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Wed, Jan. 18th, 2012 16:41
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First things first, Crossed Wires is officially discontinued.

Sorry guys. Story died and refused to stick around à la zombie, no matter how many times I tried to raise it. That'll learn me to write when I don't have a plot in mind. What I had were a bunch of random ideas, but they never gelled together to form an overarching arc with a definite middle and end in sight, and then I lost interest. Sasubot is adorable, but. idk.

I'll still be willing to write drabbles in this 'verse for any sequel/prequel/genderbending/whatev' memes, but the main fic is officially dead.

You guys know how I get all "rar don't nag me about the next chapter of xfic!!! >E" ?

This is the official "what happened to X?" amnesty post. (please still remember the difference between "aw, i want/ed to see more of X" and "how could you not give me X!".) If the fic is abandoned or unlikely to be continued I'm even willing to spoil the hell out of the planned plot to people who request it. Eh, why not.


Mon, Apr. 5th, 2010 15:21
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I'm blocked again (gnn) so, meme time!

Modified from the "imaginary sequel" meme;

Pick one of my stories and I will tell you the first lines of its PREquel. Even if I was never actually planning to write a prequel. Even if it already has a prequel -- I'll give you the first line of another version of its prequel!

Any fandom I ever wrote for, ofic also welcome. If the fic has a big cast, feel free to suggest a specific character for the prequel to center on. I might choose not to use the suggestion, but. Yeah.

Also, the sequel meme? Surprisingly fun to do and, considering my usual track record, unexpectedly successful, therefore if you want to go back there and ask for more, please feel free, I'm reopening it. (not that I ever officially closed it anyway... man i'm so messy.)

Crossed Wires : Sasuke&Kakashi - Locker Room Therapy : Sasuke - Ten NaruSasu AUs : Vampirefic : Naruto - Kiss Me, Stupid - Comrades, Coming Out and Cows : sasuke - Naru adopts Sasu into his clan - Teamwork: The Night: Kyuubi - Saki-chan :3 - Sharing is Caring : Kakashi - Teamwork: Kyuubi/Sasuke pr0n: prequel AND sequel! - Team Hebi Does Sasuke -

Enemy Skill : Zack -

Firefly crossover prequel : Duo - Garou -

edit: okay, bedtime. and tomorrow i'll be busy. But feel free to keep requesting on this meme and the other one. love you guyzzzzzzzzzzzzz *thud*

edit edit: only five days late, starting to work on the rest of the prompts! and yes, it's still open, just don't be surprised if I die before getting to yours. XDDD;

son of edit: all caught up with requests! It's still tentatively open -- feel free to request more but don't be surprised if I never get to it. I'm starting to run out of juice. x_x

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Sun, Oct. 25th, 2009 11:02
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... Right, did I tell you guys how awesome [ profile] suzukiblu is? No? i'm telling you now. She had a drabble meme (again) except this time it was something like "link me to one of your fics and i'll write a drabble for it!"

So she wrote something for the maid-chan/laundry emergency OT3 fic-thing... And then if you'll scroll down past our babble (or use the next link) you'll see she also wrote little somethings for Cyborg Sasuke (cyber penis!! XD) and Locker Room Therapy. Prrrrrrrrrrt. ♥

It's all short but it's also very love. u.u Huhuhu.
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I swear my inspiration is bipolar -- either I have so many ideas I don't have the time to write it all, or I rake my brain for hours and nothing happens. Gnnh. And the periods where I'm stuck are always so much longer than my fits of writing-machine-ness.

Teamwork and Cyborgs wahh - potential spoilers )

Mermaids in space wahh )

Anyone interested in the beginning of a Dragon Ball Z fic I'm not even sure I'll complete? It's a Saiyajin on Earth AU, which has been done a bazilion times before but I love it so much .__. They drop by only a few months after Goku and Chichi get married, though, and i'm not sure I've seen it before. At first I wanted to do a series of loosely connected moments/scenes in the same AU, but I'm not sure it will work right with the new bunnies trying to make themselves a place in it. *beats Bardock over the head with a shovel*
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omg it's alive again. @__@ *pokes cyborgness with a stick*

In the last episode... Naruto knows the author of the terrifying Beach Murders; but rather than going to the police, or allowing Sasuke to help, he is determined to manage on his own. Sasuke is Not Happy.

Also, broccoli are disgusting.

what was posted before )


new stuff! 3200 words )
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Yesterday I decided I would write!

And then I promptly did nothing. I feel very bad about this.

So obviously today I had to write!

Which is why I spent the day doing some more nothing.

Now it's nine thirty PM, and I'm writing summaries for my fics, since I've realized the FFnet ones are kind of thin and for the LJ-only fics I have a tendency to just never bother actually telling people what they're about. I just ramble on about my ideas for a few posts, and if you've missed those posts, when you see the next chapters you're VERY confused. My bad. Anyway. I need to pretend I'm actually doing something, right?

Been trying to write a good summary for Teamwork 2.5 and 3; I'm poking at my personal site and why am I restricting myself to FFnet-sized stuff anyway. >( If anyone's willing to help me clarify or formulate them better, go ahead, but mostly I'm just posting those so I don't lose them in the depths of my computer.

summaries -- Naruto, FF7, GW, mermaids )

Meme tiems!

Thu, May. 22nd, 2008 20:49
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Stolen from [ profile] oceanica: Name any story I've written, and any character in it, canon or OC. I'll tell you three things about that character which I didn't put in the story.


Also today I'm writing GW things. I decided to scrape one Wufei POV scene I wrote and rewrite it as a Heero POV thing, but my lazy heart aches at the sight of so many words being deleted and that makes my progress rather slow. XD;
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homg i wroted more. nowai. It's sleep deprivation, i only write that fic when i'm all loopy. And kinda annoyed, that helps too. Someone nicely warned me that i got plagiarised, but ffnet ate the url so i have no idea how bad it is. Hnn.

plz point out any mistakes you see, i'm too braindead to notice them. thank you. ♥

Crossed Wires (Sasuke) -- first scene of the chapter. yay shika! )
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Yes, you read the subject like right.

Today, for NaNo, you don't get Teamwork (i'm still thinking about how to start Naruto's part -- I already know how it ends muahahahahaha) but Crossed Wires.

The plot did a total Z-shaped swerve on me, I have NO CLUE where it's going and how the hell it's going to impact what I actually have planned.

So far I love it. *_*

Also eeeeee narusasu. ♥ *^o^*

12606 / 50000 words. 25% done!

Crossed Wires chpt.11 : 3880 words )
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Okay, so... Sasuke's interacting with outsiders, and it's mostly fallout from the previous hospital attack and following arguments, so there isn't a lot of action...

It hasn't been betaed yet, some of it might not make enough sense or be awkward or whatever, but ARGH I need to post it. ~____~

I don't remember if I posted the first scene before, but this one is edited a bit...

I'm working on the next scene, and it IS Sasuke and Naruto. And some plot I hadn't planned on putting there, but it insisted. >__> Also, I edited chapter 2 a bit to add some tiny foreshadowing. I know the thing with Neji's uncle still seems to come out of left field, it's my fault, but I can't figure out where else to add some mentions. I lose. :sigh: -> previous chapters.

the tiny bit I asked to chapter 2... )

Sakura isn't usually physically assertive, so when she swoops in on Sasuke in the corridor and tries to herd him toward the break room, he's startled enough that he stops moving entirely -- which means she ends up not moving him anywhere. )

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Fri, Sep. 7th, 2007 06:40
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OKAY I still want to force myself to write, and it's been too long since I poked at Crossed Wires, so... Give me prompts, please.

-Timestamps and characters for a "what are they doing at this date" view,
-What does the character think about x,
-old-fashioned one-to-three word prompt,

I reserve the right not to write the drabble if
-the inspiration refuses to come,
-it's spoilery for the plot.

Fair warning, I didn't spend a lot of time thinking about Kakashi, Kiba isn't much more than a name, and everything Gaara-related is one big fat spoiler.

FIRST THREE FOR NOW. >O Might reopen it later if I actually manage to write them all.

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For [ profile] mika_kun, "Immediately after Sasuke was discharged from duty in CW.".

I'm annoyed at myself. I can't make the mental picture I had of that scene come across properly. I think I've hit another bunny drough, everything I tried to write today had to be pulled out word by word and it tends to end up flat and uninspired at best. T_T

short Crossed Wires prequel )
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Three centuries ago, I took prompts, and then... I promptly lost all my inspiration and ended up never writing them. *loses*

But yay! Now I've written one.

Maybe in three years i'll manage to write the four left. XD;

For [ profile] phoenix_melody, Hizashi and Hiashi's last talk in Cyborgfic. )

(no subject)

Mon, Jul. 2nd, 2007 06:40
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... Finally accepting that I'm gonna have to rewrite/tweak Crossed Wires from the start if I want it to get anywhere.

I dun wannaaaaaaaa I'm too lazyyyyyy... But that story really is doing a lot of shiny and not a lot of plotty. It's got nine chapters and plot happens in maybe three or four of them! D: And I didn't foreshadow things I should have, and some reactions don't make sense with the new character backstories and stuff like that.

... But I'm lazyyyy...
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Part of a review for the cyborg fic:
I worship this story but Sasuke better end up on top.

It's someone pressing my buttons just to see me flip my lid, right? It totally is.



It totally is.

It's working, too. *eyetwitch*


RAR. )

I swear if I get too much of these I'll just take off the cyborg fic off ffnet and only post it on LJ. ~__~

But yeah. They're not going to have intercourse for a good long while. Sasuke's not even used to handjobs, which is something every boy does the second they figure out their danglies like being petted. He needs to figure that out first. Then he needs to get used to the way the sensory input is different *all over* when you're wired for sexual pleasure. Which means lots of caresses. Probably grinding. Naruto needs to explain to him why kissing and necking is good, and needs to teach him about secondary erogenous zones, his and his partner's and the way to find them. Sasuke's not going to be anything but clumsy and wary for a long while -- they're most definitely NOT going to have intercourse easily! They'll probably keep to handjobs and blowjobs for a while -- and then only if Sasuke locks down his motor functions because breaking Naruto's neck with an unexpected, out of control thrust isn't really all that sexy and he would most definitely not control himself properly for weeks, perhaps even months.

Once he gets the hang of tab-A-slot-B, they'll *switch*. Because Naruto will want him to try it all, and because Sasuke will be bored as hell if there isn't an element of power struggle in their relationship.


... I feel better. Been way too long since my last explosion. XD;
*edits for more appropriate icon* :D ♥
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So. Tell me if it works. What you guessed. It's meant to be confusing, but not so obscure that it makes no goddamn sense any way you twist it. Also, I'm not sure I put enough foreshadowing in the previous chapters. ~____~; Blargh. When I'm done with the fic I'll probably have to go back to the start and edit all the minor plotholes... ehh.

But anyway! this wasn't betaed, so if you spot anything that needs to be corrected plz point it out? *loves* :3

Neji's room is white and gray and black. Mostly white. )
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For [ profile] kylara: Sasuke the cyber-kid and his cyber-family. :3 )

And in case you missed it in yesterday's post, for [ profile] trishalynn:furry!Naruto the day before cyborg!Sasuke stumbled into his life. )

In other news, still working on that chapter. It's starting to look a little better, thank you [ profile] rayemars ♥ but I'm not going to post before I get the first half back from my lovely beta, because I'm still pretty sure it suxx0rs quite a bit. XD


Mon, Jan. 22nd, 2007 21:59
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-Half of the next cyborg scene thing is written but i'm not sure it works and the rest is a bit of a blank due to Kabuto being JUST THAT DAMN SNEAKY. Hnn. Come here, you pest.

-I poked at Oft Awry, the sequel to Best Laid Plans, since the previous post's meme put it back in my mind, but I have no real clue what would be funnier and a bazilion possibilities on the way to handle things to get the desired end result that look just as blah as each other. Sadness.

-Pretty sure I owe people pictures, but I don't feel like drawing either. Windy, Sol, I haven't forgotten. Anyone else? I've forgotten. *loses like a losing thing* If I promised you a pic, for any reason, please remind me. (just saying, once i'm reminded, my brain works just fine. Plz not to be inventing stuff out of thin air. XD)

-I've bitten my tongue and it hurts. T_T

-... I... I feel like GW. Except it's been so goddamn long I don't have a clue who the characters are anymore, except in the loosest, most generic sense. I can't feel them anymore. Anyone has an action-packed, very IC, non-ZOMGTHEYSOOTP fic to rec? preferably a new one, cause anything older than a year I probably will have read. (what I mean is. No "they look at each other and know it is true love" or "love each other in secret from the start". I feel kinda like gritty and rawr and stuff. ^^; )

-Yes, [ profile] kylara and [ profile] dogdemoninuyash, I'll write your drabbles, I just need to get an idea. If it doesn't work I'll ask you for another prompt.


Give me one of my own stories, and a timestamp sometime in the future after the end of the story, or sometime in the past before the story started, and I'll write you at least a hundred words of what happened then, whether it's five minutes before the story started or ten years in the future.

Only three people this time, and in the interest of fairness, people who got a drabble yesterday cannot ask. And I really should start keeping track of who I write for to ensure that the same people don't always end up stealing the drabble openings. If you got a couple of them before, plz don't prompt me? UXD;

-[ profile] m_a_foxfire: half an hour after the end of Comrades, Coming Out and Cows
-[ profile] valles_uf : Teamwork!Sasuke and the OCs from Sakura's prequel.
-[ profile] trishalynn: furry!Naruto the day before cyborg!Sasuke stumbled into his life.

i r teh back.

Sun, Jan. 21st, 2007 23:40
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*^____^* nice weekend, had fun. Whee funny chats and writey things and yummy food and funny-crazy kitty and stuff. Also my tooth isn't hurty no more. Just a bit of soreness, but tomorrow i should be fine.

...I'm going back wednesday for the other (and last, thank god) wisdom tooth OF DOOM. D:

Oh, et les français, on a écrit à oeil du dragon un peu, et pas mal arrangé le scénario ^^ Bon, ce fic va pas vite, on sait, mais bon. XD;

oh and:

Give me one of my own stories, and a timestamp sometime in the future after the end of the story, or sometime in the past before the story started, and I'll write you at least a hundred words of what happened then, whether it's five minutes before the story started or ten years in the future.

first five people who reply you love it okay go.

-[ profile] lady_zip: Teamwork!Naruto, 25 years later
-[ profile] beachlass: best laid Plans!Sasuke and Naruto, two years later. ... XD;;;;
-[ profile] snake_aes: furry AU ninjas, 20 years later
-[ profile] kylara: cybersuke five years ago.
-[ profile] dogdemoninuyash: Teamwork, 10 years later, christmassy thing -- plz change it? my muses refuse to work on it. ;_;


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