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I have such poor impulse control. But nevermind. It's [ profile] suzukiblu/[ profile] white_knuckle's fault. There I was, re-reading her old memes, and that one jumped at me and smacked me in the face.

Give me a pairing (or threesome if you insist) and a prompt (mood, place, object, etcetera). I'll write you something about their kid(s).

Fandoms: Naruto, GW, FF7, DBZ. Possible future kids in existing fic-verses allowed, except for Teamwork's first two Team 7 kids. 'cause, well, spoiler. No real objection to writing several times about the same kid either, so long as my imagination doesn't stall on it.

-I make no promise to actually write them, though I do promise I'll try. My inspiration is a fickle, contrary thing in the first place and when I try to force it I get writer's block instead.
-I really suck at poetic/abstract prompts.
-If you give me a slash pairing but don't want/like mpreg, say so. It's not my default kid-giving choice, but still one of them.

Uzumaki Inoe (Naruto/Ino), bed
Sobami (Udon/Moegi), bus, frustration
Hoshigaki Koushin (Itachi/Kisame), blood (mpreg, creepy)
Uchiha Taimi (Anyone/Itachi), grocery shop -- Uchiha Taimi (Itachi/Tamaki), Tedium NEW
Uchiha Kaiki (Itachi/Sasuke), candles -- Origins (genderbending, woohoo dysfunctional) --
Terumii Keina (Tsunade/Mizukage), diplomatic relations
Takashi (Naruto/Sasuke, Locker Room Therapy), runaway
(Hinata/Sakura), shield

Ben Maxwell-Yuy (Heero/Duo), Nightmares -- Ben and Shawn Maxwell-Yuy, Prospective Mate NEW

SXB-01 through 05 (Sephiroth/Zack), hair -- SXB-01 (Zack) Waking up / early morning -- Mother Hen-ning --

Tanegaarlzp Irlitt (Trunks/Goten)

(Kid/Conan, black)

Prompts closed for now, might reopen! Now to catch up a bit on everything I need to write...


Mon, Apr. 5th, 2010 15:21
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I'm blocked again (gnn) so, meme time!

Modified from the "imaginary sequel" meme;

Pick one of my stories and I will tell you the first lines of its PREquel. Even if I was never actually planning to write a prequel. Even if it already has a prequel -- I'll give you the first line of another version of its prequel!

Any fandom I ever wrote for, ofic also welcome. If the fic has a big cast, feel free to suggest a specific character for the prequel to center on. I might choose not to use the suggestion, but. Yeah.

Also, the sequel meme? Surprisingly fun to do and, considering my usual track record, unexpectedly successful, therefore if you want to go back there and ask for more, please feel free, I'm reopening it. (not that I ever officially closed it anyway... man i'm so messy.)

Crossed Wires : Sasuke&Kakashi - Locker Room Therapy : Sasuke - Ten NaruSasu AUs : Vampirefic : Naruto - Kiss Me, Stupid - Comrades, Coming Out and Cows : sasuke - Naru adopts Sasu into his clan - Teamwork: The Night: Kyuubi - Saki-chan :3 - Sharing is Caring : Kakashi - Teamwork: Kyuubi/Sasuke pr0n: prequel AND sequel! - Team Hebi Does Sasuke -

Enemy Skill : Zack -

Firefly crossover prequel : Duo - Garou -

edit: okay, bedtime. and tomorrow i'll be busy. But feel free to keep requesting on this meme and the other one. love you guyzzzzzzzzzzzzz *thud*

edit edit: only five days late, starting to work on the rest of the prompts! and yes, it's still open, just don't be surprised if I die before getting to yours. XDDD;

son of edit: all caught up with requests! It's still tentatively open -- feel free to request more but don't be surprised if I never get to it. I'm starting to run out of juice. x_x
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So this was written for my "10 AUs" meme, and I was planning to repost the whole set later once it was all polished and stuff because I think lots of people forget to go back and check for writins (fair 'nough considering I write them so SLOWLY) ...except in the middle I decided this couldn't be part of the set because, you know, it's a preexisting universe which means i've got to write another one for the schoolfic prompt, and then I went and added another five prompts to it, and I'm stuck on a few of them and it's INCONCEIVABLE to post a set of twelve or fourteen or *gasp* thirteen -- ten or fifteen only!! -- so I can't post any of them. Yeah, my logic totally makes sense, I know.

Anyway. This ficlet happens... actually, after Naruto told his parents after having a boyfriend... and also after coming out to his posse about having a boyfriend... which, well. Yeah. >__>;;

(edit: "this was written for my "10 AUs" meme, and I was planning to repost" => yes, i did indeed post it once before, in the comments of that meme. :p Just not everyone comes back and checks those for potential fic (they'd be disappointed a lot with my success rate for those).)

Bunny? )
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I didn't write today but thanks to Saro and Fi I've unblocked Restore! ... i haven't been able to write any teamwork, or any AU drabbles that I've got on my to-do list, or... anything else, really. Man but february sucked HARDCORE re: writing. I feel totally wilted. I hope March goes better.

So that means I need a writing meme of sorts.

Ganked from [ profile] suzukiblu
Pick one of my stories and I will tell you the first line lineS okay i'm long-winded shut up of its sequel. Even if I was never actually planning to write a sequel. Even if it already has a sequel -- I'll give you the first line of another version of its sequel!

Crossed Wires and Main Teamwork Story May Not Apply. You can ask about teamwork sidefics if for some strange reason you really want to. Actually I'm not going to say you can't ask for a sequel to a WIP but in general I'd rather not. ^^; (also, please don't ask more of something that's all of three lines long or less. I have a tendency to verbal diarrhea, so if something manages to come out that short, likely there's a reason.)

Team Taka pron - Locker Room Therapy - Locker Room Therapy 2 - Ten NaruSasu AUs: Vampirefic - Naru adds Sasu to his clan register - Sharing is Caring - Ten NaruSasu AUs: Post-apocalypse - Saki-chan - NaruSasu kitsune/knight haremness - Ten NaruSasu AUs : Pirates - Ten NaruSasu AUs : in SPACE!! - The Bird - - -

Gundam Wing
Garou: Catnip and Cheetahs - Newtype - that old, wtf merboy Duo oneshot - Garou -

Final Fantasy 7
Cloudette and the Yellow Orb - Restore -

Bleach: The Closet - GW/Firefly crossover: Duo/Mal: The Stowaway - Original: Cercle -
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It's strange how for something that starts with the assumption that naruto got assaulted by a serial killer who might even be his dad, the Locker Room Therapy 'verse is awesome for when I want to crank out banteriffic narusasu cuteness. XD (if you want more, hit the tag, I'm too lazy to look for relevant links.)

So, um. Naruto comes out to his friends! Yeah. >__>;;; Silly ficlet, not betaed, very low-pressure but hey! I wrote something today. *happy 'nough*

Kiba Shika Chouji )

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Sun, Oct. 25th, 2009 11:02
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... Right, did I tell you guys how awesome [ profile] suzukiblu is? No? i'm telling you now. She had a drabble meme (again) except this time it was something like "link me to one of your fics and i'll write a drabble for it!"

So she wrote something for the maid-chan/laundry emergency OT3 fic-thing... And then if you'll scroll down past our babble (or use the next link) you'll see she also wrote little somethings for Cyborg Sasuke (cyber penis!! XD) and Locker Room Therapy. Prrrrrrrrrrt. ♥

It's all short but it's also very love. u.u Huhuhu.
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So there was Locker Room Therapy (my very own narusasu, er, let's call it a real life/schoolfic AU). And then there were a couple random drabbles in that 'verse. Because I don't want no real sequel. But random low-pressure ficbits in that 'verse, why not, and also when I want Sasuke/Naruto cuteness they're really kind of easy. But there I was, reading them over, and Naruto sounded so over his trauma. And, well, not completely, no.

Phone Sex (not really.) )
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Locker Room Therapy is the NaruSasu/SasuNaru schoolfic AU thing where Kyuubi and Minato are twins. The ficlets are kinda pointless, but the scenes were floating around in my head and I needed to make sure my keyboard wasn't getting rusty, so...

Might write more at some point. I still have some ideas I want to poke at.

Warning, the voice is a bit weird, as it's still present tense and tends to sneak toward stream-of-consciousness when I don't pay attention.

1.Principal Tsunade )

2. Kushina&Minato )

I fail.

Sat, Apr. 5th, 2008 05:45
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I didn't want to go to bed without posting a one-shot i've spent all afternoon writing, but it's almost six am and i can't think anymore, and auuuugh they're talking too much why are they dragging it on and on and on auuugh.

so, to remind myself to write tomorrow! via inciting people to beat me over the head when i get sidetracked.
(note to self, make sure to edit the end because it rambles too much and loses impact. not the end of this part, i mean the end of what i've actually written. trust me it suxx0rs.)

a bit of narusasu school-AU thing )


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