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Yesterday I decided I would write!

And then I promptly did nothing. I feel very bad about this.

So obviously today I had to write!

Which is why I spent the day doing some more nothing.

Now it's nine thirty PM, and I'm writing summaries for my fics, since I've realized the FFnet ones are kind of thin and for the LJ-only fics I have a tendency to just never bother actually telling people what they're about. I just ramble on about my ideas for a few posts, and if you've missed those posts, when you see the next chapters you're VERY confused. My bad. Anyway. I need to pretend I'm actually doing something, right?

Been trying to write a good summary for Teamwork 2.5 and 3; I'm poking at my personal site and why am I restricting myself to FFnet-sized stuff anyway. >( If anyone's willing to help me clarify or formulate them better, go ahead, but mostly I'm just posting those so I don't lose them in the depths of my computer.

summaries -- Naruto, FF7, GW, mermaids )
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Okay, I should have worked on Teamwork, but then Vathara wrote a fix-it for Zack and Cloud that's uber-super-duper awesome, like anything she writes, (I should stop being surprised) and I was all BWEE FF7. And my other, fivesome FF7 fic -- well, it's Tifa's turn and she isn't talking anyway. So I pulled this one out of its hole. It's the one that starts with Zack and Sephiroth waking up naked at the Northern Crater and so far I'm having fun being mean to them. XD Hit the Revive tags and scroll down for the previous part. :p

14107 / 50000 words. 28% done!

scene was already started before nano, so only 1501 new words for the count. ;.; )
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(I need titles to differentiate them. u_u;;;)

This isn't the fic where Denzel meets Zack in the church, because I only have character interaction for this fic and I need more plot first. Some kind of conflict. Not necessarily a big bad enemy, but I at least need a better idea of how everyone will react and everything. Tifa/Seph interaction will be a big source of conflict, yeah, but I need a better idea of the scenes I want to portray. Also I need OCs to populate the neighborhood, since Cloud and Tifa have been living in Edge a while and they've grown roots -- the neighbors will *notice* there are new people living with them. (but nngh I want. my ot5 of sexy ;.;)

No, this is the fic where two guys wake up at the Northern Crater. This one's going to have a lot more conflict, yeah XD if only because they're naked, weaponless and utterly alone on the Northern continent. Ohh, funfun.

this fic was supposed to have two of the triplets too, but frankly... eh, I don't really feel them, and it would be too much resurrection for one fic when I didn't even especially plan anything for the kadaj/loz/sephiroth meeting. You'd think a fic with the three of them somehow alive again would give a lot of importance to their interaction, but I'm only interested in Loz and Kadaj as they relate to Tifa and Cloud, not really as they relate to Sephiroth. So... Unless I get an awesome sudden!insight into how to make Kadaj/Seph interaction shiny enough to concentrate on, I'm probably gonna cut them out, I think.

... the introduction of the names is kinda awkward. Suggestions? ~__~

posted a bit of that before, but that was a while ago... )


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