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Okay, so. I got some of the titles for the prescratch Ancestors right, and some I got wrong but am too attached to -- Disciple being the Knight of Heart, for example, that fic's already written and i'm not rewriting it -- but at the same time I'd still like to have as many close to canon as possible, if only because it'll mean I don't have to make shit up and can use closer-to-canon personalities in the cases I didn't already have headcanons.


Canon titleMy titles
potential change?
Thief of Lifewas already outX
Sylph of Lightwas already outX
Seer of Bloodguessed right!
Witch of Timeguessed right!X
Rogue of BreathPrince of Breath=> ???
Heir of DoomPage of Doom=> ???
Mage of HeartKnight of Heart=> nope. Keepin it.
Maid of Space
guessed right!X
Knight of MindRogue of Mind=> Rogue of Mind
Page of VoidMage of Void=> ???
Prince of RageHeir of Rage=> Prince of Rage
Bard of Hopeguessed right!X

Pyrope gets to be Rogue of Mind because knight was the only other thing badass enough for her, and Leijon already fic-canonized it as hers. (at first I had her as Bard because she seemed to like making a bit of a spectacle of her job, but... it fit better on Ampora.)
Makara gets Prince because I mostly saw him as powerful, and between Heir and Prince it's a bit of a toss-up, so better to go with canon.

The issue then arises between Captor, Nitram and Zahhak, because there's only mage, page and heir left over. My headcanon didn't jive much with a Heir Captor, but frankly I didn't have much of one in the first place. So if we go with canon as much as possible, Zahhak ends up page, and Nitram mage. IDK about Zahhak being a page when in the next life his power was still active, but maybe page is the class that takes the longest to activate in that you have to DIE FIRST or something.

But seriously, Nitram as a mage? I can't see it at all. But if we reshuffle so Zahhak is make, then Nitram ends up page, just like Tavros, and I don't feel that suits him either.

But if we make Captor the mage so Nitram can become Heir (doubles up on John but that seems a little less bad than doubling up on his own descendent) and Zahhak stay canon-Page then Captor's the one copying his descendent!

Aaa. I can't brain. Anyone got suggestions?

Also I don't know whether to keep my made-up names or edit all those I haven't written about yet. But wouldn't it make things confusing??? aaahh. People'd be like "canon names canon characters who the fuck is Kheper/Asleha/Nergal ." Whereas with all-OC names ... well I'd remember to add more elements to recognize them in the narrative, anyway? and people wouldn't expect to see the brand new prescratch trolls, either? because they're massively more the Alternian versions than the Beforus versions, anyway, and those are mostly headcanon for just about anyone and expected to be so. idek. aaa.

(also some of my names are prettier, okay XD i like Sherat better than Damara. :p)


Wed, Sep. 12th, 2012 00:16
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so uh yeah the teamwork mood didn't last long enough to really produce anything re: prompts -___-;; (keeping 'em on file anyway because i liked a lot of them and hopefully at some point...!)

on the other hand it did prompt me to reread my own damn fic, from start to finish, because wow there were parts i barely remembered anymore.

... why is it so LONG. D:
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It's for the Ancestors' screennames. ;__; Some of them came rather easily, some are hrrm, and some refuse to give me anything. Suggestions welcome. (not anything you've read or used yourself in another fic tho plz?)

Anyway, my current list:

Handmaid: aridAnachronism
Summoner: aviaTerrorist
Psiionic: tornAugury (hmm.)
Signless: cardinalGallivant
Disciple: ardentlyCarnivore
Dolorosa: governatrixAupair (ehh)
Redglare: gC: ?????? ( my ideas leaned toward garrot, crooner, chronicler, cipher, but i can't put them together in a satisfying way)
Mindfang/Aranea: affectedGlory (Aranea). (I think Mindfang would use another screenname because wtf affected. D: aG: ??????)
Darkleer: cT: ??????
Grand Highblood: tumblingCraniums
Dualscar: cA: ?????? (covetous courter cavalier admirer angelshark ????)
Condesce: codComplex (Aranea set it up and her meenah side cracked up so she kept it)

edit: also Dad Egbert has that PipeFan413 name but it's not a trollian-formatted name, so should I find him a new one? Pff he'd likely go with pipeFan, but idk, I kind of want him to go with E and B words so he matches John's second screenname. But... zero ideas.
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I am the silliest. It is me.


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Damn it, OCs, stop being ethical AND smart, you're figuring things out way too early. *EDIT EDIT* auuugh.

Also, introducing five new people in one scene might be a bit much. :X I'll see if I can cut one off, but I don't see which one... :(

Seeing the two wolves side by side it was even more obvious Chiquito was still very young; he was fuzzy all over and round-bodied and his paws were huge compared to his legs. He could get under Killer's barrel without needing to hunker down more than a couple of inches. Killer jerked when he did it and sidestepped, but it seemed more reflexive unease and confusion than true, aggression-edged wariness.

After that of course it was butt-sniffing time. Urk. "Thanks for sharing, buddy."

Shh quiet. Important smells!

"Yeah, I'd say. So, the pup likes burritos?"

Makisig gave a guilty snicker. "Probably shouldn't let him have them, but oh, the soulful eyes."


Fri, May. 11th, 2012 00:00
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Last month I was writing SO MUCH!!

We're 11 days into a new months and I've written, let me check... oh huh okay 5 000 words, that's not too bad, man it's crazy how my self-perception tends to only base itself on the last two days. If I haven't written in two days then I haven't written in AGES and I am FAILING HOMG but no pressure, self.

But still, hn.

One of them is the beginning of Jade's scene in Garden, yay, the other one is a brand new, silly sequel to the john/jade(/karkat) chatlog fic. It's another chatlog! :O This time Karkat really is in it.

Neither of them, you'll be surprised to learn, is Teamwork. :O

I have the file open right now. I'm staring at it. Sakura refuses to do anything interesting. When I try to make her go smart she goes "this is so dry and emotionless" and when I try to make her emotion-thinking she goes "why am I regressing to my Teamwork 1 self here" and, I don't know, mostly I keep going "aaaaa will i manage to write the naruto/sasuke interaction right i should have written it back when I ahd the scene in mind and it was still ALIVE aaaaaaaaaaa" and it's distracting me a lot from Sakura's scene, where the only hook is whether she'll win her match or not.

I'm hesitant to give myself an ultimatum à la "write 500 words of teamwork a day!!!!!" because sometimes that works and sometimes that backfires horribly, but at this point it seems obvious I'm not going to be brushed by the magnificent plumage of Divine Inspiration anytime soon and maybe I should just slog through it and just be DONE WITH IT and be able to get to the NEXT PARTS AAAA.

I've also been flopping around a lot wanting to write GW bondwolves, only I've been wanting to write HEERO and Mary, not Duo and Killer. Only the way the fic keeps lengthening on me there's still a whole two chapters at least before Heero pops up. Goddamn it. But at least I still feel like I'm progressing some on that fic, because even if I'm not writing I'm still watching the episodes while biking away, and nowaways what I do when I get off is write down how the plot diverged where and why, and where the wolves were at the time. XD

For example when Trowa was lost in space with amnesia he comes down to Earth with Quatre and Heero and Mary, and when Heero and Mary peel off he stays with Quatre (no space for two wolves in the compartment underneath the pilot's chair, no matter that one of them is a teenage bitch-puppy that's still half grown up.) Meanwhile amnesiac!Trowa is wondering what is missing so horribly, even though the obvious answer should be YOUR MEMORIES DICKFACE it never seems like that's quite it. I think when he sees Duo in the audience with Killer (there is no making a bondwolf lie down between the rows of seats so he'd be highly visible) he'd probably fall right off whatever he was balancing on at the time with the headache of the century, and then Catherine would *really* kill Duo. XD

Seriously with all the many times the boys were taken prisoners and their wolves taken hostage to ensure coperation and all the accidental separations (read: selfdestructs XD) it's a real game of musical chairs. I don't think any of the wolves has NOT been separated from his human for unreasonable lengths of time and a lot of incertitude re: how the fuck do we find each other again, which is not really how these things should go but then again gundam pilots don't really do things by the book, like, ever, anyway. Wait, Glen hasn't been separated from his master yet, but I don't think it helps seeing that Treize is going to kick the bucket on him at some point and is already loudly and repeatedly thinking about it and asking random pilots to please kill him. XD;

re: battlefield terra, I have a collection of ideas of what happens in this chapter and am now trying to tie them in a way that does not scream HOMG FILLER EPISODE. Actually it really shouldn't be fillery at ALL, I'm just not seeing it clearly enough to write. Hrrn. Must brainstorm more.
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Look at me spamming people with random babble. You guys know why? NO ONE IS ONLINE TO SIT ON ME AND MAKE ME WRITE IS WHY.

° One week before the end of the month and I still haven't written any teamwork. One of these days (NOT TODAY) I'mma just gonna make a LJ post and... idk, every time someone comments I have to post them what I wrote since the last comment, or something. Maybe that'll motivate me (or maybe i'll be too busy answering comments to actually write XD)

° On the other hand today I wrote a bit of Lone Wolf and Pilot, the GW thing with bonded telepathic wolves, which is boring as fuck and mostly setup for the INCOMING CLUSTERFUCK bwahaha go killer go, but still, I have two complete scenes before that and maybe I could post them here or something. I remember when I used to spam you guys with all my scenes fresh from my bleeding and battered fingers. Maybe I should get back to that. >__>

° I also worked a lot on an illustration for the fic! I... pretty much traced an official pic of heero and duo and then added wolves in it. *cackles* I'm really not taking it as ~art~, it's more like an edit, but wow my fingers. Also I wish I knew how to make fake screencaps because it'd look really fun if I could copy the anime style, but every time I've tried to learn I was just... yawn lasso tool oh hey a butterfly, and the skill stayed unlearned.

I also started a pic with Heero and Duo and their merlin and crow daemons for that OTHER alternate universe with GW people having speshul soul pets. Self, what are you trying to tell me here... oh right! i should totes be illustrating the Gundams as Dragons verse. Yup, that must be it. Augh, illustration ADD. I think I just want Gboys and ANIMALS. >_>;

° In Homestuck news I'm a bit scared of the popularity of that Big Robots AU to be honest. XD; I was only planning to do their meeting at first, a sort of This One Gundam Episode Where Two Enemies Are Stuck On An Island At Night trope, and then the bunnies wanted to know what next and now, crap, I have to figure out more badass stuff to shove in that plot (AN ACTUAL STRUCTURED PLOT WOULD ALSO BE NICE), but so far I mostly have random telepathic shenanigans and Gamzee being terrifying and also John and Karkay using contrived nanomachines-related excuses to suck face. Which is always fun, I admit, but hmm. And now a ton of people like it, and they're all "i can't wait to see where you're going!!!" and uh okay, self, it's cool, most of your fics are done with that seat of the pants approach to storytelling ANYWAY! *makes self breathe*

° Re: Back to the Garden, so far I have two scenes. One of them is ten FIFTEEN pages of Karkat Is Nosy And A Mother Hen And Pale For Everyone Ever, and the other one is about eight of Gamzee Is So In Pity With Tav And Karkat Awwsocute And Also A Really Creepy Motherfucker. No trace of action or politics or adventures, apart from some silly forest wanderings.

So i'm like "That's a lot of pages! I should post them as a preview!" and then I'm like "that's a lot of pages where NOTHING HAPPENS BUT LOTS OF TALK" and the next scenes are going to be actionny and reveal more plot stuff so I'm thinking if I want the chapter to feel balanced I should just wait to have the complete thing or else chapter 2A will feel REALLY slowboring...?????

but aaaaaaaaaaawannapostsomething. ;^;

° wanna post somethiing

° but nothing is complete why

° because i haven't completed anything is why aaaaa

° aaaAAaAAAAAAAaaaaa

° and in conclusion, aaaaaaaa.
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In the form of a long rambling IM convo with book_people that also touched on Kabuto, foreshadowing issues in the manga, and uh stuff.

Read more... )

Anyway after that thanks to Adi I managed to unfuck Garden which had been stuck for the past three weeks, so I might go back to writing sometime soon! :D It was mostly a matter of allowing Gamzee to be a whimsical, poetic creep as he'd told me he wanted to be only I was trying to force it some other way. And then switching over to Jade POV. Jade deserves a POV, okay, she's cool and also funny and it'll work better like that, what took me so long srsly.

And I wrote a chatlog yesterday for the Homestuck In Robots thing, and I am still ridiculously in love with it. I'd spam people with quotes if it didn't spoil the chapter. Sadfaaaace. But at leats wanting to show it off is motivating me to get writing, so hey. XD NOW IF KARKAT WOULD COOPERATE. DX
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oh man, so much worldbuilding little details for a world that has had warriors and wolf-bonds since before JC.

Would the Preventers have separate rooms for on-base lodgings or a single dormitory, since wolf packs would bond better if they're allowed to all sleep in a pile? Would that cause too many squabbles for the best position? Would they not care so much about the pack as a whole being linked extra-closely since they're almost never going to all work on the same single mission anyway but be broken up into smaller teams or even simple two-humans partnerships where one of the guys might not even have a wolf, and so training together and being around each other during a work day should be sufficient to create a pack identity? gnahh. Can't reason it out.

I have other issues but they're spoilerific as heck. Hrrrn.
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It's for the Hippie Commune fic (ie back to the garden.) Aradia is going to have a pretty big part next chapter and I have realized that I have no idea how she sounds, the rhythm of her speech and her vocabulary and her usual moods. (she is not stuck in a robot and dead anymore, so I gather she ought to have SOME.)

I'll be looking through logs I can find via the HS wiki, but if anyone has advice or knows of good fic out there with good Aradia voices for inspiration I'll also be very grateful.

I'll have to see how well I manage Sollux and Feferi for that same scene, but they shouldn't be half as hard. D: Still I haven't really paid as much attention to canon and read much fic where those characters took center stage so I haven't internalized them as much, I really hope the POVs will work. @_@;

(btw I love the Aradia/Sol/Fef tangle. No outsider knows who's matesprits/moirails with who, it's hilarious. XD)
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-___-;; like every year, a quick start and then I stalled. The issue here is my beginning wasn't well defined, so I dragged things on and lost the rhythm for a bit, temporarily found it again, and then ran straight into "okay, this is taking a direction I was NOT aiming for", which is always an issue when you know exactly where you want your people to be in chapter four or five of the story but you don't have a clue how to get them there. I'm going to try to continue working on this version of the story's beginning, but even though there are moments I like in it, I don't think it's the right start for the story I wanted to tell, either. I definitely don't work well without a detailed plan.

(also i've been binging on sunhawk fics and any other long GW things I could get my hands on, which does not help any. XD;)
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1) ... why is Tyr angsty this time around. Why is he emoing. D: STOP EMOING RIGHT NOW YOU HEAR ME YOUNG MAN.

2) holy infodumps, batman AAAAAAH NO WRITE FIRST BETA LATER. (though I find it funny how easy it comes to me, to plop two characters together and see them be banterrific almost on their own. the issue is when I try to insert stuff like, y'know, plot. Maybe I should just let them blather on for 2k words a day, no matter if it goes nowhere. betcha i'd finish NaNo then. 9__9)

3) first three characters who ever appear on screen are white men. (Tyr, Dian Keller, and Colonel Reynolds.) race issues blah )


Mon, Oct. 31st, 2011 23:59
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I'm trying to keep from zoning out as I ponder things for the Tyr ofic -- still don't know whetyher or not I'll NaNo it (aaa it starts tomorr-- OH WOW IT'S MIDNIGHT HERE I COULD EVEN START NOW if only i knew where/how aaaaaaa) BUT ANYWAY.

Ask a question to any of my characters from any of my stories (fanfic, ofic, whatevs) and the character will answer. (unless it's spoiler, muahahaha.)

please talk to me ;_;
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If I do NaNo this year it'll be the Tyr story. (IF.) The issue there being I need to plot it out first, and I still don't know how to start it.

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So I was reading the fics I was pimped in my last post. (oh my god i did like the 1xR ones. My 1x2 fanclub card is probably bursting in flames right now. Actually I liked all of them, thank you hon ♥ ♥ ♥ ) And then of course there was that 1x2xR one from Sol/[personal profile] kaigou ... which also has sort of werebeasts in it...

So of course, between the were thing and the Heero & Duo & Relena thing I needed to find something to do that wasn't wailing that Sol hadn't finished it or else the gods would smite me for above and beyond hypocrisy.

So I started thinking about Territoriality. ramble ramble )


Sat, Jun. 25th, 2011 02:39
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I'm in the process of posting the Teamworkverse on AO3...

... I really don't like the first chapter of Teamwork 2. The scene with Ino works well enough, but the clash between Sakura and her mother is full of bad writing and OOC. Read more... )
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I'd decided earlier today would be Teamwork Ploitting day, even if I didn't actually write anything. Save for sudden and random curveballs I have almost all of the plot for the tournament, but I still need to fine-tune the actual scenes.

So of course instead I got marriage bunnies.

And then they went and turned into bunnies for that AU 'verse where Sasuke is a girl and she and Sakura are both preggers. So now I'm writing the pipeline seal scene/ficlet. The bunny is making "this could totally turn into hothot sasusaku yuri sexx0rs" eyes at me. D:

Oh, and in the Haru and GirlNaruto Teamwork AU, Kyuubi is making disgruntled noises about how annoying Naruto's bitches are getting and next time he'll make sure to have her plumbing tweaked enough that she can have a litter with several different sires if she feels like it, and it's not his fault he didn't think to do it before, he's a man-fox okay. And naruto is all D: WAIT I DON'T WANT GUARANTEED MULTIPLE BIRTHS IT'S OKAY REALLY but oops, too late, but what are you complaining about, it saves time! also next time maybe you can go looking for other potential fathers and none of them will bitch/leave/try to eat the cubs because far as they know one of the kids could be theirs. XD
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bitchings and whinings therein )

Okay, done. As you were. >__>

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Fri, Feb. 11th, 2011 14:52
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[Poll #1680078]

If you like polls (and I know you do!) [ profile] kaigou has just posted a fandom demographics poll here. If you have ten minutes please consider filling it. It's for SCIENCE!

In other news, my ofics are making a racket in the back of my brain, but it's all too confusing and annoying and jumbled for me to get an actual SCENE to WRITE out of it. Goddamn, Tyr, Liadan, Brea, stop being so indecisive and tell me what you want already. ... oh, you want me to write that BRAND NEW other ofic. Okay then -- no hey wait, keep talking, keep -- damn it.

Also I miss writing (of all things!) 1x2 and narusasu at the moment, but I can't figure out what I'd even want to write about 'em. Not longfic for sure. Maybe I'll do a prompt meme one of these days, but I have such a bad track record with those. Murgh.


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