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yeah ok. u.u

This is intended to be consensual. It's still emotionally taxing.


You can't control your lungs. It's ridiculous, this is just a bit of rope, you could bite or claw through it if you tried hard enough (no you couldn't, he's too good at this.) Read more... )
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sionnachsskulk asked: Equius♣Vriska♣Tavros, first official date, mood: awkward/flirty



"For the last time, cease hitting yourself," Equius said sternly, and left the remote engaged for another two seconds before Vriska surrendered with a groan. Equius inspected her face with a glance; her dead eye now had a bruised cheekbone to go with, but he suspected she would only see it as a "badass enhancer" if he pointed it out, or at least irritatingly pretend she did. Anyways as long as she wasn't bleeding offering her healing cream might nudge a bit close to pale territory.

Sitting on the other operation table, Tavros had a hand on his mouth and his ridiculously powerful shoulders were shaking visibly. Which wouldn't have been an issue, except that Vriska was starting to glare again, and she would become unmanageable if she suspected him of bias.

"Was there something funny, lowblood."

"Um, no? I'm, uh. Muscle spasms." He grinned guilelessly. Read more... )
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introsquirrel asked: dirk/kankri, reptile house at a zoo

400 words.

"Cease immediately" were Kankri's first words after he broke away, which did not surprise Dirk in the slightest.

The snake house was dim, foliage everywhere in the enclosures. Not dark enough for Dirk to miss the deep, all-encompassing flush on his maybe-boyfriend-it's-complicated's face.

Read more... )
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cygnahime asked: Aeris/Tifa, happy in the woods, 360 words.

"I will climb the tree!" Aeris had decided, complete with determined frown.

A half-hour, a dozen scratches, two broken branches and a torn dress later she was sitting safely sandwiched between Tifa and the trunk a dozen meters up.

"There's a gorgeous view from up here," Tifa commented, hands between her knees, and pinched her lips so she wouldn't laugh and tease about Aeris' less than acrobatic performance. She supposed it helped, growing in the mountains and not in the city, even if the trees around Nibelheim were stunted and twisted by the wind.

"Indeed," Aeris replied too seriously, and when Tifa turned she found Aeris looking at her.

She might perhaps have blushed a little, but she laughed as well. "You're so shameless."

Aeris dimpled innocently at her. Still laughing, Tifa leaned in to steal a kiss, before Aeris could steal it first.

She stole it back anyways and then they spent a long pleasant moment going back and forth, sweet and almost innocent if one ignored the teasing nips, the tongue tips.

When they tried deepening it the first time Tifa almost lost her balance and brought them both down, and they had to slow down, steady their grips on the tree, and try again.

Slow and deep and patient -- but no, not innocent. Tifa had never -- with another girl, never wanted to, but Aeris was... There were no words for it.

They were so absorbed with kissing they almost missed the signal flare. "--Whoops," Tifa said, breaking away, and of course her face chose to turn red now, when she'd been fine a moment ago. But Aeris snickered at her and Tifa chuckled along, rueful and flustered. "We should go, before we forget where the flare was coming from."

"I suppose we should," Aeris replied with a sigh, and eyed the void under her feet dubiously. "It'd be faster to just--"

"No jumping off, are you Cloud?"

"If I wasn't here you'd jump."

"If you weren't here you'd be down there instead, and I wouldn't jump, because you'd probably look up my skirt." Tifa stole a last kiss through Aeris' laughing splutters and turned to offer her her back to climb on.
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TOTAL: 36 332.

:DDD Not bad!

-Testing the Springs - Fivesome porn (1 732 words)
-Discofurry Chanyowl - Nepeta/Karkat porn (3 385 words)
-Covalent 'verse: Week One pesterlogs (2 579 words) (on AO3; will code them for LJ later aaa so much work)
-Three Sentences Meme ficlets: in this post. (965 words)

-GUNDAM WING O_O: Lone Wolf and Pilot (2 585 words)
-Homestuck: Covalent 'verse: Jane POV fic (7 169 words)
-HS: Sunlightverse: Hoofbeastquest (1 541 words)
-HS: Crash Standing, two Karkat&Byrd pesterlogs (1 988 words)
-HS: Battlefield Terra chapter 7 (11 516 words !! :DDD)
-HS: Midnight on the Demon Patrol (2 872 words)

Three Sentences Meme ficlets )

Teasers )
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FF7 Daemon ficlets archive.

Tifa is 13. 800 words long.

Breon doesn't settle especially early -- two of Tifa's agemates have settled already, a butterfly and a prairie dog -- or especially late -- three more are waiting their turn, Johnny and Lily and Cloud. Nothing important is happening -- it's not the anniversary of their mother's death, they haven't gotten into a fight, no one has dropped any actual wisdom on them, nothing.

They just go up to the pastures with the draft chocobos, Breon plodding along as a fourth chocobo himself, and they sit there in the sun and the brisk breeze coming from the shadowed Mount Nibel.

Breon flips eagle, as well, dips and sways in the wind, until he gets bored and lands on her knee. Tifa watches the chocobos patiently scratch roots out of the earth, watches the sheep come down from the higher slopes a bit. They feel safer surrounded by the bigger, protective birds.

The thing is, people don't chat about what they want their own daemon to be -- might jinx it -- but they do about what they think it'll reasonably be, even if they try not to be too hopeful, too unrealistic. They talk a ton about what they believe other people's will be.

Tifa apparently would be just perfect with a sweet, soft-furred, lop-eared bunny like her mother's. Or a small dog, or some kind of songbird -- this one she thinks is a bit weird, she's not really artistic or whimsical at all.Read more... )
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(might reopen this and then it'll be open on lj/dw as well. atm a bit busy tho.)

Mostly Homestuck but some Gundam Wing as well. Also contains daemon ficlet, demon summoner AU AU, and BT!Karkat/General Harley.

thingsareswinging asked: Karkat/Meenah, Scheherazade!stuck
“For the love of little land sharks, I don’t even need the book anymore for that fucking story, I am not reading that fucking story once a fucking gain, I am so sick and tired of that fucking story I will erupt in a geyser of inner organs and vomit and turn myself inside out like a glove and die and why can’t we read a nice original romance for once or even some existential shit, I’ve got one with rowboats and three goldfish—”

She smirks and sprawls bare-belly up across his lap like the most dangerous, sexiest bookrest ever, and she snaps her fingers.

He wasn’t lying, for the next hour he doesn’t have to look at the book even once.

about twenty more snippets )
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This is not canon! XD Someone prompted Noahh with BT - Pillowforts (which was already eeeee <3 anon) and then she drew a cute pic and then she complained that they hadn’t kissed yet.

This is so not canon for Battlefield Terra. But there are kisses in it. And enough fluff to choke a bull. If I wasn’t sleep-deprived to hell and back I would have imploded before delivering up that much cute, and even then there’s a lot of ridiculousness and stealth angst in it.

1700 words.


Karkat has been looking dangerously depressed the last couple of days. Not even manta rays and baby penguins bitchslapping each other into holes cheer him up anymore. He just stares into nothingness and sighs when John tries to prod him awake.

He won't put on the telepathic headset, either. Not even angrily, just a tired, don't bother wave of his hand.

The situation is pretty dire! (the situation is terrifying; what if he falls into a depression from being cut off from his friends and country with no hope of ever going back, what if he goes back to catatonia land. Those what ifs are too much. John is pretending very hard he can fix this.) (John has to fix this.)

Plan B is to sit on Karkat until he agrees to talk it out. Plan A is a little subtler.
(Not a LOT subtler, but.)

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For a prompt on the Kink Meme. prompter asked for a troll/kid pairing where the troll was actually seen as intimidating/potentially dangerous (no abuse though!). 700 words of John thinking about what he finds sexy. Woo. Alas no onscreen smut, but suggestive.

You're pretty sure he was cuter three years ago. )
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It's not like I have enough fics to write already, after all. :D

As always!
-You take a fic or ficlet or multipart I've written, and choose whether you want a prequel or a sequel, and/or which character you want to concentrate on (not necessary but always appreciated) and/or a timeframe (i might tell you nothing interesting happens at that point, alas) and/or some aspect of the plot you were curious about idk etc.
-They shall be snippets or ficlets or otherwise roughly comment-sized, which means there's an even chance I'll come out of this post with yet another sprawling, all-devouring 'verse on my hands.
-I make no promise to actually write your prompt. I'll give it a fair try, is all I can offer.
-You can post up to five prompts. I might write one, I might write all five, I might write none.

Not as always!
This time on top of prequels and sequels you're also free to choose a scene and ask for a different POV on it in the same timeframe, or ask what Other Character was doing at the time. (I reserve the right to reject the prompt if the answer is "nothing that interesting.")

Eligible fics:
Just about any of them, teamworkverse, restoreverse, my ofics, even Garou. Random drabbles, fics that already have a sequel, weird crossovers, blahblahblah.

Yes, that means Crossed Wires too.

My ffnet page
My homepage
The archive for all those ficlet that already have a sequel or three. (note, if the ficlet isn't in there that doesn't mean it's not eligible. I'll add it later, no prob.)

-Locker Room Therapy (got a few in progress already!)
-Tripletsverse (Naruto/Naruko/Kyuubi) in general (you can ask about a specific fic in the series but you can't just say "tripletsverse! Dude, it spans months and I haven't yet decided some things, I don't think it'll ever officially have an end.)
-Detective Conan/Magic Kaito fics, sorry Jo. .__.
-Duo in Firefly. I have no clue on earth what to do with that one, sorry.
You can try for Heero in SGA but the prompt will have to be awesome, because the inspiration for this one doesn't fly high. Sorry.

Fics so far! :D
NaruSasu... IN SPACE!!, Sasuke meets some more clone-y in-laws (three comments! This is off to a good start. >__>)
Psychic wolves: Heero & Mary prequel
Jet/Zuko sequel from that Jet/Zuko/Katara thing
Byakuya POV from Ichigo Has Two Girlfriends : Brother In Law Edition
Amateur Palemates Smuttin It Up!! now featuring kinky!auspistice!Karkat. Gamzee POV.

Waterbender!Heero, training. (GW/AtLA fusionthing)
Sasuke/Juugo sequel to the Team Hebi Does Sasuke fic

Teamwork: Itachi stabbing Sasuke from Sakura POV
askerian: Neji making a dubious face (Neji_Dubious)
I forget who gave me that prompt it was so long ago, and in the end it went a bit off from what was asked anyway, sorry XD

Pre-story: Serrano, counseling.

287 words )
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Same 'verse as Meet Again (Tifa) and Church Encounter (Aeris). Short, Cloud POV on Vincent. It hit me over the head and as a result it's likely confusing as fuck. Some of it is deliberate, because I'm an evil tease, but some of it might just be writy fail. I can't tell. x__x;

Skally: Cloud's daemon, a cuahl (big hunting cat); Breon: Tifa's daemon, a king stag.

When Vincent changes shapes his daemon tears into pieces beside him and for a moment she's like mist on the verge of death. )
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So where the hell does Kaiki come from?
(and um, oops, the "sword" prompt completely slipped away. Maybe I'll write a third. XD)

~850 words, incest, genderbending, weird mood, possible dubcon )
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A few centuries ago I was doing a "10 AUs" meme. That's as far as I managed to get on either the Itachi&Sasuke gen or the ItaSasu one. I fail like a faily thing.

1. wild west (~250 words) )
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[ profile] phoenix_melody wrote more of the Naruto Zombie AU based on my ficlet-thing. *__* (actually i might have forgotten to pimp the previous part... can't remember. Anyway.) It keeps being shinyshinyyay.

[ profile] pochybubblytea created a community for Itachi/Shisui fans! [ profile] bitter_nakano~ w00t Uchiha hotness. I don't write for them but I do like the idea, and I figure at least a small portion of you guys will be interested... XD


And the fic!

Character introspection, 492 words. Not what I was trying to write, but it's what came, so.

Warning for mention of sexual assault.

pre-game, Aeris & her staff )
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I... want to write. But not Naruto things. Maybe FF7 things, but not one of the two multiparts I already have. Maybe Katekyo Hitman Reborn things, maybe Dragonball Z, maybe Ofic things, maybe maybe maybe. I don't know. I can't make up my mind.

I've got this list of 100 prompts, conveniently numbered from 1 to 100.

Give me a number, give me two or three characters, and let's see what happens. It's alright if two of you accidentally land on the same number. I make no promises about actually managing to write anything, because I suck like that, but even if out of 30 prompts I only manage to write three I'll consider it a success.

Eligible fandoms:
my o-fics (mermaids in space, cercle, brea&james, the Tyr nano story), FF7, Dragonball Z (huh, I need to come up with saiyajin OCs for that fandom, now that I'm thinking about it), Gundam Wing, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Avatar the Last Airbender, Seirei no Moribito, Bleach no more bleach, Yuyu Hakusho. Maaaaybe the teamwork OCs or any other fanfic OCs of mine if someone's interested, but then again I don't know.

Please no crossovers today.

Breanna & James, 27. Foreign - Tyr Anderson & Neve Serrano, 37. Eyes - Tyr story, Xiang Lin, 6. Break Away -

Sephiroth/Cloud (kinda restoreverse), 13. Misfortune -

Zuko&Toph, 30. Under The Rain - Azula&Zuko, 42. Standing still - -

ChichiGoku, 42. Standing Still - BulmaVegeta, 76. Broken Pieces -

Wufei, Duo, heero, Preventers, 77. Test - -

Teamwork, Sakura prequel, Yumeko&Hiroshi, 99. Solitude - -

- - - - -

Please no more asking for numbers I've already written a ficlet for (it's cheating now that you guys know what it stands for!)

also look at little Breanna SOCUTE. )
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So this was written for my "10 AUs" meme, and I was planning to repost the whole set later once it was all polished and stuff because I think lots of people forget to go back and check for writins (fair 'nough considering I write them so SLOWLY) ...except in the middle I decided this couldn't be part of the set because, you know, it's a preexisting universe which means i've got to write another one for the schoolfic prompt, and then I went and added another five prompts to it, and I'm stuck on a few of them and it's INCONCEIVABLE to post a set of twelve or fourteen or *gasp* thirteen -- ten or fifteen only!! -- so I can't post any of them. Yeah, my logic totally makes sense, I know.

Anyway. This ficlet happens... actually, after Naruto told his parents after having a boyfriend... and also after coming out to his posse about having a boyfriend... which, well. Yeah. >__>;;

(edit: "this was written for my "10 AUs" meme, and I was planning to repost" => yes, i did indeed post it once before, in the comments of that meme. :p Just not everyone comes back and checks those for potential fic (they'd be disappointed a lot with my success rate for those).)

Bunny? )
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I dunno. I was trying to write one of my multiparts. Teamwork!Sasuke, maybe, or Sephiroth? Instead, this happened. 550 words of post-apocalyptic!AU Sakura. And no, I'm not writing a sequel! D:

edit: managed to con [ profile] phoenix_melody into writing a sequel instead ohohoho.

Post-apocalyptic )
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Traitorously encouraged by [ profile] questofdreams, this one tried to develop a multipart on me, but I stopped it! HAH. I win. Questy loses. *cackles*

post-apocalypse )


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