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Summary: Post-game. All the players have been revived and the Alpha and Beta counterparts merged; the Kids, Trolls and a lone girl Cherub wake together as gods on their reward planet.

This is my feelgood fluff-verse. :3 It might contain angst and violence anyway because some of the characters involved make it hard not to, and because the salt of tears makes other things taste sweeter by comparison bwahaha.

Contains: Human/Troll hybrid species, random instances of polyamory and other out-quadrant behavior, the crew being *gods*...

Pairings: Established: Signless/Disciple/Psiioniic pale-flushed tangle, flushed Sollux/Feferi, pale Sollux/Aradia, pale Equius/Nepeta, pale Karkat/Gamzee,
WIP: ashen/red/black Dave/Jade/Karkat clusterfuck, pale/flushed Darkleer/Dad Egbert/Handmaid, caliginous Sollux/Roxy, flushed John/Vriska...

Notes: I started planning out and writing that fic just before Hussie started giving us the pre-scratch Ancestors, so I had to make my own and sort out the mess of titles. Some of them I hadn't yet worked on much, so I'll probably take the canon ones, but some were already written, so I'm keeping those as they are. Kheper for example is different from Kankri in that he was a polyamorous mess instead of doing the vow of chastity thing, though I've decided that in his first life he WAS a sanctimonious SJ twerp. Disciple is the Knight of Heart and Redglare is the Bard Rogue of Mind instead of Redglare being the Knight, which means Hesper Pyrope will probably be quite different from Latula Pyrope. I love Latula, but it would be too confusing if I mixed up canon and fanon casts that much. Aranea and Meenah were already around by then so they're used in the fic.

The thing is that the main personality is still, for example, the Condesce's instead of Meenah's, and Condie was the Empress for millenaries while Meenah is 9 sweeps old, so the prescratch past of those people might not actually have a lot of influence on how the character is now.

Characters: Karkat, Signless, Dave, Jade.
Summary: Kink meme prompt: kid/troll, walking in the sun
Once the game is over, and the kids and trolls (revivified and whatnot) are deposited onto the new planet they made, the trolls discover that here, on this new planet, the sunlight doesn't kill them. They can walk it in completely fine, just like Kanaya can, and they individually learn to leave soaking in the sun's warmth in different ways. Doesn't have to be shippy, but I do love kids/patron trolls interactions if you do.

Bonus points: Because sunlight = death for most of the troll's civilization, they're at first extremely weirded out by how much humans enjoy being in it

No pairings yet but Dave blackflirts like he's trying to give Karkat the most embarrassing hateboner there ever was.

Remember the Spring
Characters: Signless/Disciple, background Karkat & Jade
Summary: This fic contains: whining i mean existential angst, horrendous amounts of schmoop, gratuitious headcanons, Signless being a goddamn quadrant hippie, Jade failing for a second time to emerge from the background >:(, Signless/Disciple adorableness.

Characters: Nepeta, Disciple, Signless, Karkat.
Summary: Pesterlog. Nepeta discovers a new screenname in her color on her chumproll. Bad roleplaying ensues.

Characters: Expatriate Darkleer, Dad Crocker-Egbert, the Handmaid.
Summary: It's the first evening of his brand new life on this brand new planet. Darkleer wishes old age would kill him already.

Characters: John, OCs (Kaleo, Eridi)
Summary: John finds a grubbaby.

Ancestor names, classes, screennames and quirks )

Horn shapes )
askerian: (OTVillage_By Frakalakalaka)
Summary: It starts when Heiji and Kazuha decide that, man, they sure do love each other, but things would be great if they could also love on Shinichi and Ran, at least part-time.

Then it spreads out a bit.

This series contains porn (yaoi and het and hopefully some yuri), humor, some angst, polyamory. Also, porn. Exploration of character and pairing dynamics (read: dealing with "this is my fiancee, and this is my boyfriend" situations), because I'm a nerd that way. Friendships both old and new, because friends are awesome. And a sprinkling of porn on top. (No cheating/partner betrayal. None none none.)

Implicit/established: Shinichi/Ran, Heiji/Kazuha, Kazuha/Ran.
Graphic: Shinichi/Heiji, Shinichi/Heiji/Hakuba Saguru, Ran/Kuroba Kaito, Shinichi/Ran/Kaito, Shinichi/Heiji/Kaito...

Swordfight! Hur hur hur.
Summary: "It's the Kudo-Ran clause. It's not cheating if it's with either of you." Friendship. Humor. Also, some man-on-man porn.
Pairings: Heiji/Shinichi. Background established Shinichi/Ran and Heiji/Kazuha.

Unrepentant Kimono Porn
Summary: In Osaka for a heist, Hakuba finds himself in dire need of Heiji's hospitality. Damn it.
Pairings: Hattori Heiji/Hakuba Saguru/Kudo Shinichi.

Kimono Porn Fallout
Summary: Not actually porny! Saguru, morning afters and dealing with your lovers' significant other.
Pairings: Ran & Saguru, some Shinichi and Heiji.

Heist Prevention
Summary: ??? (still being written. hella stuck tho.)
Pairings: Kid/Ran.

How To Catch A Kid
Summary: Luring him in is one thing; convincing him to stay, quite another.
Pairings: Shinichi/Kid/Ran.

Party Hookups Aren't What They Used To Be
Summary: "If I'm dragging you in a closet tonight, I gotta drag you to Kazuha first." Post-Unrepentant Kimono Porn; Hakuba and Heiji have a chance encounter. No graphic porn, but pushes the R barrier.
Pairings: Heiji/Hakuba, Heiji/Kazuha.

Party Coda
Summary: Ficlet, morning after for Heiji and Kazuha. Fluff, no porn.
Pairings: Heiji/Kazuha.

Twin Trouble
Summary: Shinichi introduces Heiji and Kaito. Twin-kink porn ensues.
Pairings: Kid/Shinichi/Heiji.


Far-off future
Summary: Snippet for a sequel-meme. Saguru grows. Might happen like this, might be edited/expanded/deleted later, I don't know yet.
Pairings: None; ensemble cast.
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Summary: A few years after the wars, it's official : Newtypes (human beings born with psychic powers as a result of being born in Space) exist. Preventers Wufei Chang and Heero Yuy are assigned to an independent case -- a series of sabotages and murders that might be traced back to their old comrade Duo Maxwell -- but are quickly pulled off-tracks by a shocking discovery. (Contains : newtypes, life in the L2 slums, political and criminal intrigues, and a boatload of issues. Does not contain: girlywimp!Duo, robotic!Heero, ONNA!Wufei, character bashing.)

Pairings: Heero/Wufei (?), Wufei/mystery canon female character, past Heero/Relena, past Wufei/Meiran, Duo/?? (note, I like threesomes and polyamory. I'm not sure yet anything like that will happen, but if it goes that way, eh.)


She didn't ask him where he'd been, this past month, or tell him what an unexpected pleasure his being there was. The only thing that mattered was whether he needed to go, not where or when or even why, and she wasn't about to try to guilt him about it.
Relena/Heero, ficlet.

Chapter 1.1

Chapter 1.2

Chapter 2.1
Chapter 2.2

Chapter 3.1
Chapter 3.2
Chapter 3.3

Chapter 4.1
Chapter 4.2


One-Sentence Snippet

One potential ending (spoilerific!)

Alternate Universes
girl!Heero, chapter 3

Most of the time Wufei honestly barely remembers that Heero is a woman.
Ficlet. For a genderbending meme. (duh. XD)
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Summary: the His Dark Materials story rests onto the idea that in some universes human beings have an "external" soul, which takes the shape of an animal. The animal is usually the opposite gender of its person, and it can shift between species at will until puberty, where it settles into its definitive form, which depends on the human's personality but can be just about any animal, insects included. There's a huge taboo against a human touching a daemon, unless you're... well, soulmates, because it feels icky and wrongwrongwrong.

This is the game, with added soul!pets, so I'll only do scenes where the daemons change the way things go, but there won't be big, endgame-changing stuff.

pairings: this is following the game plot (sometimes even the actual game script) and thus as gen as the game, meaning Aeris and Tifa flirt with Cloud in their own ways but nothing actually happen.



Characters: Gast&Shelag, Sephiroth&???, Hojo&???
Summary: Drabble. Gast worries about babyRoth.

Characters: Ifalna&Jalen, Aeris&Simon
Summary: 800 words. "All Cetra daemons are birds. Her mother's was a fierce thunderbird. Her father's -- she is told, she doesn't remember -- a storm-petrel, always flying high, never landing. One of her grandparents had a phoenix.

Ifalna's Jalen is a sparrow, flitting here and there on her head, her shoulders. Anything but impressive, a drab little thing that cannot fight, that relies on looking like too much effort for too little of a meal. He suits her well."

Characters: Tifa&Breon
Summary: 800 words. Breon settles.

Characters: Zack&Callie, Sephiroth&???
Summary: in Wutai.


Not at First Sight

Characters: Tifa&Breon, Cloud&Skally
Summary: Tifa meets Cloud at the train station.

Church Encounter
Characters: Aeris&Simon, Cloud&Skally, some Tifa&Breon, Barret&Akela, Reno&Tahoe.
Summary: "Skally's front claws were hooked deep into his wrists, a double pawful of them, needle-sharp, almost strong enough to nick bone. For a second he almost thought she was going to manage to keep him from falling."

Quest to Crossdress
Characters: Cloud&Skally, Aeris&Simon
Summary: "You're aware that I'm about four times your size, right?"

Characters: Vincent&Janet, Cloud&Skally
Summary: Drabble. "When Vincent changes shapes his daemon tears into pieces beside him and for a moment she's like mist on the verge of death."

Characters: Elena&Marco, Reno&Tahoe, Rude&Ben
Summary: That thing in Wutai with Don Corneo.

Dragon Taxonomy
Characters: Cloud&Skally, Yuffie&Xiaolu, Cid&Lisbet, Barret.
Summary: ~380 words. A random discussion between party members.

Divergent Timeline n°1: CloTiRis
One thing does change. One silly, inconsequential thing. It snowballs pretty fast.
This timeline contains a Cloud/Tifa/Aeris threesome, amongst other things.

Interrupted By Fireworks
Characters: Breon&Tifa, Cloud&Skally, Aeris&Simon
Summary: "Tifa was already stepping forward to push Cloud along when the door opened behind her and Aeris's cheerful voice rang. 'Heya, Cloud! You want to go on a date?'" 3 600 words, crack and angst.

City of the Ancients
Characters: Breon&Tifa, Aeris&Simon, Nanaki, Cloud&Skally
Summary: "She watched Cloud and Skally leap from pillar to pillar, reach the stairs' landing, climb up to the platform, the strange altar where Aeris and Simon waited, and she almost stayed behind." 3 400 words, angst and action, weird mindfuckery.

Daemon list & pics )
askerian: Wing Zero gundam rising into space with wings spread (1_Wing Zero is shiny)
Story: Fusion between Gundam Wing and the Temeraire books by Naomi Novik, which are about the Napoleonic war, in a world where dragons are sentient, have always existed, and are so common that humans breed them and use them in battle. Dragons raised by humans tend to forge a strong bond with the person taking care of them when they come out of the shell.

Pairings/relationships: No Gboys hooking up. As for the dragons, hey, they're dragons, who's gonna tell them no. u.u

Characters: Wing, Deathscythe, Heavyarms, Sandrock, Nataku
Summary: Like the title says. Drabbles about the five dragons at series start.

Characters: Heero, Wing, Dr. J.
Summary: Heero waits for his dragon to hatch.

How no-name got Heavyarms
: Trowa Barton/no-name, Doktor S, OC.
Summary: "He woke in the middle of the night to a man in white coat leaning over him, hand stretched out toward his shoulder."

Nataku Episode Zero NEW
: Meiran Long, Shen Long Kai/Nataku, Wufei Chang
Summary: He is your rider's husband, and it is discourteous to make him walk."
"I said he will not ride me," Kai would reply, "so he may keep exercising his legs, and not grow fat."

Stealth Fail
Characters: Duo, Deathscythe, Prof. G.
Summary: Young!Scythe and Duo getting into trouble, for Fi.

Scythe and Wing meet
Characters: Heero, Wing, Deathscythe, Duo, a Relena cameo.
Summary: Episodes one to three, with dragons.

Sweet Music
Characters: Heavyarms, Trowa, Quatre, Sandrock.
Summary: "Nice mating ritual. Getting you anywhere yet?"

"how would destroying the gundams go?" ficlet NEW
Characters: Deathscythe, Shen Long Kai, Heavyarms, Duo.
Summary: IT WOULD NOT. D:
askerian: Serious Karkat in a red long-sleeved shirt (FF7_CloudSephAerisZack)
Story: Started for my baby meme, quickly took a life of its own. Pre-Nibelheim, a scientist under Hojo decides that what they truly need isn't another Sephiroth (that spot's already taken!), but a bunch of Sephiroth/1st Class SOLDIER crossbreeds. Zack takes exception. Cue one clueless SOLDIER having to raise five weird kids with super-strength while on the run from a mega-corporation.

Pairings/relationships: Mostly gen, about Zack and the kids. Background Zack/Seph, Zack+Aeris. Might evolve, I don't know.

Characters: Zack, Sephiroth
Summary: "They all had silver hair, somehow."

Forgiveness and Permission
Characters: Zack & Kegarr (OC, Gabe's dad)
Summary: So uh yeah, wanna go on the run with me?

Waking up/Early morning
Characters: Zack & Gabe
Summary: "The sun was rising pale and bright over the red stone of the Cosmo Mountains when the first of them woke."

Characters: Zack & Nadine
Summary: Where's mah rubber duckie, bitch. >__>

Characters: Zack, all the kids
Summary: "He's strangely happy the first time Jake reaches for a closed door and figures out how to open it by hanging his weight from the handle.
It's the beginning of the end."

Howdy, Neighbor -- NEW
Characters: Zack, the kids, Grig Poulson (OC)
Summary: Zack takes his brood down to visit Cosmo Canyon.

Characters: Zack & Sephiroth, the kids. (Zack/Seph.)
Summary: Yo! Babydaddy droppin' by for a surprise visit.

Welcome to Nibelheim
(still being written.)

Child Support
Characters: Zack, kids, surprise other!OC.
Summary: "Today was bad luck all around." Or, "knock knock, it's Shinra. :D"

Characters: Zack & Cloud, kids.
Summary: Yohoho glorious clusterfucks. >:D

Steal genderbent AUs

Sephiroth As A Woman (Hair AU)

Kegarr As A Woman (Forgiveness and Permission AU)
askerian: Naruko smiling happily (adorable!) (Naruko_Happiness is Haremness)
Shit happens when Naruto gets his hands on the key to his seal too early, and the yang and yin chakra of Kyuubi are freed.

As in, now there are three Narutos.

Tripletsverse is:
-a series of oneshots and drabbles in the same continuity,
-written out of order.

It contains:
-yaoi, het and yuri,
-rough sex, cute sex,
-crack, angst, gen-introspection, it incest or masturbation when they're three non-identical clones who used to be one person and the demon sealed inside him?

timeline: Some weird limbo after Jiraiya and Deidara's deaths but before Itachi's.
Team 7 is gearing up to leave but news of Jiraiya's death come first. Mission to track down Sasuke abandoned (team 8 wasn't even told there would be any.)
Team Hebi meets Deidara, Deidara dies. No Konoha nins to pressure them to leave the inn early so they let Sasuke sleep his fill. Meanwhile Itachi's health takes a turn for the worse (stupid rain going all night!) and he thinks he might not be able to win against Sasuke so he slips away to get himself healthy again. Sasuke loses the trail.

Possible pairings: ... a shit-ton. Characters I want to involve in pairings are Naruto, Naruko, Kyuubi, and Sasuke, Sakura, Itachi, Hinata, Sai, Ino, Neji, Karin (perhaps Suigetsu and Juugo), perhaps Gaara... Hell, suggest away.

ficlets whose title is not a link are planned but not yet written/posted.



Like hell Naruto is going to let Danzou get that frog Key thing.
(Naruto, Sakura, Naru, Kyuubi.)

Ordinary Uzumaki day
Kiba really hates Naruto's habit of making really hot chicks. No, really.
(Kiba, Naruto, Naru, crack)

Kyuubi, pondering some changes his new human-ness has made. Also Tenten.
(Kyuubi, Tenten. Introspection + silliness)

Band-aids and the ripping thereof
Well, Tsunade had to find out at some point.
(triplets, Tsunade. Gen)

(no title yet)
"Do you two mind if we talk to Naruto for a minute?" Kakashi-sensei asked, and her first reaction was 'I'm sure they won't'.
(Naru, team kakashi. Gen, angst)

Three people in one tiny apartment. Talk about a tight fit.
(Kyuubi/Naruto, Naru. M/M R-NC-17, dubious consent)

"So do we just call you Naruto 1, 2 and 3?"
(Kyuubi/Sai. Sai, Triplets, Sakura. M/M PG-13)

"No, seriously, girlfriend, we have GOT to teach you about the wonders of a good bra." Man, but being a girl is hard work. D:
(Naru/Sakura. Naru, Ino, Sakura. Humor, fluff. F/F PG-...uh, 15?)

Names, Redux
Names are useless, meaningless things, and she can't have Kushina's.
(Kyuubi, Naruto&Naru, gen-ish)

"Guys guys I ttly get to wash on the girls' side of the public baths now. :D AND NOT EVEN GET BEAT UP. bet you're jealous."
(Naru/Hinata, F/F light-R, romantic fluff)

Girl Talk
"Hey, hey, did you know Hinata-chan is a LESBIAN?"
(Sakura, Naru. Naru/Hinata, Sakura/??)


Change of Plans
"You're not the Uchiha I was looking for."
(Itachi, Kyuubi, tension)

Rescue Mission
Team seven (all seven of them) plan.
(Triplets, Sakura, Sai, Kakashi, Yamato)

Sage Training
Like the title says.

Declaration of War
Fuck you, Danzo. Fuck you in the *nose*. Nyah.

(untitled yet)
You want to get Itachi to what?


Wake-up call
Oh my god, since when is any kind of Naruto hot. DX

Coming out or something
Naru brings Hinata home to meet the in-laws. Kyuubi, keep your hands off, damn it.
(Triplets/Hinata? D:)

~snake snake it's a snake~
Kyuubi meets Team Hebi.

Itachi and Sasuke meet again.

AKA what if Naruto had been born a girl.
(not actually canon, just fun. XD)

Girl!Naruto introspection
(girlNaruto, girlKyuubi, boyNaru, drabble)

Bathhouse Meeting
(boyHinata, girlNaruto, girlKyuubi, boyNaru, ficlet)

Dat ass. Comparing curves
(GirlKyuubi/GirlNeji, boyHinata, girlNaruto, boyNaru, smut, ficlet)

(Triplets, Post-Sasuke giving them the slip.)

This list subject to editing and re-editing and adding and shuffling things around at my merest whim.

Feel free to give me more suggestions in the comments. No promise, but we'll see what happens.
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This post is not for all of my ficlets -- just for ficlets and drabbles that turn out to be part of a same universe that's not big enough to deserve a master post of its very own. (Sometimes when I do a writing meme, the ficlets get swallowed up in comments threads or whatnot; and sometimes you see X and it turns out you've never seen the ficlet/oneshot/WIP it's supposedly based on.) If you can't find it in this list (and it's not already sorted elsewhere), drop me a line and I'll find it for you.


-Teamwork sidefics -- Naruto-centric prequel ficlets -- Sakura prequel multipart.
-Tripletsverse (Naruto/Naruko/Kyuubi harem fic) is here.

-FF7: Restore ficlets are archived with the rest of the fic.
-FF7: Steal (the Zack Babyfics) is here.
-FF7: Daemon AU is here.

-GW: Newtype is here.
-Wufei on Gaia (ff7/GW crossover) is here.
-Dragons And Their Boys (GW/Temeraire) is here.

-Swingersverse is here.


Naruto )

Gundam Wing )

Final Fantasy 7 )

Bleach )

Avatar )

Homestuck )

Crossovers )

And, it's likely I've forgotten quite a few, so please feel free to prod me about them.
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Fandom: Final Fantasy 7 (post-Advent Children, no Dirge of Cerberus, no Crisis Core)

Status: Work in progress. And I write slowly.

Summary: Two years after the events of Advent Children. Cloud and Tifa never hoped they might see Aeris or Zack ever again -- and they did hope they wouldn't have to deal with Sephiroth a third time. They were wrong on both counts.

Having their friends back is great, but it also comes with its share of awkwardness, confusion and other, more practical troubles; having to deal with a newly sane -- or is he? -- but still bastardly killer doesn't help. Especially when they still have to keep Denzel, Avalanche, WRO and the Turks happy.

Meanwhile in the Wutai court, a sinister plot is brewing that could engulf the whole world once again...

Genre: action/psychological/romance. Plot. Attempt at redeeming Sephiroth. Possible polyamory.

Pairings: ...Well. This is kind of complicated.

It starts out more or less Cloud/Tifa and Zack/Aeris, mostly because two of them were alive and two of them weren't. They won't cheat or betray each other. But they might start mix'n'matching.

And then there's Sephiroth.

There will be straight, male/male and female/female interaction. It also means that the dating situation will be more complicated than "do you like me, Y/N" and "Yay we kissed once, now we're gonna get married true luve forevarrr." Mm, polyamory. I'm going to be shooting for a fivesome, just to see if I can make it happen in character, but at best I expect fluid twosome/threesome combinations amongst the five of them and for people to have favorites, not an equal "everyone loves everyone else just the same" situation. There will be jealousy and awkwardness. Tifa is shy like that, Cloud is confused and likes keeping to himself, and Sephiroth will be trying his best to stay asexual and not interested. I'll have to see how far I can believably push them, and if they won't do it in a way that doesn't break suspension of disbelief, then I won't force it. (Strangely enough, I expect no problem from Zack and Aeris.)

And even with all that babble, the plot still gets more spotlight than the relationships.

Warning, I don't have a beta for my posts on Livejournal. Betareading is for the ffnet version, but I haven't started to post it on ffnet yet. There are probably stray mistakes here and there and weird characterization or anti-canon stupidity. I'll be thankful if you feel like pointing them out, but it's alright if you don't. Hopefully my beta will catch what I missed anyway.


Chapter 1.1
Chapter 1.2

Chapter 2.1
Chapter 2.2

Chapter 3.1
Chapter 3.2
Chapter 3.3

Chapter 4.1
Chapter 4.2

Chapter 5.1
Chapter 5.2
Chapter 5.3

Chapter 6.1
Chapter 6.2

Chapter 7.1
Chapter 7.2
Chapter 7.3

Chapter 8.1
Chapter 8.2

Chapter 9

Sidefic: Cloudette and the Yellow Orb
(Genderbending crack.)
Prequel: Fluff and Feathers (gen, slow-paced Cloud + kids + chocobo fluff)
Sidefic: Misfortune (Sephiroth/Cloud preslash)
SOLDIER (the first few lines of a Restore sequel I might never write. Sephiroth + OC.)

Genderbent Alternate Universe ficlets:

(Cloud and Sephiroth are women, Tifa and Aeris are men ♥ )
Prequel: Sephiroth in Wutai (slightly edited/expanded version)
Sephiroth and Aerith and gardening

(Zack is a woman)
Zack, Aeris, Sephiroth. Flirting. Kind of.

by [personal profile] shewhoflies: Some Tifa introspection, on Zack.
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I have no clue whether I'll remember to use it, but [ profile] ciceqi uses lists like those to keep track of her written-out-of-order one-shot collections, so I figured I'd try it too. u.u *copycat*

Characters : Wufei Chang, Heero Yuy, Duo Maxwell, Zack Fair, Sephiroth, Cloud Strife, Aeris Gainsborough.
Time Period : Gundam Boys are 20; 1 year before the events of FF7. Not Crisis Core or Before Crisis compliant.

List subject to being reordered / added to as I figure out how many stories need to be in there and in which order they should be told.

Hey, Stranger.
Wufei in Mideel.

Last Piece of Home
Magic does not make up for a lost life.

Fuck that noise.

Shinra, Inc.
Mercenary feels like a bad word.

Dirty Laundry
He's not lonely. He's not.

Kindred Spirits
Wherein Sephiroth earns "Sir."

And A Kiss For Luck
Oh my. That's a very sexy bike you've got.

Cid does not like conducting job interviews much.

Good day for Hojo.

The Attic
Heero wakes.


Meme reply, might become canon (will then be expanded), might not.


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