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second half is still halfway written. this is still a pretty nice chunk of fic, about 14k.


John reached the hangars at a dead run. Marcia was waiting with a pickup truck; he jumped on the open back and she floored the gas. He held onto the roof as she drove through piles of crates and past hurriedly backing off mechanics, riding the bumps and swerves.

"Flight suit!" she snapped, and grabbed a bundle of cloth on the seat beside her to push it through the cab's back window at John. He stuck it under his arm just as she swerved right, almost flinging him off, and then suddenly they were pacing Warhammer's immense, prone shape as it was moved onto rails toward the launch shuttle.

John didn't have time to put his flight suit on. He stuck a corner of it between his teeth, climbed onto the cab's roof; Marcia matched her speed to the flatcar and John jumped to Warhammer's wrist. He was running up the slope of its arm in the next second.

The rails made the whole frame vibrate, but not too badly. John threw himself in a controlled slide along his mech's chest plate, slapped a hand down on the cockpit door lock, and let himself fall backward through the opening, spine first into his seat.

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yeah ok. u.u

This is intended to be consensual. It's still emotionally taxing.


You can't control your lungs. It's ridiculous, this is just a bit of rope, you could bite or claw through it if you tried hard enough (no you couldn't, he's too good at this.) Read more... )
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Okay, now that they’re out anyway: side pairings : Dave<3Terezi, Gamzee<>Karkat and Gamzee<3<Terezi.


You wake up because there's someone staring at you and also you can't breathe.

If the staring you awake thing happens three times in a row you swear you will flip a nun ass over rosary. For now you just force your eyes open into the gloomy room and try to figure out who left an elephant parked over your ribs.

Pat. Pat.

You recognize that (supple, smooth, bare) thigh. Okay, how the fuck did Karkat end up face up and ass across your stomach, his legs have to be dangling over the edge of the bed and considering where the wall is his neck is probably made of origami, this is ridiculous.

He's still breathing all soft and sleepingly, though, so you keep squinting.

Huh, there's a gargoyle perched on your footboard.

Where the fuck is your sword. Sword now. You need your fucking sword oh hey antelope horns and Cthulhu hair.

Wonder who that could be!

Nope, still feels like your need your goddamn sword.

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Awake at Night sequel, second part of that old ficlet about John waking up the morning after and also pancakes.

Warning for John-levels of sensitive discussion of issues that cropped up in awake at night.

The stairs are just as easy to take on autopilot on the way up as on the way down. That means he can afford not to think or even look as he climbs, a hand trailing the wall. He knows this house by heart, every single angle and crevice, it's been his since farther than he can remember.

Hosting guests in it was awesome; having to give up part of his claim to it feels weird.

Don't say yes or no straight away, son, take the time to think about it, Dad told him, and he will... eventually. For now he's just going to turn his computer on and find some braincell-killing browser game and rack up a crapton of pixel points.

If it's a joke it's the biggest one Dad's ever played on him, but it's not funny. It's not bad-unfunny either, it's just... not joke material he guesses, and argh, he wasn't thinking about it.

Only as he passes by his dad's corridor he sees a flash of purple, and when he stops Gamzee is there, emerging from that door John himself hadn't dared to cross for the first thirteen years of his life.

His long arms are full of clothes. Huh.

"Yo, motherfucker."

John laughs back because he can't get enough of Gamzee's casual swearing. He wonders who will wear down first, Dad or him. "Yo."

"You uh, got your talk on with Hatdad all clear and proper, then?"

Hatdad. Funny nickname, only there's a touch of something that's almost nervousness in Gamzee's usually beyond-zero chill that makes John feel weird. He takes a step back in preparation for spectacular absconding.

"Yeah, I, uh. Gotta think about stuff, so talk to you laGamzee why are you holding underpants."

The troll blinks at him, then blinks down to his armful. "Whoa, hi there, Karkat's tiny pants."

John closes his mouth.Read more... )
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Sequel/Prequel meme, duosthefangirl asked :
Timestamp meme: Prospit Sandwiches With Alternian Fillings, either Karkat's feelings jam with Gamzee after he logs out of the memo or Karkat talking to John and Jade the next day.

The Karkat/Jade/John talk is ideally chapter two, so I went with the missing Karkat♦Gamzee convo.

Warning for Gamzee's horrific eye-bleeding typing quirk. XD (I used a thingy to do the alternate caps for me, btw, so i have no idea if it's exactly right but hey, it's two years after current canon and he's already changed it around some, so he might as well keep going. :p That's my excuse and i'm sticking to it.)

TC: OkAy bRo, NoW TeLl mE AlL AbOuT WhAt hElLaCiOuS BoThErAtIoNs tHoSe tOoThY FuCkErS HaVe uNlEaShEd oN YoU. )
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11k words. Adi/book_people is the best beta there is. I will fight you on this. è.é

There are certain expectations in troll society about taking in a freeloader with no place to go, as Dad Egbert finds out when he offers to host two of his son's stranded friends post-game.

Hurt/comfort. Deals with culture clashes, potential noncon & ephebophilia. Nothing's described in lovingly graphic detail but it's a bit clearer than "you'd have to be telepathic to understand what this refers to." Also contains graphic declarations of moirallegiance and horrendous pale sap, as well as the regular kind. (this is a diamond ship, not a heart one! the title bar didn’t want me to make one in there. sad.)

Original prompt (bit of a spoiler. If you need to know for sure about the noncon situation, it's under here. if not, proceed to the next cut.) )

He's taken them in and is feeding them on his hard-won money and hiding them from the police, the military, and he's given them a whole block of his hive to themselves. His favorite block, even. And they have nothing to repay him with. )
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I was getting so tired of sitting on this. Of course as always it's a HUGE chapter already, and not even half of what I wanted to happen in it has happened yet, so that makes things unbalanced and the pacing awkward. It's mostly socializing and character dynamics; the next scene ought to be Plotty Planning and the last Kicking Ass & Taking Names, so it would kinda climb up and up re: tension, but they're proving hard to write. Jade isn't talking to me. ;___;

My paleTP is showing. Karkat♦Gamzee Forever! Also contains some Gamzee♥Tavros and Rose???Eridan. :3

Hit the tag for chapter one, I'm too lazy to link. And this is the WIP version so if you find anything that needs editing I'll be glad to hear it!

Wherein twelve trolls and four humans, having bonded in uncommon fashions and gained a significant amount of martial prowess through great hardships, decide to build their hives and live together in hard-won peace, henceforth proceeding to accidentally become the de facto Lord Protectors of the area and eventually changing the fabric of Society as we know it. Contains several instances of interspecies relationships, quadrant flipping, and scandalously out-quadrant concupiscent and conciliatory affairs, as well as several battle scenes containing numerous instances of minor-character culling and incredible badassitude.

It's not like you can turn around and tell the cluster of humans to control the constant flow of word-bile that spews forth from their ever-flapping facegashes, either, not when others are talking as well. You tried to enforce silence for maybe ten minutes at the very start of the walk; it was of course doomed to failure, you don't know what possessed you to hope it wouldn't be. )
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On AO3
On the Kink Meme
Original prompt.

This was for a prompt that, translated from Homestuckese into plain english, is basically "asexual BFFs 'porn' plz!" only the actual prompt was more like "okay the trolls are stuck on a meteor for a year or three so they don't have internet so they don't have PORN so they start kinda watching each other." Since this is about the BFF relationship (moirallegiance AKA pale quadrant AKA the one where your buddy keeps you from losing your shit) and not either lovesex or hatesex, it's not actually porny or naughty or all that kinky. For human values of such. Okay where was I going with that.

-I hate writing Sol's lisp, let's pretend he still lacks a few teeth and only uses it when stressed out and not paying attention. Yes. Let's.
-Some kind of Veil limbo where all trolls are alive (again?) yet Gamzee and Karkat are already together somehow. Don't think about it too hard.
-for supposedly genfic, this has a bit of a voyeur/exhib vibe going on. Just saying.

~3 000 words.

Of course he'd caught the little glances. Sneaky or not, they'd been going on for perigees now; he would have had to be blind, and also to be hit on the head with something heavy and not skull-friendly. )


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