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psst, is awesome.

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Other mangas i'm following at the moment:

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Berserk: It was taken off onemanga and I don't know where to start reading again. But it's fucking epic. Epic. I love it like burning. It's full of angst and gore and epicness. I'd say it's heroic fantasy, but it's so much more epic than that. The scope of this story, wow. *o*

Gokusen: hah, total change from Berserk. It's about the antics of a young, enthusiastic Yakuza-raised woman who becomes a school teacher in a school full of delinquents. It's hilarious and so cute. The drawings are so amateurish and yet I still love it. XD Also, I ship her with one of her students so hard. Nnnngh Shin/Yumiko ♥

The Hour of the Mice: Tense psychological/mystery thing. The hero and his friends live a comfortable, regular little life in a boarding school. They don't even remember seeing their parents, who they are told are important or busy or whatever else. The truth that slowly comes out is more sinister. Dun dun dunnnn.

I'm dropping anything Clamp from my reading list. I tried catching up for Fai and Kurogan's sake, but I just can't stomach the illogic and wangst anymore, especially when I've been told there's more coming my way. Also, I kinda hate Clamp's graphic style anyway. >_>;

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Wed, Nov. 8th, 2006 23:48
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No update today, and I'm late for my nano again. Watched the D.gray-man anime, which is surprisingly good seeing as I didn't even get past the introductory arc on the manga before it bored me with WTF makes no sense-ness.

But then there was Kanda. And the Asuka saw that Kanda was good.

Well, not good, good. But sexy, shirtless under his open military coat, pissy as fuck, and living for revenge. HOHOHO. ♥

Then I was all "yay, three hours left to write more nano" and then my brother shoved boxes at our TV box cable thing and i spent the next two hours holding cables in place while dad fixed them. =__=;;;

So instead I downloaded more d.gray-man because OMG I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS.

Seriously, the beginning was BORING, and there was too much info and not a lot of it seemed to make sense. But it's a lot more palatable in anime form since it's a bit condensed and only lasts one episode. And then once there were all those other characters -- O-OMG. There is not one character I don't love. They really make the show. Allen! Komui! Rinali-chan! Rabbi! The evil little gothic lolita who's so CUTE OMG CUTE AND EVIL I LOVE EEEEE! Mirandaaaa eeeeeeeee! Crowleeyy~

The cracky bits are hilarious, and the angsty moment are really angsty. And mmmh the author doesn't spare them ouchies all that often, does he. *__*


... but. not gonna marathon it all right now. really i'm not.

So... Bed. Yeah.

*reads one more chapter* *just one rly*


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