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TOTAL : 11 281 words

Not very good at all. Actually, almost 6 000 words less than last month. Then again I was distracted by trying to read my way through a 5000+ pages webcomic and all the fic I could read for it on AO3 and the kink meme both, which took up about two solid weeks of nonstop binge. (I am now all caught up and really frustrated that there is now a lack of fic to binge on, btw.) Anyway it took up a lot of time I should have been using to write other things. Also I spent like two weeks of THAT trying to convince myself I wasn't gonna write anything for it and thus avoiding writing anything at all. Oh self. orz


-FF7: Steal: Howdy Neighbor (1 449 words)
-Homestuck: Shameless Dave/Karkat Porn. (3 268 words) orz
-A few silly drabbles for that "fic you never wrote" meme (still planning to give the rest of the prompts a try, some look shiny (especially that girls seph/cloud one ohgod) but i dunno if I'll manage)
--DCKM: ot4 christmas date (91 words)
--NaruSasuSaku pirate AU (307 words)
--Homestuck: Karkat/John & Terezi crack (206 words)
--GW: Girl!Heero at university (323 words)
--FF7: SephZackCloudAeris + kitty (375 words)
--Naruto: LockerRoomTherapy 'verse: first kiss (426 words)
--Homestuck: Everyone Wants Karkat crack (408 words)

-Homestuck fantasyish AU (orz) that's probably goint to be like 20 parts long fuck my life (3730 words)
-Homestuck post-scratch hippie commune on Alter-alternia thing that also looks like it'll be hella long, the heck (697 words that i'll probably have to throw away because it doesn't work and also ew infodumps)
-... that's it? oh self what D: no, bad self. bad. (still hoping homestuck'll do a DCMK on me and be like the whirlwind romance that leaves me dazed and satisfied and entirely ready to go back to my steady boyfriends tyvm. that fandom is crack, i swear. in every sense of the word.)

teasers )

Wordcount for the year:

jan: 16 160 words
feb: 15 807 words
march: 13 440 words
apr: 15 417 words
may: 14 094 words
june: 10 245 words = D:
jul: 8 762 words = DDDDDDDDDDD:
aug: 12 567 words
sept: 15 721 words
oct: 17 583 words = !!!!!!!!!! :D-b
nov: 16 598 words = :DD
dec: 11 281 words

total: 167 675, average: 13 973/month.

Okay so 14k is what I should be aiming for on a normal month. The months over that are... idek, serendipity, but the months lower than that are usually just me being distracted. ~___~; In the other hand when I force myself too much I catch an attack of the AAAAA NOTMYJOB DUNWANNA CANTMAKEME worthy of any six year old and then zero writing happens, which is enormously frustrating. This is hard to juggle.

Mergh. Anyway.

Happy new year to you guys!
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Okay so first, I of course failed at NaNo. It's not even a disappointment anymore. XD; Will try to write the next scene and then I'll post what I've got. I'm not sure I like this beginning either, it doesn't 100% jive with what I have planned for the rest of the plot, but maybe I'll eventually hit the right one. Nevermind.

It doesn't help that I fell headfirst into Homestuck fandom (goddamn you, Karkat Vantas) and have spent the last week marathoning everything that pinged me on AO3. (their search engine stops at page 40. THERE ARE MORE FICS FOR THIS FANDOM I CANNOT GET TO. AAAAAAAAAAA. please rec me stuff. EveryoneIsNormal AUs just totally miss the point for me, anything with alien shenanigans and culture clashes is yay, and I like Karkat interacting with just about anyone but especially John and Gamzee and maybe Sollux, and Dave/Terezi and Rose/Kanaya are also pretty awesome though I'll also read them with other people, my ships aren't fixed yet. (... troll shipping is awesome! woo quadrants. I am pinged in my special places.) As for characters I don't really get pinged by anyone but the kids and the trolls, maaaybe the kids' guardians...) Anyway long story short IF:nghtrolls♥ THEN:nowritin♠ .__.;

TOTAL WORD COUNT: 16 598 words. Laaaame.

Posted: NOTHING. shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame.

-A schmoopy Seph/Zack/Aeris/Cloud ficlet in the same 'verse as Once Removed and Negotiating Relationships. (there's two more planned aaaaaa self why): 862 words.
-GW: Newtype: bit of silly dialogue, 168 words.
-Some weird packbonding o-fic thing that i'm not even sure where it's going or what the characters are like which makes writing 'em pretty hard, 903 words.
-Sequel to the GW/Stargate crossover, Heero POV, 827 words.
-The Tyr/NaNo story: 13 838 words. I AM THE LAMEST LAMER WHO EVER LAMED.

I'm consoling myself with the thought that at least even if I suck at writing a ton in one month, my monthly output isn't that bad and actually pretty regular over the year. (It's just that it's all over the place, so I never get to feel like I finish anything. Gnargh.)

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Total: 17 583. Wow, not bad, not bad.

-Teamwork: Wedding (3 497 words)
-Teamwork: Chapter 11 scene 3 (766 words)
-GW: First Five Times They Figured Out Heero Was A Girl (3 391 words)
-FF7: Restore: End of chapter 9 (1 306 words)
-Teamwork: Wedding: Neji & Hinata sidefic: Invitation delivery (963 words)

-Two snippets about Heero and Duo in the 'verse where they have Daemons -- I have no idea where it's going, just random babble. (184 words)
-... um. Garou. In french. I... I don't know, okay. The urge petered out in the middle of the scene and besides wow am I rusty in french storytelling, it all sounds/works wrong. (526 words)
-A Katekyo Hitman Reborn fic of all things. Tsuna-POV, post TenYearsLater arc. (1 363 words)
-GW: umm. A Duo/Hilde/Heero threesome humor/possibly porn? get-together. Duo likes 'em androgynous and blue-eyed okay? (1 460 words)
-GW: Newtype!! :D (1 253 words)
-FF7: Enemy Skill (the SephZackCloud AU where CLoud is a kid from the mountains and there's psychic pack bonding.) (2 874 words)

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TOTAL: 15 721 words. Over 3k more than last month, but about 6k of them are random snippets instead of multipart stuff.


-Sequelmeme: I am so not counting them separately. Total: 6 438 words.

Swingersverse - Saguru centric sequel
NaruSasu... IN SPACE sequel
Comrades, Coming Out and Cows sequel
Sanctuarium sequel
Dragons and their Boys, "how would destroying the gundams go?" sequel
Teamwork: snippet sequel to the ficlet I've got them oldest in
Newtype PREquel (whoo 1xR.)
Mermaids in Space -- Blue backstory prequel
Naruto Adopts Sasuke Into His Clan sequel
GW/FF7 crossover, Wufei on Gaia sequel
The Proposal (iroh/toph) silly sequelthing
Two Knights - 1x2xR sequel
Another one for Sanctuarium!
Ichigo Has Two Girlfriends: Brother In Law Edition!
Ichigo Has Two Girlfriends: The Really Depressing Orihime Prequel ;__;

... nothing else? D: But I felt like I'd also managed to... Oh wait, it's because the rest or what I wrote I didn't complete. Um. Maybe next month! .__.

-Teamwork: wedding: 2 912 words. (yeah, i'm writing it without even having completed the tournament first. um yeah.)
-GW: Newtype: 865 words.
-GW: Heero's Week: 2 648 words. (OF PORN. Whoa, bunnies. scroll down a bit for the fic. man, it needs some rewriting.)
-Vampire ofic based on Saro&I rpthing: 1 647 words.
-Naruto: that ItaSasu vampire fic: 1 211 words.

Whoa, so many old fics rising from the dead. Also, GW was chatty.

Teasers thataway )
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TOTAL: 12 567 words.

Considering I was interrupted by vacation, this isn't too horrible. Considering most of it is snippets and "let's add 500 words to this scene" and very few actually COMPLETED and therefore postable scenes, hrrn. Still progress though, so I'm forbidding myself to bitch too much.

-Gundam Wing / His Dark Materials : three gen daemon ficlets, Heero with Relena, Duo, and Trowa (1 883 words)
-Territoriality ofic - Neve Serrano, pre-story: Counseling (274 words)
-Dragons and their Boys -- Nataku Episode Zero (1 383 words)

-Teamwork 3 epilogue tidbit (yeah, i'm writing bits of the epilogue before the, oh, three or four chapters that come before it. I make sense.) Naruto and Kyuubi. (404 words)
-Teamwork 3 chapter 11, one scene and a half; smallish Sasuke scene and the start of a Naruto scene, and I still need to tweak both. (1 759 words)
-Random ot3 thingie with Sasuke as the instigator of TeamLove, actually pretty much all rambling I'll have to cut out in the end, if I don't end up trashing the whole fic because it's not working. (that, or make an actual story out of the ramblings, it comes across like a summary instead and telling instead of showing is baaaad, but it doesn't fit with the rest of the oneshot either.) (296 words)
-DCMK: Swingersverse: The Shinichi/Kaito/Heiji threesome; 370 words of porn (still incomplete!), and an outtake/sidefic/scene that happened in the middle that was not relevant to the porn so did not belong in the main fic but DID belong in the overall "figuring out polyamory" setup (1 681 words).
-Sequel for Sanctuarium, the GW/SGA crossover. (406 words)
-Restore, main fic (1 214 words of Aeris POV scene, 123 of random padding for Cloudscene, 544 of Zack, all in progress)
-Restore, Cloudette sequel (306 words of stupid)
-Restore, that survival/horror scene that wants to be part of the actual fic, Tifa&Seph (764 words)
-Tripletsverse; some Team Hebi (787 words)
-that old Blobsuke AU (Sasuke and Sakura, 515 words)
-Steal (zack and kiddies) (402 words)

... I was REALLY SCATTERED this month. Seriously, I'm not even talking a chapter, none of these SCENES is complete, save the Teamwork one with Sasuke, and it'll need added padding anyway.


snippets (too lazy to make a different cut for each. Hn.) )
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Total: ... 8 762 words.

... that's all? self what on earth is wrong with you. DX It's about 4 000 words less than last month, which was ALREADY down 4 000 words from the previous month! My god, come september I'll hit zero if this goes on.

Note to self 2: okay drabbles and scenelets are fun and low-pressure and whatever. BUT THE LONGFIC IS CRYING, ASUKA. CRYING.

I'm gonna be gone a week or two for summer vacation and with nothing else to do I seriously hope I'll finally sit down and plow through. It worked last year. But goddamn it, I'm not gonna post two teamwork chapters a year! I'll be forty-five by the time I finish the damn fic. Argh.

¤ Completed and posted:

-Teamwork 3 chapter 11 scene 1 (Sakura) (1 064 words)
-Locker Room Therapy - Naruto&Sakura (1 569 words)
-Dragons And Their Boys - How No-Name Got Heavyarms (691 words)
-FF7 Daemon AU - Ifalna (812 words)

¤ WIP:

-AtLA: Warmer Climates sequel, Jet POV (1 098 words; man I hate to stick too close to canon but Jet's crippled so he can't affect events much atm. DX )
-Restore: short connecting scene (636 words. Next scene's stuck.)
-Daemon AU, the divergence where the game doesn't even happen (582 words; scene's complete but it's spoiler for the game timeline so I can't post it yet)
-Sequel for Sanctuarium, the GW/SGA crossover. (1 123 words, it would help if I had a goddamn plot. DX )
-Daemon AU, the Cloud/Tifa/Aeris divergent timeline; City of the Ancients (1 116 words; scene's not complete and there's some confusing mindfucky things that I need to clarify some. Though eeeeeee I love it. I don't even care that I seem to be one of like four or five people who like clotiris, damn it. Y'all should love that threesome just for the pairing smush name alone. XD)
-Haru&Naru-chan Teamwork AU, sequel to the pornthing. (... 71 words. um. yeah. Not even worth teasering, either.)

¤ Teasers:

AtLA: Warmer Climates sequel )

Restore )

Daemon AU pre-game divergence )

Sequel for Sanctuarium )

Daemon AU, the Cloud/Tifa/Aeris divergence )

oh, still can't comment back on LJ, if you want a reply plz comment on dreamwidth? .___.
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... I feel like I wrote NOTHING this month. Apart from some drabbles, a lot of which petered out and are unpostable on account of going nowhere. Guiiiiiiiiiilt. I was SO SCATTERED it's crazy.

At least I did some plotting for Teamwork, but that doesn't help if I'm NOT WRITING IT AAAA.

Total: 10 245. 4 000 words less than last month, and then I have to throw away another 1 000 words on account of their suck. I am Disappoint.

Completed and posted:
Detective Conan: Swingersverse: that Saguru/Heiji hooking up at a police ball thing and Heiji's lunch next day w/girlfriend (3 038 words)
FF7: Daemon AU: Dragon Taxonomy (393 words)
FF7: Daemon AU: The Gold Saucer Date (3779 words)
GW/Temeraire: Dragons and their Boys: Sweet Music (398 words)
Teamwork: House Rule n°5 (184 words)

-Teamwork: Uchiha Satsuki genderbending AU: 106 words. (will continue this one.)
-Restore: ficlet that died about traditions. I wanted to do Norse-based worldbuilding. 227 words. I might continue it, if I find an actual PLOT.
-Restore: Denzel dealing with outside views about his complicated family arrangement. (several fits and starts, nothing good. All together, 495 words) (unless a real bunny hits me over the head, will not rework.)
-Teamwork: attempts to make up more house rules. Failed to be concise & find the funny. All glued together, 218 words.
-Crossed Wires: 58 words. Fifty-eight. fifty-motherfucking-eight. And they all suck. I think I need to admit that this fic is pretty much long dead at this point.
-FF7: Steal: Welcome to Nibelheim ohohoho. 1 349 words.

Uchiha Satsuki genderbending AU )
ficlet that died about traditions )
Denzel dealing with outside views about his complicated family arrangement. )
house rules :/ )
Steal: Welcome to Nibelheim )
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Total: 14 094 words. Huh, not bad.

Completed and posted:
-Zack & babies: buncha little hellions (1 666 words)
-Gundams as Dragons AU: Introductions (830 words)
-Gundams as Dragons AU: Scythe & Wing meet (3 243 words)
-Gundams as Dragons AU: Wing hatches (1 424 words)
-Gundams as Dragons AU: Duo&Deathscythe silliness (296 words)
-FF7 daemon AU: Sephy&Gast (240 words)
-FF7 daemon AU: Turks in Wutai (1 443 words)
-ff7 Daemon AU, Cloud crossdressing (740 words)
-Zack&Seph pre-ot4 thing (1 413 words)

... huh. In one hand it looks like a lot... but it's mostly drabbles and short stuff. Why am I not working on my chaptered fics? D: (oh lord i can never be happy with how much I write, it's crazy. XD;)

(by the way I had 99% of it written long ago, but I finally arranged and posted the teamwork chapter on ffnet.)

-Reno/Zack for the kink meme (736 words)
-Team Seven angsty messed-up OT3 thinger (1 230 words)
-Gundams as Dragons safehouse crack (123 words)
-Drunk!Heero crack (584 words)
-Zack & kiddies: Welcome to Nibelheim (183 words)

Reno/Zack for the kink meme )

Team Seven angsty messed-up OT3 thinger )

Gundams as Dragons safehouse crack )

Drunk!Heero crack )

Zack & kiddies: Welcome to Nibelheim )
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... I was going to complain that I really didn't write a lot this month, but when I went to total up the words it fell at 14 663, which is pretty much falling right in between the two previous months wordcounts. Huh. I think I'm still dissatisfied because I planned more of it to be Teamwork proper, and instead most of that is a random idea that took me about that genderswitch AU.
EDIT: OH WAIT I FORGOT THIS BIT. I DID write some Teamwork proper this month! Woohoo 15 417 words.


Completed and posted:
-Tripletsverse - Names Redux (Kyuubi-POV Gen-ish) (1 147 words)
-Teamwork Sidefic: Grandmother Cat's wedding invitation (gen) (1 191 words)
-Restore chapter 8.2 (Sephiroth&Aeris) (3 114 words)
-Genderbent Teamwork AU - Proposals (Naruto POV) (1 929 words)

-FF7 Daemon AU; Tifa&Breon in Cloud's head in the Lifestream (2 002 words)
-Random sequelthing for this baby meme SakuHina ficlet. (288 words) (everyone seemed to think the ficlet implied Hinata was gonna die, and when I read over I realized why -- my bad XD I intended for her to pull through. This is gonna need a rewrite. Anyway the sequelthing is turning somewhat pre-naruhinasaku on me. Weirdness.)
-FF7 Restoreverse: added a few lines to a Tifa&Sephiroth thing that then decided to tell me HEY I COULD TOTALLY BECOME AN EPIC HORROR/SURVIVAL ACTION SCENE AND ALSO BE PART OF THE FIC PROPER. I'm still chewing on that one. (280 words)
-Teamwork AU porn (4 708 words, mostly complete but needs some tweaking. Oh, by the way... it's really not what I'd call happy!porn. D: )
-Teamwork Proper! :D :D :D (only 754 words, and not a complete scene either boohoo. But still something?)

Daemon AU ) - baby Meme sequelthing ) - Restore: Tifa&Sephiroth ) - Teamwork AU porn ) - Teamwork 3 chapter, uh, ten or so )
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Total word count: 13 440, less than last month.

8 711 words of this are a random assortment of genderbending AU ficlets.
2 139 words of this are Teamwork Proper. Woohoo. *flops*
2 065 are Steal. (Bathtime.)
355 are Restore. ... no comment.


Genderbending AU prompts:
Latest posted: Teamwork: BoySakura, GirlNaruto, Sasuke - Baby's First Ultrasound.
FF7 Enemy Skill: GirlCloud, Sephiroth POV.
Tripletsverse: GirlNaruto, Naruhiko & girlKyuubi try to comfort each other post-Sasuke giving them the slip again.
Teamwork: pregnant!Girl!Naruto, people's reactions

I'm not taking any new prompts at the moment, but there's still a ton of them that I really want to write. Of course they're all of the sort that might land me with another long-ass WIP... Who's surprised.

-State of Teamwork
Teamwork is waking up guys! :D :D :D The next scene to complete this chapter is already tickling the back of my brain. Not solid enough yet to write down, but eee. (okay, no, the issue is that i want to write the END of that scene real bad, but I need to know how the middle goes first or it'll be all unbalanced.)

-State of Restore
Sephiroth demanded a scene, and then did pretty much nothing with it but ponder about bathrooms and how weird it was to have a body again. Which is fair enough. Then Aeris wanted me to figure out an excuse to come in and ogle him under the pretense of intense/weirdass Ancient/Alien bonding. And when I did the muse was gone and I'd forgotten what the heck I wanted them to talk about and how. Frargh Aeris.

State of other WIPs available on demand. XD;

Restore snippet which is now making 'hey i also work as a complete scenelet' noises, the bastard )

I've posted just about everything else I've written this month, so this is the only teaser I've got.
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Total word count: 15 807.

1 000 less than last month. That could be explained by how I didn't write ANYTHING for the two weeks in the middle, it's all either from early in the month or the last five days. :/ Frrrrrg writer's block haet. Self, I am Disappoint. At least I managed some Teamwork.

-FF7: Restore chapter 8 scene 1 + omakes : 6 071 words.
-FF7: Steal: completing the Cloud scene: 397 words.
-DCMK: Certain Values of Immortality pt.3, completing the scene: 1 888 words.
-GW: weirdass thing that petered out and which I posted as a scriptfic in the end: 1 118 words.
-Naruto: Teamwork: Gaara scene: 246 words. :/
-GW/SGA crossover: 8 284 words. (in two days! ♥)
-Naruto: Teamwork: Completing the baby bulge scene: 803 words.

No teasers as such this month, I finished and posted almost every scene I was writing. What I have left is discarded stuff; the GW thinger that I abandoned (will nevarr be wholly written out!!) and the Gaara scene that I might actually just delete and ignore if I can't find a way to continue it. Here are tidbits anyway.

GW oneshot thinger which died )

Teamwork: naruto and gaara )
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First impressions: of course I was unable to concentrate on anything this month and therefore I didn't complete jack shit.

Total word count: ~16 160
(I know I forgot to keep track of some, what with being so scattered. Mergh whatever.)
*... adds *one* word just for the sake of OCD patterning* woohoo 16161~

What I wrote:
-Teamwork sidefics for the prompts (still intending to write more of them, just... attention span. Yeah.)
-FF7 baby fic -- okay no, I completed one chapterscene! yay! I didn't remember because since then I've been beating my head against the ending of the next, which is, as always, 80% complete and therefore in a perfect place to stall.
-Surprise tripletsverse Naru introspection thinger (oh! another complete thing! Okay, this is helping my self-image a bit there. I've been feeling like such a flake. I can complete... less-than-1000-words-ficscenes! ... still something!!)
-One whole scene of Jet/Zuko/Katara pre-threesome, plus the next scene, that won't start where hopefully they WOULD start being a threesome (stuck like a motherfucker so of course i feel like I didn't complete anything, oh self)
-One DIFFERENT jetkotara thinger -- this one wants porn in it, which is in no way insanely difficult with the three people involved and their explosive dynamics.
-A coda for the DCMK swingersverse, to a fic that is incomplete and therefore not posted and comes after a fic that is ALSO incomplete and therefore not posted. Because I make sense that way. I did chip a bit at a horrible hole in fic number two, which does not mean you guys will see it any sooner, as fic number one is still stuck (goddamn Kid/Ran porn) but hey, still something!
-A bit of teamwork scene with sakura baby bulge! which I have no clue how to end. Oh well.
-The daemon things
-a random OC-tastic porn thing that I tried to write to unfreeze my brain cells and stop thinking so hard about everything that i couldn't write, and which is therefore still pages and pages of plodding, boring setup and stalled like a motherfucker just before the part i actually wanted to write. Which I don't want to write anymore. I don't think i'll be posting this one. Like, ever.

Surprise of the month: the Daemon FF7 AU. Came outta nowhere, landed me with 3 100 words, and seems to have temporarily wandered off again. (no fear, it'll be back. I like Simon too much.)

And now teasers, because I'm evil like that:

Teamwork Teaser 1 )

JetKoTara 1 (post series by a few years) )

JetKoTara 2 (alternate post-Boiling Rock) )

Teamwork (pre-teamwork sleepwalking prompt )

ff7 zack's kiddies stuff )

Anyway. I'll try to do that each month, if people like the teasers more than they want to murder me for it. Ideas for more things to track? Questions?


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