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I'm not going to talk about the wedding fic because I might still want to write it, and it should be short and NOT FULL OF FIGHT SCENES AAAAA and provide a nice conclusion to the 'verse, but as for TW3, I'm now pretty sure it's dead.


Plot summary under the cut.

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So, um. I was supposed to wait until Teamwork 3 was complete (only about four chapters or so! I just jinxed myself.) before I started posting this one, only of course I am clinically unable to sit on a completed chapter that long. Apart from the result of the chuunin exams there aren't really any spoilers for the end of TW3. You may ignore it if you wish, it'll still be there by the time I finish TW3. >_>;;

This fic is full of sap and cute and some angst and some more sap. Also, the secret language of fishes.

Many thanks to Joisbishmyoga for all the help with kimonos and marriage stuff because srsly pitfalls everywhere.

So yeah, as Sasuke's best man yadda yadda you are hereby invited to his and Sakura-chan's wedding. Oh, and you can bring a guest, but tell Sakura's mom first so she can count them in or she'll implode. )
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Just one thing first -- I'd read my notes wrong, so Sakura gets *two* matches before she has to go against Sasuke. Um. I'm sad because it makes the ending of her scene less dramatic, but I can't shuffle the matches around anymore, so I had to edit it a bit. As far as I can recall it's the only thing I edited though.

Also, man, I wonder how much it shows how long it had been since I wrote teamwork!Sasuke in that part. >_>;;;

Chapter 11 scene 1

He was so *done* with this country. )
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I have no idea if I'm going to actually write the sex scene in full at some point. Likely I should, but I also like it like that... hm, maybe as a sidefic, if I can figure out how to make such a mood work with a lemon.

This is so full of sap I am choking myself on it. also the very last tidbit might get deleted if i figure out a real scene to write down instead, because it's oh god too sappy, too sappy. but for now it feels more ending-ly, and since i haven't decided yet how to handle the next scene -- it might get moved elsewhere or even not written, depending on a latter scene -- the current tidbit is staying as a placeholder.

hit the teamwork: main fic tag for previous parts, i'm too lazy to link. ;p

They'd made love to him all night. )
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-This interlude was written a long while ago. Now I'm kind of unsure about whether its mood still works with the previous chapter. I might have to edit the previous chapter's ending, if that's the case, but I'm not sure.

-But I'm not going to change this interlude (much) because ... Every single time I write Ino, I have a BLAST. X33333 Surprisingly, she also made writing Gaara and Shikamaru fun. I mean, seriously, *Gaara*. Ino is magic.

-I'm calling it an interlude because it's an outsider POV, but really it's both chapter-sized and quite necessary for the plot.

-This is full of schmoopiness. Whoa. XD I was so tired of the angst, guys, you have no idea.

Previous scene

Beach Party

The hospital was letting them go. It was a happy occasion. Yet when Ino saw them walk into the hospital lobby the gloom almost choked her. )
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skip to next cut if you don't want to see my worrywarting, also known as author notes )

So. Rough draft. Yeah. I'll likely edit this post if anyone offers crit or I notice horrible stuff myself later on, but if you want the polished, edited, fixeded version, better if you wait for when I put it on FFnet. Shouldn't be too long now -- aaaand I just jinxed myself, didn't I. DX

Chapter 9 Part 1 (Naruto). Part 2 (Sasuke).

Part 3 (Sakura) )
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I've been tweaking this one for a month and I don't think it's going to help if I keep tweaking. But aaaaa so nervous about it. .__.;;;

Previous part.

Sasuke )
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Previous part is on FFnet, i'm too lazy to link back to the one on eljay. *is bad asuka* Just hit the tags or something. >___>;;

And, I just realized my bitching about what I don't like about I just wrote tends to spoil people and/or give them a bias coming in that they might not have had otherwise, so if you want to see the bitching/crit-begging, highlight the gray bar, and if not then just ignore it.
Okay, this one part = DILEMMA. On one hand, as a rule Naruto is optimistic and bounces back fast.

On the other hand, it's not everyday he stabs a cute kid through the guts à la pinned butterfly and bites Sakura to the point he cracks her forearm in the middle of a rape attempt and then proceeds to threaten Sasuke with also-rape and face-eating, because that shit cake totally needed a rotting apple core on top.

First Tifa and now Naruto, I'm so saturated with guilting characters it's coming out of my ears aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarhhh. DX So, I can't judge whether it's too much or not. I wouldn't be adverse to suggestions à la "this sentence isn't exactly necessary and might even be kind of overkill, you could totally trim it out!" My word count would cry, but.

Naruto )
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Yeah, it's a short chapter compared to what I've done before, but there's a lot happening in it, so...

Note: it was written all in one big great rush, so there are some things (emotions, trains of thought) that might have seemed obvious to me at the time, but to a reader then wouldn't be. I've read it over a couple times since, but I can't be sure everything makes sense. Please please please tell me. This is only the first draft and I want it to be perfectly parfect. (but, note: some of sasuke's reasoning won't become obvious until next chapter because, well, right now he's not really reasoning much. In doubt, point it out anyway, I need to keep an eye out for those things, I'm not 100% sure it's fine!)

Previous. (posted yesterday, so you might have missed it.)

Sasuke )
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1200 words long. I hate fight scenes. Not betaread yet, and some parts are probably confusing or unbelievable or the feelings don't come through -- please PLEASE point them out, I tried my best but I'm not sure I can fix them on my own. ~___~;

Next scene is Sasuke's. I'm trying to write it now. It's... well. Ergh. Difficult.

(Sakura) )
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I still have to put all the bits I wrote into proper order and I haven't decided yet how best to do that. But at least now I have everything and it's just a matter of shifting things around and writing the connecting bits. Piece of cake! (now that i've said this of course it means something will happen so i'm stuck until february >_>;;)

the part that comes before this.

And, the author note that'll be posted on ffnet with the chapter...
-The reason this is so late:
I had a major dilemma over the plot thread this chapter kicks off.
The event at the end was always planned, from way back when I came up with the idea of writing the chuunin test in the first place. I was super excited about it, and in how many interesting ways it would impact Team Seven, and I came up with off-screen background and actions and chronology, and fallout for it, and plot threads that tie into Teamwork 4&5 (yes, I did really plan this far. x.x)...

And then I realized, aw hell, this might not come as a "OH MY GOD D:" but as a "...oh, please."

Because yeah, it might be seen as random and just enough over the top to break suspension of disbelief, just enough to be too much. So I felt really bothered about the possibility, and tried and tried to find plot to replace that event, but no matter what I came up with and how many of my friends tried to help, it didn't give the same results and it broke my poor little heart to have to cut out everything else I'd planned as a result of it. And to be frank... it's a lot more fun for me this way, no matter how likely it is or isn't.

I might lose readers over it (though if I haven't lost you even though I made you wait so long, then I'm not too scared. XD :lovelove: ) but in the end I have to remember something: I write fanfic because I want to have fun with the characters I love (and put them through hell, because I'm evil and it makes me laugh). I'm not trying to sell this as a novel, so maybe I can relax my standards of likelihood a tiny bit and stop putting pressure on myself. And hey, who knows, maybe I'll pull it off. I won't know if I can pull it off if I don't even try, so here it is. I'm trying this. But even if it doesn't work for all of you guys, at least I'm having fun again.

... now if only I could make myself believe it. *fret fret*

plz loev me. T^T

Sasuke POV )
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Figured I needed to write that. It's still likely to be heavy-handed for now but i'll see about editing later.

I'm going to be rewording and reordering the parts of Sasuke's POV a LOT before I can figure out what works best, so... yeah, sorry for any confusion and it's all very much first-draft-y. I'll just repost the whole thing later when I'm done instead. XD;;

Shit I Wrote To Avoid Writing More NaNo:

9906 / 50000 words. 20% done!
(but you know, since it's teamwork i'm not gonna feel bad about it. XD)

He woke furious and it felt good. )
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I still haven't fixed part one to be more easily understandable. I am a bad, lazy asuka. Helpful crit still welcome on that bit. Helpful crit also welcome for this bit!

I think a short personal/feeling-centric moment of interaction should happen next, but so far I'm not seeing it clearly. Hn.

Still Sasuke. Shortish bit. )
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Non-linearity FTW! Sorry if the beginning is confusing, I was experimenting. Hopefully it will all make sense if you keep going a little bit. But if it doesn't, please tell me. If you can help me figure out where I should put in-fic timeline reminders, definitely tell me. If you have any other sort of crit, yes yes. It's the first draft, it's MADE to be edited and tweaked and otherwise made shiny.

I'm not sure if some of what happens doesn't come across as a little contrived. In my mind it makes sense, but hey. As for Sasuke characterization, crit is also accepted, but please remember mine is closer to Gaara arc!Sasuke than current manga!Sasuke.

Anyway, not sure if it's the complete chapter or not, because I still don't know if I'm gonna switch the POV to someone else for the next scene. They'd have a TINY scene, but if I leave it to Sasuke, he's got another huge scene coming after that and I think if it's all in his POV the chapter would end up WAY TOO FRIGGIN LONG. I'll have to think about it. Hrrrm.

--edit: okay I forgot to mention. But that previous sasuke POV bit you read a little time ago? Pretend you didn't. I salvaged about half of it and the rest isn't in-fic anymore, just implied. I have no clue how well i did imply it, though, so if you didn't understand jack shit then please tell me. XD;;

almost nine pages! )
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1) The Grass Country OCs are Maneki: huge tank-like medic-nin, rather patient, summons cats. Kon : fox summoner, brown skin and pale green hair, bit of an asshole, injured. Zenko: girl, wolf summoner, katana specialist, long black hair, suspicious and antisocial.

2) I don't know if Sasuke's reasoning makes sense at the end, or if it comes across as if he takes that decision because I wub my OCs and I'm forcing him to respect that. Might need more description... maybe more blood flowing to prompt him, or something. But I can't manage to figure it out on my own, so I'm posting it with the hope that you guys will tell me if it's problematic and perhaps suggest stuff. It's the kind of scene that was perfectly clear and self-evident eight months ago when I thought it up, and that I cannot feel my way through now. ~__~

Sasuke POV )
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previous part

Unbetaed. I needed to be sleep-deprived to write this bitch. therefore there are likely quite a few things that need fixing. Don't feel shy, tell me. Can't fix it if I don't know it's broke. Will love you forevers.

Thanks to Saropyon and Jochan and Cally who are supercool and awesomewin and shinyyay.

Kyuubi glanced at her when she was a dozen feet away, but by then she was already cocking her fist and swinging it down to the hard packed ground. )


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