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Chapter contains porn and OCs. Almost 11k of such. orz


The first thing Karkat does when they finally come home is to rush up the ladder and check on his nest, wings flapping along pointlessly. (The new shell is still frail enough that they have to alternate keeping the muscles exercised and making sure no wrong movement cracks him open again, but to return home he refused to be bandaged up.)

Dave's shoulder is still not to be strained, and climbing would be awkward one-handed, so once again he's right back to sleeping on the couch. He's starting to think the universe wants him to cede the space to his demon, but damn it, he is not giving up his futon under the slanting ceiling and the odd light that comes from the window.

"Marshmallows still good?" he calls up to Karkat, even as he flops down on the couch under the mezzanine.

"Uh -- lemme open the bag." A pause. "Yeah, they're still edible, though I was more concerned about rats or those motherfucking crows."

Dave snorts quietly. He can't say he was honestly worried about the marshmallows, those things last years. Okay, at least half a year. He's pretty sure he read things about that before.

The crow vendetta keeps being silly and hilarious.

"We don't have rats!" he calls up.

"Uh huh," Karkat replies, muffled and distracted, as he rummages into a plastic bag. "You keep thinking that."

Aw, man. "We have rats? Seriously? Hell."

"If they're not rats I'm not sure what else. Wall wolverines?"

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(any urls in text are not real urls. :p)


Day two of his leave. Dave is making a list.

1. anything with sugar in it (confirmed)
2. having his hair/skull petted (confirmed)
3. beating up people (might be more mental than physical but)
4. lounging in sunbeams (joint: photographic evidence)
5. a good breeze (should have opened the windows to clear the air before today meh whatevs)

It's a list of all the physical things Karkat enjoys. Kinda sparse. Dave is now noting down hypotheses, things to try out if he gets a chance.

6. chin scratches ??
7. making out ????? (fuckin' hope)

He's sitting on the wide window ledge of the main room, downstairs. Karkat is once again on the mezzanine, propped up on that windowsill. He's watching the sky, nubwings twitching and tilting with the faintest touch of breeze.

8. flying ? (shit good luck w/ that one)
8. stretching ?
9. wing membranes petted ? (light touch theyre hella thin)
10. sex ha ha i kid fffff

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This is something that won't happen for possibly years in story-time.

Rose and Eridan's kismesis have a friendly little chat.

(btw Viscount Lawspear is a neighboring seadwelling lord near where the kids and trolls have settled and he's a huge speciesist asshole who's eyeing their colony sideways and prodding at their defenses atm. >__>)

Pairings are pale Rose/Eridan and caliginous Eridan/OC.


-- tentacleTherapist [TT] began pestering slitheringSailor [SS] --

TT: Greetings, Kal.
TT: And as I assume you shall promptly ask, I procured your screenname and truncated name from our mutual acquaintance, the delightful Eridan Ampora's chumproll. He has taken to addressing me as Roz; this will do for this conversation.
SS: ~~> who the fuck are you
TT: I will assume you and I were merely typing at the same time, and you have received your answer already.
SS: ~~> and !delightful! what now on which planet
TT: That one I'll willingly admit was a joke. Eridan can be quite trying to be around.
TT: Nevertheless his coming back from a little outing *silent* and refusing to even *vent* you might understand was quite a cause for concern, as it is rather unexpected behavior coming from him. He is not given to the discreet subtype of brooding.
SS: ~~> did he §§ic you on me!! what do you §§ink you're doing
SS: ~~> !!au§§pi§§ti§§izing?!!
SS: ~~> I don't even know you yet for fuck§§ §§ake have §§ome §§hame
TT: But you seem such a charming young man. I could not help myself. The silvery longing rising in my breast cannot be contained. Read more... )


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