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Askerian: it always baffle me in GW fic when duo or some other narrating character describes heero's eyes to himself as prussian blue.
Askerian: not dark blue, not navy blue, not anything -- they fall on Prussian straight away
Askerian: how do they even identify the precise shade every time, did they eat the really expensive crayons at school??!
Saro Lynne: XDDDD
Saro Lynne: It is definitely a weird fandom convention.
Saro Lynne: Though. Navy blue seems like a weird color to call eyes to me.
Askerian: yeah but it's a more well known shade of dark blue, and heero's eyes aren't very light, even though they're blue. >_>
Saro Lynne: Yeah... I think people think of Navy blue as being more drab--it's not VIVID enough for flowery fanfic!
Saro Lynne: ....I always wonder if they like the radiation poisoning association that Prussian blue has.

Askerian: oh my god XD i was expecting shameless campiness
Askerian: this is a 1x2 à la anita blake, heero's a vamp duo's a hunter
Saro Lynne: Hmm?
Saro Lynne: Pfff. XD
Askerian: complete with clubs and leather outfits
Askerian: but heero... as french and suave...
Askerian: ...
Askerian: XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD i can't breathe
Askerian: how am i supposed to enjoy the cheese!! XD
Askerian: m-mon petit... XD couldn't even find an original nickname for duo, but at least the grammar's good?
Askerian: then again ma petite wasn't an original nickname back when it was anita's.

... So basically Heero is Jean-Claude and Duo is Anita. Pffff. I can sorta see the second one -- they're both ballsy smartasses -- but the first... XD XD XD I'm gonna keep reading it anyway, because I really, really love vampires and shameless sexiness, but seriously... this is so wrooooooooooooong. XD SO WRONG.

In unrelated news, I've written the first chapter of the teamwork wedding fic. (it's named Teamwork: Wedding. I am Original.) It doesn't spoil much for the ending of the tournament arc, but still. Should I post them on LJ as I write them, or wait until I'm done with TW3? (Either way ffnet will wait. HAH.)
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So today my cousin's dog's puppies were eight weeks old, so we took them to the vet for health check + vaccination + cyborgization (i mean ID chipping.)

All eleven of them. Plus mom.

Basically we locked them all in the waiting room, took them out one by one, and took them back with pretty collars on, complete with ID medals. Which they immediately tried to eat off each other. And me and a friend of my cousin sat with them in the waiting room and played "oh fuck put that plant up on something before they shred all the leaves!! crap, there's a magazine underneath the wet, dirty pot! but if i move it elsehwere the puppies will -- NO YOU PUT DOWN THAT KIDDIE TOY oh hell. Well, anyone who takes their kid to the vet probably has an animal of their own who has slobbered on the kid before. Yeah."

I went on a couple of examinations/needle things and the puppies were apparently all really chill about it, no whining or struggling, just kinda "... hey, what are you doing e_ê" looks when injecting the chip. They were such GOOD puppies.


Except for that one single thing.

[personal profile] askerian: oh god puppies everywhere
[profile] sarolynne: PUPPIES
[personal profile] askerian: puppy turds =_________=
[personal profile] askerian: kinda runny
[personal profile] askerian: everywhere
[profile] sarolynne: XD;
[personal profile] askerian: MOCK MY PAIN
[profile] sarolynne: That's normal when they're that young.
[personal profile] askerian: oh god why so stinky
[personal profile] askerian: also also ALSO
[personal profile] askerian: puppy: 25 cm long.
[personal profile] askerian: turd: 10 cm long
[profile] sarolynne: XDDDDDDD
[personal profile] askerian: WHERE DOES HE FIND THE SPACE TO PUT IT
[profile] sarolynne: Intestines.
[personal profile] askerian: >_>
[personal profile] askerian: seriously. the puppy is 6 kgs. the turd is 500 grams. that's one twelfth its weight. it's like me crapping a puppy!

* sizes, weights, and math are all super mega rough estimates and only matter for comparison purposes. I am ded of puppy fumes. do not ask me. (okay, no, it's like me crapping, uh, 5/8ths a puppy. let's say. idk. but yeah, i'm really overweight either way. for now. I WILL CONQUER YOU, HUGE TUMMY. the boobs can stay.)

[profile] joisbishmyoga: why are you measuring poo?
[personal profile] askerian: i'm not! it's just kinda shocking to see a small puppy crap something that's half its own length
[personal profile] askerian: it's like ... "is that a magician trick? is that a trick puppy? double bottom? where are the doves?"

naruto 515

Wed, Nov. 3rd, 2010 02:26
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... you know what, AIM convo tonight, I don't have the patience to make a real page by page post with how slow it all loads. >__>


oh, i've been trying to answer comments but well, i kinda got buried alive a bit here. so. will do my best but just in case here is a generic ♥♥♥♥♥


Sun, Sep. 12th, 2010 21:03
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[ profile] sarolynne: How goes?
[ profile] askerian: goodgood ... though. XD i was alone today so of course i had a moment where things creaked alarmingly
[ profile] askerian: so of course that meant i had to check the whole apartment out, holding a kitchen knife.
[ profile] askerian: turned out there were two windows open and the wind was getting in. -___-;;; orz
[ profile] sarolynne: ....XD
[ profile] askerian: did i tell you yet how i hate ground floor apartments.
[ profile] askerian: because.
[ profile] askerian: you know.
[ profile] sarolynne: XD
[ profile] sarolynne: I think you've mentioned it, yes.
[ profile] askerian: it's a very shiny knife.
[ profile] askerian: i felt kind of badass. XD
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-A random Teamwork behind-the-scenes thing:
Kakashi and Anko, being both very fucked up, broken people with NEEDS thank you, are friends with benefits. Except they're not even really close friends, so their relationship is mostly benefits. Good! That's the best part anyway.

Alas, Gai thinks it is, or should be, an epic!!romance.

Cue Anko developing a... crush-like thing? on *Gai*. Mostly to the tune of WHAT THE FUCK AM I THINKING D: but he can match and follow her manic bursts! And he doesn't judge her. And oh god that BODY. Just. I dunno. Stuff his head in a paper bag or something. STAMINA FREAK. TAIJUTSU MASTER = AMAZING COORDINATION. the curiosity is eating her alive.

But they both can already guess that if he was told, he'd go all "while you are very charming and womanly and likely a great person very deep down, I would never betray my best friend like this sob sob how tragic."

Cue Anko suggesting a threesome.
(but sex only because relationships = hahahahaNO)

Cue Kakashi mentioning that he likes how his one remaining eye out of the original set isn't blind yet and he'd like to keep it that way. D:

Then Anko blames Kakashi's kids for the wave of threesome attempts going on in the village right now*, and then Kakashi mentions he might feel obligated to cut her off from benefits, now, hint hint. Then again, she can still go and actually, oh, ask Gai out. After a year of "I APOLOGIZE MOST SINCERELY FOR STEALING YOUR HAPPINESS, KAKASHI" he might even propose!

Anko: ... okay, fine, shut up, put down your porn and come right here.
Kakashi: u.\\ yes, yes. *winz!*
*cue benefits*

Anko: Oh yeah -- harder -- harder -- oh GAI.
Anko: >:D~~~~~

*(the only other threesome attempt so far is temari/shikamaru/ino and it doesn't end up well, so Anko might be exaggerating a bit here. XD)

Read Naruto and Bleach here! (and even One Piece if that's your cup of tea.) (ahaha naruto isn't up yeeeet aaaaa.)

Bleach spoilers, in the form of a delightful AIM convo full or raaaahs and gnrghn! )


Thu, Feb. 18th, 2010 20:08
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Okay, next post will have more real!content. rly. *guilts*

But, well.

"If you saw me in a police car, why would you think I got arrested?"

edit: D: how come half those answers involve some form of sexual misconduct? y'all are making me sound like a gigantic perv. I'm shocked. Shocked and appalled.

Also, [ profile] sarolynne wrote a deliciously wrong/ouchies naruneji oneshot, so if that sounds interesting to you, here's a convenient link! :D
Everyone mourns differently; Neji hadn't expected to find himself mourning with Naruto's cock in his mouth. But there it was.
how can you resist that opening line, srsly.
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... I dunno, it just happened. Actually I kinda stole the idea out of a RP I did with [ profile] sarolynne, I forget which idea it was initially.

I think there's some infodump and some parts might go too fast and some parts too slow, I don't know, but I've read it over so much I've become blind to it. Any crit is welcome.

It was supposed to be a one-shot but it's making "you can put that in chapter two!" noises, so, I don't know. .__.;

Genre: Urban fantasy.

She's at his bedside when he wakes, and she looks like no nurse he's ever heard of. Before the lack of white coat, it's the ponytail that tells him, perched high on the side of her head. Childish. The face says twenty. )
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[ profile] sarolynne's desktop computer is giving her the blue screen of death. Amongst other things of importance, all her stories and story notes are on it, and since the CD burner and the external harddrive are both dead, she hasn't been able to make a backup in a long while.

I dunno about you guys, but my first reaction to that was AUGH. As a writer, it's the equivalent of a guy wincing in deep horror and automatically crossing his legs as he hears about someone else getting nailed in the privates with a baseball bat. ~__~

She's getting a registry file failure that won't let her start Windows XP. She tried starting in safe mode but even then it still failed.

She says the error she's getting seems like it's normally associated with trying to install incompatable hardware, or trying to totally restart the system fresh, which she didn't do either.

If anyone has a suggestion, she'll be happy to hear it. She's got some access to the internet via her father's computer; I'll forward stuff to her. (or she can check this entry, i dunno XD; ) She's going to be offline for a few hours starting now, so I can't give more details, but she will once she comes back. I'm just asking now because, well, by then I'll be asleep. =__=;; Mmh, the joys of living in different time zones.
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So... I was in the middle of a replay of FF7 on my brother's Playstation 2. And starting to play Vagrant Story, which is also a PS1 game.

From what I understood, you kind of need to still use a PS1 memory card for 'em.

Turns out my brother's girlfriend threw them away because Julien forgot about the little detail that I do still play those old PS1 games and told her they were useless now. (and then promptly forgot about telling her so, because he wasn't thinking. >__>)

To which I say HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE. They kind of don't sell them anymore, and I can't buy online anyway so the existence of those ridiculously expensive eBay cards is a moot point.

Saro being awesome offered me one of her memory cards -- the problem being... we know the American games cannot be played on European consoles and vice versa, but neither of us has any idea if the memory cards are similarly regionally locked. It would kinda blow if we found out after she bothered to part with one of her only three cards and mailed it to me.

Does anyone know? Or know where to ask? We both googled the hell out of it and couldn't find anything on that topic. ;__;

edit: WOOHOO. other-brother who still lives home (on the weekends >.> mwahaha) just got a PS3 and apparently it doesn't even use memory cards AND it's backward compatible with PS1 games! I hope it works. But thank you guys for the offers ^__^ ♥

In other news, guess who decided they were bored at the camping and came back home early with no warning? -___- here I was so happy to have the apartment for a whole week to myself. Woe woe woe. Oh well, means i won't have to cook. >__>

(no subject)

Tue, Jun. 16th, 2009 00:04
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[ profile] sarolynne likes genderswitch. A lot. (as evidenced by the genderswitch epidemic drabbleverse I pimped a couple of times before.)

I also like genderswitch. Maybe less than she does, but still quite a fair bit.

Sarolynne likes to RP. Me too.

So when she starts pondering deeply on how to make a good multifandom genderswitch LJ-style RP, with deep thoughts on how to actually make it about the exploration of forced gender reassignment and how it would impact the characters, and not about the porn and the OCs in canon clothes, and she makes a LJ comm for it ( [ profile] ruleforthis ), and she tells me, "hay asuka, pimp it", then I pimp it. She promised me a ficlet for it. /whoreish

(you get three choices -- flipped gender, entirely de-sex'd, and the rarest of all, "not changed at all", which comes with fun survivor's guilt and heaps of insane jealousy from the other guys. I'm pondering the wisdom of talking Saro into allowing dickgirls as well)

So if you think you might eventually want to RP, or just give a hand with the rules and world building stuff, or just watch like a creepy stalker except not that creepy because we invited you to and that's as concensual as stalking ever gets, then you can go here which is the post where Saro started really letting the bunnies gnaw a hole in her brain accepting she was screwed developing her idea, or even straight to the comm: [ profile] ruleforthis. (but even though it'll probably change soonish, right this moment the comm only has a short intro post that redirects you to the post I just linked here anyway. SO.)

now where's my Konan ficlet, hm? >__> edit: AHA! ficlet GET.
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After a long study of the customs of the Common Barbarian, I have determined two laws:

-The more spikes, blades, and edges there are on your armor, the more badass you are.
Corollary: The more serrated the spike, blade or edge is and the more evil you are.

-The less armor you wear, the more badass you are.
Corollary: Fur boots do not affect your badass quotent, as long as they don't go much farther up than your knee.
Corollary: You may not wear zero armor. If you are naked or wearing only almost nonexistent fluttery veils, you are probably a slave.

Therefore I conclude that the most badass barbarians ever to walk this Earth (or other Earths) are those who embrace the badassitude of armored pasties.

The scariest motherfucking overlord ever rose to that position only after adding spikes to her nipple-guards.

(It turns out heavy steel is bad for pneumatic firmness.)

aaaaa i wanna sleep but i have a meeting this afternoon aaaaaaaaa.

"...And then there's this, which is incredibly embarrassing, and resulted from finding a book with a terrible 70's "woman-in-chain-mail-bikini-clinging-to-a-barbarians-leg" type cover." See? this is all saro's fault
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It's all because of [ profile] mildmay and [ profile] sarolynne. See!

[ profile] sarolynne: I'm trying to do this meme now. Sorry, flist.
[ profile] askerian: eeeeeeeeeee
[ profile] askerian: i'm not sure what mine are
[ profile] askerian: ... apart from psychic bonding and rivalslash of course
[ profile] askerian: ... and demons inside people.
[ profile] askerian: ... and werewolves.
[ profile] askerian: with wings.
[ profile] sarolynne: XDDD
[ profile] askerian: ... *PLOTS OFIC*

My 5 bulletproof kinks in storytelling. )


Tue, May. 5th, 2009 11:13
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¤ [ profile] sarolynne updated her Genderbending Virus Naruto drabble-verse. Nghhhlove. Sai! (Also, HAHAHA ZETSU. XD) Also she needs moar prompts. Yay prompts? .__.

¤ Woohoo One Piece was out really early this week, so maybe Naruto will be too! *stalks onemanga* I'm really enjoying this OP arc, I was surprised -- especially the shows of friendship between Luffy and Bon Clay. They're breaking my heart with that mutual devotion, damn it. T^T THAT's why I read OP -- that crazy "I respect you and admire you and I will risk death without a second thought if it's for you" thing. It really gets to me. Also, Ace's bleeding-chained-NOOOLUFFYNOOOO-ness. Mmh yes. *__* ... I even like Iva-san, and considering he/she is a caricature of Dr Frank N. Furter from the Rocky Horror Picture Show who was already a caricature...


Sun, Mar. 1st, 2009 04:32
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[ profile] sarolynne needs prompts! Because she is writing a series of drabbles in the GREATEST AU idea ever. Genderbending virus.

Premise: In return for joining Orochimaru's forces and lending them her, er, unique healing powers and willingness to experiment on unwilling participants, Karin had to be offered something, right? Well, in this drabble universe, she was offered a way to be biologically female. That's right, Karin will be MtF. To do this, Orochimaru developed a jutsu that changed her on a cellular level, and we'll say it works something like viruses would work in the Naruto universe, since it has only a passing acquaintance with reality anyway. This virus was not meant to move beyond Karin--obviously, because then Orochimaru wouldn't have let Sasuke chew on her--but something went wrong, and the dormant virus jutsu became active in Sasuke, making him patient 0. The symptoms took several weeks to manifest, and by that time, he had returned to Konoha. Oops.

Contagious through chakra, the genderswitching quickly became epidemic among ninjas. While some people have different degrees of natural immunity, most ninja are vulnerable to it. As of the time of drabbling, there is no cure, though methods of containment are being exercised.

omg girlsuke. girlitachi. potential for sakusasu reverse-het and nejihina yuri. *__*

... Anyway. The post is here:
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-Daddy Dearest decided he didn't like the rented apartment we have lived in since I was 1 year old (yeah, so about ... a lot of years) or the neighborhood (which hasn't changed at all) and got and bought another apartment. It's not too far from here, there's a bus and everything, blah di blah. Sounds okay, yeah? Except the building is at the bottom of a hill-slope AND the apartment is on the ground floor AND I get the room that faces the hill, so I'm losing my view of the sky and restful green trees to gain a view of a small grassy slope, an ugly tar path where people sometimes walk, a line of boxy-looking garages, and more unpretty hill. Sky? Hah.

What bugs me the most is that the path is on the same level as my goddamn window, or even a little higher, meaning anyone who walks by can look down and see me plain as day. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate. Goodbye, days of making faces at the computer, scratching various scratchy bits of my anatomy, and walking around in my bedroom in my underwear. That, or goodbye sunlight. My god, summer will kill me.

(It's kinda cute to see my dad fangirling over wooden planks, floor plans and prettily-shaped windows, though. Of course I would like it more if he didn't need an audience for his deep ponderings over whether this color is better than that color. Dad, I'm the artist of the family and I can't see any difference, as long as it's not flammable or toxic just take the cheapest. DX )

-PAMPLEMOUSSE! (it shall not be said that sometimes I can't be REALLY slow.) )

-Why do I still have "X years after Garou" bunnies. Especially of the "let's invite Wufei in" variety. I'm so bad. XD;;; (but! there are sexy, exhausting, sweat-inducing, shower-needing three-way sparring sessions... ;__;)

-EDIT I love my Saropyon. XD )
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edit: yay she posted some pictures yay.

T__T [ profile] sarolynne went back to Paris. Woe.

-I still haven't managed to make her say ONE word of French, despite her being supposed to know some. Well, that's what she pretends! I have my doubts now. >.> On the upside, my spoken English isn't as horrible as I feared, though it's still not the best and I still don't understand anything that isn't said slow enough to match a sleepy old nun.

-LIONS LIONS WE SAW LIONS and a tiger and giraffes and a tiny gray fox with HUGE ears and kitties and MONKEYS and. Stuff. Yay for free zoos. u__u-b

-I knew Lyon had a lot of old churches, but I never really internalized how much until we were walking around the older area of town and I'd have a new one to point out every three blocks. "Oh, look, a tiny church! And this one is a cathedral, yay statues. Hey, let's go up to the basilica, isn't it nifty." Alas, Saropyon forgot her camera that day and I don't own one, so we don't have any pictures. Wahh wahh. ... hey at least this way she didn't take pictures of ME either.

-No greco-roman museum. The feet, they hurt. x_x


-My blisters have exploded on me. Ew and ow.

-We are the dorkiest dorks that ever dorked around. Ever. Guess who spent two evenings on my brother's computer in the next room so we could roleplay vampires via AIM. #>.># It would have been all three evenings, but my wireless and her laptop developed a severe and very frustrating allergy to each other for some unexplained reason.

-Saro made me read Jhereg by Steven Brust. If any of you have any e-books in this series (dragarean something?), I shall take them gleefuly. I couldn't find any at my library. ;__;

-Also, now I can't get this song out of my head, and it's all your fault, Saro. >:(

Mmmm, NSFW.

In other words, it was teh awesome. *^___^*

PS: she really IS that tall. Also, bony. D: ♥♥♥

Next week it's [ profile] sailor_comet's turn. i'm going to diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie.


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