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This is not an illustration for a fic I am not writing, btw. Nope.

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With full body contact. Naked contact.

Mmm davekat. I need to write more of it.

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"In which a young telekinetic brownblood with poor self control, a sheltered jadeblood with anger issues, and a grim indigoblood betrayed by his once-moirail are put on the same laughssassin training team. A comedy of errors about the brownblood’s flushed feelings for the jadeblood, the jadeblood’s flushed feelings for the indigoblood and platonic irritation for the brownblood, and the indigoblood’s platonic disdain for the both of them ensues, provoking black feelings to surge in the brownblood’s thoracic endoskeleton cage. The indigoblood eventually reciprocates, only for the brownblood to flip pale on him etcetera."

It’s Karkat’s favorite ashen soap opera.

(He uses it to beat into John’s head that ASHEN IS SO A THING THAT YOU CAN SHIP OKAY LOOK AT THEM MEDIATE THE SHIT OUT OF EACH OTHER ahhhh babies. John keeps going ahaha but why don’t the brown one and the purple one just hatekiss already and then Karkat throws another manifesto or three on why that would be (hot, okay, but) UTTERLY disastrous because the brownblood is PALE on the indigo asshole okay but every time he tries to fix him it only pisses off the indigo more, and why it’s so tragic that the brownblood and the jadeblood both jilt each other because she wants him pale and he wants her flushed but she wants them both ashen so much more anyway oh god the silver-gray longing how can you not see this.)

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So apparently I hadn't updated my site since february of last year.

Yeaaaah, i'm feeling it. been updating nonstop since yesterday.

If I have forgotten anything... uh. If it's a tiny little ficlet then fuck that noise, i'm not doing it. DX Otherwise if you happen to be perusing the site and can't find stuff that should be there then please do tell me and I'll fix it. preferably before next year.

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Also, small art dump. OF THE PERVY PERSUASION. woooo nsfw.

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BT pic-thing

Mon, Jun. 11th, 2012 20:38
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John and Karkat from Battlefield Terra, pixel art.

I felt like doing pixel art. I have no idea why, it’s really not what I’m best at and I should have found a doll to use instead of making them from scratch, it was hell and then I forgot to save the base separately, argh. But adorable chibifaces!

Don’t ask me why they’re on a beach, I was almost done and then I remembered, ick, there’s no background, so I scribbled whatever. Let’s pretend John took Karkat on a walk on the island’s beach for some reason. In flight suits. Or that I’m uhhh referring to the island where they first met. yeah, that’s a good line of bullshit right there. >___>;

All in one it was rather fun to make.
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One Karkat for Battlefield Terra, one a silly pseudocomic I drew back for the DaveTereziKarkat update and apparently never posted here? o_o; oh well.

Right now I'm sketching a waterbender!heero and quatre of all things. AHA! Completed and added behind the cut. :D :D :D

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... for chapter 2, which isn't even a third complete yet. Um yes. XD

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Okay, this messy style is rather fun to play with, and doesn't stress me out. >__>; I ought to plan better what dimensions it'll have, though, because resizing really doesn't make it look good.

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I'll be away from teh internet for a week or two, I don't know yet. Might come back early. This year we're not camping, we've got an apartment, so hey, who knows. My brother's girlfriend lent me her laptop (!!! I'll be able to WRITE!!! with a real keyboard!!! not a stylus on something cellphone sized!!!) so if there's wifi to be stolen over there I might pop up, but count on me being incommunicado for at least a week.

I am not sure how much i'll enjoy it, because of course it turns out that Dear Grandma and Most Annoying Aunt and her bratty teenage kids just so happen to have randomly decided to go on vacation somewhere that's like a block away from where we'll be staying. Amazing coincidence!!! But so long as Grandma isn't living *with* us, I'll make myself endure.

Worst comes to worst I'll take a train home the second the first week is over. >___> Maybe that way I'll dodge the birthday wishes that sound like "CONGRATS you're THIRTY and still UNMARRIED so I hope by next year YOU WILL HAVE a MAN in your LIFE."

Anyway I still gotta:
-pack clothes
-pack drawing materials
-download ebooks on dad's iPaq
-download my WIPs on charline's laptop
-have another little flailing crisis of omg thirty wtf
and then I'll be ready to go. Ohoho.

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I know it's only been a few hours since I posted the first five ficlets but Scythe and Wing got REALLY demanding. And now that I have it written, ehh. *cough*

3 200 words of Duo and Heero and their dragons. Some of it might rest a bit much on knowledge of GW canon, I can't tell. ~__~ please ask if you've got an issue.

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Guile? Blaming you. SOOOO blaming you. ♥♥♥

on the other end of her sword is girlCloud. Alas she is still very sketchy atm. I spent six hours doing nothing but draw and color that sexy bitch and my fingers are cramped and my thumbnail is too long and gouged my thumb and I only just noticed when I managed to pry my hold on the pen open, but I am so ridiculously in love with girlSeph that I don't even mind.

oh god the MUSCLES. roarrr. She's a SOLDIER, bitches, and don't you forget it. X3~~~~

and now the HUGE pic with girlcloud on it. :3 )
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I kinda want to be worldbuilding or at least plotbuilding for this story today, or perhaps the mermaids, but I have no idea where to start. Hrrn. But I do have two quickish chibi pics!

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art dump!

Mon, Jan. 3rd, 2011 09:46
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Inside: One Kaitou Kid, one Sakura being silly with Karin's glasses, one SasuSaku sketchthing (what's up with all the sasusaku srsly), and three hugeass WIP-dump files.

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