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I want to do something o-ficcy. IDK, write my old characters, worldbuild for some new fic. I want packbonding and weird alien things. I can't decide. It's horrible.

I just... Mermaids in Space? Not enough alienness. Black Ops Werewolves? Not enough scifiness. That new weirdass survival/horror thingie I've been toying with in the last couple months? I don't even know the characters all that well!

I need weird and dangerous as fuck ecosystems and people engineered into not quite human creatures and possibly also visibly unsettling and psychic powers and PACK BONDING AAAA.

I also want to write Tyr learning how to be pack alpha. Not enough aliens in that fic but. Oh man the first time he loses his temper = glorious.


I'll probably regret this, but. Anyone feel like prompting me? Asking worldbuilding questions? Anything? .__.

Quick summaries cause it's been a while:

-Mermaids in Space follows adorably serious, young telepathic tribal mermaid Liadan, goofy and idealist, psychic-null, intellectual/marine biologist Arun, and antisocial empath, mechanic, space pirate Blue in their mad escape from Evil Corporation that wants to mine Liadan's nice abandoned waterworld without consulting with the locals. Other characters to be found here (main trio and bad guys) and here (blue's pirate crew), illustrated.

-Territoriality: The war against pseudoelves has come to a draw, so some of the soldiers who were part of an attempt to induce lycanthropy without allowing it to conclude in transformation are cut loose. Now on top of the convenient strength and healing abilities they have to deal with powerful instincts and health issues. Also with the local werebeast society, which isn't really happy to see them. Characters are asexual, wry, introverted alpha-wolf-to-be Tyr Andersen, snarky asshole Dian Keller, one-eyed silently snarky badass she-wolf Neve Serrano, charming liar Gabe Wright the werebear, bitchy tiny tiger Xiang and her best friend Athena the Secretary, etc.

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Chapter's 2/5ths done and 7 800 words long. Oh, self.

Granted, the rest of what I have planned COULD possibly go by relatively fast, and brand new unplanned little detours might NOT happen, so the chapter clocks in at a fairly respectable yet still manageable in one sitting 12k! Yeah uh that's just not how my plotbunnies work. *hangs head*

On the other hand, telepathic shenanigans, clonesibs being clonesibby, and bro/jack hateflirting. More detours plz.


Askerian: Dirk extracted himself from his bunk by way of hooking one hand into Dave's bunk's guardrail and reverse-curling himself upward in a boneless, snakelike wave. All 'look at my abs! I do a hundred crunches a day!' Feh.
"Alright, time to go." He nodded to John, and then to Karkat. Karkat quickly looked away and pretended to have been busy with his mess of a bed all along.
Adi: ...and Karkat goes "Damn, that human is fit."
Askerian: the reason John keeps losing at gay chicken against Dirk is that he does not know himself. :-X
Askerian: hahahaha
Askerian: also that dirk is gay, and so he does not chicken out.
Askerian: either he gets kisses by handsome boys, or he gets to win! it's a game he literally cannot lose.
Adi: yeah. He is in favor of gay makeouts with the guy who looks like Jake. No, seriously.
Askerian: =3
Adi: eventually, John will realize that that he, too, is not entirely straight, and Dirk will have some competition on his hands.
Askerian: XD
Adi: and still he will not lose, because John is a good looking boy, let's be honest
Askerian: nah, john is *bashful*.
Askerian: well, not very much, but XD
Adi: awwwwww
mmarycontrary: So, once John knows he’s gay/bi/pilotsexual, Dirk wins by being more willing to do it in public? More extreme? Or does he go for the ultimate taboo and make it downright *AFFFFFFFECTIONAAAAAATE*?

Bahahahaha. Affectionate would possibly be more embarrassing for John than raunchy, because he could tell himself raunchy is just them being crude/disgusting/GUYS at each other in perfect broharmony. I think Dirk merely wins because he’s impossible to embarrass. The man knows and embraces his quirks and kinks, there is nothing to shame him with.
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Askerian: (ahaha, i don't know if you remember the 1x2xR sequelthing snippet I wrote a while ago where relena wanted dorothy to help her make poly marriage legal. now i kinda want to write stuff about the press finding out. maybe a series of articles and headlines, first from the tabloids and then ending in an article)
Adi: ooooh
Adi: you can make up completely crazy stuff for the tabloids!
Askerian: like an actual interview. maybe about who is the father of her child!!! :O nah, no baby stuff, i write baby stuff too much as it is. ooooor maybe if the dad is duo because heero's genes are damaged
Askerian: haha yes
Adi: she's pregnant?
Askerian: at first it'd be all "is there something going on between relena and her head of security :O " and then "gasp she went to that ball with THAT OTHER MAN as her security/escort!" with ambiguously angled grainy picturial proof
Adi: or so the tabloids say?
Askerian: haha yes, even if she isn't they'd take any fold of cloth as a sign of pregnancy
Adi: XDD
Askerian: shocking reversal! the princess' lovers... in bed together!!!!!! RELENA CHEATED ON???? (i mean dude okay she has two but she's QUEEN RELENA she's allowed D: )
Adi: There should be letters to the editor going "that's obviously an overexposed photoshopped picture! It's probably her head of security! God, stop making stuff up!" and ...well, actually...
Askerian: XDDDDD
Adi: hahaha
Askerian: up until some president or other invites her to an official shindig with "and guest" and she asks them if she can bring two.
Adi: oh lord XDDDD
Askerian: and she dances with them both all night, scrupulously taking turns in between the random interlopers.
Askerian: and then they have the last dance with each other??? XD idek.
Adi: maybe they dance with each other when she's dancing with other people u.u
Askerian: ooh :D
Askerian: in the middle of all that i should also put a fling between relena and quatre. they were seen walking out of a room together laughing, arm in arm!!!
Adi: hahaha
Adi: Someone gets a quote from Duo that, when taken out of context, implies that Relena, er, sleeps around a lot?
Askerian: i kinda suck at headlines or journal talk though
Askerian: hahahaha
Adi: u.u
Askerian: "oh, we all love relena, she's one of us y'know?" "RELENA PEACECRAFT IN SORDID SEX-BASED SWINGER DEAL WITH ALL FIVE GUNDAM PILOTS!!!!"
Adi: hahahaha
Adi: side note: Quatre Winner Participates in Primarily Gay Orgy With Queen Relena Peacecraft As Guest
Askerian: *giggles*

Askerian: btw, my GW rewatch...
Askerian: i was TRYING to read quatre as possibly straight and merely platonically concerned for trowa
Askerian: ... it's not even headcanon or slash goggles at this point
Askerian: he makes such teary wibbly faces when he sees him again and omg you're alive T^T
Askerian: it's just... not platonic.

I also wanted to write sidefics for Batttlefield Terra. Well, more like prequels, on the kids' side (the trolls' side would be too spoilerific). Mostly stuff about Mom talking Bro into raising Dirk and Dave (I think for the first couple years of their life she was keeping them too, because Bro wasn't able to deal with two babies -- more emotionally speaking than anything else -- and also maybe because he wasn't quite as on board with things as the other four of them yet), and Jade and Jake following General Harley around as he goes on politicking tours and visits military bases and learning how to shoot, and Nanna's death. The ideas are still kinda vague, though. I'm still prodding at them. Anything else you guys are wondering about re: the kids' past? Not saying I'm going to write them for sure but having the questions would help me figure out the answers, if I don't already know.
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-The more I think about it, the more I want to do a "quote me a scenebit and i'll tell you what Karkat was saying/thinking" thing with the ask box over on tumblr. It could be hilarious, heartbreaking, or more likely both.

Alas what it would also be is potentially v. spoilerific. I tend to want to answer ALL THE QUESTIONS, especially since background or worldbuilding questions often help me refine my own mental images of those things even as I explain them to other people. End result is that I often end up hinting way too much about what happens next. Hrrm. *ponders* Maybe I should wait a bit. idk. Or maybe I should only answer the ones where what Karkat says is a long list of impressive swear words. That could also work. It wouldn't be informative but it would probably be funny.

-I have been asked what BT would be like if Karkat was the one who had taken John captive.

The answers are not pleasant. discussions of rape )
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Askerian: oh man random trains of thought
bkprsn101: prrt?
Askerian: it started on me pondering the bechdel test and ending on my ofic characters Read more... )
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When I say the Karkat ships aren't fixed in this story, what I mean is "why do you keep throwing me bunnies for casual threesomes with just about everyone ever."

random somewhat spoilerific babble )
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there's so much action in their pasts that it's almost more interesting (IE more high stakes, I don't know about originality) during the war. Okay, but i want to write in the present. And they didn't really know each other much back then! (Tyr was buddies with Serrano, sort of knew Duane, and had seen Gabe around. Duane and Gabe were buddies. Gabe and Serrano weren't going out of their ways to spend time together but he accidentally had a quick little breakdown around her so she felt protective (oh hey just figured that out now, neat). Duane and Xiang were enemies.)

Solution: either lots of flashbacks, or two timelines running parallel... and aw fuck I already lost my idea on how to make it work. Damn it!

But anyway I need to work on what they did during the war and how they all met each other and stuff. Also figuring out why Duane and Xiang are at each other's throats would be nice. I know the summary is "she's a bitch!" "he's an asshole!" but the actual events and interaction that led to such an impression would be nice, too. XD

Anyway back to the flashbacks idea, they'd have to be relevant to the current plot too, not only there to look pretty, but it might be okay if some of them are relevant only re: character development. After all, the characters make the plot happen! yeah. >__>
(note to self, need to show Tyr as less settled into himself and comfortable at the start of the story. Okay he's still in a weird zen state from being free and "can't change the outcome anymore, i just gotta wait and see now" over whether he's gonna die from the werewolf thing or not, but I should still make what he's got to change in himself before the end of the story more obvious -- so far it's mostly about how he relates to outsiders, but he's only been shown around fellow army people and he doesn't count them as such so he seemed way comfortable. Needs moar issues! Preferably less heero-like issues, too. *bad asuka is bad* Hey, it's likely some of the shit that happened to him during the war still needs to be processed -- tadahh, justification for moar flashbacks!)

But the other half of 'em... if what they did during the war is still relevant in peace time, it can likely only be relevant for political (with the elf-things and internally) and/or terrorism from X parties, which means aw fuck I also have to figure out the political climate and players. AAA I HATE POLITIIIIICS. WHY DOES IT KEEP SLIPPING IN EVERYTHING I WRITE.

*grumbles* *goes a-figurin' sides and opinions to tack to OCs later on*

Also I need to do some politic-related plotting re: restore. damn it, i'd almost forgotten. *shakes fist at Leuang* he was supposed to be a name-drop for local color, damn it. Then again, using him means I don't have to come up with someone else. Laziness wins!
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So, the transformation. Body parts change shape, yeah? So my werebeasts are all five-toed. The tail -- well, it's just the end of the spine anyway, so it's not created out of nowhere. But the fur... okay, hyperactive hair follicles! I can buy that.

But they lose all their fur when they change back, yeah? And their head (and body) hair grows back.

How does their body know what length it was before the transformation? Hair is all dead cells.

So one logical way to go with that would be that every transformation = instant crew cut.

Or alternately it grows super fast and then they all end up with ass-long hair. But then I thiiink someone would notice a whole group of people growing a meter-long ponytail every month and then hacking it off, only to do it again, and again.

[ profile] joisbishmyoga: I dunno, considering the mass problem and the reforming your entire skeletal and muscular structure in about five minutes flat without dying or deforming your brain to complete mush, haircuts seem a bit...

... or I might be thinking too much. Yeah. That's another possibility.
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Okay so teamwork has decided to be a bitch once again. I'm letting it rest for now. Problem is, most of my other stories are similarly sulking or otherwise lethargic.

Of course that means I've got to get brand new, random, extremely silly bunnies.
Read more... )
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Re: Naruto and Genjutsu.

In Teamworkverse there are kitsune around, more than just the canon Kyuubi I mean. In Japanese legends, kitsune are great at illusions. Kyuubi, though, seems to exclusively use brute force. My headcanon was that he didn't find illusions satisfying enough and he didn't bother with that shit very much.

And then I noticed I tend to make Naruto very vulnerable to Genjutsu, which, yeah, manga canon anyway, but it kinda went *sparkles!* in my head.

If Kyuubi has an innate affinity for Genjutsu, no matter how developed, why doesn't Naruto?Read more... )

... nerd.

Fri, May. 1st, 2009 10:06
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I'm a complete nerd.

I just spent the last two hours trying to figure out culture clashes and histories of conquest in the Final Fantasy 7 world. Because they have Wutai as their China/Japan analogue, but you see kanji and japanese names used almost everywhere and people tend to have asian-shaped eyes even with the most weirdass hair colors, but then there are names like Midgar and Nibelheim, but then there's the random black man, and... Okay. What happened there.

I'm a nerd. )
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I ought to invest in a can of bunny-b-gone for that fic universe, I swear.

random garou!1-3-2 scenelet )
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Bunny! )

I rewrote the beginning of the second scene of chapter 1, and I like it a LOT better now. It's more easy to visualize and understand why they suspect Duo at all, and it gives a few glimpses into Wufei's undercover as a guerillero stint. Read here.

Also ENTIRELY rewrote the fourth scene, when Wufei meets the ministry officials -- now it's Heero POV and Wufei was asleep in the infirmary all along. I thought I'd posted it but I can't find it in my tags. D: Here it is.

Working on actually continuing the fic instead of tweaking the previous parts now. ya rly. -___-;;;;;
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... Yuri bunny. XD; I don't know if I'll actually write it, but anyway.

Scene: a club.
hinata: *wants to get naruto's attention and doesn't know how to!*
Sakura: ^^;
ino: I hear fake lesbianism works pretty well. :D
Sakura: >O don't take advantage of Hinata!
Ino: like I took advantage of you?~ fufufu.
sakura: ... >E
Hinata: *beyond red* a-ah. um. ... would it work?
Sakura: D:
Ino: oh, sure! :D (and if it doesn't, well, it's still fun.)
Sakura: I'LL DO IT. >:/
Hinata: #.__.# ... well then. Please take care of me!
Sakura: *o-omg why is she so cute i wasn't expecting that omg* D: D: D: *has Bad Thought* X33333
Ino: *LMAO*

Then Naruto is all ToT "I wanna joiiin" and Ino tells him it's a girls' club only.

♥ gabzilla~
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I've just had the most disgustingly sappy bunny ever. And to make things even worse, it's 1) incomplete (it starts in the middle) and 2) GUNDAM WING.

Urgh, 1x2 sap.

Maybe if I share it here it will leave me alone... )
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So to be clear, I'm not going to write it. Just sometimes I'll think about my old GW fic Garou and what's up with them now that they're 25 in my mind (Sometimes I think that's why I couldn't keep going with the 'verse. The muses aged and the story didn't catch up in time.) But hell, the idea cracked me up.

random plotless bunny... )
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So here we were, on a naruto forum, discussing the fact that for naruto>sakura>sasuke to be a true triangle sasuke should be in love with naruto, too.

And well... canon doesn't invalidate that.

And I felt cracky. XD

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