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Thu, Sep. 22nd, 2011 15:15
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I just managed to hit "delete all" instead of "delete selected" on my lj inbox, and have lost a ton of old messages and stuff I was keeping, plus a couple of new messages I hadn't answered yet. I'm so annoyed. I think for the most recent ones I still have the email alerts for them -- will get off my butt and go look for them and answer -- but argh anyway. ~__~


Sun, Sep. 12th, 2010 21:03
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[livejournal.com profile] sarolynne: How goes?
[livejournal.com profile] askerian: goodgood ... though. XD i was alone today so of course i had a moment where things creaked alarmingly
[livejournal.com profile] askerian: so of course that meant i had to check the whole apartment out, holding a kitchen knife.
[livejournal.com profile] askerian: turned out there were two windows open and the wind was getting in. -___-;;; orz
[livejournal.com profile] sarolynne: ....XD
[livejournal.com profile] askerian: did i tell you yet how i hate ground floor apartments.
[livejournal.com profile] askerian: because.
[livejournal.com profile] askerian: you know.
[livejournal.com profile] sarolynne: XD
[livejournal.com profile] sarolynne: I think you've mentioned it, yes.
[livejournal.com profile] askerian: it's a very shiny knife.
[livejournal.com profile] askerian: i felt kind of badass. XD
[livejournal.com profile] askerian: COME ON, TRY IT AND I'LL GET YOU LIKE I DID THAT ROAST
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teamwork review:
I just reread the first story and am rereading the second one...please don't have Sakura marry Sasuke...Oh pretty please?

leeeeeeeet me think about thaDENIED.


Though maybe she's afraid I'll emphasize the sasusaku side so much that the narusaku and/or the narusasu will fall by the wayside and then Naruto will be all alone as they float off in wedded bliss. Which is kind of funny because that's exactly what will happen!


I would have a lot less of an instant *twitch* at this review if she actually explained why, like a plot-related reason, some trope she saw done wrong or that tends to imply unfortunate things and is therefore a pitfall she wants to make sure I avoid.

Because looking at her profile she's a yaoi only girl. Huh... Who doesn't like romance in stories... like there's zero in teamwork as it is? Granted it's kind of more action and character oriented than "oh my love the fruit of our union is growing in your ripening belly i can see our forever in your eyes~" but STILL.

(actually it's probably not romantic ENOUGH for a get-together story. sometimes it really does read as more of a friends and partners who fuck than a real falling in love thing. Blargh. T__T)

But anyway. oh my, what a sincere request, and from such a dedicated fan!

I must be heartless. :/

edit: pffffffffft. same person, another review:

Why does Naruto say "Gaara" when he sees Kisame?

I must have been too subtle. >.>

Also, I think this is one of the only stories that I actually like Sakura in. She is very useless in the beginning of Naruto the show and annoying in the rest of it. But the way you have described, makes me like...

o i c.

I'm really trying not to make a snap judgment here, but honestly the first explanation that comes to mind is that she likes Sakura in this fic honest! just, still not enough to let her marry Sasuke.

:DDDDDDDDD *plots marriagefic* woohoo i'm so inspired suddenly~~~~~~~~~~~~ I need shiny sugary traditions for them to go through~~~~
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Askerian: !!
Askerian: holy shit saro i am reading the best ofic ever. ever. ever
Saro Lynne: Oh?
Askerian: it has ghosts and creepy dolls and GHOSTS and holy shit
Askerian: it's awesome
Askerian: also, gayness.
Askerian: http://www.100.chaobell.net/main/?page_id=3
Askerian: READ IT
Askerian: also she writes funny
Saro Lynne: XD
Saro Lynne: What's it about?
Askerian: it's this guy who finds that cursed doll that tells the future
Askerian: then he has to call a guy who writes books about that supernatural shit, hauntings and cursed items and stuff, because he can't get rid of the doll on his own
Askerian: then awesome and gayness and awesome gayness ensue.


Askerian: -- OHMYGOD THIS IS AWESOME *glee glee*
Askerian: *flails* ohhh no no no jeff be careful AAAAAAA
Askerian: ... *__*
Askerian: i might have nightmares tonight!
Askerian: XDD
Saro Lynne: ....Pfffft.
Askerian: LOL
Saro Lynne: *rolls on*
Askerian: prrt. XD
Askerian: ... ahahahahahaha oh god XD
Askerian: so this chapter the guy got cursed...
Askerian: "Yeah, um… I don’t think I can now.”

Kenny gave me a no, seriously, wtf? look.

“I know. I know. I’m sorry. This just isn’t working for me. It’s–”

Kenny huffed.

“Look, it’s not you, it’s just-” I flapped my hands around aimlessly. “It’s just kind of, y’know, unsettling to hear a guy baa while I’m going down on him, okay? Sorry.“


Saro Lynne: >.>
Askerian: prr
Askerian: -- shit it's four am
Askerian: ahahaha shiiit
Saro Lynne: >.>?
Askerian: i should sleep
Askerian: i'm gonna be out of synch on monday ~__~
Saro Lynne: Yeah, you probably should.
Saro Lynne: You've been up long enough.
Askerian: but, fiiiiiiic T^T
Askerian: *sigh*
Askerian: i'll finish this chapter... because they're hella long
Askerian: --but first, pee tiem. man, i kinda forgot there. oww oww.
Saro Lynne: .....
Saro Lynne: How do you forget?
Askerian: it wasn't my fault. IT WAS THE FIC. IT SUCKED IN MY SOUL.

for the record now it's five AM and 15 minutes ahahahaha. o self. but i'm done with this chapter/adventure! Only... only one left to go... nnnnoooooooooo. (also it'll totally wait until tomorrow. it had better because saro might smite me otherwise.)


JoIsBishMyoga: *LOVESFIC*
Askerian: ^o^

it's jo approved. >.>~
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After a long study of the customs of the Common Barbarian, I have determined two laws:

-The more spikes, blades, and edges there are on your armor, the more badass you are.
Corollary: The more serrated the spike, blade or edge is and the more evil you are.

-The less armor you wear, the more badass you are.
Corollary: Fur boots do not affect your badass quotent, as long as they don't go much farther up than your knee.
Corollary: You may not wear zero armor. If you are naked or wearing only almost nonexistent fluttery veils, you are probably a slave.

Therefore I conclude that the most badass barbarians ever to walk this Earth (or other Earths) are those who embrace the badassitude of armored pasties.

The scariest motherfucking overlord ever rose to that position only after adding spikes to her nipple-guards.

(It turns out heavy steel is bad for pneumatic firmness.)

aaaaa i wanna sleep but i have a meeting this afternoon aaaaaaaaa.

"...And then there's this, which is incredibly embarrassing, and resulted from finding a book with a terrible 70's "woman-in-chain-mail-bikini-clinging-to-a-barbarians-leg" type cover." See? this is all saro's fault


Wed, Dec. 12th, 2007 14:26
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I am in a RARR mood. Mostly it's because I cannot sleep.

... RAGE!!1!!! within. )

Now I am a frothing ball of rage and sleep deprivation and I absolutely cannot lay down. I can't even close my eyes. I just quiver, stare at the ceiling, and grind my teeth to the gum.

100% trufax, except for the 75% bullshitting poetic license of sleep deprivation ramble-fu. did that mean anything to anyone else? because it didn't to me. i am indeed a black belt in this most ancient art.

but I really can't sleep. It's almost funny, after a while you just stop feeling sleepy. but Gaara by god get your fucking desert outta my eyes. if you think that's the way to make me feel for your character, hah. *rub rub rub*

... I am still a frothing ball of rage, though a smaller one now -- it really is cathartic to go RARRRRR once and for all, type it out and let it go. I feel myself getting calmer already. Like magic.

I'm still not sleepy, though. And I want to rant about my own fandom damn it, not some other fandom, but there's nothing to rant about i haven't ranted into the ground before. But i still like this old [livejournal.com profile] fanficrants post, so i'mma repost it here because it's been so long since i bitched up a storm in my own LJ. *pets it*

Hello, children~ Today, I will discuss an all-too-common pitfall : "Your favorite character is not you."

Of course, while, technically, a good writer should be able to write many kinds of characters well, for a beginning writer, it's often easier to write people you can identify with. Sadly, quite a few new writers push the identification a little farther than it should go, and sorely need to be reminded that "honey, just because YOU would hate being treated like X by Y, doesn't mean that Z hates it."

A particular example of this situation is more commonly referred to as "AAAAHHHHH NARUTO DOESN'T HATE SASUKE AND SAKURA WHAT MANGA ARE YOU READING IS IT THE RETARD EDITION OR WHAT."

*pant pant*


... I mean.

Okay, so I lied, that's not a general post. Mmm Naruto rants. )


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