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Kudo had called ahead to say he'd bring along a case, so when the train pulled into the station Heiji was already sort of excited. Something big enough that Kudo would rather not handle it alone? Sounded several kinds of awesome. Potentially horrifying, but also awesome. (Kazuha told him that having thoughts like that was the sign of a bad person. He didn't get what she was on about.)

He saw Kudo step off the train -- blue jeans, white shirt, black cap -- and jogged his way through the crowd, already grinning. "Oi, Kudo!"

"Hattori!" Kudo called back, and stood waiting for him with his suitcase at his feet as people rushed all around. He looked happy to be here, too, in his restrained, no-this-is-sarcasm-not-happiness-I-swear way. Heiji was kind of tempted to kiss him, a great loud 'oh, you' smack right there in public.

"Hey, Kudo."

Kudo rolled his eyes, and parroted obligingly, "Hey, Hattori."

"Hey, Hattori, been a while."

Heiji waved his hand. "Yeah, hi t' ya too, Ku--"

... What.

He was vaguely aware that the Kudo in front of him was cracking up.

The Kudo standing to the side was merely grinning wide enough to make him wish he would, and get it over with.Read more... )
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aaaaaaaaaasobored oh god. and i can't wriiiite attention span is shot aaaaaaaaaa.


Pick one of my stories and I will tell you the first lines of its prequel OR sequel (choose one!). Even if I was never actually planning to write a prequel/sequel. Even if it already has a prequel/sequel -- I'll give you the first line of another version of its prequel/sequel!

And this time I'll really try to keep it short, not like the last time I tried those. >__> HAHAHA I jest.

For reference purposes, here's the list of my longfic masterlists and the ficlets who already do have sequels/prequels of their own. If there's a ficlet that's not on there you can request something for it anyway! You don't even have to link me first, I'll find it (if I truly was the one who wrote it, cause i've gotten confused about that stuff before. XD) Or there's my ffnet page. Any fandoms, go go go.


Swingersverse - Saguru centric sequel
NaruSasu... IN SPACE sequel
Comrades, Coming Out and Cows sequel
Sanctuarium sequel
Dragons and their Boys, "how would destroying the gundams go?" sequel
Teamwork: snippet sequel to the ficlet I've got them oldest in
Newtype PREquel (whoo 1xR.)
Mermaids in Space -- Blue backstory prequel
Naruto Adopts Sasuke Into His Clan sequel

GW/FF7 crossover, Wufei on Gaia sequel
The Proposal (iroh/toph) silly sequelthing
Two Knights - 1x2xR sequel

Awake! Starting to write again. Muahaha. argh, brothers inviting themselves over and taking up all evening. Will poke more tomorrow as well, meme's still open for requests! u.u-b

edit edit: okay, tomorrow turned out to mean three days later. Um.

Another one for Sanctuarium!
Ichigo Has Two Girlfriends: Brother In Law Edition!
Ichigo Has Two Girlfriends: The Really Depressing Orihime Prequel ;__;

PLEASE if you're prompting for a series of fics, specify which fic you want a sequel to? D:

Also crossed wires is disqualified for sequels. Prequels, maybe. And Locker Room Therapy is nothing but sequels, so disqualified from both.

MEME CLOSED FOR PROMPTS for now. I've got to get through the backlog first, then maybe we'll see about a second round.
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Summary: It starts when Heiji and Kazuha decide that, man, they sure do love each other, but things would be great if they could also love on Shinichi and Ran, at least part-time.

Then it spreads out a bit.

This series contains porn (yaoi and het and hopefully some yuri), humor, some angst, polyamory. Also, porn. Exploration of character and pairing dynamics (read: dealing with "this is my fiancee, and this is my boyfriend" situations), because I'm a nerd that way. Friendships both old and new, because friends are awesome. And a sprinkling of porn on top. (No cheating/partner betrayal. None none none.)

Implicit/established: Shinichi/Ran, Heiji/Kazuha, Kazuha/Ran.
Graphic: Shinichi/Heiji, Shinichi/Heiji/Hakuba Saguru, Ran/Kuroba Kaito, Shinichi/Ran/Kaito, Shinichi/Heiji/Kaito...

Swordfight! Hur hur hur.
Summary: "It's the Kudo-Ran clause. It's not cheating if it's with either of you." Friendship. Humor. Also, some man-on-man porn.
Pairings: Heiji/Shinichi. Background established Shinichi/Ran and Heiji/Kazuha.

Unrepentant Kimono Porn
Summary: In Osaka for a heist, Hakuba finds himself in dire need of Heiji's hospitality. Damn it.
Pairings: Hattori Heiji/Hakuba Saguru/Kudo Shinichi.

Kimono Porn Fallout
Summary: Not actually porny! Saguru, morning afters and dealing with your lovers' significant other.
Pairings: Ran & Saguru, some Shinichi and Heiji.

Heist Prevention
Summary: ??? (still being written. hella stuck tho.)
Pairings: Kid/Ran.

How To Catch A Kid
Summary: Luring him in is one thing; convincing him to stay, quite another.
Pairings: Shinichi/Kid/Ran.

Party Hookups Aren't What They Used To Be
Summary: "If I'm dragging you in a closet tonight, I gotta drag you to Kazuha first." Post-Unrepentant Kimono Porn; Hakuba and Heiji have a chance encounter. No graphic porn, but pushes the R barrier.
Pairings: Heiji/Hakuba, Heiji/Kazuha.

Party Coda
Summary: Ficlet, morning after for Heiji and Kazuha. Fluff, no porn.
Pairings: Heiji/Kazuha.

Twin Trouble
Summary: Shinichi introduces Heiji and Kaito. Twin-kink porn ensues.
Pairings: Kid/Shinichi/Heiji.


Far-off future
Summary: Snippet for a sequel-meme. Saguru grows. Might happen like this, might be edited/expanded/deleted later, I don't know yet.
Pairings: None; ensemble cast.
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This wasn't planned at ALL, and i've got several other fics that are like halfway done in this 'verse, but... i dunno. It's for [profile] joisbishmyoga, who's been writing some more of the Eiichi-kun verse, and then more of her Kaito-and-Conan sorta-islamic angel 'verse, and THEN she started in on a series of tiger-hanyou Saguru ficlets and ngh, my not-so-secret weakness.

So. Hakuba Saguru and Hattori Heiji meet again after Unrepentant Kimono Porn. And then poly juggling happens with Kazuha. (alas the R is mostly for a little bit of stuff at the end. Not for actual aerial threesomes. mea culpa.)

If I'm dragging you in a closet tonight, I gotta drag you to Kazuha first. )
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Follows Swordfight! (hurhurhur) and Unrepentant Kimono Porn. (note, both are yaoi porn.)

I'm not Adult Contenting this one because it's mostly just random chatting. If anything needs explanations or feels too short/fast to you, please point it out, I have this niggling feeling that there's stuff in there that could flow better but I can't pinpoint it. ~___~;

Kimono Porn Fallout (Hakuba Saguru, Ran, Shinichi&Heiji) )
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No, you're not seeing double. Okay so the fic I mentioned in the previous post? Um, two hours ago? ... yeah, well, it was already more or less written anyway. >__>;;

Word Count: around 1400. Oneshot, complete.
Rating: PG-13? Passing mentions of gruesome murder, but nothing excessively detailed.

Conan already has some kind of corpse-finding power, but when Heiji is in his orbit the corpses actively come to them.

From above.

Witness: )


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