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Sun, Sep. 2nd, 2012 04:56
askerian: Wing Zero gundam rising into space with wings spread (1_Wing Zero is shiny)
Askerian: i be dancerin and havin silly married heero/duo banterthoughts
Askerian: at some point heero deadpan calls duo sugarplum, then duo's all D: "i think my balls just fell off", and then heero's like "useless to me then. barton! dumping maxwell, you interested?"
Askerian: they're bastards to each other.
Askerian: it's love.
Askerian: and then duo's like "give me one good reason i shouldn't dump you for real, you bitch" and heero's like " : | mortgage."
"... fuck, that's right. *sadflops*"
Askerian: they are the most romantic, it is them
askerian: Wing Zero gundam rising into space with wings spread (1_Wing Zero is shiny)
Askerian: i had the most prr-worthy muse scene going through my head. *_*
Askerian: it's from the 'verse in my head where the garou'verse keeps crossing over with just about every other gundam wing fic i read or write. XD this time it was werewolf heero/girl heero
JoIsBishMyoga: oooooh
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askerian: (1x2x5 Duo-pillow)
I tried to make this one into a non-garou, actual ficlet, but it really didn't work. The beginning was fun but then it fell back into too much description and clinical things and emotionally empty boringness. So here's the script version.

omghaircuts D: )
askerian: (1x2_aw there there)
Yay for random interaction from the fanonverse in the back of my mind. (I swear by now Garou!Heero has done everything except go on a cruise to Mars.)

yay script format! )
askerian: (Heero_Garou)
I ought to invest in a can of bunny-b-gone for that fic universe, I swear.

random garou!1-3-2 scenelet )
askerian: (5_tell me you're kidding)
I've just had the most disgustingly sappy bunny ever. And to make things even worse, it's 1) incomplete (it starts in the middle) and 2) GUNDAM WING.

Urgh, 1x2 sap.

Maybe if I share it here it will leave me alone... )
askerian: (Heero_Garou)
So to be clear, I'm not going to write it. Just sometimes I'll think about my old GW fic Garou and what's up with them now that they're 25 in my mind (Sometimes I think that's why I couldn't keep going with the 'verse. The muses aged and the story didn't catch up in time.) But hell, the idea cracked me up.

random plotless bunny... )


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