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sionnachsskulk asked: Equius♣Vriska♣Tavros, first official date, mood: awkward/flirty



"For the last time, cease hitting yourself," Equius said sternly, and left the remote engaged for another two seconds before Vriska surrendered with a groan. Equius inspected her face with a glance; her dead eye now had a bruised cheekbone to go with, but he suspected she would only see it as a "badass enhancer" if he pointed it out, or at least irritatingly pretend she did. Anyways as long as she wasn't bleeding offering her healing cream might nudge a bit close to pale territory.

Sitting on the other operation table, Tavros had a hand on his mouth and his ridiculously powerful shoulders were shaking visibly. Which wouldn't have been an issue, except that Vriska was starting to glare again, and she would become unmanageable if she suspected him of bias.

"Was there something funny, lowblood."

"Um, no? I'm, uh. Muscle spasms." He grinned guilelessly. Read more... )
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mitsuhachiinthehive asked: Petstuck! Equikat? Tnnf-verse would be really cute, but other situations might also be shiny.

(a troll not named fuckass) (nooo he’s a baby forever ;_; have some baby cuteness yes)


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duosthefangirl asked: College AU where Karkat and Equius are dating and Karkat ends up accidentally admitting that he loves Equius' hair to the point of it nearly being a kink.

mixed with

Anonymous asked: Equikat, everyone’s a dom or sub AU.

780 words, no sex, flushed.


The thing with Equius is, he's huge, and he's ripped, and he has a low, carrying voice, and he's bossy as fuck.

Before he started wearing Karkat's collar he let people who were not directly concerned assume whatever they wanted out of his hearing, and he never came back home weary, never went straight to Karkat's desk to kneel there at his feet, silent and drawn in and waiting for a hand to caress his hair like he was a statue on the verge of crumbling into dust and only Karkat's touch might ward off that fate.

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Anonymous asked: pre-BT equikat?

Contains: aftermath of porn, angst, hate romance. 500 words. Not BT canon, though BT!Equius does have a black crush on Karkat.


You draw yourself out of his arms, afterwards, pull yourself free. He doesn't have the strength to hold you back, of course.

His eyes almost manage it, beast-bright, unnatural, harpooning you in the chest where it churns and clenches and burns.

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ok, i dunno if it’s worth much — i liked some of the lines a lot but i don’t know how strong it is as a whole piece. but it’s finished and aaaaaaa. so here it is.

This is part of the Covalent Bonds ‘verse, a post-game everyone is trolls on Alternia thing. And yes, Caliborn is now a troll, and really hates it.

(i did the quirks by hand so i might have missed a few. will reread & fix before i post on AO3)


-- undyingUmbrage [uu] started trolling centaursTesticle [CT] --

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For cyphercat/Laylah's birthday! Sequel to Uniform Kink, a Karkat/Equius D/s pesterlog.

This fic contains Dom/sub dynamics, consensual verbal humiliation kink, boot/foot worship, xeno, and self-penetration, and is most def. not safe for work. 6500 words.

It hasn't been betaread yet, so please forgive any mistakes you may find (but if you feel like telling me where to find 'em so I can fix 'em, that'd also be awesome.)


The first thing Karkat thinks after the body has rolled off the edge of the dinner table and landed with a jarring thud on his boots is oh well, Equius will be happy; the second is Wonder if I should let him, don't know where this asshole has been.
Breaking to Saddle )

And a coda/epilogue, because I could.

Coda )
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>__>; So yeah I have a kiss meme going on. If you guys want to give me more prompts go ahead right here in the comments, you know the drill, give me two or three characters, one or two words of prompt (settings and moods work best, poetic and metaphysical least), and i make no promises there'll be an end result but we never know. I wrote 8000 words yesterday in under seven hours, shit was bananas.

For reference, this is the (incomplete but) Sunlightverse shipping grid, but you don't have to only prompt pairings that are already on that, I'm also fine with one night stands, cursed mistletoes and oops i slipped and fell on your mouth.

Some of those ficlets are considered canon, some of them not, and some I will have to decide later. Dirk/Equius, Nepeta/Eridan and Psii/Condie are canon for sure.

Anonymous asked you:
Dadbert and the children. kissing booboos (or dad/GH lol how would that make any sense GH does not scrape his knees)

(alas the GH one would have been hilarious. Couldn't figure it out though.)
'Did I... ever do that?' his/not-his father asks, voice gentle and oddly rough, and leans in over his scraped elbow. )

azzandra asked you:
Dirk/Equius, 100d public kissyface.

They are redesigning a water pump.  )

vehrec asked you:
Psi/Condy, awkward black romance failure.

'I don't belong to you,' he says, 'not anymore, I won't, ever.' )

eridan<3<nepeta: hunter or the hunted?

There's white sugar and black-kittied tea kettles everyfuckingwhere in this blighted place. Eridan lands, scowling already, and sure enough he gets sugar in his shoes in the very next second. )

theunvanquishedzims asked you:
Summoner<>Tavros<3<Dave, slam battle.

'I'm, uh, perhaps in the process of, you know, rethinking this' )

Anonymous asked you:
For the kiss meme - maybe Condesce kisses Karkat to sort out her red feels? It beats listening to Kurloz whine again about not getting any. (Karkat: oh god empress is kissing, why is everyone kissing me, halp)

'Come here, buoy.' )
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Anonymous asked you:
BT: Nepeta and Equius and their kinky pale cockpit romp please?

Weird enough while this prompt seems made for either humor or horribly adorable fluff instead angst came out. What, self, I don’t understand you. Also it’s more of the scene BEFORE the mindmeld porn, because the mindmeld porn would have been spoilertastic. That makes me sad, I love mindmeld scenes. ;;

A note: I am dancing around something possibly spoilerific, if I ever manage to mention it in-fic. I know what I’m not mentioning, and kinda hint at it, but I’m too close and can’t tell if that makes the fic too confusing. If it does, my bad, sorry.

With a mighty roar, the furrifying space lioness pounces on her prey from above! )
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So that's the post-game multipart where the 12 trolls and 4 humans live together in a big hippie commune that also happens to come across as the equivalent of a medieval castle and they accidentally become the de facto Lord Protectors of the area or some shit.

-(I have my favorites, but) Ensemble cast.

-Except I'm pretending Roxy and Dirk and Jane and Jack don't exist. Sorry guys I love you but I don't know you well enough to write you.

-Some violence but nothing horribly graphic. And atm everyone's too busy to be anything but chaste.

-The pairings oh god. I'm vaguely tempted to go all the way down the hippie commune route and just throw everyone in a pile... It'll depend on character interaction. The only established couples so far are the canon moirallegiances and Rose♥Kanaya, because who doesn't like snarky classy lesbians, seriously. Also Dave=>Terezi. Some other couples are hinted at because I'm a ho, but they might or might not work out in the end.


You have no clue how old you really are. It's all tick tock tick tock in your head nonstop and you can feel the eons left to this universe (a truly righteous shitload of 'em, we're talking mucking truck carrying three bazillion farms' worth of horse manure here) and the eons past (all the weight of history, ages upon moldy, dusty ages that didn't exist during your yesterday.)

You are technically older than this universe. You don't know if that makes you any older than sixteen.


Oh right, zombies.

~9 400 words )


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