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if you are or have been working as a secretary and you don't mind spending 10-15 minutes on this, i'll be super extra glad. i'm doing a bit of research re: asking the national unemployment office to pay for job training maybe and i have to prove that i know what the job entails first. they don't like to pay for training that's not used afterwards, which is fairly sensible of them really XD;;

i only need four or five people to do this so don't feel obligated if it's hard or tiring for you, i'll be okay. and if you can't answer all the questions that's also cool, this is supposed to be used for physical jobs too so some of that stuff is Does Not Apply, and some of them are redundant or unclear AND some are asking about french-market-specific stuff so heyyy whatev'. this isn't a scientific survey :p

there are 14 questions! :O and the answers can be one-liners or even one-worders, that's cool.

edit: i've got enough replis now! thank you guys, you were awesome. ^^

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Mon, Feb. 15th, 2016 14:33
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anyone around here who works or has worked as a secretary and would be willing to answer, uh… like three pages of questions? i’ve got to do research on that job for the unemployment agency before they’ll consider whether they want to help me pay for the training, to prove i know what to expect etc etc, which is a bit of a pain but oh fucking well. anyway i’ve got two real-life people already but that’s not enough, i need at least two or three more. not all the questions will be relevant since it’s geared toward the french job market but most of them will be!

also if anyone has ever HIRED a secretary…?

(also any other job ideas to suggest for someone who likes computers but isn’t a wizard with them, can’t carry heavy stuff, hates the outdoors, and can’t deal with customers? -__-;;; i just generally want to work in an office, i can learn to deal with phone calls. i thought about library jobs but even to reshelve things you’ve got to have a stupid big diploma. also patrons, augh. government office worker is a possibility i’m considering pretty strongly but the thing is you don’t really decide where in the area you’ll work even if you pass the tests, and i can’t drive. :X might be time to try to change that… )
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by solids i mean pureed stuff.

by pureed stuff i mean beetroot.

violently red, juicy, stain-happy beetroot.

he's also a very active baby. i'm sure y'all who know babies see where this is going.

he took exception to the beetroot container and bitchslapped it off the table. the container hit the ground and bounced. the beetroot bounced higher.

We found splatters on the floor. we found splatters on the (white) walls. we found splatters over the phone stand, past the phone stand, and all over the cuddly blanket for the couch. we found some on the radiator by the TV. we did not find any ON the tv!

there was some *behind* the tv.

and when everything was cleaned up and all the more solid, already dried bits of beet were picked up and the fuchsia pink stains were sort of sponged off and all the stained spots on the wall were marked for repainting, someone looked up and found out there were splatters on the ceiling too.

yeah, i don't think we're gonna forget the first time the baby ate beets anytime soon. XD
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I DID A THING today in painting classes.

Teacher said: go forth and paint these pears on this adorbs red cloth!

I went forth and painted those pears on that adorbs red cloth.

I drew them surrounded in dark blues and deep foresty greens and bruise-purples, deeply shadowed, and haloed in golden light from a burst of such from behind and above them.

It’s realistic proportions, nothing anthropomorphized. The angle of the pears still makes them look as if they’re turned and looking up to stare in apprehension at this violent break in some thunderstorm cover.

I call them "The Pears of the Apocalypse."

What are they watching, one wonders. Nuclear warhead? Alien beam weapon? A vengeful angel?


*sephiroth voice: shall i give you dis pear?*
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my feet are about to fall off from too much walking and dancing and oh lord i don't want to see anyone for a week now (200 GUESTS WHY IS YOUR FAMILY SO HUGE WIFE-OF-BROTHER) but it was fun and beautiful and also hilarious. hahaha for his bachelor thingie his friends took my brother surprise!bungee jumping. they filmed it. ahahaha. XD sister in law did not get to do that kind of stuff, alas. *cackles*

also i wore heels and a DRESS and i am le ded. will post a pic if any is good enough but idk if there will be. :(

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Mon, Nov. 19th, 2012 18:50
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Today I had an older gentleman squirt wet, thick, lube-y stuff all over my bare boob and fondle it thoroughly.

It tickled.

Conclusion: not cancer.

:D :D :D :D

My boob was scanned so hardcore I was starting to think I'd misplaced a barcode there by the end, though. NO SIR I AM SORRY NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU SCAN IT IS NOT GOING TO BLEEP. I know, it's a daily disappointment to me too.

I am fine my boob is fine all is fine in the world and in conclusion boobs are awesome especially when they are fine. *dances off into the sunset, topless and glistening and holy fuck does that gel itch when it dries*


Fri, Oct. 5th, 2012 16:33
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Okay, today went a lot better. the morning was still tense but the afternoon was okay. But that might be partly because apparently she got a dressing down in private and also i sat all the way at the table from her, and idk if it's going to last and if she won't slowly revert to business as usual. :/ I'll have to talk it out with people before I decide if i'm staying. But anyway today was exhausting, but not horrible, so.

and now yay fics to read. T^T-b

... also maybe i should edit that john/jade/karkat thing i wrote for the kink meme and post it here/on ao3 already. um. Yeah. ... >__>;;; maybe later.

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Thu, Oct. 4th, 2012 17:29
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shitty day, and i get to do it again tomorrow.

feel free to skip. )

Anyone has gundam wing fluff to link me? maybe ff7 or team seven.


Tue, Aug. 28th, 2012 13:17
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and back from vacation. Man it was so hard on me to spend three weeks in a gorgeous sunlit town on the mediterranean, two minutes from the beach. > :]

Without internet. >:[

It really was. *clings to computer* T^T

I wrote a half-dozen ficlets and short thingers, will post them as I edit, but I couldn’t manage to keep my concentration long enough to write chapters from longer WIPs, not to mention it’s unreasonably hard planning ahead without one of my beta friends to bounce plot off of. Blargh. But anyway.

hiii I’m back what did I miss. :3
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1) I was doing a timestamp meme on tumblr and it was supposed to be quick snippets and welp two oneshots, 2.5k total. OKAY THEN WHY NOT.

2) I'm going on vacation! I will have a laptop but probably no connection. We might be here two weeks, I don't know yet, depends on when the parents will get bored and want to come home. But anyway! Fics.

Sequel to Awake at Night, the Dad + Gamzee&Karkat story, morning after:
John has always been proud of his ability to sleep through just about any noise there exists, but scent is another thing entirely. )


And a Battlefield Terra thing, Karkat one month before BT.
They didn't tell anyone during training that a frontier warship's living quarters were a permanent orgiastic free for all. )
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I am very FLAIL FLAIL AAAAAAA today. Since yesterday actually. It's all a convergence of little things... meh.

I went into town! and the bus was late. and had a meeting with people! (was stressful since i don't like arguing/disagreeing with people irl and um yeah -__-) and went shopping for books and the cashier was new and incompetent and ate up all my security margin of lateness! and went to a second place to get some paperwork but it was SURPRISE CLOSED! so that kept me being late for NOTHING, and got lost on the way to a THIRD appointment and was LATE! (not a lot and it didn't bother her but it bothered ME, seriously I find it disrespectful as fuck and here I was, ten minutes late) and then i took the bus home, and then i had to cook. Cooking was fun enough since i was still all flaily and spastic with nervous energy, but wow. Now I can feel I am slowly but inexorably heading for a belly-flop.

So yesterday I had a plagiarist on devart who was all "This is my entry for the spring contest! :D" ohh, a CONTEST. Good job on... reposting my pic, I'm sure you'll go far with that one! and someone in the comments was asking her all :| -faced, "who's askerian?" because the fucking dumbass had left my url on it, and her answer was a bitchy-apathetic "what's it to you?".

:D oh no you di'nt. :D :D :D :D :D

her gallery was full of comments of a person asking her to at least credit the other pics she was mutilating and calling hers, and she was all no no shut up who caaaaaaaaares. :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD oh honey you shouldn't have. I'm too polite for my own good, when someone shows me that much of their ass it's a pretty foregone conclusion I won't be able to refuse the engraved invitation to apply foot to it.

The case was pretty much open and closed and the dA staff handled the removal of the stolen picture quickly, but since I was nervous about my day from hell I had a good long snarky rant to try to evacuate some tension, and I know some of you guys like to see me bitch up a storm, so here it is: Ranty ranter rant )

And finally my deep ... four paragraphs of thoughts on Naruto. :/ :/ :/ )

Daily happy

Fri, Dec. 23rd, 2011 23:54
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So today was my family's Christmas Eve's eve dinner... (silly brother, getting himself a fiancee whose family does stuff on Christmas eve too. Hn.) It's pretty much one of three times a year I really pay attention to what I wear.

Only today while I had a pretty new top, I only had my old saggy pants. What with wanting to wait until my weight has stabilized to buy new ones, since i hate buying stuff I'll wear twice or even going shopping at all, and shopping for clothes at all for that matter. (Shopping for manga is tolerable only in that I know exactly what I want and I'm in and out of the library in fifteen minutes or less.)

Anyway there I am, grumping along as I prod the bottom of my drawers for some flash of inspiration, and then I found THE PANTS.

The pants I bought when I was eighteen and kinda flirting around with the gothic/grunge scenes. Like, the very farthest edges of it. The looks looked hella cool, okay. >__>;

So that day years ago I was walking along this random street and then those awesome pants full of strappy bits assaulted my eyes. And I needed a pair. Neeeeeded it. This seriously had never happened to me with clothes before. (books, yes. >_>) So then I went in and DRAMA! they only had it in that size under mine. (or in the interest of full disclosure, two or three sizes.)

It was kinda very expensive. Being under the delusion that maybe one day I'd totally go on a diet and lose enough pounds that I'd be able to close the thing's zipper, I bought it anyway.

And then for years every time I went through my closet and threw away everything I never worse or was too old or stuff, it looked at me and said, ~maybe some day~. And when I moved I made it a space in my too-full boxes. And when I bought myself new furniture and had to figure out funny configurations to make everything fit. Even though as the years went my size only kept slowly going up.

And today I went hey, I wonder if I'm any closer to being able to fit in, AND THEY FIT.


And it made my legs look awesome! (okay, awesome for the legs of a person who is exactly five feet tall. Which is sadly not very long, no matter how short the torso, and mine isn't that short.) And the straps and stuff were really fun! and... okay I'm thirty year old and I'm wearing scene pants for a Christmas meal.

You know what, fuck that noise, I wore them anyway.

It was awesome.

Now I'm trying to tell myself I can NOT wear them to my strict, nosy, judgey grandma's Christmas family reunion. It's, um, not going well so far. >____>;
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Rin/Suzukiblu/Sunfreak is in need of monies, thus offering art commissions again. Please go here if you're interested!


Things I wanted to do today:
-complete and post Teamwork chapter!
-write Newtype things!
-prod at the AtLA Jet/Zuko/Katara thinger so I can figure out how the hell they shack up!
-... draw things?

Things I actually did today:
-went out to renew pill prescription & buy bread
-danced to music on the radio for over a hour
-went to see my grandparents but they weren't even home (btw my grandfather who had lung cancer's operation went as well as it could have! now he's missing one half of his left lung, but he'd been wheezy for two years already and uh it's his smallest lung anyway and... okay it still sucks a bit, but relatively speaking he's good. Much relieved.)
-read random SGA crossovers that weren't even that good and which I don't even remember anymore woohoo timewasters
-RPed ItaSasu vampire stuff with Saro.


In puppy news there's only one left over, but my uncle and aunt are keeping it for themselves! ^o^

In other family news, oh, yeah, what was it... MY BROTHER IS GETTING MARRIED!!!!. *throws confettis* Won't be for a year, actually, but... oh the little bastards, "nah, we'll just do a civil partnership thing... u.u" HAH. Lying liars who lie. ♥
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So when we left the Mediterranean coast (after a last swim in the sea lalala~) it was starting to be a little warm, and in Lyon it's suffocatingly hot/damp/muggy. We must be magical, because when we arrived there it was storming like crazy and everything was nicely cool. Mmm.

Anyway! I wrote. :D Uh, not a lot of complete scenes. Well, a couple. A teamwork thinger, plus ficlets and snippets and stuff; I even poked at an old prompt for my Tyr ofic! *boggles* Also did a lot of plotting for Tyr and detailing for Teamwork, which is always nice to have for ease of later writing.

Now onwards to read the Naruto chapters I missed! >:O WIll edit if/when I have a reaction worth mentioning. and THEN I catch up on the f-list! oh boy. Then again traffic's been slowing down recently, so maybe I'll survive. Hm. >___>

oh god i'm thirty. someone must have made a mistake somewhere. DX
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I'll be away from teh internet for a week or two, I don't know yet. Might come back early. This year we're not camping, we've got an apartment, so hey, who knows. My brother's girlfriend lent me her laptop (!!! I'll be able to WRITE!!! with a real keyboard!!! not a stylus on something cellphone sized!!!) so if there's wifi to be stolen over there I might pop up, but count on me being incommunicado for at least a week.

I am not sure how much i'll enjoy it, because of course it turns out that Dear Grandma and Most Annoying Aunt and her bratty teenage kids just so happen to have randomly decided to go on vacation somewhere that's like a block away from where we'll be staying. Amazing coincidence!!! But so long as Grandma isn't living *with* us, I'll make myself endure.

Worst comes to worst I'll take a train home the second the first week is over. >___> Maybe that way I'll dodge the birthday wishes that sound like "CONGRATS you're THIRTY and still UNMARRIED so I hope by next year YOU WILL HAVE a MAN in your LIFE."

Anyway I still gotta:
-pack clothes
-pack drawing materials
-download ebooks on dad's iPaq
-download my WIPs on charline's laptop
-have another little flailing crisis of omg thirty wtf
and then I'll be ready to go. Ohoho.

And a random ~Art Dump~ (4, no, 5 pics) )
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-I can post and comment on LJ again! :D

-Made Joisbishmyoga write me a set of Kaito Kid Daemon AU drabblethings! Muahahaha I rule. Her ficlets are awesome fun, if you're into DCMK go and read 'em plz. u.u~ ♥

-And I spent all day saturday devouring this fic... which, uh, is a Sentinel AU where sentinels and guides are known/relatively common and guides are oppressed, and usually those fics are, frankly, rather shitty, especially the ones that pretend to be gen and yet keep warning for "intense bonding scenes" that happen in "bonding suites" that are not bedrooms and "bonding platforms" that are most definitely not beds, where the two men keep cuddling and lying on top of each other and describing their emotions like a softcore romantic porn scene for hours on end, but it's totally NOT GAY goddamnit NO GAYNESS HERE AT ALL LET US SPEND SOME TIME BEMOANING THE LACK OF UNDERSTANDING FEMALES IN OUR LIVES and in conclusion cousins.

... I might have a slight issue with that type of protesting-too-much fic. I would love fic where the primary bond is a platonic friendship and they have girlfriends on the side, it would be kinda poly actually and y'all know I'm all about that, but that's not what those stories usually are.

But anyway. This here chapter is the first of the second sequel but there's links to everything in the header. So.

Realistic "the guides are oppressed!!" situation (not an evil situation of evil just because some a segment of the population is evil and the rest doesn't care enough to protest), Jim and Blair being awesome in a totally non-sue way, lots of anthropology and sociology geekery, and awesomest awesome OC pair that I totally fell in love with. (oh, it's slash too, but even the sex is fun and IC and non-gratuitious, and non-Ikea at ALL! gasp.)

-Saturday and Sunday I also babysat the puppies. Only four left! ;^; But man they're even more active so it's about the same amount of work keeping up with them. x___x graargh pointy teeth and claws.

It's sad that their mom is less exhausted and is interested in them again, and of course they're always extatic when they can even just omg touch noses!!! with mommy, and I couldn't let her in the room with them, because she just had an operation to unwoman her and there's stitches between her back teats that the little brats would tear out in approximately ten seconds.

-Re: current manga: Naruto himself is boring me a bit but who cares because ITACHI IS THE BOSS ALWAYS AND FOREVER. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. (though that crow... XD bwahahaha.)
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So today my cousin's dog's puppies were eight weeks old, so we took them to the vet for health check + vaccination + cyborgization (i mean ID chipping.)

All eleven of them. Plus mom.

Basically we locked them all in the waiting room, took them out one by one, and took them back with pretty collars on, complete with ID medals. Which they immediately tried to eat off each other. And me and a friend of my cousin sat with them in the waiting room and played "oh fuck put that plant up on something before they shred all the leaves!! crap, there's a magazine underneath the wet, dirty pot! but if i move it elsehwere the puppies will -- NO YOU PUT DOWN THAT KIDDIE TOY oh hell. Well, anyone who takes their kid to the vet probably has an animal of their own who has slobbered on the kid before. Yeah."

I went on a couple of examinations/needle things and the puppies were apparently all really chill about it, no whining or struggling, just kinda "... hey, what are you doing e_ê" looks when injecting the chip. They were such GOOD puppies.


Except for that one single thing.

[personal profile] askerian: oh god puppies everywhere
[profile] sarolynne: PUPPIES
[personal profile] askerian: puppy turds =_________=
[personal profile] askerian: kinda runny
[personal profile] askerian: everywhere
[profile] sarolynne: XD;
[personal profile] askerian: MOCK MY PAIN
[profile] sarolynne: That's normal when they're that young.
[personal profile] askerian: oh god why so stinky
[personal profile] askerian: also also ALSO
[personal profile] askerian: puppy: 25 cm long.
[personal profile] askerian: turd: 10 cm long
[profile] sarolynne: XDDDDDDD
[personal profile] askerian: WHERE DOES HE FIND THE SPACE TO PUT IT
[profile] sarolynne: Intestines.
[personal profile] askerian: >_>
[personal profile] askerian: seriously. the puppy is 6 kgs. the turd is 500 grams. that's one twelfth its weight. it's like me crapping a puppy!

* sizes, weights, and math are all super mega rough estimates and only matter for comparison purposes. I am ded of puppy fumes. do not ask me. (okay, no, it's like me crapping, uh, 5/8ths a puppy. let's say. idk. but yeah, i'm really overweight either way. for now. I WILL CONQUER YOU, HUGE TUMMY. the boobs can stay.)

[profile] joisbishmyoga: why are you measuring poo?
[personal profile] askerian: i'm not! it's just kinda shocking to see a small puppy crap something that's half its own length
[personal profile] askerian: it's like ... "is that a magician trick? is that a trick puppy? double bottom? where are the doves?"
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today I:

-weighed myself and omg I've lost 13 pounds in about two weeks. Only... 35 more to go! XD I CAN DO EEET.

-finally set up my painting corner (I had paints and brushes and a stand-thinger and a cover for the floor and everything since last Christmas... so lazy XD) and started a landscape for dad's birthday. It's gonna take me a little while, but it's off to a good start. But my paint tubes will be empty faster than I thought they would. Nyoo. D;

I wish I had a camera handy so I could upload/post all the paintings I did last year. My life is so hard you gaiz.

-biked for however long that silly second Naruto movie with Knight-chan and the ferret lasts! one hour and a half? whoa. (two days ago it was the Snow Princess movie. I don't know what i'll do for exercise once I'm done rewatching them all. Then again I have a lot of bookmarked anime to catch up on. Ah, if only I could *read* while perched on that bike. But while I can fiddle with the screen settings to get bigger fonts, it's a bit hard on my back to twist to the side and down in order to scroll down. XD)

-And now I shall... PROD AT TEAMWORK. >:E

go asuka go go go~
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Was reading back through my journal a bit. I really have this tendency to humorous histrionics in my posts, huh. Also, uppercases. Funny because IRL while I can get babbly and enthusiastic sometimes, and then again only with specific people, most of the time I'm really introverted.

Saw the puppies yesterday. They're getting huge (some of them look like little bears, if I didn't know better I'd assume they're leonbergs or newfoundland dogs) and man but their poop stinks. Also they'ver discovered the awesome game that is "latch on people's shoelaces and watch them flail."

family angst, cancer-related. no sympathy required, i'm just thinking out loud. )
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... I'm sorry, guys, I just need... I...

ONE OF THEM FIGURED OUT HOW TO RUN. *flail flail* he looks like a squirmy sausage! and then there's all that momentum and he's like "HOW DO I STOP!!!"

Ahh. The cute. I am slain. slain.

The other mostly bumble along at a clumsy puppy walk, but they're also starting to recognize that Tall Monkeys bearing down on them them means OH HEY MAYBE THEY HAVE MILK. Or maybe they're figuring out it's funny the kind of back-breaking olympic feats we perform when trying to avoid stepping on sudden puppy-mobs trying to suckle our shoelaces. Who knows.

They're starting to figure out licking milk and soggy puppy-food from a bowl, too. (by which I mean mostly they're figuring out HEY WHEN I STAND IN THE BOWL IT FLIPS OVER :D and MOOOM I'M WET AND MILKY AND COLD AND NOW BROTHER IS LICKING ME MAKE HIM STOP MOOOOOOOM.)

Anyway, this weekend my cousin will be home to take care of them, and by monday they should be much better at this bowl-lapping thing, so maybe they won't need me anymore. Yay! I can stay home and be lazy and not spend a hour mopping a floor because three of them have peed and pooped on it, walked right back through the puddle, and then wandered around. Puppies are assholes. Woohoo free afternoons! ^o^



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