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Thu, Sep. 22nd, 2011 15:15
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I just managed to hit "delete all" instead of "delete selected" on my lj inbox, and have lost a ton of old messages and stuff I was keeping, plus a couple of new messages I hadn't answered yet. I'm so annoyed. I think for the most recent ones I still have the email alerts for them -- will get off my butt and go look for them and answer -- but argh anyway. ~__~


Sat, Jul. 30th, 2011 17:14
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just so you guys know I can't post new entries or comment to other people's at all. Fuck you, russian hackers. fuck you in the NOSE.

anyway [personal profile] rayemars, i read your KH fic and your friend's and tried to comment THREE TIMES and the site ate them. i am very sad. (i am not sad that i had an excuse to read 'em three times each. muahahaha.) also congrats to the people who got jobs! and um what else. i forget.

... gonna try crossposting from dreamwidth now, since posting from lj keeps timing out. >__>;

BUT JUST IN CASE http://askerian.dreamwidth.org
if you feel like it (or lj is being an ass to you too) you can comment anon there or with an open ID! no prob. (if you comment on LJ i'll see them but I can't reply. ;__; aaaaaa.)

edit: omg crosspost worked! now let's see if remote editing works as well. *crosses fingers*
edit edit: oops forgot to close the (big) tags.
son of edit: okay why is this part still too big
bride of the son of edit: ... oh right, i, uh, put 'em in the wrong place. um. yeah. *cough*

I hope there won't be too many people emigrating from LJ. Because frankly they might suck often but this one's not their fault, and people leaving in droves is actually exactly what the hackers are after. IF YOU LEAVE LJ THE TERRORISTS WILL HAVE WON! >:E nanana you can't take lj from me~

auuugh virus.

Tue, Oct. 14th, 2008 14:24
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So I was playing around with the window that pops up with ctrl+alt+del (wtf is it called) and I noticed this charming isass.exe program. Some research later and auuuugh fucking virus. Now I'm gonna have to try to start into safe more and try to fix it, but I'm not even sure how. Damn it.

If I don't reappear for a week it's because my computer died. Shit.

edit edit: ... gah I googled "how to remove" and stuff but I'm still stupidly nervous at the idea of actually doing it. Scared of fucking up my computer and losing my files. I've been uploading some of my currently-worked-on my fics just in case... *twitch twitch* just you watch as I forget one and that's the one I didn't save anywhere.

haaaalp. T^T

SON OF EDIT: ... false alarm. *feels kinda silly now .____.* *BUT ALSO V. RELIEVED* T^T thank you thank you [livejournal.com profile] toki_usagi. ♥


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