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Someone sent me Teamwork-related questions, and I babbled a bit, and now i'm in a teamworky moodso hey. Here they are if you're interested, and if you guys have any questions of your own that won't spoil the next fic then I'll answer them.

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Fri, May. 11th, 2012 00:00
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Last month I was writing SO MUCH!!

We're 11 days into a new months and I've written, let me check... oh huh okay 5 000 words, that's not too bad, man it's crazy how my self-perception tends to only base itself on the last two days. If I haven't written in two days then I haven't written in AGES and I am FAILING HOMG but no pressure, self.

But still, hn.

One of them is the beginning of Jade's scene in Garden, yay, the other one is a brand new, silly sequel to the john/jade(/karkat) chatlog fic. It's another chatlog! :O This time Karkat really is in it.

Neither of them, you'll be surprised to learn, is Teamwork. :O

I have the file open right now. I'm staring at it. Sakura refuses to do anything interesting. When I try to make her go smart she goes "this is so dry and emotionless" and when I try to make her emotion-thinking she goes "why am I regressing to my Teamwork 1 self here" and, I don't know, mostly I keep going "aaaaa will i manage to write the naruto/sasuke interaction right i should have written it back when I ahd the scene in mind and it was still ALIVE aaaaaaaaaaa" and it's distracting me a lot from Sakura's scene, where the only hook is whether she'll win her match or not.

I'm hesitant to give myself an ultimatum à la "write 500 words of teamwork a day!!!!!" because sometimes that works and sometimes that backfires horribly, but at this point it seems obvious I'm not going to be brushed by the magnificent plumage of Divine Inspiration anytime soon and maybe I should just slog through it and just be DONE WITH IT and be able to get to the NEXT PARTS AAAA.

I've also been flopping around a lot wanting to write GW bondwolves, only I've been wanting to write HEERO and Mary, not Duo and Killer. Only the way the fic keeps lengthening on me there's still a whole two chapters at least before Heero pops up. Goddamn it. But at least I still feel like I'm progressing some on that fic, because even if I'm not writing I'm still watching the episodes while biking away, and nowaways what I do when I get off is write down how the plot diverged where and why, and where the wolves were at the time. XD

For example when Trowa was lost in space with amnesia he comes down to Earth with Quatre and Heero and Mary, and when Heero and Mary peel off he stays with Quatre (no space for two wolves in the compartment underneath the pilot's chair, no matter that one of them is a teenage bitch-puppy that's still half grown up.) Meanwhile amnesiac!Trowa is wondering what is missing so horribly, even though the obvious answer should be YOUR MEMORIES DICKFACE it never seems like that's quite it. I think when he sees Duo in the audience with Killer (there is no making a bondwolf lie down between the rows of seats so he'd be highly visible) he'd probably fall right off whatever he was balancing on at the time with the headache of the century, and then Catherine would *really* kill Duo. XD

Seriously with all the many times the boys were taken prisoners and their wolves taken hostage to ensure coperation and all the accidental separations (read: selfdestructs XD) it's a real game of musical chairs. I don't think any of the wolves has NOT been separated from his human for unreasonable lengths of time and a lot of incertitude re: how the fuck do we find each other again, which is not really how these things should go but then again gundam pilots don't really do things by the book, like, ever, anyway. Wait, Glen hasn't been separated from his master yet, but I don't think it helps seeing that Treize is going to kick the bucket on him at some point and is already loudly and repeatedly thinking about it and asking random pilots to please kill him. XD;

re: battlefield terra, I have a collection of ideas of what happens in this chapter and am now trying to tie them in a way that does not scream HOMG FILLER EPISODE. Actually it really shouldn't be fillery at ALL, I'm just not seeing it clearly enough to write. Hrrn. Must brainstorm more.
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Look at me spamming people with random babble. You guys know why? NO ONE IS ONLINE TO SIT ON ME AND MAKE ME WRITE IS WHY.

° One week before the end of the month and I still haven't written any teamwork. One of these days (NOT TODAY) I'mma just gonna make a LJ post and... idk, every time someone comments I have to post them what I wrote since the last comment, or something. Maybe that'll motivate me (or maybe i'll be too busy answering comments to actually write XD)

° On the other hand today I wrote a bit of Lone Wolf and Pilot, the GW thing with bonded telepathic wolves, which is boring as fuck and mostly setup for the INCOMING CLUSTERFUCK bwahaha go killer go, but still, I have two complete scenes before that and maybe I could post them here or something. I remember when I used to spam you guys with all my scenes fresh from my bleeding and battered fingers. Maybe I should get back to that. >__>

° I also worked a lot on an illustration for the fic! I... pretty much traced an official pic of heero and duo and then added wolves in it. *cackles* I'm really not taking it as ~art~, it's more like an edit, but wow my fingers. Also I wish I knew how to make fake screencaps because it'd look really fun if I could copy the anime style, but every time I've tried to learn I was just... yawn lasso tool oh hey a butterfly, and the skill stayed unlearned.

I also started a pic with Heero and Duo and their merlin and crow daemons for that OTHER alternate universe with GW people having speshul soul pets. Self, what are you trying to tell me here... oh right! i should totes be illustrating the Gundams as Dragons verse. Yup, that must be it. Augh, illustration ADD. I think I just want Gboys and ANIMALS. >_>;

° In Homestuck news I'm a bit scared of the popularity of that Big Robots AU to be honest. XD; I was only planning to do their meeting at first, a sort of This One Gundam Episode Where Two Enemies Are Stuck On An Island At Night trope, and then the bunnies wanted to know what next and now, crap, I have to figure out more badass stuff to shove in that plot (AN ACTUAL STRUCTURED PLOT WOULD ALSO BE NICE), but so far I mostly have random telepathic shenanigans and Gamzee being terrifying and also John and Karkay using contrived nanomachines-related excuses to suck face. Which is always fun, I admit, but hmm. And now a ton of people like it, and they're all "i can't wait to see where you're going!!!" and uh okay, self, it's cool, most of your fics are done with that seat of the pants approach to storytelling ANYWAY! *makes self breathe*

° Re: Back to the Garden, so far I have two scenes. One of them is ten FIFTEEN pages of Karkat Is Nosy And A Mother Hen And Pale For Everyone Ever, and the other one is about eight of Gamzee Is So In Pity With Tav And Karkat Awwsocute And Also A Really Creepy Motherfucker. No trace of action or politics or adventures, apart from some silly forest wanderings.

So i'm like "That's a lot of pages! I should post them as a preview!" and then I'm like "that's a lot of pages where NOTHING HAPPENS BUT LOTS OF TALK" and the next scenes are going to be actionny and reveal more plot stuff so I'm thinking if I want the chapter to feel balanced I should just wait to have the complete thing or else chapter 2A will feel REALLY slowboring...?????

but aaaaaaaaaaawannapostsomething. ;^;

° wanna post somethiing

° but nothing is complete why

° because i haven't completed anything is why aaaaa

° aaaAAaAAAAAAAaaaaa

° and in conclusion, aaaaaaaa.
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So the last child of Team Seven I have in mind is Uchiha Yukito -- a boy, then, born when Sakura is about 45 or possibly even later... yes, she's menopausal by then, advanced medical jutsu FTW! The kid is born via artificial insemination, because even though Sakura carries him, genetically, apart from her mitochondrial DNA he really is a pure Sasuke/Naruto baby. (basically they found a way to empty one of her ovums from her own DNA and replace it with Naruto's. Or maybe Sasuke's. I haven't decided yet who wins the battle for "No, YOU get to be Yukito's biological mom!")

This is what I know about him:
For someone who is made in equal parts of Uchiha Sasuke and Uzumaki Naruto's genes, Yukito's mild, laid-back disposition is nothing short of confounding. Sometimes Sakura entertains herself with the thought that her last child is so easy-going out of sheer perverseness. No doubt he would have inherited it straight from her, somehow.

Yukito has grayish brown hair, and also the sharingan, but he'll never develop it farther than the second tomoe. He's content with being average. Everyone in his family is extreme in some way and it's all very tiring, really. D:

But anyway.

I was toying with the thought of a real threesome baby, though truly since a kid gets half and half from their parents it's a bit hard to have three parents, unless you pick and choose who gives which genes, and that would take CENTURIES. But maybe you could merge two sperm cells and get that one to fertilize the egg, and then the baby would be half Sakura and one fourth each Naruto and Sasuke. (no sharingan for that one.) But at her age, Sakura can't really afford to have more than one, very closely supervised pregnancy. Even that one wouldn't be great fpor her health, so two of them back to back would be too much.

.. Twins are hardly an easy pregnancy, but she figures they'd still tire her out less than two separate ones, especially ones as medically watched over. I'm just not sure which medical discovery would come first (the two father, no mother thing, or the two-fathers-merged-as-one, one mother.) Because the offer Sakura made was basically to let Sasuke and Naruto experience the one single bond they yet hadn't, which is all very selfless, but if they can make threesome babies... um.

Then again it might be easier to merge two sperm cells with medical jutsu and then use those than to do the ovum thing, so Sakura might mention it as a stepping stone on the way to the two-dads thing, and later they might suggest to use it as well, half as her "reward" for being so selfless, a kid who is more her than either of them, but also either of them, and half because omg threesome baby. Also, maximizing uchiha clan genetic diversity is always good.

But, I don't know. If they can do one, would they really do the other one. Both solutions make the other one a bit redundant.

Then again is there really a ceiling on happiness and empty nest syndrome. XD

But just in case, the threesome baby would be a girl called Kahen, which means petal, because Sakura's mom is Hana (flower) and Sakura is a specific type of flower, so she might as well go with part-of-flower for the third generation. (dunno what Kahen'd call her own kid, though. Chlorophyll cell? XD)

I have NO IDEA what her personality would be like, though. >___> I planned the other three around subverted Mary-Sue types to give myself a starting point (team seven children would veer close to Sue just by virtue of having the parents they have anyway), but I already have the FemmeFataleSue type and the PrettierAndBitchierThanYou!Uchiha type and the... well, first kid is still spoiler. What could I twist -- oh my god, a GothSue. XD ("Kahen? KAHEN??? MY NAME IS OOKAMI MOONRAVEN!!" pffff) okay um maybe not... Maybe not even a sue-type either.


edit: ... okay so Goth sounds like too much fun to say not to, right now. XDDD )


Sat, Jun. 25th, 2011 02:39
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I'm in the process of posting the Teamworkverse on AO3...

... I really don't like the first chapter of Teamwork 2. The scene with Ino works well enough, but the clash between Sakura and her mother is full of bad writing and OOC. Read more... )
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I'd decided earlier today would be Teamwork Ploitting day, even if I didn't actually write anything. Save for sudden and random curveballs I have almost all of the plot for the tournament, but I still need to fine-tune the actual scenes.

So of course instead I got marriage bunnies.

And then they went and turned into bunnies for that AU 'verse where Sasuke is a girl and she and Sakura are both preggers. So now I'm writing the pipeline seal scene/ficlet. The bunny is making "this could totally turn into hothot sasusaku yuri sexx0rs" eyes at me. D:

Oh, and in the Haru and GirlNaruto Teamwork AU, Kyuubi is making disgruntled noises about how annoying Naruto's bitches are getting and next time he'll make sure to have her plumbing tweaked enough that she can have a litter with several different sires if she feels like it, and it's not his fault he didn't think to do it before, he's a man-fox okay. And naruto is all D: WAIT I DON'T WANT GUARANTEED MULTIPLE BIRTHS IT'S OKAY REALLY but oops, too late, but what are you complaining about, it saves time! also next time maybe you can go looking for other potential fathers and none of them will bitch/leave/try to eat the cubs because far as they know one of the kids could be theirs. XD


Fri, May. 6th, 2011 23:03
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aaaaaaaaaa where is everyone why is no one posting *refreshes flist* aaaaaaaaaaa

someone talk to me

aaaaaaa. T^T

oh god i need to work on teamwork already. *prods temari* Come on, it's naruto, you love nagging naruto. you even get to nag ino at the same time, how does that not get you all snark-happy? tell me how the conversation goes!

edit/ oh yeah, I watched the 15 minutes long OAV with the genie bottle. It's all part 1 genins + kakashi on an island, and full of silly antics. Adorableness! The image quality was shitty and it felt like the subs were babelfish'd straight from chinese -- sometimes they were even completely missing! -- which made things seem even sillier. I laughed. .__.
But anyway! Here.
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Specifically, your math help.

Do you know anything about statistics? If so, you might save the... um, couple of lines that I wanted Kakashi to say, except I figure HE knows about statistics so that the fact I don't is no excuse. I tried to muddle through with basic logic, but statistics being what it is I quickly got myself all tangled up in confusion and vaguely remembered school lessons from over a decade ago. Hrrrn. Curse you, Kakashi.

Anyway. 16 participants, 3 of which are members of Team Seven. They get paired up for matches. What's the likelihood of any two Team Seven members meeting each other?

Assuming they all miss each other and the next stage (8 participants) also has 3 Team Seven members, how much do the odds rise?

... this is all for the sake of two lines of dialogues that I might also rewrite, but let it not be said that I stifled Kakashi's self expression. >__>
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bitchings and whinings therein )

Okay, done. As you were. >__>


Sun, Dec. 12th, 2010 03:09
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Teamwork perked up today -- I woke up already coming up with actual SENTENCES while i was still half-awake and shit, I love that -- only to die again by the time I was done hammering out some wrinkles. I am Frustrated.

vaguely teamwork-spoilery ramble )

But anyway. I want to do a meme. Several memes! (not a writing, ficlet-making meme. a fandom meme or an idea meme or whatever.) I just can't figure out which. Welcoming suggestions. plz loev me. T^T

... hell, I think I want to try these, but am still welcoming other memes on top of it since I don't know how well they'll work out.

¤ Inspired by Doctor Who's "Turn Left:" Pick one of my stories and tell me a point in the tale that you'd change. Something tiny (e.g. "and then Fay chose silver glitter instead of gold") or big (e.g. "and then Rose was arrested instead of Jack") and I'll tell you how that one difference would have altered the course of the entire story.

¤ Give me a pairing (threesome/moresome) and I'll tell you my favorite get-together plot. (crack and crossover pairings encouraged. XD)

(... i think i'll have to limit the fandoms though. So. Naruto, Detective Conan/Magic Kaito, FF7 & 8, Gundam Wing, Kingdom Hearts, Fullmetal Alchemist, Bleach, Avatar The Last Airbender, Rurouni Kenshin, Yuyu Hakusho, Harry Potter, Bastard!!, D.Gray-man, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, The Sentinel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Serenity/Firefly, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate-SG1... you can still ask for others but it's likely I won't know them)
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... and on top of the weekly stuff there's a Chibi Lee and Team Gai chapter! I am torn between total WTF and total squee. The squee might be winning, but the WTF is still there. It's awesome. XD CHIBIS. CHIBITENTEN AND CHIBINEJI AND CHIBIGAI AND CHIBILEE. ngggggghsocute. It's totally outside of continuity, so you can read it whenever.

I can't wait to see all the many icons this will produce in fandom. XD

quick babble about the last shippuden filler episode X3 )

Today was a good day for Naruto-related crack.

Manga! )
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NaNoWriMo starts on Monday and I still don't know what story I want to poke at, or even if I really want to do it this year.

Anyway I don't have a new Ofic to prod, so it would either be more Mermaids in Space (... sorry, Mermaids... IN SPACE!!) or more Black Ops Werewolves.

Or maybe Teamwork. I dunno, it's all asleepy right now. *prods it with a stick*

I'm not feeling it. T__T The werewolves are love but I don't have a real plot. The mermaids have a plot but I don't have the love. Well, yes, i love them but. The werewolves don't have any interesting characters on other teams and local werepeople to interact with! The mermaids don't have any shiny mermaid and two-tail people to interact with! There's plot hooks enough, but for me who loves nothing more than character interaction, that makes things FLAAAT. It's like, okay, yay, my car has a motor, now it can roll forward without needing a slope and gravity to gang up on it. Neat. Now could I have some seats and a radio please? Also a wheel, a wheel would be nice. Cause otherwise I'm taking the bus.

*ponders Tyr/Liadan crossover interaction*

Also there's Real Life things coming up this month and I'm not sure how much I'll feel like writing. (it's nothing bad, job search stuff. I suppose everyone must go through that at some point. I'm just horrible at dealing with that kind of stress.) Or perhaps having something I must write would be a great distraction! No friggin clue.

As for Teamwork, I seriously doubt that it'll take me 50,000 words to get to the end of TW3. Though I suppose it would help if I could decide if the marriage is part of TW3 or its separate sequelthing! though at this point the sequels are all such an interconnected mess I suspect it's all mostly academic. Okay, no, TW 3 was the tournament, tournament'll be over by then, therefore since TW 4 is something else! that means Teamwork:Marriage is an interlude instead! A hugeass interlude. In several parts. Plus outsider POV sidefics. ahaha o self wat. Okay, not an interlude. TW3.5? I mean, i've got the Suna trip down as TW2.5 already. ...Someone put me out of my misery. DX
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So I kind of have a month's lag before the tournament stage of the chuunin exam, and no real plot to stuff in it. But, er. I think the Kyuubi/Akatsuki combo kind of skewed my view of what "plot" means.

There's the potential Gaara scene, which is plot-relevant even though it introduces stuff that'll have to wait until teamwork 4 (oh my god kill me now) to be picked up again. But that's damn short for a chapter, and apart from that I just have vague ideas of of team being cuddly or training or whatnot. I can't decide if that's bad and fillerific and should be cut out (or at best relegated to the sidestory files,) or if people want it? Also, are there issues I should probably bring up during the lag? I'm open to all comers suggestions right now.


Anyway, so far it gives me the feeling it's in Naruto POV, but that can certainly change if better ideas come along.
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-A random Teamwork behind-the-scenes thing:
Kakashi and Anko, being both very fucked up, broken people with NEEDS thank you, are friends with benefits. Except they're not even really close friends, so their relationship is mostly benefits. Good! That's the best part anyway.

Alas, Gai thinks it is, or should be, an epic!!romance.

Cue Anko developing a... crush-like thing? on *Gai*. Mostly to the tune of WHAT THE FUCK AM I THINKING D: but he can match and follow her manic bursts! And he doesn't judge her. And oh god that BODY. Just. I dunno. Stuff his head in a paper bag or something. STAMINA FREAK. TAIJUTSU MASTER = AMAZING COORDINATION. the curiosity is eating her alive.

But they both can already guess that if he was told, he'd go all "while you are very charming and womanly and likely a great person very deep down, I would never betray my best friend like this sob sob how tragic."

Cue Anko suggesting a threesome.
(but sex only because relationships = hahahahaNO)

Cue Kakashi mentioning that he likes how his one remaining eye out of the original set isn't blind yet and he'd like to keep it that way. D:

Then Anko blames Kakashi's kids for the wave of threesome attempts going on in the village right now*, and then Kakashi mentions he might feel obligated to cut her off from benefits, now, hint hint. Then again, she can still go and actually, oh, ask Gai out. After a year of "I APOLOGIZE MOST SINCERELY FOR STEALING YOUR HAPPINESS, KAKASHI" he might even propose!

Anko: ... okay, fine, shut up, put down your porn and come right here.
Kakashi: u.\\ yes, yes. *winz!*
*cue benefits*

Anko: Oh yeah -- harder -- harder -- oh GAI.
Anko: >:D~~~~~

*(the only other threesome attempt so far is temari/shikamaru/ino and it doesn't end up well, so Anko might be exaggerating a bit here. XD)

Read Naruto and Bleach here! (and even One Piece if that's your cup of tea.) (ahaha naruto isn't up yeeeet aaaaa.)

Bleach spoilers, in the form of a delightful AIM convo full or raaaahs and gnrghn! )
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... I know I still have replies to write for the "give me a female character and i'll tell you why I love her" meme, but i'm stalled on them. (is anyone still waiting for a reply anyway? I'm horrible about replies, if it's more than two days later I tend to think "well, surely they've forgotten and it will be weird to reply so late, no one cares anymore" and so more often than not I end up not replying at all. Okay, half of it is my laziness looking for an excuse... then again I don't think I really can reply to *everything*, I might explode a little bit. x__x *actually kind of antisocial irl*)

But anyway.

* Gimme a character/pairing/threesome I've written/fangirled about, and I'll give you a bit of my personal headcanon for them. (their childhood, their secret hobbies, their sex life... haha especially their sex life. /perv)

* Comment with a story I've written, and I will tell you one thing I knew, learned, or wondered about while writing the story that didn't make it onto the page.
(if asking about teamwork, restore, or some other big 'verse, please try to narrow it down a bit because there are too many choices and I could have no clue where to start. XD; As for crossed wires, please no questions about it.)

¤ Will write a weekly naruto post later. (or maybe not. ehh. Depends on my laziness.) Chapter's up at mangastream, though.

¤ I still owe ten ItaSasu AU snippets, but my itasasu curse has hit again. Half the ideas I have are more brotherly than pairingly, and none of them are solidifying very fast. But they're still on my to-write list at the moment.


Sun, Jan. 24th, 2010 19:50
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... I love waking up with the first sentence of an elusive scene already running through my head, just waiting for me to grab on and unspool.

*writy writy writy* hay gaiz guess where itachi is :D

edit: what the shit did I just watch.

It's an ad for a car. Tropical settings, beach and palm trees, three black guys playing around with cantaloupes (haha look i'm pregnant-type.) they put things in wheelbarrows and race each other...

to a big, brand-new family car where three extremely white, model-pretty, swede-blond women are waiting. Then they load the women's big car to show off how much stuff it can handle. With big goofy smiles on their decidedly-not-model-pretty faces.

I tried very hard not to take it as "look, ma, we're running around being gophers for rich white women and we love it!". I failed. Why the fuck wouldn't one of the guys be white, or one of the women be black, OR BOTH. I have no idea. Nooooo idea.

Oh yeah, the women were pregnant (hey, it's a FAMILY car). So when I pointed out the racism (and my mom agreed) my oh so lovely father pointed out that to him it looked more like white women being porked by black dudes. frrrrrrrrrrgh.

I want to write Karui killing things for some weird and unfathomable reason. :/
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So Jo and Monique helped me with this list, but I'm not sure if we're forgetting people there... Also once i'm done I'll have to separate the people invited to the ceremony and the people invited to the meal and party afterwards! But, that can wait. >__>;;

List (work in progress) )
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Okay so I didn't actually write today but Chapter 8 and 9 of teamwork 3 are already all outlined! Now I just have to...

... write the f**ing fight scenes...

*vaguely tempted to just skip to the aftermath* T^T

more ponderings... )
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I'm still planning to write more Team Seven drabbles/ficlets at some point! Some of the promts are very prrt. And you guys are still welcome to give me more suggestions. (or comment on the three ficlet-things I already did post. Yes. You may do that, indeed. u____u.)

But well, I haven't written more yet because I've been writing Sasuke's Teamwork chapter. I suppose you guys totally hate me for this. u.u~

Frankly I'm not sure it's much better than the previously written thinger (which I ended up reusing a lot of anyway.) I decided to go EXPERIMENTAL and non-chronological and for a little bit the timeline keeps flipping between two different moments. I'm still trying to work out the kinks, because so far both Jo and Saro got confused at it, so...yeah. I suspect my in-prose timeline markers aren't obvious enough. Maybe some big - LINE BREAK - BEGIN FLASHBACK - would do the trick... XD

Maybe nothing short of a big BEGIN FLASHBACK would do the trick. DX

... Well, if my experimentation fails I guess I'll have to put everything back in chronological order, which will have the added benefit of saving my inbox from three dozen WE DUN GET IT from ffnet, but poo. Not as shiny for me.

I'm bad. For a couple of reasons! but the only one that's not too spoilery to share is this one. When I was writing this little bit of Sasuke POV I couldn't stop cackling.
Sakura was safe enough for now -- anyone who got within a half-mile of her wasn't going to survive Kyuubi long enough to cause her any trouble.


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