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Written for the Psychic Wolves for Lupercalia challenge. (Jaegers are wolves!)


Valois for grace and perfect poise, it was said, Stuart for unmatched hunting prowess, Wulfenbach for robustness and unity of purpose -- and Heterodyne for the monster under the bed.

The wolf that trotted in at the side of Lady Agatha Heterodyne could have been bred straight out of Valois stock, so prettily put together was she. Such a delicate silver that she shone, moonlike, under the hundreds of candles hanging from the walls and ceiling of the grand ballroom, but for a sooty mask, legs like opera gloves. A delicate build and paws that trotted daintily almost succeeded in making her an asset instead of a shock.

Then again, Mechanicsburg being what it was, they'd all been braced for far worse than one of the gentler sex being soul-bonded to a war beast. This even seemed almost calculated, even though Tarvek knew -- not from first hand, but from many a recounting -- that there was, in the end, no forcing a bond. You could direct it, make sure only the appropriate sort would have access, but in the end the wolf chose. This wolf...

"Anevka?" he inquired. His sister chuckled pleasantly at some princeling's words and turned to him, looking outwardly polite, inwardly sarcastic.

"Yes, dear?"

Tarvek handed her a flute of champagne, eyes cutting toward the new entrance, hardly unremarked, smiled into his own flute so his lips would be obscured. "Is that her very own?"

Anevka, was the thing, had a soul for wolves. Had she been born to some lower house, or one with a passel of sisters to lose herself amongst, she would have not passed sixteen without being bonded. (And then, probably, been relegated to some forgettable country estate.) Things being as they were, their father had noticed the interest their Blitzengaard cousins' companions paid her, and immediately forbidden any unbonded wolf from putting toe onto the castle grounds.

Being bonded would ruin most of her marriage prospects, ruin her reputation. She'd accepted it easily enough. She still had a feel for them, somehow, that Tarvek could not for the life of him learn.

Meanwhile Tarvek himself had never gotten a second look. But that was neither here nor there.

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Post-EW, fusion with the Iskryne series, written for the Psychic Wolves for Lupercalia mini-challenge. Duo-centric, eventual Duo/Heero. Psychic packbonding, consent issues.

Duo doesn’t want to join the Preventers, thankyouverymuch. Preserving the peace is all well and good but he likes answering to no one but himself, and like hell he wants to buddy up to people he and Killer used to stand against, back during the war.

Only the Preventers have a pack, and his brother-wolf doesn’t, never has, deserves to, and maybe a junkyard dog isn’t all a warrior wolf should be.


Duo swore Heero would have kept him awake less if he'd been tossing and turning.

Mary had retired to her little wolf cave on the ground floor of the Yuy bunk bed a while ago, and was dead asleep as far as Duo could tell. Meanwhile, her person was lying absolutely still one level up, stretched out on his back, a hand tucked under his pillow for the hidden gun. Staring at the ceiling.

Okay, not really, his eyes were closed. Might as well have been staring, though. Duo didn't know if it was because almost everyone else was asleep and therefore quiet, but...

The awareness of too many breaths in the room he felt was a little too sharp to be his. He'd been here for almost four weeks now, after all, and it wasn't like he'd never slept in dorms before, doing his training on cramped, overcrowded Sweeper ship after Sweeper ship. Half the time he had his choice of hammock or Killer's flank to sleep on, and the hammocks vibrated every time someone opened a door or walked by...


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This is something I wrote ages ago, for the FF7 with daemons verse (actually for a planned sephzackcloudaeris divergent AU that I ended up never writing) and I never posted it because it does spoil the deal with Zack and Seph's daemons. But it's been so long since I touched this AU, I figured it didn't matter too much anymore.

Zack's daemon (smaller, golden variety).


Day 3

In some places Zack knows that it's seen as kind of rude and invasive to talk to someone else's daemon, especially in public and with people you don't know well. In Wutai, for example, or in the richer circles of Midgar society, it's pretty much shocking. (Which is funny because both societies get hives when you find a point of comparison between them.)

In the army it's not that way, especially not in SOLDIER, but that's because you don't become SOLDIER in the first place if your daemon's going to be dead weight, and being able to take orders and relay them is just the very start of usefulness. (Along with using Materia independently of your human, and fighting a variety of differently-sized, differently-shaped daemons. Predators are the overwhelming majority.)

Zack knows of nowhere it's looked down upon to chat with your own daemon.

He never sees Sephiroth speak to his. Or look at him, either.Read more... )
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FINALLY AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. this chapter was such a GIGANTIC PAIN to write and I don't get why.

8k long. Contains some public embarrassment, so if that bothers you here's your heads-up.

Person/wolf pairs are Duo (motor about to overload)/Killer (rusting car carcass on hot pavement), Trowa/Coyote, Wufei/Glenfiddich (stag and snow), and Heero (cordite and nitroglycerin and blood)/Mary(summer wind through the city).

Relevant OCs: Wangai/Shark (fish blood and storm at sea) and Rosca/Folha (lathering horse in harness)


"Can't go -- haring off -- Maxwell -- he says," Duo grunted, "That asshole -- then he goes--"

Bite him, Killer agreed as he attacked an obstacle with vengeful enthusiasm.

"Chang -- fucking -- hate you!"

The wolfless trainees he was passing on the track stared at him. Who cared! Duo sped up some more. He wished Wufei and Glen were in range to hear him rant at them -- or listening, either or, he couldn't tell if they were close or not. Trowa and Coyote were definitely close enough, and radiating smug and nothing else.

"That's your twelfth lap, Maxwell!" Wangai threw as he passed her again. Exasperation and worry flicked through from her (ten laps a day two too many/going too fast angry), almost fainter than Coyote even though he and Trowa were probably all the way across the Preventers compound.

"I don't care!" he yelled back. He should probably tone down the histrionics some, but --

Killer passed Shark with barely a glance. He was running to find summer-wind-in-the-city and who cared about storm at sea and fish blood, she was close close waiting and if they ran really fast they could maybe go find her??

Duo didn't have the heart to explain to him that no matter how fast they ran they still wouldn't get any free time to go find Mary! before noon at best.

It did spend some superfluous adrenaline, though. Duo couldn't help it, it was pavlovian at this point. Whenever Heero appeared in his life, military coups and prison breaks followed, it was just the way it was. He could tell this time was different -- why was Heero coming in person to the Preventers, he was a solo agent down to the bone, the quintessential lone wolf --

Not alone? Got summer-wind-in-the-city.

So I guess they're a two-wolf pack then. Hah.
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For the Psychic Wolves for Lupercalia challenge.

Miles is quite resigned to staying wolf-less, to having yet another mark of Vor worthiness denied to him. It's okay; he has his career now. Admiral Naismith needs no wolf!

Hello, surprise cub.

10k words. Sequel to Paddy.


The Imperial gardens were full of wolf cubs.

Miles sidestepped a moving knot of brawling, still plushy-furred teenagers, bit back a short-lived smile as Ivan was hit behind the knees and almost went down.

Ivan's brother was ambling back, gently nosing the cubs away from his wobbling human. Amongst the assembled Vor and the Armsmen lining the walls at least one in five moved alongside their own companion, and Lady Luck willing tonight there would be more. Half of those young hopefuls milling around, forgetting (some of) their dignity to tease the pups would later in the evening be going to the brothers of those she-wolves who had birthed their intended, request permission to court. It was in fact remarkably similar to the dance one danced with women, save that male or female it was the wolf who had the last word, always.

A wet nose pressed into his palm. Miles blinked down at Ivan's Paddy, sneaked his head a pat.


It was annoying how randomly perceptive Ivan had gotten since he'd acquired Paddy to notice things for him, Miles thought.

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A white wolf, a pink heart, and the text: Psychic Wolves for Lupercalia - A Multi-Fandom Mini-Fest, February Thirteenth through Fifteenth

Ahh, I don't know what I'm gonna write this year. Apart from more of the GW pilots WIP but that's a given. The next chapter is halfway done, damn it, I can do that in three weeks! But I want something new too. I have this Miles Vorkosigan story that I started to plot out, but Miles is such a hard character to write...
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500 words.

In a world where Heero Yuy never messes up placing his bomb Mary's mother and littermates never die burned and crushed underneath a fallen building, and neither do her mother's bond-brother or his girlchild. Mary grows up, faster than her human sibling. It is fun, playing with her, but the little girl is a littermate to protect, Mother said, she is not... Mary isn't sure what she is not.

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Medieval AU where Karkat is the Arab horsemaster who came along with the war steeds just gifted to Queen Roxy because it just so happens he’s the one training them and they’re his babies and let me tell you, you do not improvise training war horses and he will especially supervise what kind of mares the stallions are put to why are Generic Europeans so huge it’s ruining the speed and lightness advantage for srs i’ll have to revise my techniques from the ground up. Why’d his people have to make a treaty with horse ignoramuses for srs.

Lord Dirk at least loves horses as much as he does and they can have enlightening talks about horsemanship and lines of descent for DAYS, but Lady Rose is, while a perfectly adequate rider, creepy as fuck, and Lord Dave is a fucking asshole who does not appreciate the beauty of a perfectly bred Arabian or the honor made to him AAAA GO BACK TO RIDING IN DONKEY CARTS YOU SON OF A MULE.

I mean, he doesn’t fall off his horses much or anything, but his siblings are all definitely better at riding than he is. Even the Queen, and she’s not allowed to even go hunting anymore, never mind charging onto battlefields. (mind, that doesn’t stop her much.)

(Rose is mostly seen riding delicate lady’s horses and following the hunt lazily, and you’d put her with the “serviceable skills, but not very interested” category, until she has some piece of intel to deliver and then ZOOOM she is a speed demon. What do you mean my horse can’t jump this it’s as high as she is at the whiters see she totally can.)

Karkat has his own horse, he’s a dapple gray gelding called Carcinus and he’s secretly crabdad in disguise. Cranky asshole horse, but he would kick and stomp the shit out of any enemy of his master. Or thief. man, do not try to thieve or otherwise borrow Karkat’s horse, you will be paste. This horse drinks human blood.

Also Eridan and Kanaya are the official diplomats in Karkat’s party (Eridan thinks he’s an awesome rider, but really it’s his horse that’s awesomely trained; Kanaya manages decently well and also does archery from horseback), and Jade and John are guests of the court from India.

i wanted to write more but it petered out, so only one ficlet for this 'verse.


Tegmine is his favorite mare. Inquisitive and gentle, smart as a whip -- it took her a day to figure out how to open her stall, in this place, and Karkat a week to figure out how to keep her from it.

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Anonymous asked: Dave/Terezi/Karkat, Temeraire-verse, bonus level: Karkat is the dragon, it is him.

Merged with this one!

Dave/Karkat/Terezi, they are all shipwrecked on an island together.


Dave comes to with the point of something hard poking him in the ribs, someone cheerfully spouting gibberish at the top of her voice over him. His head hurts and opening his eyes to the sunlight he can feel on his face seems a horrible idea; he groans, goes "No," turns his head away.

A second poke ensues, and sudden shadows. He cracks an eye open before he can be poked a third time; he can feel the bruise rising already, and his body is sore enough as it is.

Oh, huh. There are breasts at the other end of that poking stick. Perky and brown, with the nipples even browner.

"She says, she does not care if you look at the wrong places that don't make words, but if you think you don't have to answer with words she may let me eat you."

Right. So.

The shadow.

That's a dragon's wing.

The beast isn't big at all, as they go -- twice as high as a bull, squat and muscled like one. When Dave is sprawled almost straight under it, it's plenty big enough.

There are spikes everywhere. It would just have to lower itself and roll around a little bit, and Dave would end up very mushy.

The woman leans in, pokes him again -- oh, it's a spear. He should probably be glad she's using the butt and not the blade. She purses her mouth in puzzled annoyance, says something else. Dave slooowly pushes himself up on his elbows. Everything hurts.

"Are you Dutch? I don't speak Dutch. Hey, you whiter than normal pale face. Devil eyes. Cow face. I will step on you."Read more... )
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Anonymous asked: Pern dragons! Dave/Jade/Karkat! Yeah!


"Shards and fuck," K'rkat swore as he raced up the long winding stairs, "I'm going to -- teach you to fly -- right from your weyr -- without a fucking dragon!"

He would have gotten there faster if he didn't speak at all, but he wasn't concentrating on making words as well as putting one foot before another he would have stopped and curled up on the step he happened to be long ago.

Why did Jade have to live so high up. Why did K'rkat's own Kulirath have to be busy elsewhere just when he needed her, the Threads take her up the tail hole --

Finally. He burst into Sievereth's weyr, the bronze stretched out lazy and well-fed, oh Faranth's egg no.

"Jade!" he screamed, startling the dragon. "Get out! And you, big lump, get up! Up and flying! Why are you still here?!"Read more... )
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anonymous asked: wolfbrothers johnjadekat

Some spoilers for one of the conflicts of book 2 of the iskryne series. (it’s like pern but instead of telepathic dragons on an alien planet it’s telepathic wolves in viking times/lands.)

Contains some Wolves Made Them Do It, so somewhat dubious consent. The sex itself is not detailed.


When Jade was thirteen her cousin who was the jarl's heir was taken on search by the wolfheall. The jarl's heart was broken, though in the end he remarried to a woman from the South who had twins of an age with his son, to see if he should not adopt the boy twin as his heir maybe, or failing that, should the boy not take to the training, have another son by his new wife.

Jade was living in a hut outside of the safe walls of the village with her grandfather (as he was, as they whispered, a practitioner of seithr) and could bring her uncle no comfort.

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so guess who went to see Pacific Rim yesterday... and then committed the mistake of checking out the kink meme. .___.

Raleigh & Mako, Herc, no pairings. Spoilers for Pacific Rim, prompt & stuff under the cut.

There is only one way for the neural nets to align all the way, when you get down to it. You have to use Dust. A shit-ton of it. Things happen. )
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I'mma cut it in half for AO3 I think cause it's over 27 pages long in Word, but since it's all written out, you guys get everything today. I'm kind and loving that way.

There's a chatlog at the start, and i THINK you can skip it if you hate reading homestuck-style chatlogs (mea culpa they're just so funny to write) but it does give some mood/background. Also, Hilde is funny and needs more screentime ok. ;^;

Hasn't been thoroughly betaread yet so if you catch something I'll be glad to hear it, but don't feel like you have to bother either, I'll probably manage to sit on one of my friends and make them beta it for me eventually.

Duo doesn't want to join the Preventers, thankyouverymuch. Preserving the peace is all well and good but he likes answering to no one but himself, and like hell he wants to buddy up to people he and Killer used to stand against, back during the war.

Only the Preventers have a pack, and his brother-wolf doesn't, never has, deserves to, and maybe a junkyard dog isn't all a warrior wolf should be.

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FF7 Daemon ficlets archive.

Tifa is 13. 800 words long.

Breon doesn't settle especially early -- two of Tifa's agemates have settled already, a butterfly and a prairie dog -- or especially late -- three more are waiting their turn, Johnny and Lily and Cloud. Nothing important is happening -- it's not the anniversary of their mother's death, they haven't gotten into a fight, no one has dropped any actual wisdom on them, nothing.

They just go up to the pastures with the draft chocobos, Breon plodding along as a fourth chocobo himself, and they sit there in the sun and the brisk breeze coming from the shadowed Mount Nibel.

Breon flips eagle, as well, dips and sways in the wind, until he gets bored and lands on her knee. Tifa watches the chocobos patiently scratch roots out of the earth, watches the sheep come down from the higher slopes a bit. They feel safer surrounded by the bigger, protective birds.

The thing is, people don't chat about what they want their own daemon to be -- might jinx it -- but they do about what they think it'll reasonably be, even if they try not to be too hopeful, too unrealistic. They talk a ton about what they believe other people's will be.

Tifa apparently would be just perfect with a sweet, soft-furred, lop-eared bunny like her mother's. Or a small dog, or some kind of songbird -- this one she thinks is a bit weird, she's not really artistic or whimsical at all.Read more... )
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(might reopen this and then it'll be open on lj/dw as well. atm a bit busy tho.)

Mostly Homestuck but some Gundam Wing as well. Also contains daemon ficlet, demon summoner AU AU, and BT!Karkat/General Harley.

thingsareswinging asked: Karkat/Meenah, Scheherazade!stuck
“For the love of little land sharks, I don’t even need the book anymore for that fucking story, I am not reading that fucking story once a fucking gain, I am so sick and tired of that fucking story I will erupt in a geyser of inner organs and vomit and turn myself inside out like a glove and die and why can’t we read a nice original romance for once or even some existential shit, I’ve got one with rowboats and three goldfish—”

She smirks and sprawls bare-belly up across his lap like the most dangerous, sexiest bookrest ever, and she snaps her fingers.

He wasn’t lying, for the next hour he doesn’t have to look at the book even once.

about twenty more snippets )
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Characters: Ivan, Miles. No pairing.
Words: 2800
Notes: Written for the Psychic Wolves for Lupercalia challenge. An alternate universe based on A Companion to Wolves; take canon warrior culture, add semi-sentient telepathic wolves, shake, stir.
Summary: Miles is crazy about becoming a wolfbrother. Ivan, not so much.
The second his mutie freak of a cousin was unilaterally uninvited from visiting the cubs, things were going to explode -- noisily, hostilely, and all over the place -- and if there was one place *ever* where Ivan did not want explosions, it was in a closed room with a nursing she-wolf.

"Paddy" on AO3.
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A white wolf, a pink heart, and the text: Psychic Wolves for Lupercalia - A Multi-Fandom Mini-Fest, February Thirteenth through Fifteenth
Come write Psychic Wolves for Lupercalia - A Multi-Fandom Mini-Fest, February Thirteenth through Fifteenth!

Bluh. Why do none of my fandoms fit with telepathic wolves. I tried to come up with something for Stargate Atlantis but the only thing I managed to visualize was episode one with added wolfsister who is actually not quite John Sheppard's but used to be the sister of that guy he tried to rescue who died on him instead. And she changes NOTHING, which means this is not a good fic idea, and I don't want any longer, more divergent fic because, uh, because maybe it's a sign that I should update the Gundam Wing one I started last year faster instead. .__.;

But if someone wanted to write SGA/SG1 with wolves I would be so happy. SO. HAPPY. The happiest.


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