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So, um. I was supposed to wait until Teamwork 3 was complete (only about four chapters or so! I just jinxed myself.) before I started posting this one, only of course I am clinically unable to sit on a completed chapter that long. Apart from the result of the chuunin exams there aren't really any spoilers for the end of TW3. You may ignore it if you wish, it'll still be there by the time I finish TW3. >_>;;

This fic is full of sap and cute and some angst and some more sap. Also, the secret language of fishes.

Many thanks to Joisbishmyoga for all the help with kimonos and marriage stuff because srsly pitfalls everywhere.

So yeah, as Sasuke's best man yadda yadda you are hereby invited to his and Sakura-chan's wedding. Oh, and you can bring a guest, but tell Sakura's mom first so she can count them in or she'll implode. )
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So I was prodding at the marriage in Teamwork, even though there's, you know, all the rest of the tournament to get through first. I want to do snippets and scenelets of leading-up to the marriage, with lots of outside POVs, some close and some really peripheral. So this happened.

If anyone has any clue about how wedding invitations are done in japan (in terms of sentences/content, I don't care about the paper and decorations used) please tell me, google refused to cough up anything useful. ;___;

She got her invitation rather later than she believed most other guests would have, closer to the big date, but she suspected the distance and the ... rather tortuous means of delivery had more to do with it than any deliberate slight. )
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So Jo and Monique helped me with this list, but I'm not sure if we're forgetting people there... Also once i'm done I'll have to separate the people invited to the ceremony and the people invited to the meal and party afterwards! But, that can wait. >__>;;

List (work in progress) )


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