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Thu, May. 7th, 2015 01:35
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jesus fucking dick.

you ever read an author who’s pretty awesome, but for one GLARING FAULT -- and you only notice it the first time because it’s egregious, but then you reread your old favorite and the scent of that same thing is hanging in the air? and then you read new fic and surely they have learned another way to plothook since the last horriblest example of nooooo not that idiot ball plot plz...

... and the fic is awesome!

for seven out of ten chapters!


i love vathata’s plots and the way she does crossovers and merges universes, and her love of little details and meta and research is so geekily fun but like

every single fic

there is a darling, and they have fun and badass stuff happens and the fic is fun, and then there is someone who gets handled the idiot-jerk ball and gets their characterization flattened down to the worst aspects and loses their ability to use any self assessment and break all their hypocrisy alarms that should be BLARING, and CALLOUSLY BETRAY the darling, so that the darling can be BETRAYED AND HURT and give them a lesson but ultimately grandly forgive them. after they have crawled some and been Very Sorry.

why does she always do this.

wtf lj :-/

Thu, Oct. 24th, 2013 20:52
Dreamwidth's post importer hiccuped the other day and duplicated everything, so to fix it I had to delete and import again, yeah? (that's what DW advised people to do. worked too.)

Then of course all the tags I had added on those imported posts were gone (so now i have empty tags, dafuk and how do i find the related posts again aaaa.) So I went on to retag shit (slowly cause i did it once and it took me six hours and i'm still mad amounts of butthurt that i have to do it again so i'm not even halfway done), and then [personal profile] artimusdin tells me that hey btw they've received like thirty alerts for posts dating back from 2007 and the like. And they didn't even have anything like DW"s "alert if X posts something tagged Y" either. (idk if lj does it as well nowadays but who cares)

I did not add any new post. D: I just edited some old ones, but apparently for LJ that counts. So, if you were spammed as well, i'm sorry, I didn't know it was happening, but I can't promise it won't happen again. because i have all those fandoms and pairings to retag aaaaahhhhh ahh hah T^T

Not tonight though. fuck that. tonight I write.
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I am very FLAIL FLAIL AAAAAAA today. Since yesterday actually. It's all a convergence of little things... meh.

I went into town! and the bus was late. and had a meeting with people! (was stressful since i don't like arguing/disagreeing with people irl and um yeah -__-) and went shopping for books and the cashier was new and incompetent and ate up all my security margin of lateness! and went to a second place to get some paperwork but it was SURPRISE CLOSED! so that kept me being late for NOTHING, and got lost on the way to a THIRD appointment and was LATE! (not a lot and it didn't bother her but it bothered ME, seriously I find it disrespectful as fuck and here I was, ten minutes late) and then i took the bus home, and then i had to cook. Cooking was fun enough since i was still all flaily and spastic with nervous energy, but wow. Now I can feel I am slowly but inexorably heading for a belly-flop.

So yesterday I had a plagiarist on devart who was all "This is my entry for the spring contest! :D" ohh, a CONTEST. Good job on... reposting my pic, I'm sure you'll go far with that one! and someone in the comments was asking her all :| -faced, "who's askerian?" because the fucking dumbass had left my url on it, and her answer was a bitchy-apathetic "what's it to you?".

:D oh no you di'nt. :D :D :D :D :D

her gallery was full of comments of a person asking her to at least credit the other pics she was mutilating and calling hers, and she was all no no shut up who caaaaaaaaares. :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD oh honey you shouldn't have. I'm too polite for my own good, when someone shows me that much of their ass it's a pretty foregone conclusion I won't be able to refuse the engraved invitation to apply foot to it.

The case was pretty much open and closed and the dA staff handled the removal of the stolen picture quickly, but since I was nervous about my day from hell I had a good long snarky rant to try to evacuate some tension, and I know some of you guys like to see me bitch up a storm, so here it is: Ranty ranter rant )

And finally my deep ... four paragraphs of thoughts on Naruto. :/ :/ :/ )


Tue, Jun. 7th, 2011 12:15
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2) What? Credit/link back to the original artist for editing their fanart without permission? Why should I?

Either take fanart and use it and don't apologize, and don't !!demand!!1! that other people afford you the respect you blatantly didn't afford others (if it's important to you to get credit but it isn't important to GIVE credit, yes, it's not simply that you have thought out your own ethical position about fanart posted on the internet and are following a code of conduct, it's a lack of respect), or don't use fanart without permission and credit in the first place. It's not rocket science.

For the record, my own art doesn't icon well so I don't see why you'd want to, but this is my official blanket permission to use it even without crediting me, unless it's in a derogatory/hateful way in which case DENIED. Because personally I am not extremely emotionally attached to most of my art. Strangely enough I don't represent fanartists as a whole and am not arrogant enough to believe my attitude is the norm and all other fanartists should "grow a thicker skin" or whatever it is assholes use as an excuse to act like assholes without having to own up to it.

"Everyone else does it!!" is also not an excuse. Oh, wait, it IS an excuse, but a really shitty one.
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I thought I was getting calmer! Or more desensitized to stupid! Soon enough I wouldn't need to rant my head off anymore!

Apparently I wasn't looking in the right place. Oh, how silly was I, thinking that people might like Sakura in the Naruto/Sakura fanclub. :O

Apparently not only some of them now *hate* her (reasons expanded on underneath), but they love a Naruto that has less resemblance to canon!Naruto and more resemblance to what they see in the mirror every morning.

I am so fucking glad that Naruto is the farthest thing from a motherfucking Nice Guy and didn't ever ask for anything in return for his friendship and support but HER friendship and support.

I am so fucking glad that *he's* not going to flip his lid when she doesn't suddenly realize that her friendship means nothing and that Naruto wanted nothing but her riding his cock in return, because it's the only way to repay his several years of unasked-for ~martyrdom~ in her name.

Doesn't she know that women can bring nothing else of value in a bond between two people? Doesn't she feel horrible for being a cocktease and using Naruto's feelings for her own ends? Did she seriously assume Naruto's friendship came free of strings? Pff, silly cunt. :D

My god, I fucking hate Naruto-stu Nice Guys dickwads. Kishimoto isn't the one who writes Sakura as the girl who jilted him for the hot jerk in high school, YOU are.
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I don't like pity threesomes.

It's funny because I used to be all over anything that was supposed to be a threesome. Alpha males Wufei and Heero are competing for Duo's sweet uke ass? Well, they ought to just share, Duo is worth it. Sakura isn't such a bad person? Sasuke and Naruto can let her join in.

I don't like it anymore. )

... and I tried to explain this post to a friend and managed to summarize the whole thing in two lines WHY DID I TYPE SO MANY WORDS FOR THIS. DX

[livejournal.com profile] askerian: you know, the stories where A and B have awesome interaction and C mostly seems to be there because they like him/her okay and cutting them out would seem sexist/mean
[livejournal.com profile] askerian: like being second best or taken for granted and as a second class citizen in your relationship is better than being broken up with
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... it buuuuugs me. I haven't said anything about this directly to anyone, though, because hey, who am I to crush the hopes of innocent young fangirls, but when it's more mature, supposedly smarter people who should damn well know better...!

I am so fucking tired of "sasunaru CAN become canon damn it, if you don't agree you're just a homophobe!!!!"

No, I'm not, and no, it cannot. )
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I'm not gonna link to it, but apparently a part of fandom is all aflutter because someone tried to pass down the laws of Commenting On Fic according to Themselves? Or something.

Anyway, since passing fandom-wide laws is obnoxious as fuck, here's my personal laws of commenting on fic... (because it's totally not obnoxious when it's area-limited. Yeah. Or something. u.u-b )

Do you feel like commenting ?
- Yes. => Alright! Go ahead and comment. ^.^
- No. => Alright! Go ahead and don't comment. ^.^

Do you feel like being a douche?
=> Stop it.


wherein I ramble on and on, as I am wont to do )
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I don't know who nominated Crossed Wires, but thank you, I'm super mega flattered. ♥

With that in mind, I declined the nomination anyway.

reason one: The fic has been on hiatus for almost two years and I STILL get "wahh wahh how dare you not update that story, I want more now" emails about it. Getting a fresh wave of "this story is good! WHY ARE YOU NOT WRITING MORE" really wouldn't motivate me to do anything but drag in my heels and grit my teeth at this point.

reason two: it was nominated to a section that was not helpfully marked as "narusasu allowed".

my RAAAA buttons, let me show you them )

Actually the second reason was mostly me going TWITCH TWITCH but in the end when I paused to consider things rationally, it wasn't what prompted me to decline. The first one was more than enough on its own. I'm so tired of *gentle nudges* and "aw, I'm disappointed" about that fic. I know you guys like it. I like it too! Sort of. But I wrote myself into a corner, and the only way out I can find makes me queasy. I'm not even sure it'll work, I might have to delete all the new stuff because turns out it doesn't, but I can force myself to write it anyway! The thing is, writing is a *hobby* that I do for *fun*, and unless I'm in a very specific state of mind when I write the next several chapters, I'm not going to have much of that. So yeah, you can bet I'm dragging my heels about it.
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teamwork review:
I just reread the first story and am rereading the second one...please don't have Sakura marry Sasuke...Oh pretty please?

leeeeeeeet me think about thaDENIED.


Though maybe she's afraid I'll emphasize the sasusaku side so much that the narusaku and/or the narusasu will fall by the wayside and then Naruto will be all alone as they float off in wedded bliss. Which is kind of funny because that's exactly what will happen!


I would have a lot less of an instant *twitch* at this review if she actually explained why, like a plot-related reason, some trope she saw done wrong or that tends to imply unfortunate things and is therefore a pitfall she wants to make sure I avoid.

Because looking at her profile she's a yaoi only girl. Huh... Who doesn't like romance in stories... like there's zero in teamwork as it is? Granted it's kind of more action and character oriented than "oh my love the fruit of our union is growing in your ripening belly i can see our forever in your eyes~" but STILL.

(actually it's probably not romantic ENOUGH for a get-together story. sometimes it really does read as more of a friends and partners who fuck than a real falling in love thing. Blargh. T__T)

But anyway. oh my, what a sincere request, and from such a dedicated fan!

I must be heartless. :/

edit: pffffffffft. same person, another review:

Why does Naruto say "Gaara" when he sees Kisame?

I must have been too subtle. >.>

Also, I think this is one of the only stories that I actually like Sakura in. She is very useless in the beginning of Naruto the show and annoying in the rest of it. But the way you have described, makes me like...

o i c.

I'm really trying not to make a snap judgment here, but honestly the first explanation that comes to mind is that she likes Sakura in this fic honest! just, still not enough to let her marry Sasuke.

:DDDDDDDDD *plots marriagefic* woohoo i'm so inspired suddenly~~~~~~~~~~~~ I need shiny sugary traditions for them to go through~~~~


Fri, Aug. 21st, 2009 16:29
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I love you guys, really I do. If I've got you friended back, it's very likely I do actually read your posts, at least semi-regluarly. (I'm a lurker by nature so I don't comment as much as I should, but I'm here. I see you.)

Just because I have a big friends-list does not mean it ceases being a friendslist and starts being a community member list. Just because I post comments on the latest chapters of Naruto and I'm fine with spontaneous discussion between yourselves in my posts does not mean my journal is the new [livejournal.com profile] chuunin.

This is not a public forum. This is a benevolent dictatorship. I am the dictator.

I don't care if you all have different opinions. I LIKE that you all have different opinions. It's interesting. It's fun. Sometimes it's eye-opening. But if you can't be civil with each other and assume good faith from each other, you're not welcome.

If my journal needs policing, I will police it. If you want to trip all over yourself in your hurry to deliver a zinger on someone who ZOMG SO DESERVES IT, I'm gonna trip you right out of the door.

And since I'm a dictator, I'm gonna oppress the masses by taking away the comments field. So hah. Fear my evil dictatorship.

fandom rage

Sun, Aug. 9th, 2009 20:20
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... which actually is more of a grumpy ramble, because I had to go water my brother's plants seeing as he's out of town and then it rained on me and that made me happy, yay summer storms.

But it's still a concept I've been seeing A LOT in the latest weeks and it never fails to utterly piss me off.

Sakura is a bitch for not jumping ship to Naruto. )

And in other news I'm leaving tomorrow for a week of vacation in Menton, that last little town on the Mediterranean before France turns into Italy. It's such a beautiful place. *__* (but man, a week with no internet and no books. I'll die. DX)
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Okay, this is a deviantart-related bitching session, that I'm reposting here because I know some of you enjoy it when I go RARRRR.

I swear I could draw akamaru/pakkun on there and someone would still complain that clearly Akamaru is canonly going to end up with Kiba's big sister's three dogs and here's the manifesto to prove it. Also I have a headache that won't quit from looking at all this anti-hinata wank. This post sounds super-pissy as a result. But it was actually kind of funny to write and now I feel much better, so heh.

Still got the headache though. Hn.

Read more... )
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This is a rant that's based on spoilers. The chapter isn't up yet. I hope when it's up I can concentrate on the awesome of the pictures, instead of the retarded fans.

Read more... )
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From one of my reviews...

even though she already has a boyfriend, she tried to go out with Cloud.

... Wasn't her boyfriend gone and presumed dead for FIVE YEARS by then? D:

Zack and Aeris dated for a while when she was 16 and then he went poof -- it wasn't like they'd been married for twenty years. If you go by the original FF7 canon she even said something to the effect of "I liked him but it wasn't OMGlove." She could have been downplaying her pain -- or she could have been honest about her feelings.

But 1) it's not a crime to date someone you like a lot but turn out not to be in forever luv with, and
2) when the guy is dead for that long, even if you really loved him back then and a part of you always will~ ... It's perfectly normal and healthy to try to move on eventually, after your mourning is over, instead of obsessing. Just because she loved Zack doesn't mean she should go through life as a virgin clad in black floor-length dresses and a face-veil until she dies of old age. Argh.

Just be honest and say you don't like her because you ship a competing pairing and are insecure enough to feel threatened if you don't downplay her she manipulated manly man Cloud into wearing a dress complete with sexy lingerie or something. >__>

In other, totally unrelated news koff koff, there's a yuri FF7 ficlet posted on my insanejournal.
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HI there,

Ummm why is your 'Teamwork Ficlet' in the Naruto & Sakura category filter? You know a lot the fans/readers in this category filter are dislike yaoi and sasuke. So why this story or your other in this filter really? Not exactly appropriate in this category as your 'teamwork' are definitely not a threesome thing for a lot of the readers in this category when evolved narusaku. they don't care or dislike the involvement of others. So why? Hope not to get hits and reviews?

Truely the fic would not fit in either Sasuke & Sakura, Sakura & Naruto or Sasuke & Naruto. Why? Your 'teamwork' as you put it is not the favorite thing for majority of the readers any of the categories mentions except maybe naruto & sasuke (the yaoi fans, sorry, I hate yaoi). The fact is your teamwork fic should really placed under 'named Character & All' as this these so called 'teamwork' does not fit under Naruto & Sakura and does look like your are fishing for hits and reviews.

So please remove this story and put into the something more appropriate category filter. Narusaku fans/readers hate, dislike, appreciate or care for threesome of Naruto, Sakura and other(particular males). Can you please your category filter.

Thank you.



1. character filter =/= pairing filter.
2. narusaku lover =/= sasuke basher.
3. The backbutton = it exists. The fandom police =/= you. The voice of the people also =/= you.
4. narusaku = least popular of the three Team Seven ships. Fishing for hits in the narusaku section = pretty stupid.
5. one fic you don't like =/= one less place for fic you do like.
6. This coming from a guy whose favorite ship is Manly Male!Reincarnated knight!Uzumaki Self-Insert x Sakura.

*eyerolls, answers, blocks*


Wed, Aug. 20th, 2008 02:12
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MY HOME. *clings to walls, desk, bed, doors and sweet, sweet computer*

blahblah bullet points blah.

real life/vacation )

Anyway that was my vacation. Back home, yay!

... gotta get ready to move now. T^T


Naruto Shippuuden anime : Sora arc : You bitch, I had hopes for you. )
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Want to hear how evil I am?

In two comments, I singlehandedly made deviantart unbearable for this one one poor, poor girl. I mean, she only took well-known, beautifully made pictures, edited the hell out of Girl Character 1 to replace her with Girl Character 2, and posted them in her gallery without having the decency to link back to the original artist, say her name, or even mention clearly she hadn't drawn most of the pic.

It's not like dA has rules against using anyone's art without express permission that will get the pic deleted, and your gallery too if you do it too often. Asking her to at least link back because it's the decent thing to do was clearly, CLEARLY cruelty.

Also, the fact that her traced pics keep getting deleted and her friends' pics don't is clearly because someone has an axe to grind against her. It's not like no one got around to report her friends yet -- they somehow get a pass, so she should too, and it's not right that she doesn't. D:

Then she said I made her cry, and she deleted the picture entirely!!, and I was unfair, and I should be nicer because I'm 26 and she's 16 and therefore still a kid.

1) didn't ask you to delete it, just to give proper credit, which is apparently too much even though by dA rules it's not enough. Want fair? Fair would have been to click the report button and warn the original artist she'd been ripped off. Oh wait, you mean fair "to me." My apologies.
2) You're sixteen, not six. WTF.

And now there's this journal entry...

I think...
...That I am leaving,I'll only finish my requests...Please don't ask me why but i don't have the nerves for DA Ûu

If my eyes roll any harder they're going to fly out of my skull and nail a poor crippled nun in the shins. Then she'll roll down the staircase and crash into a bus full of school kids. I'm just that evil.

*counts down the minutes before the right number of placating "no, we luv u, stay, ur rite n shes wrong!" answers is reached*

... XD; Mmmh, internet arguments. ♥
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Yaoi = Fail
Wow. I fear I have to surrender under the sheer strength and wittiness of your argument. :|

Hmm only people who would ACTUALLY like this and not fake it would be homosexuals and girls.
Thanks for reminding us that girls and gays are irrelevant second-class citizens, despite making up around 55% to 58% percent of the world population. Why, without you I would have kept going on drawing stuff that fails to satisfy the boobs-loving pen0r-bearing gods! :O

thinking this is hot pretty much certifies that you're a paedo.
This comment pretty much certifies you shouldn't use words of two syllables and more without checking the dictionary for their meaning first.

i love the way it's drawn and coloured but the idea of yaoi ewwwww i dunno but im not homophobic in any way after all im only a young innocent lickle girl lol only yokin well i am a young girl (12) but thats not why im not that keen on it
Aw, i'm sorry, I forgot it was "handholding the kid who's old enough to be trusted to surf yet not old enough to know what the fucking backbutton is for" day.

It's so strange! Suddenly I foresee a lot of yaoi pics in my immediate future. :O

edit: hahahahahaha.

i'm really sad to see that there are still pictures with gay porn starring naruto and sasuke in the front page...

I made the front page? WOOHOO. Awesome. =D
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name removed
hey i love your art work it rocks!!!!
im not a huge fan of yaoi,yuri but i like hentai and i was wondering if you could do a hntai drawing for me?

Sorry, I don't draw on request. Glad you like my stuff though.

name removed
but if i got to know you better could you do a hentai drawing for me?????

... :D :D :D :D :D :D :D Oh man, do I WANT to know you better. You charming charmer you.


Have an art dump. u.u-b )


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