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i said i would not post it on tumblr or ao3. this isn't either of those. doesn't count. right??? >_>

anyway scifi/psychic grimmjow/ichigo enemy sex in space. or something. nsfw.


"Heeeey. I'd recognize that hair anywhere. Ain't you the fucker who keeps cockblocking my shots?"

The last place Ichigo wanted to hear about his hair was in an alien forest on an alien planet in the middle of a quote-unquote "polite" standoff with an Arrancar hunter squad, and the last fucking person he wanted to hear it from was some asshole with hair as vividly blue as his own was orange.

He said nothing, though. Fourteen months under Captain Quilge Opie had broken him of opening his mouth unless addressed by a superior, and the Arrancar wasn't that.

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TOTAL: 25 336
holy shit daemon AU

though i had WIPs to get back to and i didn't do that much. ugh grimmjow stop being hot.

-Bleach: Masaki meets her future son, same 'verse as Dinner and a Show (2 610 words, not yet on AO3 cuz depending on what else i manage for the 'verse idk if i'll want a series or a collection)
-Bleach: Daemon AU: All Cats Are Black in the Dark - Ichigo and Grimmjow-centric daemon AU (Ichigo's daemon is not a friggin' panther thank you very much) (5 852 words)
-Bleach: Daemon AU: Leucanthemum vulgare (grimmjow regains his daemon) (3 624 words)
-Bleach: Daemon AU: A Modest Proposal (the "I Can't Believe It's Not Cannibalism" edition) (finally some grimmichi yee) (6 944 words)

-Homestuck: midnight on the demon patrol (462 words LAAAAAAAAAAME)
-Girl Genius: the gil psychic wolves fic (215 words but at least this scene is now OVER)
-Bleach: cuddle fic (690 words. i got so stuck on this one. why. it's cuddles. why is there plot.)
-Bleach: ghost haunting soulmate fic (298 words)
-Bleach: psychic wolves chapter 5 (1 008 words)
-Bleach: silly "whoops szayel made the arrancar lust for visored" crack thing that i may never touch again, who knows (909 words)
-Bleach: Daemon AU: Kon and Kai (1 975 words)
-Bleach: Daemon AU: random start to another grimmjow and his arrancars pov ficlet idk meh (156 words)

anyway teasers )
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-BLEACH: A Beast is in the Heart - chapter 4 (3 243 words)
-GIRL GENIUS: Now and Always - Zeetha/Higgs soulmates ficlet (341 words)
-BLEACH: three grimmjow/ichigo soulmates ficlets, one grimm/ichi/hime, one grimm/ichi/nel/harribel (2 109 words)
-NARUTO: Naruto/Sasuke/Sakura soulmates ficlet (67 words)
-HOMESTUCK: Jade/Dave//Karkat soulmates pesterlog ficlet (381 words)

-GIRL GENIUS: Throw Thy Cloak Aside to Feed Me - chapter 5 (2 190 words)
-BLEACH: Ichigo/Grimmjow/Orihime cuddle drugs fic (14 878 words) (Ô_____o)
-BLEACH: Ichigo/Grimmjow soulmates fic: the one where your soulmate's ghost haunts you (9 533 words) ê__ê
-random start to random idea i'm not gonna keep it's really pointless (66 words)

X_X i gotta get me more memes.

but serously now where are my other fandom and my ofic at.
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TOTAL: 16 368

-Bleach: Yield - ichigo/grimmjow, vasto lorde!ichigo, rape (5 658 words)
-Bleach: the victor wants none of your damn spoils - grimmjow/ichigo, humor, kissing (1 114 words)
-Bleach: Dinner and a Show - pre-Grimmjow/Ichigo, time travel, humor/fluff, adjuchas Grimmjow (4 474 words)

also posted but written earlier:
-A Beast Is in the Heart - Ichigo/Grimmjow psychic wolves AU

-Girl Genius: psychic wolves (71 words orz so stuck)
-Girl Genius: daemons AU: passholdt (208 words BUT fixed the problem, so am still satisfied)
-Bleach: A beast is in the heart chapter 4 - Grimmjow/Ichigo, psychic wolves, porn (1 635 words)
-Bleach: ichigo/orihime/grimmjow cuddle drugs fic that may be slowly dying idk boo it was cute (337 words)
-Bleach: ichigo/nelliel/grimmjow/harribel pr0nz that i may never continue (364 words)
-Ofic: Plague-Consorts: Dhalion/Immanuel (2 507 words)

New Fandom Energy is a scary thing. :X goddamn it you jerks, let me write other things.
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-Bleach: Candy for Cannibals (Grimmjow/Ichigo, nc-17, 4 918 words)

-Bleach: Grimmjow/Ichigo psychic wolves (9 010 words) o.O
-Bleach: Grimmjow/Ichigo/Orihime cuddle drugs (2 457 words) :3
-Ofic: Plague Consorts: Jor/Nanuk (586 words) D:
-Ofic: Plague Consorts: Dhalion/Immanuel (599 words) D:
-Girl Genius: Ground Fire (Agatha and Daemons) (65 words) D:

Fairly alright, since i was interrupted so much by family visits and holiday stuff and my keyboard being borked... Still, I'm disappoint I didn't progress more on ofic and didn't manage to touch demon patrol. Grimmjow stole my brain this month i stg.


jan: 1 553 => D:
feb: 1 579 => D:
mar: 7 713
apr: 12 180
may: 11 425
jun: 9 246
jul: 14 774
aug: 5 676 => :/
sep: 6 840 => :X
oct: 13 744
nov: 25 668 => o_o!!
dec: 17 635 :D

YEARLY TOTAL: 128 033 words
AVERAGE: 10 669

2010: 136 235, average: 11 353/month. ... :X :X :X
2011: 167 675, average: 13 973/month. :X
2012: 332 396, average: 27 700/month. eeeeeeee.
2013: 396 917, average: 33 076/month !!!!!!!!
2014: 315 332, average: 26 276/month ... :X
2015: 206 403, average: 17 200/month.
2016: 127 495, average: 10 625/month. >:(
2017: 80 828, avergage: 6 736/month. .__.
2018: 128 033, avergage: 10 669/month. FUCK YOU 2017.

This year hasn't generally been great for writing, but when I could I really could, AND it's still a clear progress from last year and the by far worst months were at the very start so fuck yes, I'll take it.

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Tue, Dec. 18th, 2018 01:07
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idk why but i'm *obsessed* with grimmjow cuddling atm. like. scary half-feral asshole being snuggly. because idk, cats or something? i wrote one fic about it already! apparently it wasn't enough. yeah, fuck you too, brain.

now i've got a different, ichigo/grimmjow/orihime bunny of all things. UGH. uuugh. ugughghgh. actually i have even more than that but the rest is entirely plotless and unwritable. =__= brain, come ON. something else? no? okay.
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“Garganta – no-go?” Ichigo asked through a pained hiss as one of the chain links slipped and put pressure on his knuckles in a bad, creaking way.

“You think I haven’t tried?”

Wow. Great. Fantastic. And now his belt was starting to slip – just an inch, but a telling one. He didn’t know it he was more concerned he was going to lose his hakama or lose Grimmjow inside this infinite hell of a dimension – or more probably, get strangled as Grimmjow shifted to clawing his way up Ichigo’s kimono instead. Okay, no need to worry about losing Grimmjow just yet.

Note to self, murder Urahara. He didn’t know what the man had been doing with that senkaimon – from previous experience, something both inadvisable and criminal would have been the best bet. He didn’t know since when the guy made under-the-table deals with Arrancars either. Probably ever since Aizen went down, if Ichigo had to lay another too-easy bet.

Anyway Ichigo and surprise-I’m-not-dead Espada Sexta wouldn’t have goddamn well startled each other into unleashing some really unadvisable attacks had they expected each other to be there at all, or at least had they been kept separate more thoughtfully.

Candy for Cannibals on AO3 (13k words, explicit, blanket fic)

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Tue, Dec. 4th, 2018 22:33
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BTW i created a community for sharing girl genius fanworks. [community profile] girlgenius_fanworks. it's for both your stuff and pimping out stuff you liked!

i would pimp it on tumblr buuuut i'm still invisible in the girl genius tag. :D :D :D so if someone who still shows up wants to do it for me i would love them. ♥

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Tue, Dec. 4th, 2018 19:48
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idek if i'll ever use this as long as tumblr still functions as a babbling everything as it occurs to me site.

i'll try to make more of an effort to check on my f-list though. been kinda letting that go in the last year... >_>;;;
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TOTAL: 25 668 words o____o !!!!!!!!!!!!

-Girl Genius: Daemon AU - chapter 1 Beetleburg (6 453 words)

-Girl Genius: Daemon AU - chapter 2 Passholdt (3 414 words)
-Bleach: GrimmIchi blanket fic (8 777 words)
-Bleach: GrimmIchi psychic wolves (2 403 words)
-Ofic: Dynastic Hatefuckers - Jor (4 621 words) (THE BITCH IS UNBLOCKED YEEEE)

:O so many words AND i POSTED A NEW THING and started TWO MORE NEW THINGS le gasp. this is such a good month. half a nano AND I WAS IN JOB TRAINING AND NOT EVEN TRYING FOR OVER HALF OF IT. super mega gasp. very approve. satisfy. yes.
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TOTAL: 13 744

-Three GG alternale timeline ficlets:
--Si Vales Valeo psychic link (533 words)
--No Timestop Bomb (130 words)
--Lars revived (171 words)

-dynastic hatefuckers: dhalion & immanuel (5 196 words)
-dynastic hatefuckers: jor & nanuk (5 818 words)
-homestuck: motdp (206 words)
-gg: psychic wolves chpt 5 (332 words)
-gg: lu actually loves her children AU (1 098 words)
-gg: sorin role reversal AU (240 words)
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holy shit where did the year go. aaaanyway.

TOTAL: 6 840
what, seriously??? aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
BUT! I actually posted a new thing. So that part is good.

-Girl Genius - Proposals and Attachments (Seffie/Colette) (2 244 words)

-GG: Sorin/Veli role reversal ficlet (147 words) ( :/ )
-GG: psychic wolves Gil fic, chapter 5 (110 words) ( :\ )
-Homestuck: demon patrol (36 words) ( D: )
-Ofic: Plague-consorts - Dhalion/Immanuel (4 278 words) ( :X )
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TOTAL: 5 676
yeah, not surprised. i had a p big depressive flop there in the middle, and battling motdp did not help because i felt guilty if i so much as glanced at anything else. sighs. lots of doodling and getting sidetracked before i got anywhere.

POSTED: nop.

-Dynastic hatefuckers: jor and nanuk (547 words)
-Dynastic hatefuckers: dhalion and immanuel (4 639 words)
-MOTDP (181 words, but oh god they were hard and necessary words. tbh i deleted more than i wrote. sobs.)
-Girl Genius: psychic wolves chapter 5 (201 words)
-Gundam Wing: psychic wolves chapter idk 12 i think? (108 words)
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TOTAL: 14 499. -- edit, actually 14 774.
:O huh! there were like almost two weeks where i managed nothing, this is quite surprising.


-BATTLEFIELD TERRA >:O (940 words but they're space battle words and those are hard ok)
-Girl Genius psychic wolves, Gil fic, chapter 5 (2 024 words)
-Ofic: plague-consorts: Dhalion/Immanuel (11 535 words holy shit) (wait wait i frgot 275 of words i cut out.)

I just. i ship those OCs so hard guys. awgh. i'm in the middle of finally writing the Most Romantic Proposal (*snerk*) and i'm cackling with every other line. SUFFER, IMMANUEL, SUFFERRRRR. anyway yes they've been coming very easily recently. i had a bad flopmergh moment in the middle of the month tho and like nothing else got done, BUT! this is still a quite decent uptick in words in general so i'm surprised but happy with it. i tend to kind of forget what i wrote the first week -- anything older than two weeks feels like it was last month and therefore my productivity is worse than it is.
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TOTAL: 9 246
Not too bad...

-Girl Genius Psychic Wolves AU - Mercy Lives Not in the Holly, Agatha prequel (3 660 words)
-Girl Genius Psychic Wolves AU - Gil multipart, chapter 4 (2 538 words)
-Gundam Wing Psychic Wolves AU - Lone Wolf and Pilot - Chapter 11 (1 127 words)
(I Sense a Theme...)
-Landlord Ofic -Popping the Question, redux (32 words added for AO3)

-Dynastic Hatefucking Ofic - Jor & Nanuk (106 words) ( :/// )
-Dynastic Hatefucking Ofic - Dhalion & Immanuel (1 815 words)
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TOTAL: 11 425

-ofic: Landlord: Popping the Question, Redux (1 217 words)

-Ofic: Plague-consorts: Jor&Nanuk (2 952 words)
-Ofic: Plague-consorts: Dhalion&Immanuel (5 001 words)
-Girl Genius: Psychic Wolves: Gil fic chapter 4 (482 words)
-Girl Genius: Psychic Wolves: Agatha prequel (1 773 words)

i think i really need to set up some kind of mandatory "200 words of MotDP every xday of the week!!" or i'll take another three years to complete chapter 31, and that Is Not On. problem is i'm really bad at doing that without tripping my NO DUN WANNA procrastination death spiral. but at this point whether i try to tell myself i gotta or not, i'm not working enough on it regardless. so. >:/
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TOTAL: 12 180

!!!! :D

Posted: NADA.

-Ofic: Dynastic hatefucking: Jor/Nanuk (2 991 words)
-Ofic: Dynastic hatefucking: Dhalion/Immanuel (6 789 words)
-Homestuck: Midnight on the Demon Patrol chapter 31 (1 755 words) ( :O !!)
-Girl Genius: Psychic wolves chapter 4 (645 words)

:D :D :D

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TOTAL: 1 579

POSTED: nuthin!

-GG: psychic wolves: Agatha prequel (1 092 words)
-GG: psychic wolves: Throw Thy Cloak Aside chapter 4 (328 words)
-Ofic: Landlord: communication strategies (134 words)
-GW: psychic wolves chapter 11 (25 words haaaaa)
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TOTAL: 7 713


-Ofic: dynastic hatefucking: jor/nanuk (5 384 words)
-Homestuck: Midnight on the Demon Patrol chapter 31 (867 words)
-Girl Genius: Throw Thy Cloak Aside chapter 4 (1 011 words)
-Ofic: trans werewolf (365 words)
-Gundam Wing: lone wolf and pilot chapter 11 (18 words that i might not even keep. haa.)
-Ofic: Landlord: sequel to the dollhouse fic (68 words that are probably going nowhere.)
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TOTAL: 1 553 words

POSTED: noooothin'!

-gundam wing: lone wolf and pilot (1 038 words)
-homestuck: battlefield terra (515 words)


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