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What Asuka wanted: a quick silly smut-tastic xenolicious demon summoner/demon davekat AU pr0n thing.

What Asuka got: every character ever telling her who they were and what they were doing in this AU EVEN ALPHA DAVE AND ROSE SERIOUSLY???, three tons of setup, shiny shiny “what this demon character wants/needs sacrificed to offer their services” oh dear lord meulin’s is EVIL, Dave and Latula bonding, Kankri???, a war between hell dimensions and the ~mortal plane~, and only the quickest bit of tease followed by OH WELP I JUST REMEMBERED THIS WOULD BE V.V. DUBCON AND I AM NOT A DOUCHE LET ME SET THIS UP TO ANGST LONG AND HARD AT LATER DATE.

but oh lord do I love urban fantasy and potential apocalypses. awgh. Also Rose and her stable of demons aaahhh. Also the potential for “why is this hoooot” whimpering from Dave when Terezi-wearing-Rose hits on him.Also the Rose/Sollux. Also the Rose/Vriska why does she get all the bitches.


Wonder if i could just go with “hey okay i needed the set up NOW I CAN TURN THIS INTO A PORN ‘VERSE”… *squints thoughtfully*

So... this. Pure silly self-indulgence, also a teaser, no promise that i'll continue it because i'm evil and also i have no plot and am just typing along. >__>;

Warnings: Dave/Karkat, a BIT more xeno than xeno usually means in this fandom (there’s no porn yet, i hope soon, but when it does i’ll certainly be dubcon.) Somewhat Master/slave dynamics. (if petstuck fics bother you this is probably going to hit the same buttons.)

Read more... )
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Okay, I was asked twice about stuff that happens in this fic, so here it is. I think I've posted bits and pieces of this before in comments, idk, most people probably didn't see them.

It's not complete, I wanted to put in the Anko scene as well and some things drag on a bit and need to be trimmed. It's from a random Chuunin OC who was on surveillance detail the night Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura hook up and before Teamwork 1 starts.

I kinda love the old broad. She's... really bitter. XD

(also i probably should edit the part where she thinks naruto looks like a clone of minato and not like his mom at all, since canon said it was the other way around and i find it adorable that naruto is basically boy-kushina. Proof that this fic is WAY TOO OLD!)

teamwork sidefic, WIP )
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1. Go to page 77 (or 7, or just hit pagedown 7 times) of your current manuscript.
2. Go to line 7
3. Copy down the next 7 lines – sentences or paragraphs – and post them as they’re written.
4. Tag 7 other authors. I NEVER TAG. SO THERE.

... It really depends on how you define current. >__> Also it seems like all my fics are either three pages long or thirty-forty at the moment, or page 77 is all notes, or it's a chapter I already posted. Um.

1. Teamwork: Wedding, chapter 2
Naruto would have been annoyed at him any other day for that 'heel, Pochi!' tone but honestly at the moment he could only use his last remaining braincells not engaged in a confusing dance of kill him dead and no, eat him first (not even a Kyuubi to blame for that one) to grab the shit out of that lifeline. He jumped up on his feet, made a vague, aborted hand gesture toward the door to the pool to indicate he was leaving, and stormed out before his jaw could unclench and a river of swearing could come pouring out.

"Why are you calling me like I'm your dog!" he snarled at Sasuke, who only growled back and gestured at him sharply to sit into the pool next to him, and it was a good thing Naruto had been sitting there on his own anyway but he still kicked Sasuke under the water for it.

"He keeps talking about your dick," Sasuke said under his breath, "like hell I'm leaving you alone with him."

"Well there's no need, apparently he likes yours better anyway!" Naruto replied, throwing his hands up, and when Sasuke snorted at him his eyes narrowed. "Only he's not sure you can get it up."


2. Dregs of the Storm (low-fantasy homestuck AU)
He didn't want to be culled. He tried it again. Push, push... Flop, on his back. Victory. So exhausted. The human was crouching over him, looking at him upside down.

The human was crouching over him.

3. Battlefield Terra
"I'm fine, I'm fine! Will you stop being so nosy."

Rose speared him with a withering glare. "You're being a little cavalier here, for a person who needed to be rescued from a mess of his own making not two minutes ago."

John wilted.

"Your own high-handed removal of the alien from their custody opened you to this -- we can't very well argue it's illegal when you just did the same. We'd have no leg to stand on."

4. FF7 Daemon AU, the Cloud/Tifa/Aeris divergence
Nanaki picked Simon up like a kitten, and, cautiously as possible, he settled him on Aeris' lap.

Tifa suddenly wanted to touch him, that tiny sodden ball of orange fur, wanted to warm him in her hands and cuddle him close, keep him safe. Such a confident, fearless personality, but the body was so tiny, tiny adorable white-tipped paws and tiny head that would have fit into her hand with room to spare.

Aeris was a bit sideways on Tifa, Tifa reclining against the wall and Aeris slumped against her chest. If she shuffled their weights just a little bit he might shift and touch her arm. Tifa bit her lip and closed her eyes and stayed perfectly still as Breon curved his neck over to breathe a gust of warm air on Simon and give a cautious nudge.

Nanaki sighed and flopped down on their other side, so Tifa's shoulder and Aeris' backs rested on his flank, and he draped a heavy front paw across the three of them.

5. Wufei in FF7 crossover
"I'll tell you, giving up ain't one! I'd do the same for you--"

"I wouldn't want you to!"

Quatre deflated, face scrunching up in pain. Duo stared at him. Oh, it wasn't fair, he didn't have a right to just stop fighting, Duo wasn't done.

"Duo," Quatre said, very quietly, "you're destroying yourself, do you think any of us would want that?"

6. Lone Wolf and Pilot
Smooth shiny loose hair, neat pantsuit, screaming professional-but-not-military down to her polished fingertips -- only she wasn't seated with perfect poise to match her dry greeting, she had Glen's heavy head on her shoulder and was wrist-deep in his fur, giving his neck practiced scritchies. When Wufei came to a stop before her desk she slowly let her hands fall; the look they traded was... weird, just weird.

Sword oil and crushed rose petals, Killer shared cautiously, confused, and it wasn't the name of anyone in the room but it was so present Duo could almost smell it himself. He could swear he used to know who...

Oh, right.

Must be awkward to see your old commander's brother attached to the guy who killed him.

Rather, yes, came Wufei's response, sharp but tired, worn.

7. ofic - Territoriality
He'd be pissing blood in two hours, he knew it. Right now it was hard to care much.

Hard to feel anything much, to be honest. The suppressants were doing their job. Tyr sat beside Doctor 'call me Marian' Drey's desk and stared at the weird trinkets on it and didn't even want to pick up any. Or do much of anything but sit here, to be honest.

"So how are you feeling right now?"
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Total word count: 13 440, less than last month.

8 711 words of this are a random assortment of genderbending AU ficlets.
2 139 words of this are Teamwork Proper. Woohoo. *flops*
2 065 are Steal. (Bathtime.)
355 are Restore. ... no comment.


Genderbending AU prompts:
Latest posted: Teamwork: BoySakura, GirlNaruto, Sasuke - Baby's First Ultrasound.
FF7 Enemy Skill: GirlCloud, Sephiroth POV.
Tripletsverse: GirlNaruto, Naruhiko & girlKyuubi try to comfort each other post-Sasuke giving them the slip again.
Teamwork: pregnant!Girl!Naruto, people's reactions

I'm not taking any new prompts at the moment, but there's still a ton of them that I really want to write. Of course they're all of the sort that might land me with another long-ass WIP... Who's surprised.

-State of Teamwork
Teamwork is waking up guys! :D :D :D The next scene to complete this chapter is already tickling the back of my brain. Not solid enough yet to write down, but eee. (okay, no, the issue is that i want to write the END of that scene real bad, but I need to know how the middle goes first or it'll be all unbalanced.)

-State of Restore
Sephiroth demanded a scene, and then did pretty much nothing with it but ponder about bathrooms and how weird it was to have a body again. Which is fair enough. Then Aeris wanted me to figure out an excuse to come in and ogle him under the pretense of intense/weirdass Ancient/Alien bonding. And when I did the muse was gone and I'd forgotten what the heck I wanted them to talk about and how. Frargh Aeris.

State of other WIPs available on demand. XD;

Restore snippet which is now making 'hey i also work as a complete scenelet' noises, the bastard )

I've posted just about everything else I've written this month, so this is the only teaser I've got.
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Post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous.
Upon request, I will post a random line or two from any of these you choose. Assuming that the file adds up to a full line, that is.

Except I'm a ho so it's likely you might get a lot more than two lines, if there's that much to repost in the file. >___>

I cheated because I have about twice the number of files there, but half of them are long abandoned, and often also nothing but notes and no prose, anyway.

Some of the ones I listed here might be all notes and no prose, too, but they're still ideas I'd like to work on at some point.

The ones with * probably have enough unpublished material to be requested several times. XD

naruto )

other fandoms )

ofics )

ALRIGHT. still open but i'm going to bed, so i'll go back to this tomorrow.
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First impressions: of course I was unable to concentrate on anything this month and therefore I didn't complete jack shit.

Total word count: ~16 160
(I know I forgot to keep track of some, what with being so scattered. Mergh whatever.)
*... adds *one* word just for the sake of OCD patterning* woohoo 16161~

What I wrote:
-Teamwork sidefics for the prompts (still intending to write more of them, just... attention span. Yeah.)
-FF7 baby fic -- okay no, I completed one chapterscene! yay! I didn't remember because since then I've been beating my head against the ending of the next, which is, as always, 80% complete and therefore in a perfect place to stall.
-Surprise tripletsverse Naru introspection thinger (oh! another complete thing! Okay, this is helping my self-image a bit there. I've been feeling like such a flake. I can complete... less-than-1000-words-ficscenes! ... still something!!)
-One whole scene of Jet/Zuko/Katara pre-threesome, plus the next scene, that won't start where hopefully they WOULD start being a threesome (stuck like a motherfucker so of course i feel like I didn't complete anything, oh self)
-One DIFFERENT jetkotara thinger -- this one wants porn in it, which is in no way insanely difficult with the three people involved and their explosive dynamics.
-A coda for the DCMK swingersverse, to a fic that is incomplete and therefore not posted and comes after a fic that is ALSO incomplete and therefore not posted. Because I make sense that way. I did chip a bit at a horrible hole in fic number two, which does not mean you guys will see it any sooner, as fic number one is still stuck (goddamn Kid/Ran porn) but hey, still something!
-A bit of teamwork scene with sakura baby bulge! which I have no clue how to end. Oh well.
-The daemon things
-a random OC-tastic porn thing that I tried to write to unfreeze my brain cells and stop thinking so hard about everything that i couldn't write, and which is therefore still pages and pages of plodding, boring setup and stalled like a motherfucker just before the part i actually wanted to write. Which I don't want to write anymore. I don't think i'll be posting this one. Like, ever.

Surprise of the month: the Daemon FF7 AU. Came outta nowhere, landed me with 3 100 words, and seems to have temporarily wandered off again. (no fear, it'll be back. I like Simon too much.)

And now teasers, because I'm evil like that:

Teamwork Teaser 1 )

JetKoTara 1 (post series by a few years) )

JetKoTara 2 (alternate post-Boiling Rock) )

Teamwork (pre-teamwork sleepwalking prompt )

ff7 zack's kiddies stuff )

Anyway. I'll try to do that each month, if people like the teasers more than they want to murder me for it. Ideas for more things to track? Questions?
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Though so far it's only Sasuke. u.u;

And yes, it's supposed to be unclear about some things, though not about everything. if you can't understand a sentence at all please point it out.

Anyway! Scifi/space AU, Sasuke-centric, Team seven.

about 700 words there )
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So I've had this fic in my WIP folder for the last, oh, TWO YEARS.

It's stuck like a motherfucker. Loses steam somewhere after where this scene ends and I never found it again. But I still love the beginning. So, here you have it. Don't read if you can't stand the idea of a fic that might never be completed.

Be very aware: IT'S NOT COMPLETE and I'M STUCK. Waugh. So far it's pretty much all girl-banter.

Summary: Sakura, Hinata and Ino at a nightclub, discussing boy-catching strategies. (... it's not supposed to be a smart fic okay XD)

Hopeful end result: narusakuhina threesome porn & set-up for actual three-way relationship.

Notes: *Since I started it way before Hinata's confession, for this fic the Pain arc didn't happen. >__>;;
*I know I tend to make everything I write Sasucentric, so in this fic I forbade myself from mentioning him at all. It's surprisingly difficult, even though it shouldn't be.
*My headcanon actually goes the other way for InoSaku, but, y'know, fic demanded otherwise and it's not that much less plausible anyway. XD;;

'You know, I think -- I think he doesn't see me as a woman.' 'I see what you mean. He knows you're sweet and helpful and all, but he has no clue you'd love to ride him until his dick falls off.' )
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[ profile] meltmallow asked, so here's the first bit.

The fic still has no title. >_>;;; AHA! Continuing with my trend of using materia names, this fic is now "Enemy Skill". (nothing else really fit. sadness.) To push the cuteness even farther, every chapter will be named after one enemy skill. (... my first reaction was OH SHIT I CAN ONLY HAVE 24 CHAPTERS. Oh, self. Thankfully, [ profile] charcoalcat suggested "If you run out of chapter names and still have story to go, you could always snag the attack names of some of the summons. It would be cheating, yes, but it is technically the use of someone elses skills..." Good idea. XD)

SETTINGS: FF7 world, but instead of sealing Jenova inside her, the Cetran woman melded them at the genetic level (what this accomplishes will be explained later.) 2000 years later...

CONTAINS: eventual Sephiroth/Zack/Cloud, psychic bonding, slavery of sorts.
(of course me being who I am there might be strange bisexual polyamorous shenanigans at some point, because a pack ought to be bigger than three people and somehow! not everyone in that universe is male. I have no idea, but I can't rule it out either. It's just... pack boooond. ngh. *_*)

I admit this fic was inspired by Vathara's Ruby. Hopefully I managed to do my own thing with it... XD But if you like the theme, you should read hers, because prrrrt.

First draft, you know the drill, if anything is really unclear or the action is weird or I misused a word or anything like that, feel free to mention it, I'll fix it. But if you don't feel like keeping track of that shit, it's fine too. ♥

Death Sentence )
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1. I got fanarts for Teamwork! *squishes [ profile] purble* ♥ Lookie here. It's Itachi leaning over the baby's crib, ahh, so deliciously creepy. *__* I love how he seems to rise out of a puddle of darkness and blood. Thank you, [ profile] purble!

2. Fraaaaaargh team Summons haet. I started this pic a bazilion years ago and there's a reason why it hasn't appeared yet -- TOO COMPLICATED AHHH. I just only finished the lineart today.

Then I started coloring. Ahaha. AHAHAH. haha. why meeee. I've barely started blocking in the biggest color areas. There's going to be four layers for the background. Three for each animal and their fur. Possibly just as much for each character's LAYER OF CLOTHES (they wear belts and stuff over flowing shirts over spandex underclothes). plus at least two layer for the hair, plus a layer for highlights and teeth and the white of their eyes plus a layer for the irises. *cries like a bitch*

3. So I've been writing this crackfic, and it is indeed very cracky, I might have to tone some of it down. And I am stuck like a very stuck thing. Therefore I'm gonna be a cocktease. Here, have the first scene of the aptly named... Do you like dick? (yes) (no) )
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I started this fic ages and AGES ago. At first I intended to start with established narusasusaku and see about adding Hinata in, but it just rang false. Then I thought about having naruto/sasuke/sakura on the verge of happening, but not yet! Then since the one scene that is really well-defined in my mind is a Sasuke/Hinata dialogue, perhaps I could make it a SasuHina, but... just, no. NaruSasuHina? What about Sakura? But four people is a bit much to juggle, I could give her a reason not to be with either of them. Then... I don't know.

I've had a ton of half-assed ideas to continue this prologue thing, and nothing really works, which sucks because honestly speaking I'm a little in love with it.

Okay, it's completely melodramatic and doesn't give poor Hinata much credit. XD

So there's a fair chance I'm never going to find a way to continue it, but here it is anyway.

They are Hyuugas; direct eye contact isn't required. But she knows that even if she found a reason to change seats he would just shift until she ends up in his blind spot again. )
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... I really do have a "everything and the kitchen sink" approach with this fic. XD; And so many plans, and scene ideas, and -- whoa. Suddenly there's zomg!gotta match the tone of the manga a little more closely! add some akatsuki and village stuff! come on, there's six months of preggyness left, surely you can fit in more stuff! wait, now that THIS has evolved then THAT scene you were working toward doesn't really fit anymore -- and what did you plan to do with THOSE again? Damn it, should have taken more notes.

And then I totally forget that it started out as a get-together thing. And now Teamwork 3 really feels like teammates-and-best-friends-who-also-have-sex.

needs moar relationship stuff. )

planned teamworkverse one-shots plus teasers )

Anyway, I fail hard at NaNo this year. Total word count so far: 600~. And not even all of it on the same fic. I lose and fail. -___-;
snippet of the next teamwork chapter... )

I fail.

Sat, Apr. 5th, 2008 05:45
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I didn't want to go to bed without posting a one-shot i've spent all afternoon writing, but it's almost six am and i can't think anymore, and auuuugh they're talking too much why are they dragging it on and on and on auuugh.

so, to remind myself to write tomorrow! via inciting people to beat me over the head when i get sidetracked.
(note to self, make sure to edit the end because it rambles too much and loses impact. not the end of this part, i mean the end of what i've actually written. trust me it suxx0rs.)

a bit of narusasu school-AU thing )
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Okay, so that was started a few months back for that kink meme.

Team Hebi OT4! I don't care who tops who as long as all of them are present.

If foursome isn't enough of a kink, feel free to add restraints (no hard D/s though) and/or cross-dressing.

And then of course I added so much setup and the porn is stalling, so. This is the first half, the setup half, the second will be done as soon as I convince Sasuke that he's still seme if he rides Suigetsu like a pony. >_>;; Which uhh yeah. Might be a while.

First time I write Juugo, and I probably suck at Karin and Suigetsu too. If you find anything OOC, or if there are mistakes or typos or whatever you think needs fixing, plz tell me. ♥

Warning, the bunny was started when Karin's official hair color wasn't out yet, and since it's kind of a plot point I haven't changed it back.

team hebi luvins yay -- INCOMPLETE VERSION )
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I... don't think I've posted this yet. I know I showed it to some people (if I showed it to you, don't spoil in the comments or I'll bite you. :p speculation is okay, because I'll just smile and refuse to confirm anyway. ... let's hope it's at least mildly intriguing, for like a half-second. hopefully.) It's tagged as ItaSasu because it's got Itachi and Sasuke and Uchiha things, but I don't even know if there will be any pairings at all, and if there are there might not be ItaSasu at all.

Or there might be. Who knows.

(but either way I'm not planning on shota.)

First, mildly confusing scene of a new-ish fic-bunny-thing. Warning, I don't see this fic becoming high priority. Pretty sure even the cyborg fic is higher priority than this. Meaning it might well fall off the face of the planet if I get swallowed by Teamwork and forget about my other random ideas.

There's a new cousin lodging at aunt Yukio's, in one of the rooms she rents to single young men. )
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So there's this fic I'm working on, on and off -- more often off than on, but I still like it. It's based on a RP I did with Sarolynne (again ♥) and zomg a fic where the lemons are mostly part of the actual plot! 'course, I still have lots of things to fix, because it's just fine in a RP to summarize stuff that happen to one character alone, or to ignore plotholes, and since I suck I often end up forgetting what I had established for my character and contradicting myself on little details.

But! I have the main plot. The problem is rewriting it properly and ironing out the many wrinkles. Meaning it is nowhere near ready for ze posting, and as with all backburner projects I've got, I might lose interest and never finish it.

So of course, I'm gonna be a cocktease. :D except there's not even sex yet to tease you with. hah.

Nekomata )
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Yep, ficcage for Avatar : the last Airbender. Which can be a little childish, but has amazing characters and worldbuilding and OMG THE FIGHTING STYLES.

... I need a Zuko icon.

I posted the start of this before, but i'm reposting it. Still not sure where I'm going with this fic, but hey, it's written more for fun than with any goal in mind. XD (and, uh, I feel this horrible temptation to turn it into a Sokka/Zuko/Katara threesome of sorts. Because, dude, that would be hot, and also, in this context, pure evil and certainly not romantic at all. Mm, despair and grittiness. But the het fans will kill me for the yaoi, the yaoi fans will kill me for the het, and almost everyone will kill me for the incest. After they all kill me for, you know, killing Aang. u.u;)

wahhh XD )

Oh! And [ profile] theninjakitty has just posted a thingamajig we wrote together. It has my Teamwork!Sasuke and her SelfReliance!Sasuke, alone in a small room. :3 Mmm, crack.


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