was more than enough on its own. I'm so tired of *gentle nudges* and "aw, I'm disappointed" about that fic. I know you guys like it. I like it too! Sort of. But I wrote myself into a corner, and the only way out I can find makes me queasy. I'm not even sure it'll work, I might have to delete all the new stuff because turns out it doesn't, but I can force myself to write it anyway! The thing is, writing is a *hobby* that I do for *fun*, and unless I'm in a very specific state of mind when I write the next several chapters, I'm not going to have much of that. So yeah, you can bet I'm dragging my heels about it.
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-It makes me lol that Madara uses "akogare" to refer to Shodai Hokage hashirama, when it means to admire/to yearn for, and is the word used to define Hinata's feelings for Naruto in all the databooks. (granted i don't know if there's some other word that means to admire and nothing but. It's still funny. There was debate on which meaning applied to Hinata apparently, so why not debating for Madara. >D)

... truly it's all about his being jilted. It ALL comes back to it.

I bet he saw Hashirama making out with someone else under a pretty full moon and decided to ruin the romance forever. Yeah, that has to be it.

-Once again I end up with a ton of comments I should answer, but I just don't know what to say. *flopded* I read everything, though. I'm trying to make an effort to reply but... I lose. T__T

(no subject)

Tue, Dec. 1st, 2009 04:39
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Okay, this year's NaNo is a failure again. I'll still keep writing on the story until I at the very least reach 50k words. ... It's just gonna take a little while longer. *siiigh* I feel it's such a mess of bad plotting and the secondary characters are so underdeveloped, srsly, but I like the world and everything so I'll keep working on it.

Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS to those of you who succeeded! I'm so envious you have no idea. XD

And since I got up like three or four hours before I actually have to leave the house and I can't write... whee memes!

Give me a character/pairing from any fandom I participate in and I'll give you one fanon that I like and one that I don't agree with.

And if you have more of that type of meme, plz gimme. I feel like I keep recycling the ones I do like and there's rarely one that makes me sparkle.

naruto questions meme, yaoi, yuri and het versions - work in progress )

okay i have to, like, leave the house for five-six hours or something. will come back to this later.


Sun, May. 17th, 2009 18:32
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i lose and suck. procrastination queen! DX

fuck you sakura, just kick kyuubi in the balls or something
wait no he'd kill you in the face. auuuuuuuuuuugggh

i need someone to sit on me and make me think about why the scene won't work (it's SO EASY i can FEEL it) and then keep prodding me and telling me "close this youtube vid and show me what you wrote since fifteen minutes ago, asuka", "stop looking for fic you don't even really like and write your own, asuka", "STOP EDITING THE PREVIOUS CHAPTERS. NEW STUFF ONLY."

auuuugh i looooooose. no willpower. *is an asukablob*

... *dead*

Thu, Mar. 19th, 2009 01:40
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I just spent the last... *counts* ... seven hours? making preview pics, copypasting stuff, editing webpages, and uploading them. In batches of ten, because otherwise the FTP connection breaks.

I think it's a law that every single time you think you're done, you realize you didn't actually link preview and image of a huge section, or totally forgot to actually crop and upload some smaller page.

But anyway.

Deviantart is loads more practical, but just in case you feel the strange need to eat some bandwidth and laugh at the ridiculously high number of pictures tagged NEW (no i really don't draw THAT fast), here is my personal site's gallery page thing.

never agaiiiiiiiin.


Gah, I'm too lazy to figure out how to mark the old and ugly stuff. Should have posted dates with my pics from the start. or at least the year. fjlasdkfNEVERMIND. Oh, and if you find dead links or broken images please tell me? I'll fix it. Hopefully. Unless I die of NNNOOOOOOO first.

In other news Teamwork hates me, but that's mutual. haha. I kid. nnnnnrgh.
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I started this fic ages and AGES ago. At first I intended to start with established narusasusaku and see about adding Hinata in, but it just rang false. Then I thought about having naruto/sasuke/sakura on the verge of happening, but not yet! Then since the one scene that is really well-defined in my mind is a Sasuke/Hinata dialogue, perhaps I could make it a SasuHina, but... just, no. NaruSasuHina? What about Sakura? But four people is a bit much to juggle, I could give her a reason not to be with either of them. Then... I don't know.

I've had a ton of half-assed ideas to continue this prologue thing, and nothing really works, which sucks because honestly speaking I'm a little in love with it.

Okay, it's completely melodramatic and doesn't give poor Hinata much credit. XD

So there's a fair chance I'm never going to find a way to continue it, but here it is anyway.

They are Hyuugas; direct eye contact isn't required. But she knows that even if she found a reason to change seats he would just shift until she ends up in his blind spot again. )
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I swear my inspiration is bipolar -- either I have so many ideas I don't have the time to write it all, or I rake my brain for hours and nothing happens. Gnnh. And the periods where I'm stuck are always so much longer than my fits of writing-machine-ness.

Teamwork and Cyborgs wahh - potential spoilers )

Mermaids in space wahh )

Anyone interested in the beginning of a Dragon Ball Z fic I'm not even sure I'll complete? It's a Saiyajin on Earth AU, which has been done a bazilion times before but I love it so much .__. They drop by only a few months after Goku and Chichi get married, though, and i'm not sure I've seen it before. At first I wanted to do a series of loosely connected moments/scenes in the same AU, but I'm not sure it will work right with the new bunnies trying to make themselves a place in it. *beats Bardock over the head with a shovel*


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