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>__>; So yeah I have a kiss meme going on. If you guys want to give me more prompts go ahead right here in the comments, you know the drill, give me two or three characters, one or two words of prompt (settings and moods work best, poetic and metaphysical least), and i make no promises there'll be an end result but we never know. I wrote 8000 words yesterday in under seven hours, shit was bananas.

For reference, this is the (incomplete but) Sunlightverse shipping grid, but you don't have to only prompt pairings that are already on that, I'm also fine with one night stands, cursed mistletoes and oops i slipped and fell on your mouth.

Some of those ficlets are considered canon, some of them not, and some I will have to decide later. Dirk/Equius, Nepeta/Eridan and Psii/Condie are canon for sure.

Anonymous asked you:
Dadbert and the children. kissing booboos (or dad/GH lol how would that make any sense GH does not scrape his knees)

(alas the GH one would have been hilarious. Couldn't figure it out though.)
'Did I... ever do that?' his/not-his father asks, voice gentle and oddly rough, and leans in over his scraped elbow. )

azzandra asked you:
Dirk/Equius, 100d public kissyface.

They are redesigning a water pump.  )

vehrec asked you:
Psi/Condy, awkward black romance failure.

'I don't belong to you,' he says, 'not anymore, I won't, ever.' )

eridan<3<nepeta: hunter or the hunted?

There's white sugar and black-kittied tea kettles everyfuckingwhere in this blighted place. Eridan lands, scowling already, and sure enough he gets sugar in his shoes in the very next second. )

theunvanquishedzims asked you:
Summoner<>Tavros<3<Dave, slam battle.

'I'm, uh, perhaps in the process of, you know, rethinking this' )

Anonymous asked you:
For the kiss meme - maybe Condesce kisses Karkat to sort out her red feels? It beats listening to Kurloz whine again about not getting any. (Karkat: oh god empress is kissing, why is everyone kissing me, halp)

'Come here, buoy.' )


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