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This is the Tyr ofic -- the version i tried for NaNo two years ago. I had more written but I never posted it. Note, it still ran into plotholes and therefore there is not more than this currently and probably won't be. I need to find another angle of attack, AGAIN.

there's a therapist in there and i'm all :/ that she might seem unprofessional or newbieish or flaky which was not my intention, and the setup of the house itself pings me as somewhat slapdash and unprofessional, i'll need to study more how they would organize this (security, orderlies, etc) for better chances of success and safety. But there's character interaction in here which I like, even tho idk if this is the best way to introduce Xiang either. :(((

I like Tarek enough that I might keep her around tho. She wasn't supposed to but hey. XD

part 1

They'd met Tarek the previous evening at dinner. )
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TOTAL: 35 575 holy mother of God. (whoops i'd even forgotten a bit of BT)

-The Family You Choose: Crash Standing chapter 1 - Crash Standing chapter 2 - Crash Standing chapter 3 - Crash Standing chapter 4 (Davesprite/karkat) (21 245 words) (O_O)
-The Family You Choose: Morning After (john finds out) (1 654 words)

-The Family You Choose: Crash Standing chapter 5 (complete, unposted) (4 209 words)
-The Family You Choose: Crash Standing chapter 6 (wip) (3 290 words)
-Sunlightverse: Sollux Fic (1 933 words)
-Battlefield Terra: chapter 6 (1 345 words)
-Ofic: Tyr, Attempt 3 for NaNo (1 894 words)

teasers thataway )
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I want to do something o-ficcy. IDK, write my old characters, worldbuild for some new fic. I want packbonding and weird alien things. I can't decide. It's horrible.

I just... Mermaids in Space? Not enough alienness. Black Ops Werewolves? Not enough scifiness. That new weirdass survival/horror thingie I've been toying with in the last couple months? I don't even know the characters all that well!

I need weird and dangerous as fuck ecosystems and people engineered into not quite human creatures and possibly also visibly unsettling and psychic powers and PACK BONDING AAAA.

I also want to write Tyr learning how to be pack alpha. Not enough aliens in that fic but. Oh man the first time he loses his temper = glorious.


I'll probably regret this, but. Anyone feel like prompting me? Asking worldbuilding questions? Anything? .__.

Quick summaries cause it's been a while:

-Mermaids in Space follows adorably serious, young telepathic tribal mermaid Liadan, goofy and idealist, psychic-null, intellectual/marine biologist Arun, and antisocial empath, mechanic, space pirate Blue in their mad escape from Evil Corporation that wants to mine Liadan's nice abandoned waterworld without consulting with the locals. Other characters to be found here (main trio and bad guys) and here (blue's pirate crew), illustrated.

-Territoriality: The war against pseudoelves has come to a draw, so some of the soldiers who were part of an attempt to induce lycanthropy without allowing it to conclude in transformation are cut loose. Now on top of the convenient strength and healing abilities they have to deal with powerful instincts and health issues. Also with the local werebeast society, which isn't really happy to see them. Characters are asexual, wry, introverted alpha-wolf-to-be Tyr Andersen, snarky asshole Dian Keller, one-eyed silently snarky badass she-wolf Neve Serrano, charming liar Gabe Wright the werebear, bitchy tiny tiger Xiang and her best friend Athena the Secretary, etc.

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Askerian: oh man random trains of thought
bkprsn101: prrt?
Askerian: it started on me pondering the bechdel test and ending on my ofic characters Read more... )
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That's the start of what I wrote for NaNo and while I like some parts better than the old version, some other parts really need rewritten for flow and conciseness and general clarity. (also later on I'll need a military-type person to tell me wtf i'm messing up that can't be accounted for by "hey, parallel universe with divergent history", and also a shrink though the psychiatrist doesn't show up in this part anyway.) There's more written, but I'll post it later. I still don't know if I'll keep writing this version or do a third, different start... um, whenever I figure out how it's supposed to work, that is. Damn but I'm really not used to making several drafts.

~8 000 words.

Obsolete. )
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-___-;; like every year, a quick start and then I stalled. The issue here is my beginning wasn't well defined, so I dragged things on and lost the rhythm for a bit, temporarily found it again, and then ran straight into "okay, this is taking a direction I was NOT aiming for", which is always an issue when you know exactly where you want your people to be in chapter four or five of the story but you don't have a clue how to get them there. I'm going to try to continue working on this version of the story's beginning, but even though there are moments I like in it, I don't think it's the right start for the story I wanted to tell, either. I definitely don't work well without a detailed plan.

(also i've been binging on sunhawk fics and any other long GW things I could get my hands on, which does not help any. XD;)
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[profile] phoenix_melody: I had a dream about you writing fanfic last night! XD
[personal profile] askerian: o_o
[personal profile] askerian: hahaha XD awesome. what was I writing?
[profile] phoenix_melody: you were writing this, like, five-universe crossover
[profile] phoenix_melody: and the gundam wing people featured heavily
[profile] phoenix_melody: and there were a pair of siblings from this other universe and the lite brother had done something...I don't know, something that most of the pilots (Heero and Wufei, at least) saw as a betrayl, but Relena stood up for the kid and was all no you can't kill him and Wufei was all we have to
[profile] phoenix_melody: and there were also zombies
[profile] phoenix_melody: it was a really, really weird dream

Read more... )

In NaNo news, wordcount: 13 881 words, but now I don't know what to make happen next. I should randomly add a pool and have them relax for a bit. After all today I gave Tyr a therapy session. (oh god once the first draft is done I will need a real therapist person to tell me all the ways in which OH MY GOD A GOOD THERAPIST WOULD NEVER DO THAT, because I do want the character to come across as basically competent and not actually a hack, if a bit out of her depth (they might have wanted to pair her up with an animal behaviorist, just liking animals a lot does not qualify. XD) Alas I am not, personally, a psychiatrist, and as such I am having a bit of a hard time. (also her not-very-confrontational, nice way of speaking is so BORING to write. I want snappy, snarky dialogue dammit!)

The pool scene could be a fanservice outtake. Manga does it, why not novels? >_> I could revolutionize novel-writing with that idea.


Sun, Nov. 13th, 2011 03:17
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Neve Serrano is fucking badass. The end.

Oh god I love my characters. actually they're all fucking badasses, maybe I should tone it down a b-- HAHAHA NO. I dun care I'm having fun! GO ON BEING BALLSY AND DANGEROUS, PEOPLE.

Kinda very late for NaNo, though -- didn't write all week aaaa -- but today I sat down and BAM 3500 words. Of course when I was planning I was kinda planning for the first 10k words to be covering, oh, TWICE AS MUCH GROUND AS I ACTUALLY DID and so I'm gonna have to trim a lot of the boringness, but write first edit later and for now word count is good. woohoo word count.

Also, no, I am not adding a hyena girl to my main cast. Not. NOT. I'm serious, Soraya. Go back to the background character box. D:


...pff X333

Sun, Nov. 6th, 2011 04:50
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So I was on Pinboard, and then I find this.

Restore [FFVII fic by askerian, on lj]
In which Aeris brings everyone back to life, Seph takes a nap, and shit is awkward.


THIS IS THE TRUEST SUMMARY EVER. XDD And here I was, babbling on for like seven paragraphs, and it could have been written in one line. Pff. Looooooooove.

In NaNo news, Tyr v.2 is now up to 7 987 words. >_>;; About half of which is Tyr and Dian bantering and having wayyyy too much chemistry *chants to self ASEXUAL TYR ASEXUAL TYR*, and the other half is me being redundant and infodumpy. ...WRITE NOW, EDIT LATER! I'm making myself not post it yet because when I post (or otherwise share, like over AIM) stuff, apparently I stop writing waiting for comments on it. This is my punishment. No posting before I hit 10k. >__>
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1) ... why is Tyr angsty this time around. Why is he emoing. D: STOP EMOING RIGHT NOW YOU HEAR ME YOUNG MAN.

2) holy infodumps, batman AAAAAAH NO WRITE FIRST BETA LATER. (though I find it funny how easy it comes to me, to plop two characters together and see them be banterrific almost on their own. the issue is when I try to insert stuff like, y'know, plot. Maybe I should just let them blather on for 2k words a day, no matter if it goes nowhere. betcha i'd finish NaNo then. 9__9)

3) first three characters who ever appear on screen are white men. (Tyr, Dian Keller, and Colonel Reynolds.) race issues blah )


Mon, Oct. 31st, 2011 23:59
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I'm trying to keep from zoning out as I ponder things for the Tyr ofic -- still don't know whetyher or not I'll NaNo it (aaa it starts tomorr-- OH WOW IT'S MIDNIGHT HERE I COULD EVEN START NOW if only i knew where/how aaaaaaa) BUT ANYWAY.

Ask a question to any of my characters from any of my stories (fanfic, ofic, whatevs) and the character will answer. (unless it's spoiler, muahahaha.)

please talk to me ;_;
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If I do NaNo this year it'll be the Tyr story. (IF.) The issue there being I need to plot it out first, and I still don't know how to start it.

Read more... )
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So I was reading the fics I was pimped in my last post. (oh my god i did like the 1xR ones. My 1x2 fanclub card is probably bursting in flames right now. Actually I liked all of them, thank you hon ♥ ♥ ♥ ) And then of course there was that 1x2xR one from Sol/[personal profile] kaigou ... which also has sort of werebeasts in it...

So of course, between the were thing and the Heero & Duo & Relena thing I needed to find something to do that wasn't wailing that Sol hadn't finished it or else the gods would smite me for above and beyond hypocrisy.

So I started thinking about Territoriality. ramble ramble )
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I forget who gave me that prompt it was so long ago, and in the end it went a bit off from what was asked anyway, sorry XD

Pre-story: Serrano, counseling.

287 words )
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Post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous.
Upon request, I will post a random line or two from any of these you choose. Assuming that the file adds up to a full line, that is.

Except I'm a ho so it's likely you might get a lot more than two lines, if there's that much to repost in the file. >___>

I cheated because I have about twice the number of files there, but half of them are long abandoned, and often also nothing but notes and no prose, anyway.

Some of the ones I listed here might be all notes and no prose, too, but they're still ideas I'd like to work on at some point.

The ones with * probably have enough unpublished material to be requested several times. XD

naruto )

other fandoms )

ofics )

ALRIGHT. still open but i'm going to bed, so i'll go back to this tomorrow.
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I kinda want to be worldbuilding or at least plotbuilding for this story today, or perhaps the mermaids, but I have no idea where to start. Hrrn. But I do have two quickish chibi pics!

Tyr & Serrano, Xiang & Athena )

art dump!

Mon, Jan. 3rd, 2011 09:46
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Inside: One Kaitou Kid, one Sakura being silly with Karin's glasses, one SasuSaku sketchthing (what's up with all the sasusaku srsly), and three hugeass WIP-dump files.

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NaNoWriMo starts on Monday and I still don't know what story I want to poke at, or even if I really want to do it this year.

Anyway I don't have a new Ofic to prod, so it would either be more Mermaids in Space (... sorry, Mermaids... IN SPACE!!) or more Black Ops Werewolves.

Or maybe Teamwork. I dunno, it's all asleepy right now. *prods it with a stick*

I'm not feeling it. T__T The werewolves are love but I don't have a real plot. The mermaids have a plot but I don't have the love. Well, yes, i love them but. The werewolves don't have any interesting characters on other teams and local werepeople to interact with! The mermaids don't have any shiny mermaid and two-tail people to interact with! There's plot hooks enough, but for me who loves nothing more than character interaction, that makes things FLAAAT. It's like, okay, yay, my car has a motor, now it can roll forward without needing a slope and gravity to gang up on it. Neat. Now could I have some seats and a radio please? Also a wheel, a wheel would be nice. Cause otherwise I'm taking the bus.

*ponders Tyr/Liadan crossover interaction*

Also there's Real Life things coming up this month and I'm not sure how much I'll feel like writing. (it's nothing bad, job search stuff. I suppose everyone must go through that at some point. I'm just horrible at dealing with that kind of stress.) Or perhaps having something I must write would be a great distraction! No friggin clue.

As for Teamwork, I seriously doubt that it'll take me 50,000 words to get to the end of TW3. Though I suppose it would help if I could decide if the marriage is part of TW3 or its separate sequelthing! though at this point the sequels are all such an interconnected mess I suspect it's all mostly academic. Okay, no, TW 3 was the tournament, tournament'll be over by then, therefore since TW 4 is something else! that means Teamwork:Marriage is an interlude instead! A hugeass interlude. In several parts. Plus outsider POV sidefics. ahaha o self wat. Okay, not an interlude. TW3.5? I mean, i've got the Suna trip down as TW2.5 already. ...Someone put me out of my misery. DX
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So I know I still owe a bazilion things for that last writing meme, but I've got Tyr & his posse on the brain and I figure the story is never going to get anywhere if I don't even know where it's coming from.

Therefore, I need to explore things. I need to explore the AUness of a world that's a lot like ours except for low-level magic, and a military force that isn't fighting humans from time to time but stronger, faster humanoids on-and-off for centuries. I need to figure out how the war ended (they weren't singlehandedly responsible for it, but, would love to think they helped. I need more characters. I need their childhoods and their missions together and everything.
(note, i already know a lot about the weres and how they work, and about their enemies as well. it's mostly the human society and the characters' pasts i'm wondering about.)

Please ask questions, give me prompts. (not too poetic plz, because i tend to do very badly with those. XD) I'm not promising ficlets as a result, I'll try but I'm just hoping it'll sparkle in that great big cavernous thing that is my subconscious and I can start actually seeing what the hell is going on back there.

Also what do you guys think of "Territory" as a title? ... Actually I'm even more tempted by "Territoriality", I dunno, I like the way it sounds even better. Also the definition brings to mind animal behavior, which, um, yeah. It describes Tyr's behavior pretty well during the story. I'd love to say the story's about bringing social justice to poor werewolves and learning how to fit in blahblah, but the truth of the matter is that it's all about Tyr liking the look of that mountain over there, and deciding that here is home and fuck if i'm gonna leave. XDDD

In other news I am slowly, slowly chipping away at the next teamwork chapter. So to tide you over here's the first lines:
On the way to Naruto's hospital room they saw the kunoichi, the one who summoned wolves, and Sakura thought, 'she's faster than me but she'll be expecting posturing and glaring first,' and started calculating angles to box her in. She could see it unfolding in her head, keep walking like she didn't care and at the last second when they passed each other she would slip her hand free from Sasuke's and lash out, just one strike. She could break boulders. A ribcage should be fine.

Zenko didn't say a thing, barely looked at them, just one quick glance and then nothing. They crossed paths and kept going, ignoring each other.

Sakura still wanted to double back and strike. From the front, from behind -- whatever.

Kon blamed Naruto for his teammate, but she blamed them for Naruto, and when it came down to it she didn't care about how unfair that blaming game was, how unbalanced the losses were, it was sad and it sucked that Maneki had died and she would kill them if they came near Naruto again, if they tried to make it one inch worse for him.

She couldn't stand -- Naruto, broken, she couldn't stand that.


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