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Post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous.
Upon request, I will post a random line or two from any of these you choose. Assuming that the file adds up to a full line, that is.

Except I'm a ho so it's likely you might get a lot more than two lines, if there's that much to repost in the file. >___>

I cheated because I have about twice the number of files there, but half of them are long abandoned, and often also nothing but notes and no prose, anyway.

Some of the ones I listed here might be all notes and no prose, too, but they're still ideas I'd like to work on at some point.

The ones with * probably have enough unpublished material to be requested several times. XD

naruto )

other fandoms )

ofics )

ALRIGHT. still open but i'm going to bed, so i'll go back to this tomorrow.
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So where the hell does Kaiki come from?
(and um, oops, the "sword" prompt completely slipped away. Maybe I'll write a third. XD)

~850 words, incest, genderbending, weird mood, possible dubcon )
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I have such poor impulse control. But nevermind. It's [ profile] suzukiblu/[ profile] white_knuckle's fault. There I was, re-reading her old memes, and that one jumped at me and smacked me in the face.

Give me a pairing (or threesome if you insist) and a prompt (mood, place, object, etcetera). I'll write you something about their kid(s).

Fandoms: Naruto, GW, FF7, DBZ. Possible future kids in existing fic-verses allowed, except for Teamwork's first two Team 7 kids. 'cause, well, spoiler. No real objection to writing several times about the same kid either, so long as my imagination doesn't stall on it.

-I make no promise to actually write them, though I do promise I'll try. My inspiration is a fickle, contrary thing in the first place and when I try to force it I get writer's block instead.
-I really suck at poetic/abstract prompts.
-If you give me a slash pairing but don't want/like mpreg, say so. It's not my default kid-giving choice, but still one of them.

Uzumaki Inoe (Naruto/Ino), bed
Sobami (Udon/Moegi), bus, frustration
Hoshigaki Koushin (Itachi/Kisame), blood (mpreg, creepy)
Uchiha Taimi (Anyone/Itachi), grocery shop -- Uchiha Taimi (Itachi/Tamaki), Tedium NEW
Uchiha Kaiki (Itachi/Sasuke), candles -- Origins (genderbending, woohoo dysfunctional) --
Terumii Keina (Tsunade/Mizukage), diplomatic relations
Takashi (Naruto/Sasuke, Locker Room Therapy), runaway
(Hinata/Sakura), shield

Ben Maxwell-Yuy (Heero/Duo), Nightmares -- Ben and Shawn Maxwell-Yuy, Prospective Mate NEW

SXB-01 through 05 (Sephiroth/Zack), hair -- SXB-01 (Zack) Waking up / early morning -- Mother Hen-ning --

Tanegaarlzp Irlitt (Trunks/Goten)

(Kid/Conan, black)

Prompts closed for now, might reopen! Now to catch up a bit on everything I need to write...
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A few centuries ago I was doing a "10 AUs" meme. That's as far as I managed to get on either the Itachi&Sasuke gen or the ItaSasu one. I fail like a faily thing.

1. wild west (~250 words) )
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Can't tell if i've posted any of those before. Posting 'em again cause i'm in the photobucket anyway.

uchihacestish clothed looming, narusasu sleepies, teamworkiness, silly chibis )


Mon, Oct. 22nd, 2007 00:22
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ganked from [ profile] lady_zip

Comment with the name of a character from one of my fandoms. I will tell you three things that character received on his or her birthday and from who.

Eh, why not. I hope my inspiration holds on. XD

May Apply~ : Naruto, Gundam Wing, DBZ, Yuyu Hakusho, Final Fantasy 7, and okay, Bleach and G-seed, I guess. >.>

Suigetsu - Sasuke - Kakashi - Sakura - Kiba - Itachi - Naruto - Tayuya - Jiraiya - Kyuubi - Gai - Kabuto

Gundam Seed:
Kira - Athrun - Miriallia - Lacus

Final Fantasy 7:
Sephiroth - Zack - Cloud - Aeris - Tifa

Gundam Wing:
Heero Yuy - Duo Maxwell - Wufei Chang

Yuyu Hakusho:
Yuusuke - Hiei - Kurama - Kuwabara

Orihime - Kenpachi

Dragon Ball Z
Vegeta - Bulma
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[ profile] mitsuhachi drew Teamwork fanart for me! ♥

Stolen from [ profile] annwyd~

The Why Character A Loves Character B Meme
Give me the names of two characters and I will tell you why character A loves character B. I might answer with a drabble, a quick bit of meta, or a list, just to make things that tiny bit more OMGSOEXCITING!

(it doesn't need to be two characters you know I ship. Hell, even crackships if you want. XD;; GW fandom allowed on a probationary basis. >.>)
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I need a title for this fic. And I was sort of writing the scene I needed info for, yesterday, but I'm still not done with it -- it's too warm to concentrate on fighting choregraphy in here -- so I'mma gonna be a cheap h0r and only post the beginning. Hopefully I'll manage to complete the second scene tomorrow.

BTW in this fic Itachi became a vampire when Sasuke was 12-13, not 8. That way, I can respect the five-year difference, and have Itachi not stuck looking like a 13 year old for the rest of his unlife. XD Sasuke is in his twenties now, so they look about the same age. (hell, biologically, Sasuke is older, since Itachi died at 18. funfun. I need to write a scene about that at some point. XD)

As always, if you spot weird grammar, spellings, or plotholes, please tell me?

ch.1 sc.1 )
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So I have a prologue... thing... but I havn't slept a lot so it's probably not as good as it could be. I have to concentrate harder than usual to keep track of things, so there might be mix-ups, I can't tell. x_x

Also, my inspiration might leave at any time, since I don't feel vampiry all that often (just like the cyborg fic, really. XD)

Will be itasasu.

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T_T I want to write an itasasu vampire fiiiiiic.

Kinda want to revamp an idea and scenes I RPed with [ profile] sarolynne, but while shiny on their own, they wouldn't make a good fic. We can't play more than one or maybe two characters each at a time, and we tended to summarize and gloss over a lot of stuff, and go more toward "that would be hot" than "that would be deep and believable and plotful". That's not goodfic. u.u;

Kind of anita-blake-ish sort of deal with a master vampire having a human servant (would need another term for it since that's the only idea we took straight from her and I'm pretty sure she wasn't the first one who had the idea of a human bound to a vampire for protection during the day. XD) Itachi started the link when he killed their parents, but didn't complete it because Sasuke was a kid and that would have frozen him at that age, and, yeah... not useful.

And of course we played tons of events between them, which I intend to keep... But that's not enough of a plot. So I'll have to think up something if I want to make it a full fic, butin the meantime I have a couple of drabbles based off Rp scenes. Which is pretty lame but itasasu! vampires!

... T_T why is itasasu so hard to write. It isn't fair.

01: Tell me )

05: Claim )

19: Options )

25: Pets )

26: Room )
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I... don't think I've posted this yet. I know I showed it to some people (if I showed it to you, don't spoil in the comments or I'll bite you. :p speculation is okay, because I'll just smile and refuse to confirm anyway. ... let's hope it's at least mildly intriguing, for like a half-second. hopefully.) It's tagged as ItaSasu because it's got Itachi and Sasuke and Uchiha things, but I don't even know if there will be any pairings at all, and if there are there might not be ItaSasu at all.

Or there might be. Who knows.

(but either way I'm not planning on shota.)

First, mildly confusing scene of a new-ish fic-bunny-thing. Warning, I don't see this fic becoming high priority. Pretty sure even the cyborg fic is higher priority than this. Meaning it might well fall off the face of the planet if I get swallowed by Teamwork and forget about my other random ideas.

There's a new cousin lodging at aunt Yukio's, in one of the rooms she rents to single young men. )
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So there's this fic I'm working on, on and off -- more often off than on, but I still like it. It's based on a RP I did with Sarolynne (again ♥) and zomg a fic where the lemons are mostly part of the actual plot! 'course, I still have lots of things to fix, because it's just fine in a RP to summarize stuff that happen to one character alone, or to ignore plotholes, and since I suck I often end up forgetting what I had established for my character and contradicting myself on little details.

But! I have the main plot. The problem is rewriting it properly and ironing out the many wrinkles. Meaning it is nowhere near ready for ze posting, and as with all backburner projects I've got, I might lose interest and never finish it.

So of course, I'm gonna be a cocktease. :D except there's not even sex yet to tease you with. hah.

Nekomata )
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For [ profile] silverkiiri, because I suck and can't think of a good drabble for her.

Still incomplete, also I forget where I stopped the last time (can't find the stupid post again, damn it, when did I post the start of that again?! argh) so you get to read a repost of a good half of it. yey.

Same problems as last time, if anyone remembers -- this was originally a RP, so the POV shifts around a lot and sometimes it makes for some very awkward writing. If you spot anything annoying, or end up forgetting who the hell is speaking, please point it out. (more helpful if you tell me where, though. :P)

I might end up rewriting some of Sasuke's reactions at the end because they sound corny/not believable or something. I'm not sure they work. Dunno, just don't like that part. Also, if you have japanese girl names that sound like Sasuke, (not sakura) please tell me. I'm using Saki as a default, but I'd rather avoid associating this with Lace and Strawberries any more than that.

[ profile] sarolynne was Itachi, I was Sasuke, we shared Kisame (he gets maybe ten lines so ehh. who cares. XD)

Warnings: Uchihacest (that's Itachi x Sasuke, yess.), and uh. abuse of sexy no jutsu? damn it, I should stop toying with that jutsu so much, and start playing with the kage bunshin or something.

non-saki-chan uchihacesty genderbending )


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