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TOTAL: 12 612


-landlord ofic: Workplace in the Romance (8 246 words) (some of which was actually deleted scenes as i rewrote this thing like a motherfucker; will be posting them in this post just because)
-landlord ofic: Luce POV thing (1 564 words)

-Covalent 'verse: Meenah, Damara, Kankri (2 802 words) (might actually be complete but also needs to be reread and fixed for continuity and descriptions.)

... i did plot a LOT for demon patrol, so while nothing is writen yet the thing is unblocked and might start to flow again any time soon, so all was not in vain!

... *flops*

cut-out snippets from ofic )
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"Who's dead?" Vasili barks when Mikhail walks in, before he even sits. There's a glass between them with talking holes in it -- he's violent and they don't know who the fuck Mikhail is. He could perhaps crack it but his hand would splinter all the way to the wrist. Fucking plastisteel.

That old sonovabitch Mikhail arches a fucking eyebrow at him, and then the guard in chief goes, "Deustche, bitte," because he can't even trust Vasili with fucking words.

Like it's words he was in solitary for.

on AO3 (locked)
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(which is btw complete)

"Here we are! Castle Bauer," Mikhail said, gesturing up to the red brick facade. The apartment building was stuck like a redheaded stepchild between two burlier, more menacing siblings, all narrow and vaguely sad-looking. That impression could probably be blamed on the pollution grime and the rusted grilles on the lowest windows, mind. "Home sweet home, kind of."

Head craned up to take in the building, Timur let out a little puff of breath that was almost a laugh -- a chagrined, unsure one.

"It's a dump for now, but that's fine. Come on."

He walked up the three front steps, paused when Timur didn't follow. Suitcase still at his feet, the other golem would have been choking his own hat if he'd still had any, long-fingered hands clenching spasmodically over his stomach. So tall he was about eye level with Mikhail on the steps, even with his stooped shoulders, the long-sleeved shirt swallowing his frame... He'd grown again during the ten years they hadn't seen each other, Mikhail was pretty sure, and was even surer that the only reason Timur didn't wear gloves to cover the bamboo segments at his knuckles was him being unable to find any that would be long enough.

Mikhail had started rolling his sleeves back up in the last week. It was better for the jobs he was working.

6k, safe for work.
Work Songs on AO3 (locked)
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Fresh-faced university student Sevan picks up rugged, funny Mikhail. Okay, is picked up. Same result – a nice evening for all. No consequences, right?

Only Sevan is a mage, and Mikhail is... well.

Urban fantasy, male/male sex, low on action. Contains age difference, eventual power imbalance, caretaker fatigue, suicidal thoughts.

Chapter 1 of 2 on AO3.

(This is likely to be part 1 of a series, as not all plot threads will be tied off in this one. The fic is locked to people with an AO3 account.)


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