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Yay for random interaction from the fanonverse in the back of my mind. (I swear by now Garou!Heero has done everything except go on a cruise to Mars.)

yay script format! )


Mon, Apr. 5th, 2010 15:21
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I'm blocked again (gnn) so, meme time!

Modified from the "imaginary sequel" meme;

Pick one of my stories and I will tell you the first lines of its PREquel. Even if I was never actually planning to write a prequel. Even if it already has a prequel -- I'll give you the first line of another version of its prequel!

Any fandom I ever wrote for, ofic also welcome. If the fic has a big cast, feel free to suggest a specific character for the prequel to center on. I might choose not to use the suggestion, but. Yeah.

Also, the sequel meme? Surprisingly fun to do and, considering my usual track record, unexpectedly successful, therefore if you want to go back there and ask for more, please feel free, I'm reopening it. (not that I ever officially closed it anyway... man i'm so messy.)

Crossed Wires : Sasuke&Kakashi - Locker Room Therapy : Sasuke - Ten NaruSasu AUs : Vampirefic : Naruto - Kiss Me, Stupid - Comrades, Coming Out and Cows : sasuke - Naru adopts Sasu into his clan - Teamwork: The Night: Kyuubi - Saki-chan :3 - Sharing is Caring : Kakashi - Teamwork: Kyuubi/Sasuke pr0n: prequel AND sequel! - Team Hebi Does Sasuke -

Enemy Skill : Zack -

Firefly crossover prequel : Duo - Garou -

edit: okay, bedtime. and tomorrow i'll be busy. But feel free to keep requesting on this meme and the other one. love you guyzzzzzzzzzzzzz *thud*

edit edit: only five days late, starting to work on the rest of the prompts! and yes, it's still open, just don't be surprised if I die before getting to yours. XDDD;

son of edit: all caught up with requests! It's still tentatively open -- feel free to request more but don't be surprised if I never get to it. I'm starting to run out of juice. x_x
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I didn't write today but thanks to Saro and Fi I've unblocked Restore! ... i haven't been able to write any teamwork, or any AU drabbles that I've got on my to-do list, or... anything else, really. Man but february sucked HARDCORE re: writing. I feel totally wilted. I hope March goes better.

So that means I need a writing meme of sorts.

Ganked from [ profile] suzukiblu
Pick one of my stories and I will tell you the first line lineS okay i'm long-winded shut up of its sequel. Even if I was never actually planning to write a sequel. Even if it already has a sequel -- I'll give you the first line of another version of its sequel!

Crossed Wires and Main Teamwork Story May Not Apply. You can ask about teamwork sidefics if for some strange reason you really want to. Actually I'm not going to say you can't ask for a sequel to a WIP but in general I'd rather not. ^^; (also, please don't ask more of something that's all of three lines long or less. I have a tendency to verbal diarrhea, so if something manages to come out that short, likely there's a reason.)

Team Taka pron - Locker Room Therapy - Locker Room Therapy 2 - Ten NaruSasu AUs: Vampirefic - Naru adds Sasu to his clan register - Sharing is Caring - Ten NaruSasu AUs: Post-apocalypse - Saki-chan - NaruSasu kitsune/knight haremness - Ten NaruSasu AUs : Pirates - Ten NaruSasu AUs : in SPACE!! - The Bird - - -

Gundam Wing
Garou: Catnip and Cheetahs - Newtype - that old, wtf merboy Duo oneshot - Garou -

Final Fantasy 7
Cloudette and the Yellow Orb - Restore -

Bleach: The Closet - GW/Firefly crossover: Duo/Mal: The Stowaway - Original: Cercle -


Sun, Jul. 19th, 2009 20:00
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It's strange how my desire to write and my ability to actually come up with coherent prose work in cycles. And those cycles are not in synch. It's kind of frustrating. I've spent the last week tortured by the kind of impulse I can only describe as "ahhhhh i want to wriiiiiiite *whine whine whine*" and yet being unable to even decide which fic I feel like working on, much less actually come up with appropriate opening sentences and descriptions and whatnot.

Want to know what's REALLY frustrating?

Not the brand-new magical apocalypse o-fic that gave me about five pages of settings and characters and ending, and refuses to tell me what actually happens at the start or anywhere close to the middle. Not the dozen oneshots that would be SO EASY to finish and post and bask in, if I could just redirect a little of that o-fic inspiration there. Not the fact that none of my current WIPs give me anything but the meh at the moment (it will pass, happens all the time, but... Meh.)

What's really really super horribly frustrating, is that I have a horrible. HORRIBLE. craving for a canonish story that would involve Heero Yuy and the rest of he gundam wing boys. As werewolves.

which I already wrote. which I still can not and will not finish, because there are too many plotholes to ever fix, and I know that perfectly well. Which I want to remake anyway. Which i'm too lazy to remake all the way, my god, it would be thirty chapters long.

Damn you, Heero. Just... argh. ARGH. Stop giving me PTSD-interacting-with-wolf-instinct and solo-guerilla-agent-conflicting-with-pack-inclination thoughts. Because while I might want to write those themes, RIGHT NOW, I just don't have any idea what setting or scene or mood or plot-like goal or ANYTHING I could even frame them in, and if I can't do that then it's just not going to go anywhere, is it?

But I still have werewolf!Heero in a corner of my head, staring at me. Waiting. Waiting.

And if I only knew how to cave in, pride be damned I would cave in like an old swiss-cheese-like mine entertaining a couple metric fucktons of high explosives.

My deepest thanks to y'all who tried to help on the previous teamwork bit. i'm still digesting all the suggestions and trying to see if anything surfaces. It's going to take a little while for it to unblock, unless I get a flash of genius tomorrow... but i'm not counting on it.
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I ought to invest in a can of bunny-b-gone for that fic universe, I swear.

random garou!1-3-2 scenelet )
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-Daddy Dearest decided he didn't like the rented apartment we have lived in since I was 1 year old (yeah, so about ... a lot of years) or the neighborhood (which hasn't changed at all) and got and bought another apartment. It's not too far from here, there's a bus and everything, blah di blah. Sounds okay, yeah? Except the building is at the bottom of a hill-slope AND the apartment is on the ground floor AND I get the room that faces the hill, so I'm losing my view of the sky and restful green trees to gain a view of a small grassy slope, an ugly tar path where people sometimes walk, a line of boxy-looking garages, and more unpretty hill. Sky? Hah.

What bugs me the most is that the path is on the same level as my goddamn window, or even a little higher, meaning anyone who walks by can look down and see me plain as day. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate. Goodbye, days of making faces at the computer, scratching various scratchy bits of my anatomy, and walking around in my bedroom in my underwear. That, or goodbye sunlight. My god, summer will kill me.

(It's kinda cute to see my dad fangirling over wooden planks, floor plans and prettily-shaped windows, though. Of course I would like it more if he didn't need an audience for his deep ponderings over whether this color is better than that color. Dad, I'm the artist of the family and I can't see any difference, as long as it's not flammable or toxic just take the cheapest. DX )

-PAMPLEMOUSSE! (it shall not be said that sometimes I can't be REALLY slow.) )

-Why do I still have "X years after Garou" bunnies. Especially of the "let's invite Wufei in" variety. I'm so bad. XD;;; (but! there are sexy, exhausting, sweat-inducing, shower-needing three-way sparring sessions... ;__;)

-EDIT I love my Saropyon. XD )
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So to be clear, I'm not going to write it. Just sometimes I'll think about my old GW fic Garou and what's up with them now that they're 25 in my mind (Sometimes I think that's why I couldn't keep going with the 'verse. The muses aged and the story didn't catch up in time.) But hell, the idea cracked me up.

random plotless bunny... )


Sat, Apr. 21st, 2007 13:52
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Ayé, j'ai finalement fini de traduire le résumé du Werewolf en français. Je l'ai fait à la va comme j'te pousse et je manque de sommeil, alors les fautes de frappe et les horribles traducs du genre "c'est pas français, ça, d'ailleurs je sais pas si c'est anglais non plus" sont probablement plus que nombreuses. Franchement à ce point je m'en bats les couille un tout ch'tit peu. Je suis trop contente d'avoir fini, alors tant pis. XD;

. . .

Thu, Sep. 14th, 2006 22:07
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Yesterday, I deleted all of Garou's 37 chapters except for the first and the last, in an attempt to cut down on whining. I left them up on my site, and left instructions about that in the fic itself, along with a notice of what I had done and why.

Today I have finally received my 666th review for Garou on FFnet.

The following review has been submitted to: Garou Chapter: 2

From: (a jealous moron who can't read and is butting in something they don't have a clue about)

Two chapters and over 650 reviews and you discontinue?

What the *fuck* is wrong with you?

I'm sorry, but I just find that lack of persistence depressing in an author to give up so readily. I honestly do.

Ahahaha! ahaha.


I know there's a blindingly obvious, terrible irony in there. Somehow, though, I fail to be amused.

(no subject)

Tue, Aug. 29th, 2006 23:37
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i'm at Kin's and her keyboard is HATE. it's not a french keyboard, and some letters are at the same place but not all of them and i never remember which. guhh.

anywayz! having fun so far. HAVE BOOKS. and a kitty to torture. mmmh. u.u

they're making me walk ;_;

shouldnt have checked my mail though )

guh. D:

Fri, Jun. 9th, 2006 04:13
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The following review has been submitted to: Garou Chapter: 38 so adorable ^^ Especially kitty!Quatre... Much ove, and I
dearly hope you write more asap...I love this story

d00d, i'm glad you find the ficlets adorable, darling, but -- D: how. how did you miss the author notes. how. they're only HALF OF THE CHAPTER, BOTH BEFORE AND AFTER THE FICLETS.

wtf. @_@

(GW) *sigh*

Wed, Jun. 7th, 2006 19:54
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I think it's time for me to stick an "abandoned" tag on Garou and start translating the scenes I have and summarizing the scenes I planned, since I can't add anything new. I've been reluctant to say it out loud, because so many people loved it and it led me to meet and befriend so many awesome people, but I have to admit it -- this story is dead. It's dead and it's not coming back.

eulogy for an incomplete epic )

EDIT: SUMMARY OF THE END OF GAROU. I'll see about translating the scenes another day. Thanks everyone.

Le même en français!

Je pense qu'il est temps pour moi d'admettre que Garou est abandoné, de poster les scènes que j'avais écrites il y a quelques siècles, et de résumer le reste de ce que j'avais prévu. Je ne voulais pas l'admettre tout haut, parce que tellement de personnes aimaient ce fic et qu'il m'a aidée à rencontrer tant de gens vraiment bien, mais je suis bien obligée -- cette histoire est morte. Elle est morte et elle ne reviendra pas.

Read more... )
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EDIT: whoops, I wasn't clear enough, my bad. Hairdresser Chick and Entitlement Complex Chick are two different people ^______^;;; And I've been bothered by Entitlement Complex Chick's attitude for YEARS, which is why it took so little for me to get all RARR at her; I'm not usually quite that sensitive. XD

1) the "hairdresser Duo" strikes again. This time with a "where do you get the idea that the Gboys are gay?" post. 'feh. She's trying so hard to sound non-offensive. It... isn't reeeally working. Oh well, all things considered it's one of her most intelligent posts to date. I seriously wonder, though, how it is that she's been hanging around the GWA board for so many months and is still wondering what's the appeal of slashing boys together when there's nothing in canon proving it.

2) See, there are several kinds of feedback, and unless they are stupid and/or offending, they're all good.

-There's the smart analysis, which is good even when it points out things that don't work, because "OMG they spent time thinking about my fic!" Also because of the possibility of "oops, didn't notice, thanks, will fix so my fic is better".

-There's the fangirl squeeing, which is less intellectually stimulating, but is very very good in terms of happy glowy purring-ness. "wheee, they LOVED my fic!" *happies*

(also can seem less cold and detached than the analysis kind, which is a good thing because half the interest of a fic is the putting-facts-together, but another half is the emotional impact. So really, the two kinds of feedback = equal in my eyes though I like it even better when I know what you liked/noticed. XD)

I define the stupid in terms of 1) total pointlessness, 2) irrelevant-ness, 3) settle down a bit with the quadruple personalities on sugar high plz? and 4) HAVE YOU EVEN READ THE AUTHOR NOTES. (this one is an automatic KILLKILL button for me. Skip the author notes on your way in if you will, but if you've got a question at the end, you better check that it wasn't already answered before you hit send. XD)

The offending is 1) flames, 2) people assuming that I share their beliefs and biases, or if I don't, then I should, 3) people pimping their stories shamelessly, and 4) (which might be less fandom-general and more a me-thing, so people who don't know me from Adam wouldn't guess how much it really bugs me) Telling me to do stuff, even jokingly.

Which brings us to our current 'HAH. SURE.' moment. )

X3 Ahhh. *enjoying getting to be a bitch for once*

I realize she's not entirely in the OMG DIE category -- you're allowed to think that I reacted more harshly than I should have. I'm thinking I did, too, a little. Hey, maybe she really thinks that she was perfectly friendly and that her feedback is great. Though someone should really tell her that quality =/= quantity.

But I can't make myself feel guilty, because god does she push my "who the fuck do you think you are" button. Rarrr.
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[ profile] kira_kirke, do you object to your 1x5 ficlet to be made into a Garou ficlet? I'm still not sure if that will even work, I just thought of it right now, but i'm a bit stuck and maybe that way I'd get somewhere. *ponders*

... anyone else wants Garou drabbles? First three people~ and try to give me good prompts plz. XD

... "sex", "lemon" and "smut" are not valid answers. Neither is "pheromones". Sera, Jo, you cannot ask for another one. XP

Since I suck, I don't promise they'll ever get done, but there's a HeeroOkami muse staring at me from the corner with big reproachful eyes. So, yeah.


[ profile] padfut_n_prongs : Wufei, Zoo

[ profile] animeprincess: Duo, Quatre and catnip

Still one free slot, people.

(maaaaybe. [ profile] sgreer: Duo in the future. bbbut that would be spoilery!! I want to write that, but. *sigh* )

Edit the second: i'm lazy, so offer's closed.
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-Merquise est quoi? )



eeeet la scène suivante. O___o;; )

While i'm at it, [ profile] bloodyscary is looking for Wufei/Treize fics. Are there any archives out here for this pairing? Do you have any recs?
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betaed by the amazing [ profile] windshades, of course. ♥

Quatre and Trowa fwee~ )

And we go back to one chapter every ten years. :P (and yes, in the next chapter there's tons of Heero and Duo interaction and cuteness. Hohohoho.)
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I'll answer to people's ficcage later, promise. I did read them -- even tho I shouldn't have because I should have been translating. XD

Also have a mini rant on a stupid review I got, but i'm fighting the urge to wank in public. enable me plz.

*translate translate*

yes, more ozzies. hnn. )

Okay, it's all fresh from translation, meaning that grammar horrors and typos and wrong words abound. If you catch one, please tell me because I suck and probably won't notice. ;_;


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