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Adi: the best part of recent chapters is that Naruto keeps giving him "bitch, please" faces
Adi: Like "god, you are late to this party."
Askerian: yeah XD
Adi: Naruto has been telling you for years that you should come back and just help him change shit, Sasuke. Years. And now you think you can waltz in here and barrel on through with brute force when Naruto has spent those years beating his head against a wall to create an opening to use? Please.
Adi: that fight is going to be fuuuuun
Askerian: yess
Adi: hopefully it will not result in someone dying. Or Sasuke convincing Naruto that really, he should let Sasuke be hokage. Naruto, you absolutely should not let Sasuke be hokage. Sasuke would be so bad at it. So bad.
Askerian: *snerk*
Askerian: as if naruto would let anyone talk him out of what he wants
Askerian: sasuke will try to bulldoze his way in, then he blinks and whoops naruto is at the hokage desk and sasuke is under it
Askerian: i mean behind it
Askerian: that is totally what i meant
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Chapter's 2/5ths done and 7 800 words long. Oh, self.

Granted, the rest of what I have planned COULD possibly go by relatively fast, and brand new unplanned little detours might NOT happen, so the chapter clocks in at a fairly respectable yet still manageable in one sitting 12k! Yeah uh that's just not how my plotbunnies work. *hangs head*

On the other hand, telepathic shenanigans, clonesibs being clonesibby, and bro/jack hateflirting. More detours plz.


Askerian: Dirk extracted himself from his bunk by way of hooking one hand into Dave's bunk's guardrail and reverse-curling himself upward in a boneless, snakelike wave. All 'look at my abs! I do a hundred crunches a day!' Feh.
"Alright, time to go." He nodded to John, and then to Karkat. Karkat quickly looked away and pretended to have been busy with his mess of a bed all along.
Adi: ...and Karkat goes "Damn, that human is fit."
Askerian: the reason John keeps losing at gay chicken against Dirk is that he does not know himself. :-X
Askerian: hahahaha
Askerian: also that dirk is gay, and so he does not chicken out.
Askerian: either he gets kisses by handsome boys, or he gets to win! it's a game he literally cannot lose.
Adi: yeah. He is in favor of gay makeouts with the guy who looks like Jake. No, seriously.
Askerian: =3
Adi: eventually, John will realize that that he, too, is not entirely straight, and Dirk will have some competition on his hands.
Askerian: XD
Adi: and still he will not lose, because John is a good looking boy, let's be honest
Askerian: nah, john is *bashful*.
Askerian: well, not very much, but XD
Adi: awwwwww
mmarycontrary: So, once John knows he’s gay/bi/pilotsexual, Dirk wins by being more willing to do it in public? More extreme? Or does he go for the ultimate taboo and make it downright *AFFFFFFFECTIONAAAAAATE*?

Bahahahaha. Affectionate would possibly be more embarrassing for John than raunchy, because he could tell himself raunchy is just them being crude/disgusting/GUYS at each other in perfect broharmony. I think Dirk merely wins because he’s impossible to embarrass. The man knows and embraces his quirks and kinks, there is nothing to shame him with.
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Askerian: (ahaha, i don't know if you remember the 1x2xR sequelthing snippet I wrote a while ago where relena wanted dorothy to help her make poly marriage legal. now i kinda want to write stuff about the press finding out. maybe a series of articles and headlines, first from the tabloids and then ending in an article)
Adi: ooooh
Adi: you can make up completely crazy stuff for the tabloids!
Askerian: like an actual interview. maybe about who is the father of her child!!! :O nah, no baby stuff, i write baby stuff too much as it is. ooooor maybe if the dad is duo because heero's genes are damaged
Askerian: haha yes
Adi: she's pregnant?
Askerian: at first it'd be all "is there something going on between relena and her head of security :O " and then "gasp she went to that ball with THAT OTHER MAN as her security/escort!" with ambiguously angled grainy picturial proof
Adi: or so the tabloids say?
Askerian: haha yes, even if she isn't they'd take any fold of cloth as a sign of pregnancy
Adi: XDD
Askerian: shocking reversal! the princess' lovers... in bed together!!!!!! RELENA CHEATED ON???? (i mean dude okay she has two but she's QUEEN RELENA she's allowed D: )
Adi: There should be letters to the editor going "that's obviously an overexposed photoshopped picture! It's probably her head of security! God, stop making stuff up!" and ...well, actually...
Askerian: XDDDDD
Adi: hahaha
Askerian: up until some president or other invites her to an official shindig with "and guest" and she asks them if she can bring two.
Adi: oh lord XDDDD
Askerian: and she dances with them both all night, scrupulously taking turns in between the random interlopers.
Askerian: and then they have the last dance with each other??? XD idek.
Adi: maybe they dance with each other when she's dancing with other people u.u
Askerian: ooh :D
Askerian: in the middle of all that i should also put a fling between relena and quatre. they were seen walking out of a room together laughing, arm in arm!!!
Adi: hahaha
Adi: Someone gets a quote from Duo that, when taken out of context, implies that Relena, er, sleeps around a lot?
Askerian: i kinda suck at headlines or journal talk though
Askerian: hahahaha
Adi: u.u
Askerian: "oh, we all love relena, she's one of us y'know?" "RELENA PEACECRAFT IN SORDID SEX-BASED SWINGER DEAL WITH ALL FIVE GUNDAM PILOTS!!!!"
Adi: hahahaha
Adi: side note: Quatre Winner Participates in Primarily Gay Orgy With Queen Relena Peacecraft As Guest
Askerian: *giggles*

Askerian: btw, my GW rewatch...
Askerian: i was TRYING to read quatre as possibly straight and merely platonically concerned for trowa
Askerian: ... it's not even headcanon or slash goggles at this point
Askerian: he makes such teary wibbly faces when he sees him again and omg you're alive T^T
Askerian: it's just... not platonic.

I also wanted to write sidefics for Batttlefield Terra. Well, more like prequels, on the kids' side (the trolls' side would be too spoilerific). Mostly stuff about Mom talking Bro into raising Dirk and Dave (I think for the first couple years of their life she was keeping them too, because Bro wasn't able to deal with two babies -- more emotionally speaking than anything else -- and also maybe because he wasn't quite as on board with things as the other four of them yet), and Jade and Jake following General Harley around as he goes on politicking tours and visits military bases and learning how to shoot, and Nanna's death. The ideas are still kinda vague, though. I'm still prodding at them. Anything else you guys are wondering about re: the kids' past? Not saying I'm going to write them for sure but having the questions would help me figure out the answers, if I don't already know.
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Askerian: i wanna write a pesterlog. ;;
Askerian: dave/karkat? but i'd need a topic. hrrn. :-\
Adi: hrm. Well, there are always the romance novels
Askerian: XD
Read more... )
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Askerian: oh man random trains of thought
bkprsn101: prrt?
Askerian: it started on me pondering the bechdel test and ending on my ofic characters Read more... )
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In the form of a long rambling IM convo with book_people that also touched on Kabuto, foreshadowing issues in the manga, and uh stuff.

Read more... )

Anyway after that thanks to Adi I managed to unfuck Garden which had been stuck for the past three weeks, so I might go back to writing sometime soon! :D It was mostly a matter of allowing Gamzee to be a whimsical, poetic creep as he'd told me he wanted to be only I was trying to force it some other way. And then switching over to Jade POV. Jade deserves a POV, okay, she's cool and also funny and it'll work better like that, what took me so long srsly.

And I wrote a chatlog yesterday for the Homestuck In Robots thing, and I am still ridiculously in love with it. I'd spam people with quotes if it didn't spoil the chapter. Sadfaaaace. But at leats wanting to show it off is motivating me to get writing, so hey. XD NOW IF KARKAT WOULD COOPERATE. DX
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Askerian: You speed up a little, to go check on... urgh, who is there to check on that you actually want to talk to, not Eridan or Vriska, that's for sure. Tavros maybe? Bet he'd just grin and bounce on his fleshy toes and take ten minutes to say how, uh, how very happy he, um, is, that, er, they're home and, um, not besieged by imperial drones and a couple battleships.
Askerian: XD
book_people: hahahaha
book_people: oh, Tavros
book_people: poor baby
Askerian: also, karkat is mean.
book_people: yes. Yes he is
book_people: it is part of his charm
Askerian: *and, um, not besieged by imperial drones and a couple battleships and maybe a nest of Crumple-Horned Snorkacks.
book_people: oh my god, Karkat, you are such a jackass! XDDDDD
book_people: Clearly they are actually a thing on Alternia
Askerian: (karkat likes harry potter, apart from that kinky double-moirail thing harry has going on with ron and hermione. also why the fuck he and malfoy never get to kiss onscreen he never did get.)
Askerian: (also snape was obviously james' jilted kismesis. and then he and sirius had a go at it but sirius came on way too strong.)
book_people: XDDD I started typing that, just so you know
Askerian: great minds~ ^.~
Askerian: ... this goes on LJ
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So the last child of Team Seven I have in mind is Uchiha Yukito -- a boy, then, born when Sakura is about 45 or possibly even later... yes, she's menopausal by then, advanced medical jutsu FTW! The kid is born via artificial insemination, because even though Sakura carries him, genetically, apart from her mitochondrial DNA he really is a pure Sasuke/Naruto baby. (basically they found a way to empty one of her ovums from her own DNA and replace it with Naruto's. Or maybe Sasuke's. I haven't decided yet who wins the battle for "No, YOU get to be Yukito's biological mom!")

This is what I know about him:
For someone who is made in equal parts of Uchiha Sasuke and Uzumaki Naruto's genes, Yukito's mild, laid-back disposition is nothing short of confounding. Sometimes Sakura entertains herself with the thought that her last child is so easy-going out of sheer perverseness. No doubt he would have inherited it straight from her, somehow.

Yukito has grayish brown hair, and also the sharingan, but he'll never develop it farther than the second tomoe. He's content with being average. Everyone in his family is extreme in some way and it's all very tiring, really. D:

But anyway.

I was toying with the thought of a real threesome baby, though truly since a kid gets half and half from their parents it's a bit hard to have three parents, unless you pick and choose who gives which genes, and that would take CENTURIES. But maybe you could merge two sperm cells and get that one to fertilize the egg, and then the baby would be half Sakura and one fourth each Naruto and Sasuke. (no sharingan for that one.) But at her age, Sakura can't really afford to have more than one, very closely supervised pregnancy. Even that one wouldn't be great fpor her health, so two of them back to back would be too much.

.. Twins are hardly an easy pregnancy, but she figures they'd still tire her out less than two separate ones, especially ones as medically watched over. I'm just not sure which medical discovery would come first (the two father, no mother thing, or the two-fathers-merged-as-one, one mother.) Because the offer Sakura made was basically to let Sasuke and Naruto experience the one single bond they yet hadn't, which is all very selfless, but if they can make threesome babies... um.

Then again it might be easier to merge two sperm cells with medical jutsu and then use those than to do the ovum thing, so Sakura might mention it as a stepping stone on the way to the two-dads thing, and later they might suggest to use it as well, half as her "reward" for being so selfless, a kid who is more her than either of them, but also either of them, and half because omg threesome baby. Also, maximizing uchiha clan genetic diversity is always good.

But, I don't know. If they can do one, would they really do the other one. Both solutions make the other one a bit redundant.

Then again is there really a ceiling on happiness and empty nest syndrome. XD

But just in case, the threesome baby would be a girl called Kahen, which means petal, because Sakura's mom is Hana (flower) and Sakura is a specific type of flower, so she might as well go with part-of-flower for the third generation. (dunno what Kahen'd call her own kid, though. Chlorophyll cell? XD)

I have NO IDEA what her personality would be like, though. >___> I planned the other three around subverted Mary-Sue types to give myself a starting point (team seven children would veer close to Sue just by virtue of having the parents they have anyway), but I already have the FemmeFataleSue type and the PrettierAndBitchierThanYou!Uchiha type and the... well, first kid is still spoiler. What could I twist -- oh my god, a GothSue. XD ("Kahen? KAHEN??? MY NAME IS OOKAMI MOONRAVEN!!" pffff) okay um maybe not... Maybe not even a sue-type either.


edit: ... okay so Goth sounds like too much fun to say not to, right now. XDDD )
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[personal profile] book_people: Because Sasuke sort of has this thing about blood family, don't know if anyone noticed...
[personal profile] askerian: yyyyeah. >__>
[personal profile] askerian: and okay, people non-related to him whom he likes AND loves is great, BUT!
[personal profile] book_people: Indeed
[personal profile] book_people: I've been thinking about that recently. Like, what is it about blood family that makes it more important than family-you-choose? Is it the "you have to love me because you're related to me" thing?
[personal profile] book_people: more important for some people, I mean
[personal profile] book_people: and Sasuke in particular
[personal profile] book_people: Okay, aside from the part where they all up and died on him...
[personal profile] askerian: childhood imprinting. :-P
and some more random babble, and not really earth-shattering original analysis either but hey, might interest some people )


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