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Rin/Suzukiblu/Sunfreak is in need of monies, thus offering art commissions again. Please go here if you're interested!


Things I wanted to do today:
-complete and post Teamwork chapter!
-write Newtype things!
-prod at the AtLA Jet/Zuko/Katara thinger so I can figure out how the hell they shack up!
-... draw things?

Things I actually did today:
-went out to renew pill prescription & buy bread
-danced to music on the radio for over a hour
-went to see my grandparents but they weren't even home (btw my grandfather who had lung cancer's operation went as well as it could have! now he's missing one half of his left lung, but he'd been wheezy for two years already and uh it's his smallest lung anyway and... okay it still sucks a bit, but relatively speaking he's good. Much relieved.)
-read random SGA crossovers that weren't even that good and which I don't even remember anymore woohoo timewasters
-RPed ItaSasu vampire stuff with Saro.


In puppy news there's only one left over, but my uncle and aunt are keeping it for themselves! ^o^

In other family news, oh, yeah, what was it... MY BROTHER IS GETTING MARRIED!!!!. *throws confettis* Won't be for a year, actually, but... oh the little bastards, "nah, we'll just do a civil partnership thing... u.u" HAH. Lying liars who lie. ♥
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I didn't write today but thanks to Saro and Fi I've unblocked Restore! ... i haven't been able to write any teamwork, or any AU drabbles that I've got on my to-do list, or... anything else, really. Man but february sucked HARDCORE re: writing. I feel totally wilted. I hope March goes better.

So that means I need a writing meme of sorts.

Ganked from [ profile] suzukiblu
Pick one of my stories and I will tell you the first line lineS okay i'm long-winded shut up of its sequel. Even if I was never actually planning to write a sequel. Even if it already has a sequel -- I'll give you the first line of another version of its sequel!

Crossed Wires and Main Teamwork Story May Not Apply. You can ask about teamwork sidefics if for some strange reason you really want to. Actually I'm not going to say you can't ask for a sequel to a WIP but in general I'd rather not. ^^; (also, please don't ask more of something that's all of three lines long or less. I have a tendency to verbal diarrhea, so if something manages to come out that short, likely there's a reason.)

Team Taka pron - Locker Room Therapy - Locker Room Therapy 2 - Ten NaruSasu AUs: Vampirefic - Naru adds Sasu to his clan register - Sharing is Caring - Ten NaruSasu AUs: Post-apocalypse - Saki-chan - NaruSasu kitsune/knight haremness - Ten NaruSasu AUs : Pirates - Ten NaruSasu AUs : in SPACE!! - The Bird - - -

Gundam Wing
Garou: Catnip and Cheetahs - Newtype - that old, wtf merboy Duo oneshot - Garou -

Final Fantasy 7
Cloudette and the Yellow Orb - Restore -

Bleach: The Closet - GW/Firefly crossover: Duo/Mal: The Stowaway - Original: Cercle -
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[ profile] lurker_lost commissioned me the CUTEST Liadan/Arun/Blue scene ever. LOOK LOOK. )

(and on top of sneakily drawing the previous pic!!!) [ profile] suzukiblu wrote a superawesome girlsuke/hinata yuripr0nz oneshot for my kimono picture! nnnnghhot.

*ish happy*
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-I wrote some Teamwork yesterday! WOOHOO. So proud.
Now I just have the evilomg ending to figure out and then I can post the first draft and THEN I can sort out that mess I did with the scene structure. XD;

-I also wrote a short restore scene but it turned out to be unnecessary and give the wrong foreshadowing, so it's gonna go byebye. Still, now I have a better idea for the scene so it's not all wasted words. (T^T waugh cutting things ouuut)

-I had a thought about the latest Naruto chapter )

- [ profile] suzukiblu/sunfreak/Rin is an awesome writer. And she draws cute things. She is also my friend, incidentally. She is also unemployed at the moment.
She's offering art commissions so she doesn't spend Christmas out in the snow or have to sell her computer and other personal effects or something bad like that.
If I could use money over teh internets I would. I can't.
So, she's offering commissions, starting at $5 and going up to $25. Seriously it's cheap. If you want artsies from her go here! And if for some strange reason you want to get me a present this year, I'd totally love a Sunfreak pic. Two birds with one stone! So... just saying. Plz halp Rin not to sleep in the snow. She has kitties to feed and I don't think they'd get plump on the remains of her laptop. ;^;

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Sun, Oct. 25th, 2009 11:02
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... Right, did I tell you guys how awesome [ profile] suzukiblu is? No? i'm telling you now. She had a drabble meme (again) except this time it was something like "link me to one of your fics and i'll write a drabble for it!"

So she wrote something for the maid-chan/laundry emergency OT3 fic-thing... And then if you'll scroll down past our babble (or use the next link) you'll see she also wrote little somethings for Cyborg Sasuke (cyber penis!! XD) and Locker Room Therapy. Prrrrrrrrrrt. ♥

It's all short but it's also very love. u.u Huhuhu.

Rec post~

Sat, Sep. 5th, 2009 07:51
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I was vaguely toying with the idea of doing a random recs! post and being all lazy about it, but since Sunfreak/[ profile] suzukiblu has done one with surprise!teamwork pimping, I have no more excuse.

[ profile] white_knuckle is her fic writing community. I'd rec her back but I have no specific fic to rec! They're all incredibly awesome. They're also mostly all one shots and drabbles and whoa hell stop packing a multipart's impact into ten lines damn it, you make the rest of us look lazy or something. XD ♥ Her ideas are super original, her angst is evil in sometimes really subtle ways, and her porn is one of the VERY rare sex scenes I still bother to actually read instead of glancing my way through and yawning. She was into Naruto, now she's into Avatar the last Airbender and I'm not sure there's any pairing she hasn't written yet. Dude. ♥

OH WAIT. For recent ficcage: "Okay, We're In Trouble."
It's Sokka/Jet/Zuko hatesex "forced to have sex!" porn. Which is actually, entirely, gloriously IC. Which actually makes complete sense. Which has just as much character interaction (character clashes, more like, and delicate balancing acts) as sexysexy hotness, with a lot of funny lines to balance the angrrrrry!!OMGFIREBENDER >E Jet and the Zuko pissiness. And some worldbuilding sneaking in! It's very much pre!Ba Sing Se, so yeah. X3

What Asuka Is Reading At The Moment )

*pimp pimp*

Sun, Apr. 19th, 2009 10:59
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1) [ profile] wakfu is a community for a television series and MMORPG developed by Ankama studio. Discussion of both the game and show are welcome. It also includes Dofus!

En plus elle est bilingue! [ profile] wakfu est à la fois un dessin animé et un MMORPG développé par Ankama. Vous êtes libre de discuter des deux. Inclus aussi Dofus!

Je sais que j'ai des copines qui y jouent, alors faites passer le mot si ça vous intéresse ^^

2) I dunno if I ever mentioned it here, but some time ago I was bored so I made a page for my Teamwork OCs, complete with character sheets and head shots. *hangs head* Oh well, I guess it might be helpful to some. XD Comments/questions/"you forgot this OC!" welcome!

I'm kinda tempted to make a mention of EVERY character who gets more than two lines of interaction with Team Seven, even the really random ones like the police captain who took their explanation about why Sasuke's house was burning and stuff. But... that would be obsessive, right? Right. *starts making list*

(ahaha all the characters seem to be straight until you get to team summons, and then you get a bisexual and an asexual in one go. XD I guess for a 1:10 ratio it's good enough, considering Kigane of team Kunoichi is alcohol-relatedly bicurious. Just strange how they clustered. I guess it's because team Kunoichi is funnier if everyone is straight, especially Jin.)

3) Nyaaaaaaaa [ profile] suzukiblu wrote me a porny NaruSasu with voyeur/domme!Sakura ficlet and it is very PRRT. Also she wrote me a hot Jet/Zuko and a funny Toph/Zuko, and she wrote tons of crackalicious Avatar hotness in the rest of that post, and you should go and read them. Yes. ♥
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Still by Sunfreak/[ profile] suzukiblu : "It's Only Gay If There's Eye Contact."

NARUSASUSAKU ... of sorts~ Oneshot, humor, SUPER HOTNESS. It's a schoolfic AU but so true to the characters, also the Naruto voice is amazing. Also it's super hot if you're at all yaoi-minded. XD I'd say more but that would spoil it.

Five minutes in a classroom with Uchiha Sasuke and Naruto knows he’s fucked for the rest of high school. And not because of the going-to-have-to-kill-him-behind-the-gym-later bastard who knocks him into a liplock with King Bastard and gets every girl in the class on his ass; it’s because of Haruno Sakura and her thin cotton dress with the painted-on jeans underneath. She has this sweet look to her with her cute clothes and long baby-pink hair and polished toes, but the one time he caught her eyes the soft spring-green of them went hard like jade and he could’ve come in his fucking jeans at just the sight. She is the most damn beautiful girl in the world and the moment she gets within ten feet of Uchiha Sasuke she turns into nothing but this simpering piece of bubblegum just begging to get chewed up and spat out.

He doesn’t like that.

Oh, Team Seven love. Reeead it.
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Alas, she is without internet or computer and will be for months and months longer! How evil. Still, *happies* I gots a sasu/saku ficlething~ ♥

Short pretty SasuPOV ficlet: “An Inescapable Noise”


[ profile] suzukiblu: what are you up to?
[ profile] askerian: RPing with a friend. Well, we're negotiating. Pairings and plot and stuff. >__>
[ profile] suzukiblu: ooo, always fun
[ profile] suzukiblu: negotiating just makes it sound even MORE amusing
[ profile] askerian: ... it sounds like we're preparing for a BDSM scene, doesn't it. >_>;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
[ profile] suzukiblu: yes, yes it does ♥
[ profile] suzukiblu: and that is why it sounds like love
[ profile] askerian: it's tough love.

*...bricked for lame*
[ profile] suzukiblu: hahahahahaha
[ profile] suzukiblu: you are DORK
[ profile] askerian: .__.
[ profile] suzukiblu: ♥♥♥
[ profile] askerian: #u.u# ♥
[ profile] suzukiblu: also, how often does sadomasochism get someone called a dork?
[ profile] askerian: *snerk* Oh man, now I'm trying to figure that out. Like the sub getting all excited over the history of the whip-maker or something?
[ profile] askerian: => *dork cubed!*



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