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Okay, so. I got some of the titles for the prescratch Ancestors right, and some I got wrong but am too attached to -- Disciple being the Knight of Heart, for example, that fic's already written and i'm not rewriting it -- but at the same time I'd still like to have as many close to canon as possible, if only because it'll mean I don't have to make shit up and can use closer-to-canon personalities in the cases I didn't already have headcanons.


Canon titleMy titles
potential change?
Thief of Lifewas already outX
Sylph of Lightwas already outX
Seer of Bloodguessed right!
Witch of Timeguessed right!X
Rogue of BreathPrince of Breath=> ???
Heir of DoomPage of Doom=> ???
Mage of HeartKnight of Heart=> nope. Keepin it.
Maid of Space
guessed right!X
Knight of MindRogue of Mind=> Rogue of Mind
Page of VoidMage of Void=> ???
Prince of RageHeir of Rage=> Prince of Rage
Bard of Hopeguessed right!X

Pyrope gets to be Rogue of Mind because knight was the only other thing badass enough for her, and Leijon already fic-canonized it as hers. (at first I had her as Bard because she seemed to like making a bit of a spectacle of her job, but... it fit better on Ampora.)
Makara gets Prince because I mostly saw him as powerful, and between Heir and Prince it's a bit of a toss-up, so better to go with canon.

The issue then arises between Captor, Nitram and Zahhak, because there's only mage, page and heir left over. My headcanon didn't jive much with a Heir Captor, but frankly I didn't have much of one in the first place. So if we go with canon as much as possible, Zahhak ends up page, and Nitram mage. IDK about Zahhak being a page when in the next life his power was still active, but maybe page is the class that takes the longest to activate in that you have to DIE FIRST or something.

But seriously, Nitram as a mage? I can't see it at all. But if we reshuffle so Zahhak is make, then Nitram ends up page, just like Tavros, and I don't feel that suits him either.

But if we make Captor the mage so Nitram can become Heir (doubles up on John but that seems a little less bad than doubling up on his own descendent) and Zahhak stay canon-Page then Captor's the one copying his descendent!

Aaa. I can't brain. Anyone got suggestions?

Also I don't know whether to keep my made-up names or edit all those I haven't written about yet. But wouldn't it make things confusing??? aaahh. People'd be like "canon names canon characters who the fuck is Kheper/Asleha/Nergal ." Whereas with all-OC names ... well I'd remember to add more elements to recognize them in the narrative, anyway? and people wouldn't expect to see the brand new prescratch trolls, either? because they're massively more the Alternian versions than the Beforus versions, anyway, and those are mostly headcanon for just about anyone and expected to be so. idek. aaa.

(also some of my names are prettier, okay XD i like Sherat better than Damara. :p)
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It's for the Ancestors' screennames. ;__; Some of them came rather easily, some are hrrm, and some refuse to give me anything. Suggestions welcome. (not anything you've read or used yourself in another fic tho plz?)

Anyway, my current list:

Handmaid: aridAnachronism
Summoner: aviaTerrorist
Psiionic: tornAugury (hmm.)
Signless: cardinalGallivant
Disciple: ardentlyCarnivore
Dolorosa: governatrixAupair (ehh)
Redglare: gC: ?????? ( my ideas leaned toward garrot, crooner, chronicler, cipher, but i can't put them together in a satisfying way)
Mindfang/Aranea: affectedGlory (Aranea). (I think Mindfang would use another screenname because wtf affected. D: aG: ??????)
Darkleer: cT: ??????
Grand Highblood: tumblingCraniums
Dualscar: cA: ?????? (covetous courter cavalier admirer angelshark ????)
Condesce: codComplex (Aranea set it up and her meenah side cracked up so she kept it)

edit: also Dad Egbert has that PipeFan413 name but it's not a trollian-formatted name, so should I find him a new one? Pff he'd likely go with pipeFan, but idk, I kind of want him to go with E and B words so he matches John's second screenname. But... zero ideas.
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I want to write something about Heero and Wufei for my little collection of daemon AU ficlets, but I want to follow canon if possible (this means no convenient safehouses) and I can't figure out where in the show they'd have some one-on-one time.

I seem to remember when Wufei and Duo were locked up in that cell about to asphyxiate Heero had been briefly with them before he was taken out, but Duo being there changes the dynamics. (also I might want to keep the moment for a Duo/Wufei only scene anyway.)

Also toward the end, weren't they all together in... either a ship or a space station, waiting for the final battle? I could slip in something behind the scenes there, I guess.

I really need to rewatch, huh. Every time I try I stall at around ep 17. Mergh. Anyway, if you have a suggestion of where I could slip in a heero-and-wufei only scene, I'd be grateful. Endless Waltz doesn't count because most of their interaction happened via gundam battles and video, and that's not any fun. :p

Heck, while you're at it, Heero-and-Quatre? So far I've got either post-Trowa getting spaced (they had a moment on a beach, didn't they XD) or at Relena's pacifist school, but that would make for a good Heero-Quatre-Relena scene as well so idk.

recs plz?

Sat, May. 21st, 2011 08:00
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[ profile] book_people is attempting to get into SasuSaku. But, uh, she hasn't had much chance with the fics on ffnet so far. Good fics must be hidden there, but how to find them? So!

Do you know of a good/great sasusaku fic (several sasusaku fics!) where:

-Sakura is not a permanent Damsel in Distres (and it's presented as ~romantic~)
-Sakura is not a Mary Sue with her personality quirks erased to make space for "cooler" things
-Sasuke is not a suave Seme or otherwise OOC as fuck
-Naruto is not an irrelevant pet rock that neither of them cares much about
-The plot is not lifted straight from a Harlequin novel or daytime TV
-""the raven" is not once used as a descriptor for anyone who is not, in fact, a bird"
-Canon world before AU but if the AU is awesome then rec away anyway plz.

CONVERT HER, PEOPLE. >____> link plzzz~

As for me, I will ask you guys if there has been any good narusasu/sasunaru fic written recently (so ... in the last two years) that I have missed due to being a fandom hermit? Plz no gross uke/seme imbalance of power, Sakura bashing, etc. .__.
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Asuka Kureru,

Your LiveJournal paid account for user "askerian" is expiring in 12 days,
at which time it'll revert to its previous status.

So, um, who wants a picture?

T^T [ profile] hakkai_duo is awesome. ♥ *twirls*


Wed, Nov. 24th, 2010 20:38
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Anyone can read arabic? I just got a review for Locker Room Therapy and the online translators I found mostly give me gibberish...

عندما قرأت هذه القصة كنت مثل "يا غربة". فقط بسبب ميناتو التوأم الشرير الشر. وخطف ناروتو. شخص يحتاج إلى ركلة الحمار Kyubi ، وأنا على أمل أن بوبا ، Kyubi قريبا أن لم خلية في السجن ، فهل للجميع. حسنا ، لن يكون هذا النوع من الركل سنقوم يتوقع لها أن تكون.

ولكن هذا كان حقا باردة.

Halp plz. ;^; What does it sayyyyy it could be a recipe for all I know. What's really WTF is that the account it links to has english fanfic. Note, not great english but still understandable. I am baffled.
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So I've got this dilemma. I got this little timeline all set up and I'm in the middle of writing femme!Naruto/Hinata making out and I still don't know wtf to name her! Hinata uses naruto-chan in her POV, btw, but Naruto-chan hasn't introduced herself so I have no clue what name she wants for herself. I think she hasn't decided yet but as the author I still gotta figure it out, damn it.

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