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As you command, so shall it be done, [ profile] zepysgirl. XD


I manipped it from recent canon; they were actually both attacking Meenah, not each other, alas. Now I kinda want to look for John in that style and then manip him and Karkat into battlefield terra flightsuits, idk if i'd even manage to do something that didn't look like total ass but it would be fun to do even if I never showed it.


Tue, Jun. 7th, 2011 12:15
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2) What? Credit/link back to the original artist for editing their fanart without permission? Why should I?

Either take fanart and use it and don't apologize, and don't !!demand!!1! that other people afford you the respect you blatantly didn't afford others (if it's important to you to get credit but it isn't important to GIVE credit, yes, it's not simply that you have thought out your own ethical position about fanart posted on the internet and are following a code of conduct, it's a lack of respect), or don't use fanart without permission and credit in the first place. It's not rocket science.

For the record, my own art doesn't icon well so I don't see why you'd want to, but this is my official blanket permission to use it even without crediting me, unless it's in a derogatory/hateful way in which case DENIED. Because personally I am not extremely emotionally attached to most of my art. Strangely enough I don't represent fanartists as a whole and am not arrogant enough to believe my attitude is the norm and all other fanartists should "grow a thicker skin" or whatever it is assholes use as an excuse to act like assholes without having to own up to it.

"Everyone else does it!!" is also not an excuse. Oh, wait, it IS an excuse, but a really shitty one.
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Dunno, I just felt like it. Ehh. They're not great (the Sakura screencap was the best I had!), but now I really want a samurai/ronin/miko AU. XD ... plus some random icons I thought I had posted but apparently not? Or if I did I forgot to tag. sorry for any repeats. .__.

3 manips, 11 icons )


Wed, Sep. 22nd, 2010 06:40
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Bling bling, bitches.

This is the most beautiful icon I have ever made. T^T-b

naruko icons!

Thu, Apr. 22nd, 2010 10:28
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They can be used as bases, no problem. No need for credit either, I just cropped and colored them but I don't know how to make shiny pretty effects or anything. I was mostly making them while thinking how perfect they would be for rping with, and text always seems to take away from that for me, so I didn't try to add anything.

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*edits to add some more with old chapters!*

Kyuubi icons! )

No credit necessary, and you're free to use them as bases or edit them however you see fit. Also if you have caption ideas, please give them to me. XD

icon bases!

Mon, Feb. 22nd, 2010 18:38
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I suck at making icons. Even so, the need sometimes strikes! ... XD;;;

No need for credit, I edited some of them a bit but it's still not deserving of credit, mostly moving characters closer to each other so they'll all fit. If you want to take them, edit them, add text, be my guest, no need to ask or notify me.

waugh i wanted a pretty team taka icon. T^T

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Just felt like saying it. *cough*


aaand my icon, as a full pic )

Just in case, the naruto/sasuke one I edited from Konohamaru's yuri no justu - the one that comes just before the yaoi no jutsu. As for the other two they come from that chapter where the little brat pops out a rasengan against Pain. He was fantasizing about 'em or something. oh Konohamaru. Naruto warped you. XD (my scan sucked so the linearts look weird. boohoo. T^T)

Feel free to steal, edit, etcetera.

In other news, today I sat down to write some teamwork and came out with 1800 words! That's like four pages ... for a scene that happens in, like, three chapters. Er. Better than nothing? .__. *hangs head*
also, i wrote dragonballz stuff. yeah, I know. it's crazy how much random stuff I write when i'm desperately attempting to write something in particular.
Anyway, been trying to see how much I write usually, so I made myself a header post for january to keep track of things and motivate myself. Bwee little wordcount bars. Now I want to write and write just so I can watch them fill up. X3

edit: Ahh, an AU anon meme. Hee. Some shiny little ficbits already in it. I don't know if i'll go and try to fill some prompts at some point, but just in case some of you guys want to try writing or make requests...!
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Screencaps from CaptaiNaruto. (french site.)

Credit for the bases isn't required, mostly I played with cropping and color saturation. If you want to use them -- to add your own text on it or modify them any other way -- go ahead. If you have a suggestion for a caption, gimme, I might add it on. :p

36 icons )
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Team Kunoichi sketch! )

And an awesome screencap that went through ew_younerd and starfreckled )

And the icons. Do whatever you want to do with the base, no need for credit. I'd like credit for the "mine" one though. :p (even though aaahhh I really must learn how to make icons that don't look so fuzzy and don't lose all their details. Nrgh. *frustrated with icon skills*)

edit -- WOOHOO 36-37 IS UP YES YES YES YES YES *flings self at*

*stares at torrenting torrent* *é.è*

edit², spoilerish babble )
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I wanted to make icons with my pictures, but I lost my inspiration mid-cropping. *sigh* Oh well, if someone out here happens to want to play with them... I'd like credit as the artist, and plz show them to me, but that's it.

14 bases )

And a Hinata and Naruto fighting picture. I figured, hey, Sakura got one, so why not.

Alas, the hands are eww, I lost patience on some details, and I could not display Hinata's boobies as well as Sakura's booty. *FAILED* ;_; (oh well, her hair is nice. >.>)

fight, bis )


Tue, Apr. 3rd, 2007 23:32
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Re: Latest Bleach chapter and the state of Rukia and Orihime's love lives:

Why do they need Ichigo again?

*ships* ♥

Yeah, you can use them as bases. XD
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I've posted my NaruIno pic on devart and almost everyone is "omg! You're right! It would be fun! But no one writes it, do they?"

So! F-list, pretty please~ if you've written a Naruto/Ino fic (I know Saro and Na No Nai have!), or know about a fic out here (preferably a good one, can't poison these innocent minds~), can you please link them to me so I can pimp the hell outta them? :DDD

And yeah have some icon bases to do whatever you want with.

*pimp yay*

Wed, Mar. 28th, 2007 12:14
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Bwee, [ profile] dragonsquee made icons with my crack chibi comic with inner Saku and kyuubi and stuff.


Wed, Feb. 28th, 2007 12:11
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Okay. I know. I'm twelve. u.u

silly manga icons + bases, chapter 343 )


Fri, Feb. 16th, 2007 18:06
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Woohoo! Much better with subtitles.

And there are a bazilion screencaps on [ profile] chuunin already. *^.^*

quick shippuden icons and bases and stuff )

oh yeah and I cleaned the credits out of this one and moved em a little closer um it's cute?:

Steal and use away!


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