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DEC. TOTAL: 21 853

-Girl Genius: Jaegertroth chapter 1 (248 words)
-Girl Genius: Sorin and his sister silliness (2 713 words)
-Knightly Husbandos: Lil Hal pitches a fit (1 185 words)

-Covalent 'verse: Jane&Terezi, Terezi&??? (2 366 words) (this one might not be posted for a while, it happens a while in the future from now and it's spoilery as fuck.)
-abandoned attempt at superhero AU (261 words) (self why you hate superhero AUs)
-Crash Standing chapter idk 18? (6 446 words)
-Girl Genius: Jaegertroth chapters 2&3 (5 411 words)
-Battlefield Terra chapter 9 (3 222 words)

... did i really only post one single homestuck thing??? D:


jan: 33 024 :33
feb: 29 777 :3
mar: 20 462
apr: 15 236 DX
may: 16 159 ://///
jun: 25 387
jul: 41 437 HOLY FUCK
aug: 23 442 ehh vacatiooonnn and also NEPHEW
sep: 34 227 :D
oct: 31 065 :33
nov: 23 263
dec: 21 853

TOTAL: 315 332

AVERAGE: 26 276

2010: 136 235, average: 11 353/month. ... :X :X :X
2011: 167 675, average: 13 973/month. :X
2012: 332 396, average: 27 700/month. eeeeeeee.
2013: 396 917, average: 33 076/month !!!!!!!!
2014: 315 332, average: 26 276/month ... >:X

dude, that this is not as good as last year, yeah, last year was bananas, but i'm kinda hrrmrpgh about not even being better than two years ago. tho the difference isn't that big.

One of the differences i can feel is i'm no longer exploding all over the place with a dozen of oneshots for Homestuck. The inspiration for the big stories is still there but I no longer get so many brand new ideas, i feel like i've done most of what i wanted to do already... :( and so far nothing else has taken its place as a source of boundless inspiration. SADFACE OF SADNESS.

Anyway. 2015 shall be better. Yesssss. >:E
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TOTAL: 23 263

Meh. Passable. >_> there was some battlefield terra in the lot, so i'm forgiving myself.

-Girl Genius: Veli&Lazar (829 words)
-Girl Genius: Sorin&Lazar (1 661 words)
-Girl Genius: Sorin/Veli bondage porn (1 737 words)
-Troll John♦Troll Rose ficlet (454 words)
-Demon Patrol: Rose/Kankri kiss (1 273 words)
-Crash Standing AU: Gamzee comes on to Bro (398 words)
-BT AU: Dirk and Dave capture Karkat (1 234 words)

-Crash Standing chapter 18 (355 words)
-GW: Lone Wolf and Pilot (137 words, not sure i'll keep 'em)
-Naruto: Teamwork: Wedding (1 028 words) (yeah i know, whoa self o_o)
-Girl Genius: teenage!Barry, Bill, and various Jaegers (8 830 words)
-Battlefield Terra: chapter 9 (5 327 words)

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TOTAL: 31 065

not bad, not bad. :333

-Girl Genius - Nuée sequel: Pyroclastic (four chapters, complete) (12 002 words)
-Crash Standing chapter 17 (6 165 words)
-Demon Patrol chapter 25 (5 421 words)

-Girl Genius - Nuée sequel: Sorin/Veli porn (3 636 words)
-Demon Patrol chapter 25 snippet i didn't use (152 words)
-Covalent 'verse: Calliope/Kanaya/Caliborn ashenness (1 975 words)
-Battlefield Terra chapter 9 (1 621 words)

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TOTAL: 34 227 :D

not baaaaad, now we're talking! :D not a LOT of things, but *big* things. That's pretty good. Not scattered. Now if i manage to bring myself back to the nuée sequel ... i spent the first two weeks writing nothing else and now we're three scenes away from the end and my brain's like nope. not cool, brain. >:X

-Demon Patrol chapter 24 (11 207 words)
-Crash Standing chapter 16 (4 740 words)

-Crash Standing chapter 17 (3 123 words)
-Crash Standing snippet i might never use and which is spoilery therefore unposted in the meantime (156 words)
-Demon Patrol chapter 25 (2 065 words)
-Girl Genius - OC - Nuée Ardente sequel (12 936 words)

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TOTAL: 23 442

Mneh. Okay, considering the week of vacation with shitty or no internet at all and the HELLO BABY NEPHEW in the middle... >_>

(by the way i'm an aunt did i tell you guys because yeah that is a thing that i am now.)

-Girl Genius - Nuée Ardente (OC/OC, 8 chapters, complete) (6 504 words)
-DCKM - Swingersverse - Shin/Heiji/Kai porn (957 words)
-Nuée Ardente - Sorin/Veli luminescence almostporn (308 words)
-Nuée Ardente - Sorin, Veli and children (1 670 words)
-Nuée Ardente - Veli and Anton (662 words)
-Nuée Ardente - jaegers and cockatrices (1 846 words)
-Nuée Ardente - Sorin meets Agatha and Dimo (3 194 words)

-Crash Standing chapter I forget, 16? (3 155 words)
-Battlefield Terra chapter 9 (3 405 words)
-Demon Patrol chapter, uh, 24? 25? (1 517 words)
-Nuée Ardente - Sorin, Veli and children (133 words, abandoned attempt)
-sunlightverse: karkat vs mindfang fic (90 words orz)

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Granted the bulk of it is for a single fic in the Girl Genius fandom and not anything most of y'all will want to read, but. XD whoa, nice wordcount, self, you rule. it feels so good writing regularly once again guys ;__;

-not-even-a-drabble dave/terezi dragon/knight cute (82 words)
haha ha ha aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh orz

just have it here never mind linking it:

"So you’re not the type that changes to a handsome human from a fair damsel’s kiss, huh,” Terezi said, hands cupping a long scaly muzzle.

"Where do you see a fair damsel," the dragon droned back, and flicked his long forked tongue at her fingers. "Oh right, you can’t see shit, I guess that explains it."

"It’s okay, Dave, you will always be a pretty princess in my heart," the knight said soothingly, and flicked her much-shorter tongue right back at his.

-Crash Standing chapter uhhhhh 15? 16? (345 words orz)
-Homestuck: Demon Patrol (756 words)
-Homestuck: arranged marriage davekat fic: Lil Hal sequel (1 328 words)
-untitled Girl Genius OC-centric fic, chapters 1 to 6 (38 775 words BOOYAH)
-first attempt at GG fic, abandoned (151 words)

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TOTAL: 25 387 WORDS.

FINALLY A CORRECT WORD COUNT. >:O *pats demon patrol, pats BT* good boys.

-Battlefield Terra: Dad Egbert during chapter, uh, five? Six? (363 words)
-Crash Standing: Bro POV during the pirates scene (625 words)
-Battlefield Terra: Jack Noir and the Midnight Crew (514 words)
-30th Century sequel ficlet: cats (475 words)
-Crash Standing: prequel ficlet, Byrd POV (161 words)
-Arranged Marriage Knights DaveKat AU: Slick & Crow silliness (855 words)
-Arranged Marriage Knights DaveKat AU: Page of Heart (3 749 words)
-Sunlightverse: Three silly drabbles ( Nep&Eq, Sollux&Terezi, Terezi&Aradia) (513 words) (lost in my tumblr and too small to link separately so i will be reposting them with the teasers)
-Sunlightverse: Babies: Jane, Dad, Grand Highblood (1 063 words)
-Sunlightverse: Babies: Karkat, Jade, Dave (526 words)
-Sunlightverse: Babies: Gamzee, Roxy (1 073 words)
-Sunlightverse: Babies: John, Vriska (1 629 words)
-Covalent 'verse, Vriska and John's first chatlog (536 words)

-Midnight on the Demon Patrol chapter 23 (11 098 words) (complete, just needs betaing!!!)
-Girl Genius: attempt at an OC jaeger and townie fic that hasn't worked out yet (151 words)

and uh

nothing else??? i posted everything????? wow. okay cool.

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TOTAL: 16 159



-Girl Genius: On The Matter of Heirs (Agatha/Gil/Tarvek) (1 873 words)
-Gundam Wing: Lone Wolf and Pilot chapter 7 (2 221 words)
-Demon Patrol chapter 22 (1 939 words)

-Gundam Wing: Lone Wolf and Pilot chapter 8 (1 624 words)
-Latula/Mituna/Kankri beach fic (852 words)

Still no teaser for BT mwahahaha but have this little bit of random silliness:

*BT!Dirk seeing Equius for the first time*

TT: Holy crappaloosa. Even his muscles have muscles.
TG: yeah huh hes like a human boulder
TG: only more like an alien boulder instead i guess
TG: shit son i bet he weighs more than you and me combined and its all flesh pistons dedicated to punching power thatd almost be mildly terrifying if either of us ever got terrified
TT: Shit, yes. Daunting.
TT: I have got to figure out if he’s single.
TT: Dirk yes.
TT: I’m totally fanning myself right now. Hubba hubba.
TG: who told you to give me visuals of you trying to climb mount blue alien doom fucks sake bro
TG: i hope you die of a perforated colon you complete asswaffle
TT: Worth it.

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TOTAL: 15 236


*flopded* T____________T evilest writer's block is evilest.

-Demon Patrol chapter 21 (6 491 words)
-Better the second Time - Latula/Mituna almost-porn (641 words)
-Covalent 'verse: Rules of Engaging with a Chest Werewolf (John♠Karkat chatlog) (465 words)

-Demon patrol chapter 22 (5 042 words)
-Pale Bro/Dave/Karkat trollstuck porno (114 words) (stuck. soooo stuck.)
-Bro/Karkat ficlet (abandoned? :/ inspiration lost) (598 words)
-Covalent 'verse: John♦Vriska (abandoned cause pacing sucks, but i'll probably reuse the ideas when i've figured it out better) (777 words)
-Covalent 'verse: Kanaya, Calliope and Caliborn, pesterlog + prose (1 062 words)

teasers )
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20 462 words.

Hm. Okayish. I'm stuck on demonfic and byrdfic but I did unblock GW wolfbrothers and progress a *lot* on BT and I didn't even *want* to write ficlets which will usually bulk up a wordcount hella fast so i'm still happy.

-Dirk/Kankri vampire/highschool AU snippet (368 words)
-Dave/Karkat 30th century timestamp snippet (552 words)
-Dave/Terezi sideficlet for Crash Standing (388 words)
-sequel to the sequel of that pale rape karkat/kankri thing (560 words)

woaaah almost nothing.

BUT also posted this, written last month, to the kink meme: Battlefield Terra chapter 8 part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4.

-covalent john/karkat chatlog (66 words haha welp. not teasering it it's meaningless without context)
-GW: wolfbrothers (1 561 words, unblocked yeeeeee)
-battlefield terra chapter 8 (11 969 words) (no teaser tho hahaha >:D the spoiler is too strong with this one)
-Midnight on the Demon Patrol chapter idk 23 or something (2 989 words)
-Crash Standing chapter idk (2 009 words)

Read more... )
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TOTAL: 29 777

haha welp another 300 words and i'd have broken 30k. oh well XD

-Several three-sentences-ish ficlets, posted farther down in this post (1 3392 words) some of which are covalent or sunlightverse or bt-inspired.
-Sunlightverse: Nepeta tells Equius about the new pony; chatlog (824 words)
-Vorkosigan/Psychic Wolves: Shooting Stars Will Leave A Trail (9 908 words)

-Pale Krakens: that sequel where Dave and Karkat and Bro film a pale porn movie (1 280 words)
-Demon Patrol chapter I forget, twentysomething (1 184 words)
-Covalent 'verse, pesterlog between John and Karkat about blackrom and body dysphoria (2 885 words)
-Crash Standing chapter idk (4 202 words)
-Vorkosigan/Psychic Wolves: Sequel at Baron Ryoval's (637 words, petered out)
-BATTLEFIELD TERRA CHAPTER EIGHT >:O (7 467 words) (no teaser for that one bcs i'm evil and it's all spoilery as all fucks u.u)

teasers and ficlets )
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TOTAL: 33 024 words.

-Sunlightverse: The Tale of Three Hearts and a Hoofbeast (2 464 words)
-For No Good Cause (karkat&kankri pale rape) (2 108 words)
-Wherein Bro and Signless Film a Cross-Species Porn Movie (2 797 words)
-Clothes Make The Man (Karkat/Terezi) (2 068 words)
-With Our skins Off (Gamzee&Karkat pale BDSM) (617 words)
-Crash Standing: Byrd & Kanaya drunken pale makeouts (964 words)
-Demon Patrol chapter 20 (7 397 words)
-Crash Standing chapter, uh, 14? (7 754 words)
-Sequel meme: Discofurry Chanyowl (karkat♥nepeta) (415 words)
-Sequel meme: Amateur Porn Bro and Signless sequelette (229 words)
-Sequel meme: The karkat & kankri pale rape one (535 words)
-Sequel meme: the one where students john and dave hit on TA karkat (101 words)
-Sequel meme: my FIRST EVER davekat homestuck porn fic!! :O (277 words)
-Sequel meme: Covalent: Gamzee and Karkat fallout to the 2d outsider POV ( words)
-Sequel meme: JohnJadeKat wolfbrothers AU (594 words)
-Sequel meme: the dave/naruto one XD (806 words)

-failed attempt at writing davejadekat maid cafe AU (104 words)
-Miles Vorkosigan wolf fic for Lupercalia (64 words orz)
-attempt at sequel to the johnkat one where john's a pegasus and karkat a chupacabra (30 words)
-DCKM: Swingersverse: Kid/Ran pornings (594 words :O it came back from the dead!!! and then died again shh sok Jo will prod me)

Wow, I posted a lot of complete things, even if most of them were quick-to-write oneshots i was still pretty satisfied by the resultS. Okay the sequelettes are mostly silly/pointless but that's the POINT of that meme usually.


It's so weird that I have nothing to teaser up. BT is spoilery as fuck no matter where I take a quote from, Kid/Ran is strange porn when it's with zero context, and the rest is things i'm gonna be throwing away or that seems meaningles without the context I haven't written yet.


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