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"Who's dead?" Vasili barks when Mikhail walks in, before he even sits. There's a glass between them with talking holes in it -- he's violent and they don't know who the fuck Mikhail is. He could perhaps crack it but his hand would splinter all the way to the wrist. Fucking plastisteel.

That old sonovabitch Mikhail arches a fucking eyebrow at him, and then the guard in chief goes, "Deustche, bitte," because he can't even trust Vasili with fucking words.

Like it's words he was in solitary for.

on AO3 (locked)
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(which is btw complete)

"Here we are! Castle Bauer," Mikhail said, gesturing up to the red brick facade. The apartment building was stuck like a redheaded stepchild between two burlier, more menacing siblings, all narrow and vaguely sad-looking. That impression could probably be blamed on the pollution grime and the rusted grilles on the lowest windows, mind. "Home sweet home, kind of."

Head craned up to take in the building, Timur let out a little puff of breath that was almost a laugh -- a chagrined, unsure one.

"It's a dump for now, but that's fine. Come on."

He walked up the three front steps, paused when Timur didn't follow. Suitcase still at his feet, the other golem would have been choking his own hat if he'd still had any, long-fingered hands clenching spasmodically over his stomach. So tall he was about eye level with Mikhail on the steps, even with his stooped shoulders, the long-sleeved shirt swallowing his frame... He'd grown again during the ten years they hadn't seen each other, Mikhail was pretty sure, and was even surer that the only reason Timur didn't wear gloves to cover the bamboo segments at his knuckles was him being unable to find any that would be long enough.

Mikhail had started rolling his sleeves back up in the last week. It was better for the jobs he was working.

6k, safe for work.
Work Songs on AO3 (locked)
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Fresh-faced university student Sevan picks up rugged, funny Mikhail. Okay, is picked up. Same result – a nice evening for all. No consequences, right?

Only Sevan is a mage, and Mikhail is... well.

Urban fantasy, male/male sex, low on action. Contains age difference, eventual power imbalance, caretaker fatigue, suicidal thoughts.

Chapter 1 of 2 on AO3.

(This is likely to be part 1 of a series, as not all plot threads will be tied off in this one. The fic is locked to people with an AO3 account.)
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dunno if i'm ever going to continue it, and the fandom characters are still pretty visible through the thin coat of OC paint, but this was a fun scene to write, so hey.

it was kinda for nano though and i haven't revised it to trim it down or fix stuff, fair warning.


Scene: a dock at night. In the distance lights glitter off skyscrapers; the sky is that murky light-pollution orange as far as the eye can see. The water is a weary spill of ink in the dark; you know it's here because you hear it lapping half-assed at the pier. Might as well be a black hole.

On the pier there's black where there shouldn't be. You zoom in. Dead dog? A seal? Fibers -- an abandoned fishing net?

It's a mass of human hair, still wet, locks long as a man is tall. The ends look haphazardly hacked through.

Hidden underneath is a dead body, fingers clenched in the hair, belly a mass of black-looking blood and exposed organs.

The camera flinches and turns to the land, follows the streets behind the docks. People -- rare at first, and then many, walking in pairs of groups and laughing. Sitting in restaurants. Spilling out of cinemas. Some of them have cat ears that twitch, eye-shadow that glows; a tough-looking guy struts down the street with his arms bare, ending in thick bear paws.

You zoom in again and there's a woman, standing with her back to you, hair cut short and bristly and black, fists on her hips. She's in a man's too-large, stained work pants and a T-shirt with the bottom torn off. Her feet are stuffed into fisherman boots.

The camera circles.

She's grinning, lit up by flickering advertisement boards. Someone passing by calls out something about the cool dental work she's sporting.

She looks rather like a shark.

Cue title screen.


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This is the Tyr ofic -- the version i tried for NaNo two years ago. I had more written but I never posted it. Note, it still ran into plotholes and therefore there is not more than this currently and probably won't be. I need to find another angle of attack, AGAIN.

there's a therapist in there and i'm all :/ that she might seem unprofessional or newbieish or flaky which was not my intention, and the setup of the house itself pings me as somewhat slapdash and unprofessional, i'll need to study more how they would organize this (security, orderlies, etc) for better chances of success and safety. But there's character interaction in here which I like, even tho idk if this is the best way to introduce Xiang either. :(((

I like Tarek enough that I might keep her around tho. She wasn't supposed to but hey. XD

part 1

They'd met Tarek the previous evening at dinner. )
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That's the start of what I wrote for NaNo and while I like some parts better than the old version, some other parts really need rewritten for flow and conciseness and general clarity. (also later on I'll need a military-type person to tell me wtf i'm messing up that can't be accounted for by "hey, parallel universe with divergent history", and also a shrink though the psychiatrist doesn't show up in this part anyway.) There's more written, but I'll post it later. I still don't know if I'll keep writing this version or do a third, different start... um, whenever I figure out how it's supposed to work, that is. Damn but I'm really not used to making several drafts.

~8 000 words.

Obsolete. )
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I forget who gave me that prompt it was so long ago, and in the end it went a bit off from what was asked anyway, sorry XD

Pre-story: Serrano, counseling.

287 words )
-Askerian: i had a meeting today, yeah?
Askerian: so i was about to go to bed so i'd be reasonably unsleepy for it
Askerian: then i checked my notebook and the meeting wasn't today, it was YESTERDAY
Askerian: i've been up for the past ... i don't know how many hours, stewing in my "oh god SO STUPID" juices and trying to find something to read that would make me stop feeling so stupid and making myself sleepier and sleepier
Askerian: it's almost seven am so i'll wait until it opens and phone them to apologize and reschedule. but fuck.
Saro Lynne: .. :(
Askerian: i b stupid asuka

for the record now it's noon and i haven't slept yet, but after FOUR CALLS aaaa pick up the damn phone I DID manage to reschedule to sometime next week. I still suck, but whatever. I'm gonna eat and then crash like a crashy thing. but god i fucking hate how i keep unconsciously sabotaging myself like that. This shit is just not on, brain.

-have a looong list of prompts i should be writing (still planning to, guys! :3), but this month has sucked balls hardcore for writing. I don't think I even broke 1K. Considering my average per month and how much free time I have this is all kinds of pitiful.

-So there's this OC fic-thing I've got in the planning stage (might never get out of there and onto the next so that's why I haven't mentioned it, but yeah.) It's about a magical apocalypse in slow-mo progress (spreads over a ten year period? or something. kinda like a hell portal slowly ripping open and swallowing bits and pieces of this world while progressively warping reality) Main characters are a vampire/demon/monster hunter type, and two half-human half-demon twins. The boy twin looks and acts a LOT more demony and creeptastic than his sweet and cheerful and helpful and civic-minded and completely human sister, haha funny. (quick, guess the super original top-secret plot twist. XD)

Anyway, the thing was, I couldn't really find much character interaction-based plot, because I couldn't manage to figure out chemistry between evangeline (the girltwin) and the hunter (gabriel the boytwin has chemistry with EVERYONE, (yes even his sweet innocent sister) but that's on account of being kind of an evil incubus type. It's nonconsensual chemistry. D: )


Turns out the real problem was that I stupidly assumed the hunter to be a guy.

I was wrong.

Enter cold-blooded badass bitch who dun talk much. Hello, chemistry, hello, boobsquishes. Suddenly Ev' was ALL OVER hunty-chan. ("aw, but we're both girls, we can share the bed~")

Man, I don't write much femmeslash, but here. well. It works. (oh god does it work. Ev' was even starting to talk strap-ons. my brain, my brain. XD)

Now I just have to figure out, oh, the rest of the story. Like how the fuck it's gonna end. That would be nice to know, too.

Askerian: ... i mean.
Saro Lynne: ...Well, that got my attention.
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I... want to write. But not Naruto things. Maybe FF7 things, but not one of the two multiparts I already have. Maybe Katekyo Hitman Reborn things, maybe Dragonball Z, maybe Ofic things, maybe maybe maybe. I don't know. I can't make up my mind.

I've got this list of 100 prompts, conveniently numbered from 1 to 100.

Give me a number, give me two or three characters, and let's see what happens. It's alright if two of you accidentally land on the same number. I make no promises about actually managing to write anything, because I suck like that, but even if out of 30 prompts I only manage to write three I'll consider it a success.

Eligible fandoms:
my o-fics (mermaids in space, cercle, brea&james, the Tyr nano story), FF7, Dragonball Z (huh, I need to come up with saiyajin OCs for that fandom, now that I'm thinking about it), Gundam Wing, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Avatar the Last Airbender, Seirei no Moribito, Bleach no more bleach, Yuyu Hakusho. Maaaaybe the teamwork OCs or any other fanfic OCs of mine if someone's interested, but then again I don't know.

Please no crossovers today.

Breanna & James, 27. Foreign - Tyr Anderson & Neve Serrano, 37. Eyes - Tyr story, Xiang Lin, 6. Break Away -

Sephiroth/Cloud (kinda restoreverse), 13. Misfortune -

Zuko&Toph, 30. Under The Rain - Azula&Zuko, 42. Standing still - -

ChichiGoku, 42. Standing Still - BulmaVegeta, 76. Broken Pieces -

Wufei, Duo, heero, Preventers, 77. Test - -

Teamwork, Sakura prequel, Yumeko&Hiroshi, 99. Solitude - -

- - - - -

Please no more asking for numbers I've already written a ficlet for (it's cheating now that you guys know what it stands for!)

also look at little Breanna SOCUTE. )
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17858 / 50000 words. 36% done!

T__T I'm so LATE. wauuugh.

Also, zomg first draft CLUMSY. I'm not even sure it's internally coherent, and it's still SO FANFICCY. I swear I'm gonna have to delete half of it outright and totally rework the whole storyline from the ground up. That's so inefficieeeeent.

In the other hand, I AM producing more words than I would otherwise. Courage, self. >__> And since I like seeing the little bar fill up, I'm wondering whether I should use it as a motivator for my other stories. Problem now being how do I guesstimate how long a chapter should be... *does not think too much on stupid things at all, noo XD;;*

blahblah ofic )
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two scenes that are pretty unconnected. i was planning to write more scene things in the middle, showing the progression as tyr goes off his meds, but I can't think of anything at the moment and I'm getting hella tired of all that setup. So. might come back to it later, blahblahblah, will fix X on rewrite so it's actually interesting, blahblahblah.

first scene = eye-related grossness. *warns!* be warned.
second scene = *repeats "it is the sovereign right of a first draft to SUCK DONKEY BALLS" to self* auuugh pacing characterization boringness waurgh. laterrrr will fix laaaaterrr grgnh. but definitely lacking in ZOMG!

3865 words )
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11150 / 50000 words. 22% done!

... ahahaha ALMOST 10.000 WORDS LATE :DDDDD DX

Okay so Gabriel is very quickly moving away from Quatre. XD He kinda surprised me, to be frank. Bwee. ♥

ROARR! nanothing )
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The beginning is kind of infodumpy and man but I'm awkward with introducing characters. DX It might also need more padding. But, I kinda like it.

8980 / 50000 words. 18% done!

Prrrrrrt. Almost 3000 words in there! roarr roarr I will catch up. )
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NaNo story:

6653 / 50000 words. 13% done!

Other Shit I Wrote While Trying To Avoid Writing My NaNo Story:

5923 / 50000 words. 12% done!

yyyyyeah. >_>;;;

Jo unblocked me, but I've been figuring it out and not writing, so i'm still super late. Also I keep whining about the writing being full of infodumps and introducing characters that I don't even know whether I'll reuse later on. Ahhh self you should be at like 18-20% percent already (does anyone know where to find a graph for "how many words you should have by X date"?)

so, here's a short bit, cause the next scene isn't complete and I hate it.

Tyr hadn't set out to build a hostel for Black Ops vets. He wasn't too sure how it had turned out like this. )
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A bit slow, I think, mostly introducing people. Better tighten this on rewrite. I'll worry later. DX;

5144 / 50000 words. 10% done!


Duane kind of hated trees. And bushes. And brambles. So really, the job he was currently busy with was perfect.

"Die, minions of Darkness!"

The chainsaw felled another branch, and then on the backswing cut clean through a cluster of brand-new, still green baby trees. Duane cackled a little. It never got old.

Okay, yes, it did. )
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okay so blahblah not betaed but i'm not gonna worry about that for a while, and same for the slow pace and too many superfluous word and stuff. yeah. *...frets*

if you can't figure out wtf is going on, plz tell me, i've completely forgotten how to introduce stuff and i hate infodumps so it's not what i'd call blatant, but i have no idea how subtle it really is. "no one but you gets it!" is a bit much, for example, though i don't think it's THAT bad. XD;

3267 / 50000 words. 7% done!

Uwah so strong. Betcha I don't last a week. XD

edit edit -- changed the guy's last name. >__>;


The house was a fixer-upper.

"I think you mean, 'a fucking wreck'," said Duane Keller when Tyr mentioned that little bit of realtor wisdom to him.

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... I dunno, it just happened. Actually I kinda stole the idea out of a RP I did with [ profile] sarolynne, I forget which idea it was initially.

I think there's some infodump and some parts might go too fast and some parts too slow, I don't know, but I've read it over so much I've become blind to it. Any crit is welcome.

It was supposed to be a one-shot but it's making "you can put that in chapter two!" noises, so, I don't know. .__.;

Genre: Urban fantasy.

She's at his bedside when he wakes, and she looks like no nurse he's ever heard of. Before the lack of white coat, it's the ponytail that tells him, perched high on the side of her head. Childish. The face says twenty. )
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Most of it is just rewritten/edited stuff I posted ages ago. But hey, I need to have the beginning before I can write the middle. XD; I need to get back into the habit of working on it. (that, and all my fanfics are stalled. Damn it.) It's great, I get to feel productive without even having to write for realz. XD

If you see anything unclear or awkward or that doesn't work for any reason, please point it out. I'll love you forever. ♥


Chapter 1 )
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Just Because. It helps me to clarify them in my mind to be able to talk about them, so if you have any questions or "this bit doesn't make sense" comments, go ahead -- they're still in-progress.

Arun/Liadan/Blue )

Blue's pirate crew )

The ones that are still open to complete scraping and re-creating are Darel the nerd and Dhaval the nervous pilot, who are cliche mc.clicheville and totally undeveloped beside. The rest of the pirate crew is still open to new quirks that will make them more original -- so far they're all based on a general concept and haven't been personnalized very much yet. If anything comes to your mind please don't hesitate to suggest it.

Phew, my fingers hurt. Still, yay, I managed to clarify a lot of things for myself right there so it's good regardless. XD


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